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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 8, 2022 12:00pm-12:16pm CEST

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tomorrow, now, number 2 meetings for media professionals in times of crisis. the global media for june 2022. your ticket now with this is the w news live for that car drives into a crowd in central ballad. at least say one person is dead. several others injured and the driver is in custody. also on the program brushes, foreign minister in turkey, the talks about restarting ukraine's grain exports millions of tons of trapped
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a blockade. the black sea ports threatening a global hunger crisis. and the crumbling claims, it's always in control if you cranes east in the hands region, but keep static forces are resisting the advance. and the close to $300.00 russian soldiers are being killed in battle every day. ah i'm so gale. welcome to the program to begin with news. it's broken in the course of the last hour or so. a car has crashed into a crowd on a busy shopping street. here in berlin. rescue services say one person's been killed and several others injured. police have detained a man suspected to be the driver. it's not clear whether the crash was intentional . that's the scene and then where the incident took place this morning. let's go to
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d w. so mikaela kirsten for that i to start. welcome. mikayla. talk us through what we know of the sequence of the french. yes, here's what we do know this morning is small. you know cleo cars. small grey car was driven downtown and seem to process this fall is off who are 1st dumb and west, but it is a very busy shopping street. a lot of tourists would have been allison and about at that particular point in time. and what we've heard from eye witnesses is that a man appears to have driven that car on to the pedestrian broadway and hit several people and fatally wounded one person who died at the scene. then the car crashed into a perfume store. and the man believed driven. the car was held by,
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passes by the police, have detained him for now and we're hearing from police that around a dozen people are injured, some severely wounded, one person dead. and none of those people affected is a child. only adults were affected by this. what remains unclear and is subject to the investigation right now is whether this was an accident where the driver had health problems or something else caused him to leave the road or whether this was intentional or even a terrorist attack that is still absolute young at this moment in time and determined by passes by do we know how long it took our police to arrive? i don't know those exact details. police appear to have been very fast at the scene . some 60 people are there rescue workers. there are several into 2 are still being treated on location and so,
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but those who were severely injured and we wouldn't get an exact number at this moment in time from the police are be treat in hospital. understood that this was bring back out worrying the memories of the terror attack that happened in that area of christmas in 2016 absolute the. there were several people died scores injured in that attack at the christmas market on the right side plan, which is directly on the other side of the square of where this occurred this morning. so people in that vicinity also of course us during this hearing about an incident like that in this particular area that does raise the alarm bells, but we still don't know whether that is rightly so or whether that just is a co incidence. that something like this would occur so close to the high tide plots and i can tell you that on that square since then security has been stepped up. it would have been physically impossible for the driver to actually enter this
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square. and he was driving along and then it took a right turn away from that particular square. they're hitting a very, very busy shopping. high street. ok, thank you for that. and we had a question about in studio. so just to recap that one death several injuries, the driver detained police on the scene investigation. thank you very much at the war in ukraine now, since the conflict began more than 3 months ago, russia has blockaded ukraine's coastline, leaving millions of tons of grain stuck in silos and ports, including odessa. many of these harbors are now heavily mind russia's foreign minister. so gay love rob is in turkey to discuss how to get the grade to the rest of the world. as the united nations warns of a global food crisis, ukraine's and major supplier of wheat, corn and sunflower oil to many parts of the world.
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we can join d. w correspondent, dorian jones in istanbul are welcome dorian and so far we've, we've heard from turkey, is foreign minister about a mechanism to get these grain shipments to the countries that need the most does, is russian counterpart appear to be on board with this idea. well, it's i inches seeing a russian foreman, cecilia love, rob didn't seem to share the, the world's urgency over getting this suit grain into the international market, saying that the world soaring we price is, is nothing to do with the ukrainian conflict. it says, he said the written only counts for less than one percent of global. i'll put now that was immediately contradicted by the turkish foreign minister member chapel. surely, who said this is, is that really very important issue, but lack of didn't really seem to share the urgency. he said that they are in the process of opening up ports or to the, to a russian forces have sees. and these are, ukraine was welcome to send their wheat to those fortune and export them from there
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. now that's an obvious no go from key of point of view. and a lateral said, they want to send it from their own ports and they have to d, mind the thoughts to what are the ships to leave. now, keith is very reluctant to do that because it fears russia will use that an opportunity to attack odessa. this key port, which has so far, been protected by these mines. so at the moment it does seem to be little progress has been made. chavel shawl did say that they had, they are close to reaching a mechanism that would allow ships, a common go and address russian concerns or any ships going to ukraine won't carrying arms. but we seem, far, far away from that ever coming to force at the moment. and this will reiterate fears and concerns up moscow is possibly using this soaring weight. we price crisis as further lavish on the international community. right. and that this, not the only or isom on their agenda, mister love rover, brought a military delegation averted turkey to talk about another conflict explained to us how syria factors into this while. absolutely,
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now the turkish president reject type 3rd one is vowing to launch a major military operation into syria against syrian kurdish fighters of the y p g . who he claims are linked to this p k. k rebel group has been fighting turkey for decades now on has said that they want to create a 30 kilometer deep zone into syria. now this area that they're targeting is under russian control. and turkey really does need russia to leave lift controls of as face to allow its plains to either support its forces in any operation. now they, i've been pressing moscow to get a green light, but circ elaborate seen again a little bit reluctant. there. he said that we'll discuss this next month, inch in july at us, donna, this regular meeting between iran, turkey and russia. so he doesn't appear, they've got the green light there. and in fact, leverage said that turkey really should be looking at the area where the american forces are based with the syrian kurdish forces rather than russia. thank you for answer. dora doran jones estoppel and ukraine itself and
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russia claims to control 97 percent of law hands, one of the 2 ukranian provinces that make up the dumbass region at the city of severity on the at school the key to gaining control of the region and the sing, heavy bombardments as a consequence, ukraine's president vladimir, as the landscape claims his forces. i'm putting up a fierce defense and inflicting a heavy toll on the russian military. so okay, let's go to and nick connelly in odessa. welcome, nick. and we'll start with those talks in turkey, a do to get grain out of those ports. ukraine would have to d, mind it, sir. harbors on russia would have to hold back on its attacks. is that likely to happen? i think in the short term, the answer has to be no, no one here trust those russian promises that they wouldn't take advantage of those . mine's been taking away to lot some kind of operation here on a desa, one of ukraine's biggest cities. one of the most symbolic targets for this russian
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invasion. so for now, no one sees any real possibility for some kind of maybe convoys with the turks protecting private commercial shipping. going to get out the grain lupsi. this is a huge topic for the world. and for lots of reasons that are very dependent on ukrainian grain conflict, lebanon, up to 90 percent dependent on that grain. so potential social impact of raising rising green price in those countries. if this grain doesn't get out and ukraine's next harvest is similarly blocked, we've heard that sir jim shuttle, if shawls was talking to prison, valencia today just about that of an out least these efforts from the russian side to seem like window dressing, an attempt to try to put the blame on ukraine for rising prices around the world. okay. and the fighting as a say, a rush, a claim to control 97 percent of lou hands in the east. is this starting to look like the end game in this region? i think it's a bit early to say that they have had most of your hunts region 4 weeks now they are making progress certainly, but at a very,
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very slow pace. and so the next city has been basically predicted to fault the russians in its totality. for weeks now, and it just hasn't happened. ukraine's definitely outgunned not to see out man, but they're just waiting for those western deliveries of arms from germany, among other countries, to finally arrive, insufficient quantities for them to be able to really fight back right now. they're having to think about basically every shell they use, whereas the russians have rocket launchers and weapons in which huge quantities and are able to throw lots of heavy fighting power at the front lines without much of a plan. so far, that's not really been given the much advantage and certainly apart from mary paul and get on to bigger entities, russia has persisted to so for this hundreds 103 days of war. so for now, the battle continues very heavy losses on both sides, but no real sense to the breakthroughs a minute. thanks, nick, nick connelly in odessa. let me just to take you back to our top story here on the d. w. a breaking news. a car has crashed into
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a crowd on a busy street, the popular shopping district here in berlin. rescue services say one person's been killed and several others injured and police if detained a man suspected to be the driver. it's not clear this point whether the crash was intentional. let's join a d, w reporter joe delroy, who's there on the 1st and down one of the building shop, p busy shopping streets where they say happened. welcome, joe. what more can you tell us? well, what we can say is what the police have just given an update about which is that we know that the more than a dozen people have been injured in this accident or this incident were still not sure exactly of the cause yet. and the police are very, very keen, distressed that they do not know the cause they don't know whether it was an accident or whether it was something intentional. or what we know is that the people who were injured and the man who was killed were on the street out a very busy street here at the moment. because this is one of built berlin's
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busiest shopping districts. all of the major brands have their flagship shops here, and there are lots of tourists about and shop is about this week, particularly. so it's been very full at the moment. it's still lots of people around now looking at what's going on. so the streets were full, and when this incident occurred, the car, as we heard, had mounted the pavement and crashed into his shop front window. the police detained the man on the scene as we've heard. now, what's more, interesting or important relevant here is the location we are right across from the location of a 2016 accident that has erie similarities. in 2016, a truck plowed into a christmas market on the bright, shy plants, which is right over here right in front of the, again, at the sketch of a famous church here in berlin. and as i was on my way here to this incident, i passed the memorial where those people are remembered and it's still people putting flowers there. so that incident is still top of mind from many berliners. and it's, of course, when we hear that this accident could ride on this place, people immediately start to question whether there are any connections. that
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incident was related to a terror incident in the end. a police pin the blame on a cheesy and man who i was associated with the so called islamic state. in this case here, we're still not sure of the incident. police have been very keen distress that we do not know yet the cause i were hearing that it was to did down to real quick action quick thinking by police or by are people there by passers by that the, the man was initially detained. those details are still coming through. we haven't really got clarity on that yet, but this is a very busy area. there are lots of people walking around and as soon as anything would have occurred, there would have been plenty of passes by to react. and, and so we will have to find out exactly how the man was detained. so what we can see here on the street. so it's all closed off. there are a police everywhere. there's helicopters above, although the police said that the helicopters emilio, as a precaution, they're not saying i think that there's anything else to search for anyone else to search for. thank you for that, joe. joe delroy and i know berlin,
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just to recap, one person, dad, several people reported to been injured after someone drove into crowds that in central but in thank you for that. joe. up next here on dw, and janell, dumas has your business updates, and i'll be back at the top of the hour, more world views, or it's available around the clock, of course, on the d. w app or on d, w dot com have a good many pushed lunch turn out in the world, climate change very half the story. this is my plan, the way from just one week. how much work can really get.


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