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true science into new realms. ah, the rise of a global company, $175.00 ice stores june 19th on d w. ah ah, this is dw, use live from berlin, a pro russian court sentences 3 foreign fighters to day for fighting for you crime . the waste calls the proceedings a shaft and a violation of the rules of war. russia back to authorities in the don vast regions
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bank with mercenaries acting for keith. also coming up a prime time warning about the fragility of us democracy. january 6th was the culmination of an attempted coup. the special committee investigating the attack on the us capital presents its findings including previously in vinegar of the violets . the lawmakers warned that us democracy remains at risk. and thailand gives the green light to growers and consumers of marijuana in a country knowing for its strict anti drug laws. many say it's high time for change . ah, i'm jarrett rage, thank you for your company. western countries have condemned. the death sentence is given to 3 foreign fighters by a pro ration court. now. the court in the self proclaimed on that's people's
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republic, accused the group of being mercenaries for keith. the men to britons, animal rockin, are the 1st foreign fighters to be tried by ukraine's russian backed rebels. meanwhile, president zalinski says he's countries forces are holding off russian troops near the se, in city of operation and making gains leacock eve, but in severe donetta. troops are fighting straight to street. as russia pushes hard to take control of that key city. surveyor done yet is being pounded into rubble. the ukranian governor of the surrounding new. hence, grecian says, it's defenders will be forced back if the russian bombardment continues up to your showed the small ah, if the artillery shall he stays as intense as it is now. the time will come when their positions will simply entirely destroyed out of food which us there'll be no place for the soldiers to hide. who should be foreigners,
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mamma then they will most likely have to move to new positions when you move, vp non moody police. those new positions could well end up being here in this a chance. but severe done yet because twin city has also come under relentless shelling. ukrainian authorities say they been trying to evacuate residence, but thousands of them are either unwilling or unable to flee. persona just 30 kilometers to the south, provide some signs of what may await them. footage from russian state media shows the town which fell to russian troops last month after fierce fighting, lying in ruins. in a sign pro, russian forces a tightening their grip on the region. cleanup has begun in parts of the don bass under that control. with a clear message sent ukrainian fighters on thursday. a separatist caught in the region sentence 3 captured foreign fighters to death. the 2 britons and one
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moroccan were convicted of being mercenaries after a trial that lasted just 3 days. the u. k has slammed the ruling as a sham saying the geneva convention prohibits the prosecution of prisoners of war. but with russia opening over a 1000 investigations into other captured soldiers, they're unlikely to be the last to face trial or even death. well dw correspondent yon phillips shots is in keith earlier i spoke to him about the sentencing of these 3 foreign fighters. but 1st we talked about the latest on the fighting in the don bass region. battles over the key cities of silverado, nets and blizzard chance her continue and bay continue with all fours and even with her renewed st. battles. ukrainian authorities say they still controlled parts of those cities, especially also parts of seville, bennett's and everything else. all the reports by the russian side that they've taken over submitted on that's pure, a propaganda. but the soldiers,
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the ukrainian soldiers also stressed that they are desperately waiting for the delivery of lung arranged weapons and other artillery. the humanitarian situation in the better the method is increasingly difficult. so one very important rich anita needed for the delivery of humanitarian goods has come under fire. and we should also not forget that even though we focus a lot on the don bus region at the moment. so there's also fighting taking place in other parts of ukraine. the ukrainian military talked about some military success, but also a lot of kill 2 civilians in the regions more towards the center of the country and especially also in the north eastern parts in the area around how to key. now, phyllis, russian rebels in the dumbass region have sent in some foreign side as the days.
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what's been the reaction to be where you are? all the people we have talked to officials and ordinary citizens on the street. they condemn a sentence and they speak about a pure show trial ukrainians. officials stress that this sentence as of absolutely no legal significance because only ukrainian courts can take decisions on ukrainian territory. and ukraine also says those fighters are part of the ukrainian military. and as such, they deserve the treatment or treatment according to international conventions. regarding the treatment of prisoners of war, the ukrainian government stresses they do everything that is possible to make sure
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that those prisoners can be released. now, john phillip ukrainian, president lensky did invite foreigners to come and fight when the war started. do we know how significant of a role they're playing and how many there are? it's difficult to say because there's very little official information about it, but i would say they are quite so significant. they're even reports that they a play a role in the current fighting and so that old on next. i think it's difficult to generalize their importance because there are many different types of fighters. there are a lot of highly trained a soldiers, but they're also some not so well, it's rain so adventurous or at least in the beginning there were some not so well trained, adventurous, but a lot of them were not accepted and they had to leave the country so at the moments that probably a few of thousands of foreign fighters in the ukrainian military,
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that's our correspondent in key of yon phillips shelves. john phillip, thank you. ok, let's get a round up. now of some of the other headlines making use to day striking a truck is in south korea have disrupted shipments unblocked ports in the southeast . as the work action inches, it's full day pretest is, are demanding higher wages in the face of rising fuel costs. the strike has led to address the cut in production at, among other places. he and di, merges biggest factory heavy storms and land slides in central china. have left at least 17 people did. flooding across the central province of hunan has effected around 1800000 people. as the region grapples with historic levels of rain, full rescue teams are continuing to search for survivors. police in pakistan are investigating the sudden death of prominent tell, evangelist and politician are merely a client who's saying the controversial tv host was found unconscious at his home
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in karachi, on thursday, he was taken to hospital, but was pronounced dead on arrival. us president joe biden and his brazilian count about jaya bolton, our have agreed to work together to prevent further destruction of the amazon rainforest. the 2 leaders held talks at the summit of the americas taking place in los angeles, addressing the delegates, president by then said leaders of democracies needed to work together through should civil society. and at least 3 people have been killed after shooting in the u. s. state of maryland police side, the suspect opened fire at a manufacturing facility before fleeing. the scene incident comes as us low make is consider new don safety measures in the wake of recent mess. shootings in washington, the congressional committee investigating last year's january. the 6th attack on the u. s. capital has accused former president donald trump of trying to derail
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democracy. it was presenting its findings after a year of collecting evidence. the chairman of the panel explained that the attack on the capital was not just a protest dot that got out of hand, but an orchestrated attempt to prevent the transition of power to incoming president joe biden. ah, grim footage of violence and kills that in god. the u. s. capital. some of it never before seen. these were among a mass of evidence presented by the us. how select comedy investigating the january 6 a back in its very 1st public hearing that president trump's call to george january 6, was the culmination of an attempted cou. a brazen attempt as one right to put it shortly after january 6 to overthrow the government. the violence was no accident, it represent thin it prompts laughs fan,
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most desperate chance to haul the transfer of power, the vice for the hearing presented account of some of the top officials in the trump white house. i told the president no uncertain terms of had i did not she evidence of fraud and that would have affected the outcome of the election. and frankly, a year and a half later, i haven't seen anything to, to change my mind on that active about the former president's daughter, an aide also testified about the fraud claims. i respect attorney general bar. so i accepted what he sent was sent to share the capitol police officer, caroline edwards, one of the 2 in bosom witnesses noted, recounted her harrowing memories from that day is swear and affirm on the penalty of perjury. i couldn't believe my eyes. there were officers on the ground.
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ah, you know, they were bleeding, they were throwing up. they were, you know, they had, i mean, i saw friends with blood all over their faces. i was slipping in people's blood. more deals are expected to emerge in the following sessions. let's go now to thailand, which has become the 1st country in asia to legalize the growing and possession of marijuana. although smoking it in public is still banned. grow as we'll have to register with the government, and when marijuana is offered in food or drink, its strength will have to be limited. oh, there's plenty of public interest. and a triumphant 1st customer with options resembling, of fast food menu,
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closely scrutinizing the product. wow. oh, and buying some apparel as well to mark the occasion. countries me the last time i got here last night. after work i showered and took the bus. i knew the shop was still closed, so i waited with some beers and watched the staff getting ready. i wanted to witness the beginning of change will be the whole day. i'm glad. now i got in gallup on but too much change is not what authorities want. the cannabis on sale is low potency, and people are being warned against smoking in public and creating a stink violations can bring fines and even jail and beyond. the head shops, getting lit is not something everyone approves of. ah, young lives at law. i think am me my mom and i feel like tie people are not fully ready for the legalization because people do not properly understand the use of
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cannabis. because i why they need to be educated on how to use canopies that have been and also the limitations. because as we all know, it could cause more harm than benefit. there are also concerns about unwonted drug tourism that bangkok could become an asian amsterdam. others are less worried. i just think that she's got a lot more to offer than just made out to smoke. cannabis mother is a beautiful, beautiful part of the world. and so i don't think hannah's kind of his be legalized would make me come any more. so for better or worse, thailand's cannabis experiment is open for business. before we go, he is a quick look at our top stories. the sour ukraine and western allies have denounced a pro ration caught in the don bass full sentencing, 3 foreign fighters to death. they cite the trial of the 2 britons on one moroccan
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was a sham and vile lights, the rules of war. and the committee investigating the january 6th attack on the us capital has begun presenting its findings in a televised hearing the committee chase to the full my president. donald trump was at the center of an attempted coo and that u. s. democracy remains at risk. the committee also shared you videos of the violence d w documentary, film series doc film is off next, feel guile will be here in 45 minutes with the headlines. i'm showered great. thanks for watching. have a great day. ah . it is a secret war. the scene endless one absence of the conflict between iran on the one hand and israel in the united states on the other.


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