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tv   DW News Asia  Deutsche Welle  June 9, 2022 6:30pm-6:46pm CEST

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crime rules. ah, were conglomerates make their own laws? work through it. it doesn't matter. the only criteria is, what will people, we shit light on the opaque world. who's behind benefits and why are they a threat to whistle peak will this week on d, w this is did up the news asia coming up today in the shadow of the ukraine war. taiwan assesses its defenses against the threads for chinese invasion when the citizens are volunteering for weapons training, and the government is pushing for military reforms. we look at typeface plans to repel any potential chinese attack and ask how likely beijing is to invade the
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island. and high time for a change of thailand is don't for it. strict empty drugs laws. so what is behind the decision to legalize the growing and consumption of matter you wanna ah, i british manager, welcome to d, w, news, asia that you could join us. the warden ukraine has forced, i want to re focus on how it defends itself from a possible chinese envision. in recent months, b jane has stepped up military and guns into tie rod's air defense identifications on raising a lot levels on the island. taipei is now thinking of improving training for it's nearly 2000000. reserve force investing in specialized weapons and civil defense. and there's also a great, a willingness among people to be prepared to take up weapons. should the time come?
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ah, so yes, they are taiwanese civilians with a new purpose beyond their day jobs. they are regulars at a combat skills training academy. the weaponry looks and feels authentic with the hardware in a country with strict gun ownership laws fires 6 millimeter rounds made of non lethal hard plastic as the war. and ukraine has spurred debate about how taiwan should bolster its defences, including compulsory military service. people like so, chun want to get out front. so chun is a tattoo artist by trade. he keeps a replica gun and a bullet proof vest in his office. and figures should war come to taiwan as it has
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an ukraine? people like him will be called up and handed real guns at some point. and those her prepared people who aren't prepared and also those who are panicking. i think all those types will be there. i'm sure most people don't want to go to war. i also don't want to go to war, but in the unfortunate event it really happens. i'll be mentally prepared. housings of wear suit, chun is now. that's where a travel guide chang woo wants to be. he's in an advanced beginner class, learning more about gripping a gun and moving with a weapon. say say it's only because of the ukraine more that i more urgently started feeling that threat from china. so i decided to gain some deeper knowledge about these defensive weapons. in the past, before the war started, i was mostly interested in 1st aid. sissy deborah, joe, this has already been a trend in the last 2 years since chinese fighter jet started flying close to
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taiwan. there's been an increase in after the ukraine war started, the numbers of tripled or quadrupled. more and more people are coming to take part the so called air soft guns are used for competition, sport, and taiwan assimilation of real combat. the preference of course is that these students use their new skills only in future simulations even games. but they're gaining confidence that they'll be ready. should the games to real and gentlemen off a more from taipei is wendy. so he lecture that cameras in your college of asia and the pacific. mr. so how high is the threat of a chinese invasion of taiwan with a war going on in your grain? at the moment? a thing the common assessment is that it's on a low side, at least for this year. and the readers are a couple. first and foremost, it's straightforward. it's less than funder ukraine conflict. we can see from that, even for great power, like russia,
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it's proven to be medically challenging and difficult to take down ukraine with ease. now, how, what has the additional natural defense in terms of the power, straight making any of asian a, necessarily. and phoebe as one which is much more complicated to maneuver in china, learning from that in china. i was thinking, i better make sure that i have everything prepared before i give it a try. so i think there is confidence at the moment that is for now, that will be stability. and how much great. what about taiwan preparations? what is taiwan strategy to counter a possible chinese invasion whenever it comes men of the chinese field, they are ready for one. if at all frowning taiwan strategy are i guess both domestic and people matic domestic front is of course got how those who held themselves. right. so i think i was trying to pursue greater at the magic defense
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capability. so for example, watching how wants defense building is moving away from buying big ticket items like warships, for example. and stat is trying to focus on smaller defense acids, things like drones, for example, or coastal, defense me solve against income in china. worships as well as things like c mines, for example. these are for the cheaper smaller items. that's how i can buy from a cheap, but they are now less very factors for defense purposes. if i were to add another point onto that and now be a focus on silly and defense. how want, if the ministry just announced a new civilian defense handbook, a couple months ago to try to harmonize standardized understanding of what to do during war time, emergency, where to the average member of public go, for example, to get resources and how do you sort of improve your capacity, the joy to come back into a fighting force at
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a moment's notice. she had the moment cause for it. right. and what is one's assessment of chinese military preparedness, particularly it's naval capability to cross the taiwan straits to attack at the moment, i think it's pretty clear that china does have conventional naval superiority over tie one what china still needs to developed before you can be confident of success in the crossjay conflict scenario is that china needs a stronger, and phoebe, as lending transport capacity. so it's easier for china to fly the airplanes over to tie one atlas launch in big warship towards taiwan. to actually make a occupation happen, you would need to have a whole lot of transport that can move to soldiers on to how want occupied. and that's the part i still need to work on for a few more years before that can be short of
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a success nation. right. so i would just like to bring in another topic involving china now and chinese native keep ability. one that is raising concerns, especially in the u. s. i live this week, china and can border officially began work on the expansion of naval base facing the gulf of thailand and adjacent to the south, tennessee of the us fears that this could provide aging the strategically important when a treat outpost in the region both and beijing have been careful to say it will not to present a threat to legislators into what the chinese ambassador had to say. don't go you angela. this project as a result of mutual respect and equal consultation in line with the laws of both countries and relevant international laws and practices. it is not targeted at any 3rd party and will assist even closer cooperation between the 2 militaries, better fulfillment of international obligations and the provision of international public goods. mr. song you probably had with the chinese ambassador said,
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but he's essentially saying it appears that no one has anything to worry about is that in the short term that will go down well in the region thing with growth in chinese military power, there will naturally be a increasing concern in asia pacific more broadly about what china in can do with the increasing capability. and certainly historically, china was always talk about how you have no intention to viewed military base abroad. we knew that the, their 1st white in your booty in africa and nowadays expanded into sub is asia much closer to home, the china for, for that matter necessarily. i think the regional state will be concerned about if you don't intend to do anything about it, why would you spend resources on acquiring the 1st place? so on that basis of income asian countries are watching very closely at the moment . and it's just a matter of particular concern,
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given that china's militarization of the the island in tennessee. i think so, asking that the major concern the film southeast asian countries, i'm paying attention to the natural that connects to freedom of navigation in se asia as maritime fishery and all those maritime territory claims. the whole concern stuff is asian countries a lot. so that's a factor that i think the regents paying close attention to any remains to be seen what china intend to do with that new access. right. we leave it there for the time being, but always a pleasure. talking to you, wendy, song from the in your college of asia and the pacific. thank you so much for joining us today. thanks for having me. ah, thailand has become the 1st asian country to legalize growing and consumption of
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mattie wanna smoking it remains band though growers will have to register with the government and when offered in food or drink its strength will have to be limited. the aim is to give a boost to the agriculture sector and no one has a problem with that. because i know there's plenty of public interest and a triumphant 1st customer with options resembling a fast food menu. closely scrutinizing the product. wow. oh, and buying some apparel as well to mark the occasion. country me the last time i got here last night after work i showered and took the bus. i knew the shop was still closed, so i waited with some beers and watched the staff getting ready. i wanted to
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witness the beginning of change. what be the hold that i had? no, i got it gallum bottom. but too much change is not what authorities want. it wasn't . the cannabis on sale is low potency, and people are being warned against smoking in public and creating a stink violations can bring fines and even jail and beyond. the head shops, getting lit is not something everyone approves of ah, young lives at law. i think i made my mom and i, i feel like tie people are not fully ready for the legalization because people do not properly understand the use of cannabis when they had me, that's why they need to be educated on how to use kind of it and also the limitations because as we all know, it could cause more harm than benefit. there are also concerns about unwonted drug tourism that bangkok could become an asian amsterdam, others are less worried. i just think that she's got
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a lot more to offer than just paid out to smoke cannabis. other. it's a beautiful, beautiful part of the world. i think it can, it's kind of explained legalized would make me come any more. so for better or worse, thailand's cannabis experiment is open for business and there's higher hopes as well. that's it for today, a bit more from the region on our website delivery dot com forward slash asia as ever you can follow us on facebook and twitter. see you tomorrow the by imagine how many pushes lunch, turn out in the world. climate change, very half the story. this is my plan, the way from just one week. how much work can really get we still have time to go. i'm going on
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with this 175 years ago. the young start up entrepreneur at a specific goal. 1 build the best article instruments in the world with size. indeed, his wish has become a reality. 175 years of excise starts june 19th on w ah, a blockade keeps ukrainian exports locked in while western sanctions keep supplies out of russia. we examine the impact also on the show, india is fresh from raising interest rates as fall out from russia's warm makes
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prices skyrocket. there too. will india stay neutral towards moscow? i mean, it's own economic pain. and the global energy supply crunch has the republic of congo saying it can stuff in to help. this is the adobe of business. i'm janelle de malott on welcome ukrainian president vladimir lansky has warned that blockaded ukraine grain stalks contrib, old by autumn, leading to starvation for millions across the globe. he estimates that number could grow up to 75000000 tons from the current 20 to 25000000 that are blocked. his warning comes after russia said it would allow ukrainian grain exports to leave a by the black sea on wednesday. as roots out for ukraine in grain were being blocked, supply route to russia have also been complicated by western sanctions. here's a look at how that's affecting life inside the con.


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