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tv   DW News Asia  Deutsche Welle  June 8, 2022 4:30pm-4:46pm CEST

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traitor, people seeing extreme dreams. rough getting 200 people in june around the world, more than 300000000 people are seeking refuge. yes. why? because no one should have to flee. make up your own mind. d. w. made for mines. ah, this is deed of the news asia coming up today. anger against india after empty islam comments from its ruling party. statement insulting the prophet mohammed are generating protest and condemnation from the wider muslim world. it's brought into focus one official called systemic hate speech against muslims in india. how
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damaging will this be for the country? an expert from bahrain answers glass. later in the program, the hacker turned from tech tap. this man wants defrauded millions of the earnings, but is now helping the vietnamese government. keep millions safe from cyber crime. ah, i british energy welcome to did up the news asia, glad you could join us. india is facing international criticism and protests after spokespersons of the ruling b. j. p. party made derogatory comments about the prophet mohammed, gulf states, and the wider muslim world have condemned india and some have demanded official apologies. over the matter, india has distanced itself from the 2 spokespersons, calling them caught fringe elements and the b j. b has disciplined them. but that
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hasn't come the anger o muslim activists taking to the streets of india and in neighboring pakistan, protesting what they see as the latest insults from india's ruling party against their religion. but this time, the outrage is coming from foreign government to katara kuwait, indonesia and malaysia, have all summoned their indian ambassadors to protest and saudi arabia also lodged complaints anger to from the organisation of islamic co operation. the i o c. it said these cases of defamation are part of a growing spate of hatred and defamation of islam in india and systematic practices against indian muslims. the outcry is focused on no poor sharma who as a spokeswoman for prime minister in the hendrick modi's
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b. j. p. party made remarks seen as insulting his lamps, prophet muhammad and his wife, the b. j. p. took no action until the sudden chorus of diplomatic anger. the party has now suspended charm as membership and expelled another spokesman. but one observer has told dw news that baiting muslims is in the b j p's. dna. it's partly would be what it is and white me, it's a part of that court acknowledging. and that's why since last atheist, it was, was the movie became the prime minister. this demon edition of the, of the muslim and the one additional bessler agreement as ation minorities had become such as the biggest when dissenting the outcry has also taken on an economic dimension with shop owners and some muslim states boycotting indian goods. but it's doubtful that could impress hindu nationalists. there might we look at the stream, but the good will remain the same. i don't think the code will change. physiology
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might change the language might change, but the targeting of the muslims, luca, still the international outcry seems to have forced india's b. j. p on to a road, it was not expecting to take. and jeremy, now for more from a manama in a bahrain is hassan. i'll her son. he's a research fellow for middle east policy at the think tank. the international institute for strategic studies. mr. allison welcome. in the us, foreign ministry has said that these are comments on the prophet mom and what those of fringe elements and that the government respects all religions. i mean, is this explanation going to be enough for gulf states in particular. thanks for having me on the show. i think it's fairly difficult to call these elements french elements. i'm. this was ultimately the b j peace national spokesperson. and there have been other high ranking gd officials have been have had their membership suspended for a similar comments. i think the anti muslim rhetoric has become fairly normalized
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that has become fairly mainstream in india today. so i think the is the mystery of external affairs, explanation that these are fringe elements. i don't think is very credible. but i do think that the gulf states are very much interested in containing this issue. and so the indian government has moved fairly swiftly and distancing itself from these comments. the b, j, p. the ordering party itself has also attempted to distance itself from these comments that is suspended number sharma, the spokesperson in question. and also other officials just have in general, i think it's for the gulf states. i mean, they traditionally have always shied away from interfering. and india domestic politics and have done their level best to do so. even when other muslim states, such as iran or turkey, or even malaysia under the former prime minister, might have been pam that criticized india for say,
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revoking article $370.00 and changing the status of demo kashmir because they have held back traditionally because they've always thought to not to interfere, but insulting the profit when the spokesperson of the ruling party insults the prophet muhammad on satellite tv. that's a different ball game altogether that i use this to be an internal matter. i never have to ask you because you said that it doesn't appear very credible in dallas response so far. how then can gulf states in particular for example, move past this? i think so on the one hand and the fact that the, the gulf states can't appear as doing nothing because within days of no push are mom making those comments on t v. these comments are picked up on the circulated and social media and they've generated a very hostile reaction among people on the golf and not just on social media. i mean, i, i live here and i see the outrage that this has. this is generated here among real
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people. and so the gulf states couldn't really just stand by and be seen as doing nothing. they have to take a strong position on this. but i think that the gulf states view india as an important partner just as much as india, use them as being key relations. and so i think they will try and contain this work . would probably work with the indian government to make sure that such comments are not, are not made again, it's interesting to see how the indian government to try to approach that. so on the one hand, they've appeared very conciliatory and their relations and in the us relations of the gulf states or but the indian government at the same time, has hit back against the organization of the summer cooperation. the i see very hard and has criticize the i c for condemning those, those remarks. and so i think bye bye bye by taking the sort of 2 pronged approach . and this is a traditional indian tactic of appeasing the gulf states by naturally, but hitting hard to guess the i c. by doing so,
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the indian government is trying to repair is to diplomatic relations with and, and contain those, those differences with key partners of the goals while still catering to chauvinistic nationalistic constituents back home by hitting hard against the i see where i think some of the criticism in india has been that if these kind of anti stomach comments, and if you're deciding the prophet mohammed is red line, then why isn't the detention of up to 1000000 muslims and chinese camps and changing a red line. i mean, a saudi arabia, the u. e are among the 45 countries, the back to china, of the u. n. in 2020. when it came to its stand in nation. jang. so as a matter of fact, the gulf states have also not interfered and have not made very, very lynch remarks about a lot of the communal hatred and violence that goes on in india. and they haven't
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taken, as i said, a very strong stand on. and he has revocation of article 370 on kashmir. the problem is that insulting the profits and that's just because of the gulf states, a traditional policy of not interfering in the affairs of other nations. and so the gothic are not singularly single mindedly animated by muslim causes around the world. they realize that they've got important relationships, relationships and partnerships with things like india and china, and therefore do their best not to interfere in what the states consider to be, then their internal matters. but when it comes to something, the prophet muhammad, that crosses a, that's a, that's a different thing altogether. and there have been previous instances where it's also the profit, mama in places like denmark and france, have also cast their shadow on diplomatic relations between arab and muslim states and these and these countries. and so india isn't being single dollar in any
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respect. i think what the indian government under moody has done is really it's been somewhat of a paradox and he has relations with the gulf states and the muslim world. whereas on the one hand, domestically the beach, if you ruling party, has pursued a fairly divisive communal agenda, directed especially at the muslims. and on the other hand, that prime minister movie has probably a directed more diplomatic energy towards the relations of the gulf states than any prime minister, any other prime minister in india's history. and he's attempted to maintain this artificial separation between the domestic agenda and india's foreign relations of the gulf. i think no per sharma has almost entirely up and it does strategy by insulting the profit and bringing international attention to the domestic political agenda. we'll have to leave there for that. i mean, we're thank you so much for joining us today. has on allison from the international institute for strategic studies. thank you so much. my pleasure. thank you for
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having ah, not us authorities had once described vietnamese hacker. no men here as one of the most prolific identity thieves ever to spend time in a federal prison. but these days he's working for the vietnam, his government hunting cyber criminals. at the height of his career hacker, no men hew, made a fortune stealing the personal data of some 200000000 americans. he had fast cars, fancy apartments, and luxury holidays. then it all came crashing down and f b. i sting operation lured him to the u. s in 2013 and he ended up spending 7 years in federal prison. he'd been a hacker since childhood. now he says he's turned his back on his criminal past, and has been recruited by the vietnam government. his mission, to hunt cyber criminals. my god, boy,
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he tylen though my dream now is to help as many people as possible to avoid being cheated online. thank you, though. the former millionaire now lives in an average apartment in hotel men, city, roughly 70 percent of vietnam's, 98000000 people use the internet. and cyber threats are rife, vietnam, as one of the highest rates of ransomware attacks in the asia pacific region de la young, elijah, because i ain't nobody how i really regret the past. if i'd continued my study, i would have become a different person. maybe i be working for a big company or corporation, or i could have a startup business, isn't it? era. the story of hackers becoming cybersecurity researchers is a familiar one. but this is not a classic poacher turned game keeper scenario. who is working on cybersecurity for the government of a one party state that cracks down ruthlessly on descent, harassing and arresting activists and bloggers for posting critical opinions online
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. you insist that his work as a thresh hunter of the state owned national cybersecurity center is not political. he says his new job involves educating vietnamese citizens about the dangers of the same sort of hacking that he perpetrated. and that's it for today. and if you like asia and ot, you can watch the w's new program off. see asia adding weekly this month, and also available on demand for more information. you can head to the website, did ever dot com forward slash odd c h ship you tomorrow, but ah, imagine how many pushes lunch us her out in the world. climate change very often story. this is my plan, the way from just one week. how much work can really get we
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still have time to go. i'm going with what happened to 175 years ago. the young start up entrepreneur at a specific goal. 1 build the article instruments in the world. good size. do you wish has become a reality? 175 years of the size starts june 19th on w. ah, getting grain out of ukraine brushes, foreign minister says his country is ready to ensure the safety of ship leaving ukrainian ports. also on the show, we shine a light on europe dependence on china,
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solar industry. this is d w. a business. i'm janelle dumas on russian foreign minister, sergei la rob says moscow will allow ukrainian food exports to leave ukraine. after talks with his turkish counterpart and on kara, he said russia agreed not to ex, quite the situation surrounding ukrainian grain shipments. ukraine is one of the world's largest exporters of wheat horn and sunflower oil. but the war and rushes, blockade of ukrainian force have halted exports and endangered food supplies to many developing countries. i'm joined by dw reporter at graham a key t. welcome a gram. so what have we heard so far, coming out of turkey today, we heard that the negotiations to good gray notice morrigan to positive direction. and the turkish foreign minister chose shorter said turkey wants to do whatever it .


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