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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 9, 2022 8:00am-8:16am CEST

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shed light on the opaque world who's behind benefits. and why are they a threat to what's all open this week on d w ah, this is dw news lie from both in the fight for ukraine's don't. bass continues. halston shelling, bushes, ukrainian troops to the outskirts of seattle to that's at the cities defenders valley. they won't give up regrouping and rebuilding. we visit shop owners and
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other residents of butcher returned to the ukrainian town. note for him during war time atrocities and searching for answers in berlin. a cas matches into a school group in a busy shopping area. one person is dead. 14 others injured. authorities believe the driver suffers from mental health problems. ah van fizzle and good to have you with us. forced to fall back. ukrainian troops have retreated to the edge of federal run ads. the city could be key to gaining control of the east and industrial heartland. authorities say, despite the retreat troops and not about to conceit, the city of liz, a chance is also wedged between russian forces. if once moscow says it now controls over 90 percent of the province, it's one of 2 provinces that make up ukraine's embattled dumbass region. when
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you're president blood, mr. lensky stresses the importance of the fight force veteran. it doesn't look a bit. it's a very dreadful and difficult fighting public that is one of the most difficult battles during this war. i am thankful to each and every one who is defending this region. to a great extent, the fate of our done, but it's been decided a national done bus. let's bring in corresponded john phillips, sholtes. he's in, keep in the capitol, ukrainian official, say russian troops have changed their tactics in the battle for next. can you tell us more? yes, an adviser to president lensky said that the russians have changed their strategy. and they are now hitching the city of severity nets with more missiles. and so we're for more asked reich said this is consistent with the reports we are getting on the ground. so that more and more troops are retreating from the city center.
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ukrainian troops seem to be regrouping in the outskirts of 1st verizon net scan in industrial zone. so at the moment there is definitely less a street fighting instead. so russians are hitting largely empty places in severe donnette sky, and destroying what is left of the infrastructure and of the houses in the city. yeah, until the zalinski says the panel will determine the fate of the don bass. what would that mean for ukraine? if it loses the region to the russians. yes, as a very the nets can become a highly symbolic or better ground, just like boucher or maria pole in the weeks. in the weeks before, the russians, as you now have no words they're, they're targets from taking over here to taking over the east and the south of the
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country to now focusing on the don bye region. so russia is really focusing most of its force around silverado nets and they are under high pressure to present results if they minutes to, to take over the region. they will probably try to very quickly present facts and install russian structures, but the ukrainians definitely won't let beds that does happen and will probably launch new counter offenses. so we will probably see a lot more fighting in the re in the coming weeks. and what about ukraine's coastline in the south? russia is refusing to accept responsibility for a c blockade of ukrainian grain. what does it want? unfortunately at the moment, there doesn't seem to be any solution inside, despite the mounting fear that this could lead to a global foot crisis. the biggest problem at the moment is that russia demands
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an end to west on sanctions in order to co operate on this. but there are also many a military and logistic problems. cherokee says it's ready to escorts a convoys, but kia says it's cancer d my in the area around the major parts in odessa. because this could give russia the opportunity to, to launch your attacks. so at the moment, a very difficult situation there, around lexie region dw, corresponded young philip shots as the war is largely shifted to the east. many who fled branches invasion to what the capitol can go back to see what's left and try to rebuilt ukrainian authority, say some 2000000 people have returned home in the last few weeks, including places well known for the indiscriminate violence of this old like
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butcher. his young fellow shots again, morris offers people in his town of boucher, an espresso, and with it a little bit of normality. this is what his cafe looked like when he came back a few weeks ago. he said the russians stole every thing. even his st. nearly every thing is working again. now. he's just missing a few windows. i crossed leg broken bridge to go to the keel to get coffee to get milk to get. i like smoked some cookies after 1st guest come over here. and they said like, oh my gosh, you're the best you, old friend renewed i music coffee next door. the block of flats is still standing but as badly damaged hit by several rockets or more chars. some people are returning here to keen to try to reunite their families and rebuild their lives. avura is one of them. she flat just after the war,
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started taking her 2 small children to safety and poland. she got back home just a few days ago. but i had to take as many people warned me saying we should stay abroad for longer. but it was my decision. yeah, i just realised that this conflict, this war could drag on for years. sooner or later i had to come home on the chip is not a chest, mama's, she and her husband michael are. we're lucky. they only lost a window upstairs. the people lost pretty much everything destroyed by a rocket. avura knows, the rockets could also come back and sometimes questions her decision to bring her children home to do just trash. it's frightening and wishes. when you hear about new bombings, you immediately think where could i run to? how do i save the children? my bags are still packed. i haven't even unpacked them yet. and i was never scolded
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. boris knows, his wife and child are safe. they are still in switzerland. one element of certainty, when everything still feels up in the air, i don't know what i'm going to expect to morrow because like, yesterday we got started in the queue, got bombed in p. o. i don't know. i'm not planning nothing. i'm just leaving by one day right now. and yet as he mixes cocktails again, he is making plans. he wants to offer other returning strings and sitting outside on the terrace this summer. now to some of the other stories making use around the world. in south korea, at least 7 people have died in a fire at an office building in the southern city of dago, dozens were injured. ablaze began on the 2nd floor of the building. here the district court. investigators are still determining the cause and the us house of representatives has passed a raft of gun control measures. the bill includes raising the minimum age to buy
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certain weapons from $18.00 to $21.00 and banning high capacity ammunition magazines. but the bill is unlikely to get the approval in the senate. it needs to become law. police continue to investigate. wednesday's deadly car crash on a busy shopping street in berlin. the driver plowed into a school group, killing the teacher and injuring 14 others. some of them are still fighting for their lives in hospital authorities believe the driver suffers from mental health problems or school trip that ended in tragedy. most of the victims, what dangly does visiting berlin from the state of has a and central germany. those in shock and seeking comfort went to this memorial in honor of the victims at a nearby church. even no one minute. it's a normal summer morning. then all of a sudden it's all over and our lives are darkened because of violence. oh,
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brutal violence has broken into the lives of helpless people on their different journeys. one woman killed many injured, terrified, and turned into emotionally wounded witnesses. long investigators are still trying to find the motive behind the attack. looking into how the scene unfolded. damn, and during the incident, the mannered on to the road and clashed into a shopping window himself and he was immediately detained. contracts were questioning him to find out what happened in the arctic zealand guarded in suffolk . the incident revived memories of 2016 when an extremist in the same area, berlin stole a truck and drove into a crowded christmas market. fear was shocked that an incident has occurred. that brings back bad memories for all of us. of the bright shide flaps attack. and we
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are here in this position where we don't yet know exactly what the motivation was bitten by. didn't. would you like to one by then? yes. of all, when someone is at the traffic lights at the metro station, we're just at the pedestrian crossing and i slowly and then ex larry, it's my then for me it was on purpose finishes up. this authorities believe that the suspect suffered from psychological issues. but the aunt ruling anything out did of his anya shuffled or to joins us from the scene under. what's the latest that you're hearing? well then, and while yesterday this whole area behind me and was swarming with police officers and rescue workers, it was all corded off. no traffic was running through and things and now that pedestrians of walking here again, traffic is flowing and but there are some signs of what took place here yesterday.
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and behind me those yellow markings, our police circled evidence are on the pavement here and. and what we do know now is that the suspect, the driver of the vehicle and is a 29 year old man with german armenian dual nationality, who lived in berlin at not too far from where the incident took place. actually, do we know the condition of the other victims? i mentioned that some of them in or in that critical condition. yes we had in the report, most of the injured and apart were part of a group of school kids who were here on a visit from western germany. and there were year 10 students. so they would have been about 1516 years old, and their teacher or a woman was killed on the scene and, and 14 of them are injured. some of them, not seriously,
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but 6 people in total are still in critical condition at one of the other teachers is also badly injured. and unfortunately, we don't know much more about their condition as yet is still quite early morning here. so are we're hoping to find out more in the course of the day. do we know any more about a motive? one is looking less and less likely that this was an accident. i mean already, yesterday, descriptions by eye witnesses? am of how am the driver mounted the pavement here and drove deliberately into the crowd as suggested that this was probably not an accident. and, and since then, abilene's interior minister air came out last night or with a tweet to say that this looked like at the actions of a person with mental health issues, who was running a mock m. all actually the german chancellor has also tweeted indicating that he believes that this is, these are the actions of a person with some psychological issues. and because the driver did know the drive
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into this crowd of people, but also stopped and then continued on to the street and then drove into another shop window. that's, that's, that's right. and that's, that's, that's what he did. and those actions suggests that really this was a deliberate act em, but it does now sound like it wasn't ideologically motivated in any way. it doesn't sound like this was a terror attack. and there were reports that he'd left a note in the car. but those reports were a dispute by police david, clearly not truth. and so it does just look like a deliberate act, but at by someone who's suffering at, from mental health issues, probably though the police have not confirmed any of that as yet. okay, thanks for bringing us up to date on yourself. a note there for us in berlin and a reminder of our top story in ukraine. so bass region shelling from ranch, and not tillery has pushed ukrainian troops to the outskirts of spirit on its,
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the cities defend his bow, they would concede up x d, w, business, or use go to our website to follow us on instrumental twitter and bid, as well and thanks for watching out the back next out with 175 years ago.


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