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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  June 9, 2022 6:45pm-7:00pm CEST

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on russia's war makes prices skyrocket. there too. will india stay neutral towards moscow? i mean its own economic pain. and the global energy supply crunch has the republic of congo, saying it can step into health. this is the adobe of business. i'm janelle dom allow on welcome. ukrainian president vladimir lansky has warned that blockaded ukraine grain stalks contrib, old by autumn, leading to starvation for millions across the globe. he estimates that number could grow up to 75000000 tons from the current 20 to 25000000. that are blocked his warning cons. after russia said it would allow ukrainian grain exports to leave by the black sea on wednesday. as roots out for ukraine in grain remain blocked, supply route to russia have also been complicated by western sanctions. here's a look at how that's affecting life inside the country. this warehouse impudence on
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the outskirts of moscow is full, but western sanctions are having an impact on this gym equipment distributor, and supply chains to russia have been disrupted. everything takes longer and cost more. the company director says that the payment method has also changed wasn't dose cases, but we're now using a chinese payment system to pay directly and you on, on of sick as it has a knock on effect. because the one system is not as good as swift. coca jonas gym when you must look and payments can take up to 8 days is moving to june. shaminy worsening. the situation will likely get worse for gems that rely on high quality american exercise equipment. about 15 percent of russia's fitness clubs are reporting problems. getting spare parts, delivered rushes fitness association, president warrens that if things don't change, jims could lose their customers. by the end of this year. we might just have a chance to do you know what these high quality machines from the us, germany and italy or lion scholar where we could never make anything like that.
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we're not at 10 years. my go to position just to needs. the cinemas are also empty . hollywood movies are no longer being shown. this chain has already closed down 3 theaters chron years, that are still of course, i'm disappointed because the new marvel film is being released lineberger. so we can get around it by watching movies on line. but of course, it's not as good as notional boomers and fewer shoppers are visiting the malls. but given the sanctions hardly any one wants to get involved politically put in system with its police and harsh laws, has too tight grip on the country for that. nothing has changed, i would say that the food supply, he and regalato is partially poorer than in moscow. but if you look at the prices, especially for imported goods, you can see a clear difference compared to the times before the ball. ah, prices have recent substantially for the pot to the drink. but like,
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like i said that the supply situation in general has normalized, especially if compared to march when some of storage awards suddenly empty. ah, this is mainly thanks to this civilization of the rubel, but the sanctions are really halting. russia in all industries that depend on supplies from the west, especially all thinks that that rely on migrants also more than 1000 west and companies have left russia. and today that there was more bad news from for moscow . big chinese companies such as how are why a hallway are pulling out of rush as well, probably out of fear of becoming targets fullest and sanctioned as well. and do it now. you've been covering russia for years and you know, as well that it's been subject to sanction since 2014. how does these sanctions differ from previous ones? while that you sanctions odd, significantly, significantly strong and to bill caused much more damage. i would say at ation experts, for example, i agree that in a few years because of a lack of our parts for best, an aircraft and many plants
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a will no longer be able to fly at the same applies to gym and high speed to trains from siemens, which is around several times a day between moscow in saint petersburg, a lifeline connecting the 2 cities are in the medical industry. components are already missing as well. if you look around trasha, you, you can find to western machines, western technology, and now how everywhere these machines needs to be served, cared for and renewed, and they can probably around for a few years without mandates. but what then then russia might start facing the threat of production closures and lay offs, which would mean more, an employment and a lower standard of living. so it can only get worse perhaps that can the sanction that force vladimir putin to stop this far i think sanctions alone definitely can not force put into and to the war. putin started it for political reasons. he obviously didn't expect this kind of resistance and is now preparing his country and the whole world for a long war. even if the sanctions cause and deterioration and living standards,
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even if people in russia no longer have the same food in their fridge. russia propaganda machine can spin this in favor of their narrative, buckle up your belt, people times are getting tough, but the rest is to blame. what the sanctions can do is make life an uncomfortable for the elite. i may be so uncomfortable that they might even think about rebelling and if they stand up, it could lead to putins downfall. thank you very much, my colleague, you're a shadow there for us. india central bank has height rates for a 2nd time and as many months as aged as a 3rd largest economy rails, from galloping inflation in the wake of the ukraine war. the reserve bank raised its key rate by 50 basis points 2 to 4.9 percent a month after kicking off an aggressive monetary tightening cycle. india bounce back strongly from the pandemic with one of the worlds fastest growth rates. but
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it's now grappling with skyrocketing commodity prices. here is the central banks governor shock to contact das with more on the decision. the war in europe is lingering, and we are facing newer challenges each bossing deep, which is accentuating the existing supply chain disruptions. as a result, food, energy, and commodity prices remain elevated. countries across the world out facing inflation at the girdle, eyes and persistent demand supply imbalances. the water has lit do globalization of inflation. not surprisingly, central banks are reorienting and recalibrating. their monetary policies are correspondent, tara cartucker, joins us now from delhi. charo rushes war is hitting india's economy. india has famously adopted a neutral stance on the war. how are people there receiving india's policy on
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russia given that it is linked to their own lives getting harder? well, you know, there are mixed reactions. you know, the opinion is divided. there are many who feel that india should have taken a model stand and called out russia for its aggression. but then there are many others who feel that in as doing the right thing by condemning the war. calling for an end to all violence, and yet not jeopardizing india's own dies with russia, you know, in yellow, shot days of a lot of context. there is a lot of history, and there is a lot of future as well. so there are many who feel that in years doing the right thing. in fact, there are some supporters of the ruling party b j. b, who have become admirers of a russian president vladimir booth and for, for reasons of nationalistic pride. janelle, now india of course, has a double down on, in parts of russian oil. what's that doing for the economy?
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well, you know, even though our inflation numbers are rising and our high prices of most commodities are hurting the average indian consumer things appear to be cooling down on the fuel front. because till about 2 weeks ago. and because of the crisis in the international markets, the government was saying that we owe the prices need to go up and oil marketing companies. we're increasing the price of petrol and other products, the patrol based product every day. but that hasn't happened for the last 2 weeks now. so it is believed that the, the, the russian oil that in companies are buying that appears to have given them a room to allow the prices to cool down. and they're hoping that in sometime from now, it will have some impact on the supply chain and on the prices of other essential goods as well charge card to car in delhi, there for us. now,
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as the effects of high energy costs spread around the world gas producing countries cents an opportunity among them, the republic of congo, dw adria increased reports lying off the coast, the republic of congo oil and natural gas reserves for a long time. the natural gas was simply burned off or flat, but now at this power plant, it's used to generate 70 percent of the country's energy needs. the minister in charge of oil and gas hopes to stop exports of liquified gas in the future. he says the gas crisis in europe could be an opportunity for his country. he's m a. c company. don't gather if big gas producers like rush hour countries in the middle east are in difficulty. what of the alternative? katara is already producing at maximum capacity. norway doesn't have a big production margin. japan is too far away. america has its own markets. so maybe the solution could come from africa, show up all they want visit as you need the setup of for mercy. don't
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particular region 100. i think autocratic presidents, dennis, as soon gift has not yet taken a position on the rushes war and ukraine. the african nation has maintained friendly relations with russia for decades. it was a sister state of the soviet union during the cold war. thousands of congo lisa studied in russia in recent years like ocala. util national air to refill entirely upon the lawn. player 11. you also see do deliveries shown to be the russian culture and influences increasing. there are many opportunities for students, and it's very easy to go to study in russia. you just have to register and then go . that's why students here are learning the language to seek effect walking, teaching johnson, the rest meant to know from the sit long while some focus on the positives. others struggled with the idea of studying in the country at war. as you probably going to
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a jump on my trip will start very soon and i'm super excited to study architecture there. i will see new things. life is good there and there more opportunities. water needed effective margaret on the war currently ongoing. it's not a good time to go there for now. i don't really feel like going, but in a long run i still want to go to see him on the object decision progression. beckett wanted was the center of the nations. are the industry people clearly hope to benefit from rising demands and higher prices for fossil fuels and the sick dog doesn't have a phone call it the expertise the gas sector has not been exploited enough. they are reserved, we should expire them a bit more. and there is liquefied natural gas project already plant the amendment pores you to do guys want to get the water in it. nearby land has already been reserved for the projects, but it will likely take some years for the republic of congo to export liquefied natural gas to europe. other african countries such as a jury at denise m,
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was m. beacon don goler already further along in this process and have much larger reserves. and that's a show for more checkout d, w dot com slash business, and the d. w. news. youtube channel are also on facebook for me and the business team here in berlin. thanks for watching. ah, ah, with ah!
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is the end of the pandemic in site? we show what it could look like. return in the normal. and we visit those who are finding it difficult. with success in our weekly coven, 19 special. in 30 minutes on d. w. a welcome to the dark side where everyone has their own truth. when you have that sort of inability to agree on basic docs, i think that you face a future with a country that is bearing a struggle for truth in 75 minutes on d w a
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ah this is it? are we news live from berlin? not giving up ukrainian troops say they're fighting for every house. every street, despite facing intense rush and shelling in severity next, ukraine's leaders as the outcome of this battle could determine the fate of the entire dom bass region.


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