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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  June 9, 2022 4:02am-4:31am CEST

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ah, 2 weeks ago this 11 year old went to school and survived an american nightmare. a mass shooty. and she did it by smearing blood from a murdered schoolmate onto herself. and then playing did. she was able to fool the gunman. 21 others were not. there are countless stories like this from america's countless mass shootings. to dave, some of the survivors took their trauma to the u. s. congress, hoping that while makers will listen and then do something finally, to put people before god. it's. i'm burned golf in berlin. this is the day ah, this out of control gun violence is a uniquely american tragedy for some reason. to some people,
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to people with money to people to fun, political campaigns becomes more important and children than ownership is on the rise in america. people want to protect themselves, schools are none safe anymore. something needs to really change to this moment. we ask the progress it is. hi, new in america. time for every one of us to decide where we stand on the issue of gun binds also coming up 75 years ago after the 2nd world war, a decision was made unprecedented to invest in former enemies so that they would become future allies. the marshall plan worked. does the world need to try it again? me zimm. we are already preparing a large scale recovery plan for ukraine. aft of a wool that we need a city chic, international support plan for ukraine,
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a modern day version of a historic marshall plan. ah, to our viewers watching on p b. s in the united states, into all of you around the world. welcome. we begin the day with the people targeted in america's countless mass shootings. the people who were able to live and tell about it. today in washington, d. c, members of the u. s. congress heard some of the most disturbing gut wrenching accounts from survivors of america's epidemic. of gun violence, these were people who because they did not die, have no choice but to try to keep living all the while carrying the scores of what many say should have never happened in the 1st place. since the started this year. there has been at least one that mass shooting in the united states every day. reaching a crescendo last month with shootings at a grocery store in new york and at an elementary school in texas. we have selected
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segments from today's testimony to help tell this story. of these are people who are demanding that their lawmakers act to change the course in this uniquely american tragedy. that pits humanity against insanity. a convicted felon killed my son with an ill legally obtain gun. our gun control lobbyists and politicians claim that their policies will save lives . emery does violence. well, those policies did not said my son, this is a high school one. and what are you doing? you elected to protect us to protect our way of life. i ask every one of you to imagine the faces of your mothers as you look at mine. and actually, so is there nothing that we can do is
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a nothing that you personally are willing to do. we want to get our washing correspondence to fun. simons is defined. you know, the, this testimony today was it was difficult to listen to. is there hope that by laying bare the hor, the true hor, of these mass shootings that congress will finally be pushed to move into act? well brand i guess there's hope, i guess there is a lot of hope there is a lot of will. of course, from those families from all those impact that stays on the assemblies are still in a lot of grief and a lot of pain. of course, as you can imagine, as anybody can imagine who has seen or gets to see some of their statements in front of committee to day. but you know, this was very emotional and full of heart and maybe those statements have reached
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a few hearts. if they moved the hearts that is those hearts, those legislators hearts, that's the question here. and i am sorry, but i am rather pessimistic that real gun law change will follow or will be resolved even of those are from those after those post those risks. horrific statements either we've seen mass shootings, time and time again in the united states has been called for action and nothing has happened this time. not only do we have to these testimony, but we also have the u. s. house of representatives. do this week to debate a bill on gun reforms that is a 1st step baby steps to some are say, is it enough to prevent another you've all the texas that we saw 2 weeks ago? i'm afraid it's not enough and you absolutely right. the house isn't debating,
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we'll bring it on the floor. there will be probably a new law gun or tweaked and a better gun laws coming from the house. but you know, it's all about the senate, the senate, this where the power is. if you really want significant change in terms of gun control or gun loss, he in the united states and there it's where it's not looking really good real prohibit. if measures will not, i'm absolutely certain i've been wrong before, but i am actually certain that real prohibitive measures like real background checks or assault style rifle, bands or, or high park magazine. benz will not happening, they will not be in the sand. it's a decided on the senate will not take the law from the house of representatives, just their own thing. there is negotiations going on right now and yeah, no real prohibitive measures there in the sit. no, there have been cause for
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a federal law to be passed that would raise the law the age from 18 to 21 for people who want to buy, you know, automatic weapons like a weapon that was used in this school shooting and texas 2 weeks ago. is there any movement on that? because the last we heard just a couple of days ago was that senate republicans said no to changing the the, the age the minimum age. no, there's no real move on this again, this is this groove of republican senators and democratic senators who try to find a compromise in this compromise. you mentioned or use the word baby steps. this will be a compromise off baby steps at best. let's hope for this. it may be said enough that america has to hope for baby step, compromise in the senate to get some thing. tweak done better in existing laws, but raising the age from 18 to 21. i don't think that's gonna happen, or maybe maybe the, the federal on the federal level,
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it will be now between those senators, decided that the states will have more or better access or some guidance in terms of using red flag loss. mm hm. but, you know, i mean, again, these really know hard measure in terms of were ban assault rifles like in the clinton administration. did in the, in the 9. yes. right? until 2004, a sold style rifles were banned. this is not going to come back. yeah. and the world looks and wonders why the abuse ship on simon's with the ladies tonight in washington stuff. and as always, thank you. ah, we're getting congress to act on gun control. that is just one of you as president biden's challenges on the other side of the country in los angeles. the president's summit of the americas is not going as planned. instead of focusing on migration climate change and the pandemic, the focus is on who is not attending. the most obvious no show is mexico's
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president. he's staying home in protest at the white house, not inviting leaders from cuba, nicaragua, and venezuela. the president of bolivia, honduras in guatemala, are also not attending. also distract from the summit. 8 migrant caravan from southern mexico heading for the united states. we have this report now from our correspond a border crossing between hon doris and guatemala. i believe that migrants want to avoid by going through the bush, some like kayla ochoa and her 4 year old son are from venezuela. they've already experienced a hellish journey through the jungle for lament and look, least in the deeds i was there for. people died including a girl and how baby. i don't know the reasons, but they died and i saw the corpses. i don't even look at it,
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kayla. said that police later extorted her and her fellow venezuelans twice on the road north to guatemala city in the capitol, some who are unable to afford a smuggler bank for money to buy their next ticket. the last stop in guatemala is taken omen. where migrants take a left across into mexico. the 14 members of this hundrend family left their country because they could not pay their rent. and to keep their teenage children from being recruited by gangs in mexico, they have to again had through the jungle to avoid immigration controls. several smugglers offer them a ride for $30.00 per person, but they don't have enough money. although failure, it's right to swing the las, he wanted to take what little money we had. we on the odd enough to buy food, he told the van driver that there was a tech point savvy. having this groups luck ran out when police captured them and sent them to an immigration detention center that can mean waiting for months in
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crowded conditions for paperwork to come through. if the vitamin ministration lifts immigration measures that were linked to the corona virus, some worry that people smugglers will be the ones to profit with little changing for people who want to cross into the u. s. low and upload each other. but you're going to take advantage of this to impose new conditions for a new immigration policy audio. we think that it will be more restrictive because of the negotiation that are taking place in the u. s. needles, but just go on us that are moderately cuba. it's a rough road north that may be about to get rougher or corresponded turley, troy. she is at the summit of the americas in los angeles. caroline, it's good to see you. this was supposed to be a week longer show of cooperation. instead, it's turned into a display of divisions to me. why is the world, why are we talking about the invitation list and not the issues at hand here?
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exactly for, and that's what we have been hearing during the past days. mexico was in this part, as you mentioned it because president manuel lopez over at other rejected the invitation from president biden to participate here in los angeles at the summit of the americas. however, this countries, mexico on doris as salvador and they're not present with their president on the highest level. but they do have delegations here at mexico for example is being represented by their a foreign minister. mr. ebert and he is participating in the meetings and he is a going to talk about the of the main issues. and these are going to be climate change, or they're going to talk also about an economic, a sustainable to a development in latin america. and of course, also about the main and probably the most important issue, the migration crisis. yeah, and the you as president shows that he plans to win ville a plan that would address this,
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this big crisis in the region. but with so many key leaders boycotting the summit, i mean, is this plan going to just fall on deaf ears? that is a very good question, a brand. because as you know, as the countries from the northern triangle, that means on 2 rasa side of out or why tamala. and he got out why these are precisely the countries that are not present with their presidents on the highest levels. and this are also the countries, the origin countries of the vast majority of people coming from latin american central america into the united states. so that is a big question. how is that the u. s. administration, going to tackle this important issue without their main leaders being present at the summit. we know though, that mexico's president found a lopez or has a bilateral meeting in july with president biden in washington. and they're going to talk of course, about a migration. and we also know that president biden is expected to sign
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a declaration on the last on the final day of the summit on friday. and that is going to be the los angeles declaration on migration. and the other leaders are expected to side as well. we don't know though what the content is going to be a physical aeration. a very young thoroughly enjoy the some of the americans in los angeles currently to thank you. oh, well tonight russia says it controls 97 percent of lu hans. that is one of the 2 ukranian provinces in the east that make up the don bass. the kremlin has made taking the eastern region. it's number one objective in this phase of the war and it has been bombarding the city of several. don't ask and surrounding areas ukraine's president brought him is zalinski says that his forces are putting up a fierce defense and inflicting a heavy toll on russia's military. both sides have suffered heavy losses
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as the fighting in ukraine continue, some western countries are pressing harder for peace talks to end this war. in europe, the unity showing the 1st weeks of the russian invasion that unity starting to show some fishers. it's given way to discord over weapons deliveries and punitive measures against moscow. what will bring an end to the conflict? what are the possible pathways to piece? did we use, christine, what reports? tonight? russia's new stated objective of taking control of ukraine's industrial hard land is now within its reach in the battle for the east and done baths, region, russia's armed forces are gaining ground. some of ukraine's best fighters are here, but for all they tactical skill and morale, they're simply out gun away from the theatre of the war. some observers say the tide could turn in ukraine's favor if the west delivers heavy
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weapons to ukraine quickly. but those cause are increasingly being met with both willingness and resistance among ukraine's allies. the e. u is split into camps with some calling for more weapons for ukraine, and others wanting an immediate end to the fighting. grain must win this war hooting must loose. that is the main message we have to send. and that's why now it's important to send all possible weapons to the grain or friends. we have to focus our efforts on diplomacy and bring those warring parties back to the negotiating table. and i don't see our weapons are helped to contribute to this objective. but one prominent diplomat all use, it's not yet time for talks meaningful peers. negotiations will only be possible once both parties and i insist on both parties who crane and russia come to the
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conclusion that they can no longer make meaningful advances on the battlefield. right. are we at this moment now? no, we aren't. of obviously, russia believes that they can still make meaningful further advances in the dorm bus region. obviously, grain is absolutely determined not to let that happen. ukraine has vowed to fight russia to the last inch over its sovereignty. but it's been suggested that when the negotiations do come about keith would ultimately have to see territory beyond the land been fought over. now, there are questions about crimea, the peninsula, russia annexed from ukraine in 2014. given the fact that that russia considers that now for since 2014, a part of russian territory. that would mean that we would be looking at the war, not in grade by the war in russian territory. and though if you have
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a war on russia territory, russia could claim that existential issues are at stake, and we should do whatever we can to make sure that grain can re conquer the territories. last since the 24th of february, as a minimal bringing warring parties to peace is a complex process that can take a very long time. it is clear that over time the unity and resolve in europe and among western allies will continue to deteriorate. well, this week marked 75 years since the u. s. congress approved the marshall plan. it was named after you a secretary of state george marshall, who laid out his proposal in a 1940 serb in speech. now memories of world war 2 were still very fresh. many european cities lay in ruins, and there was a new worry in washington. the spread of soviet backed communism. the marshall plan
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called for investment, worth billions to help rebuild western europe. the plan help stabilize european democracies and economies went to day with ukraine under attack from russia. there are calls for a new marshal plan. what we are looking for is not just simply re but ation what was broken, bought to actually create a plan. you got to get about muscle plan that to beal bringing us to kind of go just more if our alliance with european union and just 7 states economies and also help us to jump and dos to, to leap into the future. and my next guest is jonathan. can't. jonathan is a senior fellow at the german marshall fund of the united states in washington d. c. to night. he joins me from istanbul in turkey. jonathan,
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good to have you back on the show. i'm glad i'm glad that you had time for us tonight because your employer puts you in a position to offer one of the best perspective when we talk about the legacy of the marshall plan. me. this is a big anniversary this week. what has been on your mind the most? i think just the, the enormity of what the united states did with partners and allies after the 2nd world war and supporting 16 countries and europe. and as you mentioned earlier, this segment that were coming out of devastation that faced starvation. food insecurity, ah, heating challenges, damaged economies more than just damaged, devastated economies. and so you had the united states stepping up, working with european partners, really the precursor to nato, to what you see in terms of the, you today and providing a 13000000000 dollars. and that $13000000000.00 said a then would be
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a $130000000000.00. and what it ended up doing is it supported these countries to get back on their feet, the people as well. and in, within several years, these countries recovered quickly, were you saw their economies at the same level as pre war economies. and so is quite significant. and the other part was this wasn't just about allies and partners. the united states also stepped up to provide assistance to germany and also to italy who are the other side of world war 2. and also offered to provide support to many countries across eastern europe. that were then denied by the soviet union at that time, that additional support. so really this, this is a momentous occasion to go backed chairs to see what became of modern europe for the trans atlantic community and such organizations as nato. and now we are hearing cause before a new marshal plan to help rebuild ukraine, maybe one that would be a trans atlantic in nature. i just ask you,
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is it premature though, to be talking about bits? not, not premature. yes, on one hand, you need to look at the needs of ukraine. today, the military support support the humanitarian assistance. but when you start to think about what's happened, how devastated ukraine has been a 1000000 displaced internally, externally devastation wrought across us. so many cities and communities atrocities committed. i think this is really a clear path poor the marshall plan. and she had math. we're thinking and our 50th anniversary a lot about how we can rebuild ukraine now, which has to be done now, even though conflict continues and so we want to give ukrainians the same type of a future that came to those and in western europe after world war 2, and this includes you candidacy, which is something that the you can do that would help cement and strengthen any
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type of martial plan is to give it that, that, that cement and that anchor. and so i think it's very much right now in the minds of many who try to find the macro resources and other assistance. not only to meet the challenge now, but 6 to 8 months to the next couple years in ukraine. at the, the started the program, jonathan, we reported on today's testimony from survivors of these math shootings of the us in a gun violence. it has reduced america's moral standing in the world. people around the world tell us they just don't understand the u. s. when it comes to this issue, does the us, does it have the moral authority to execute another marshall plan? if it's not the u. s. then who does? yeah, obviously, you know, we're devastated by, by the overwhelming gun violence in the united states and i worked for member of hires who fucked for years for common sense gun control laws and to nazi it have happened over decades of these type of incidents happening is,
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is devastating my heart goes out to his families, have been impacted on one hand, the u. s. needs to, to address that issue. internally. it needs support the american people overwhelmingly support common sense gun control laws. that's clear. on the other hand, when we look international, yes, united states definitely has a standing to support as it has been supporting ukraine, i since february 24th through assistance as we've done through u. s. aid. since j f. k, a started usa, i. d, in the united states, largest internationally is critically important both economically in terms of prosperity, global health, food insecurity to the united states leadership is needed. but we've got to deal with some of these domestic issues that are a challenge. and of course they do impact us standing globally, jonathan katz from the german marshall under the u. s. john, as always, we appreciate your time and you're in science live helping us report on the 70 for
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the anniversary of the marshall plan. thank you. thank you. so much will it will mark the end of the automobile as we know it's the european parliament has voted in support of banning the sale of new fossil fuel powered cars and vans in the european union beginning of the year 2035 of this proposal would require all new vehicles sold from that year on to be 0 emission. it's part of a raft of measures intended to help europe reach its emissions reduction targets. there's a catch up, e governments still need to sign off on this proposal before it be. it can become law and we understand the biggest supporters of it or not the politicians, but the older me. well, the day's almost done the conversation that continues online. you can find it on twitter. you can follow me brent. gov tv. remember, whatever happens between now and then, tomorrow is another day we'll see you then. ah,
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