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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 11, 2022 5:00am-5:14am CEST

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w ah, ah ah, this is data we news, lying from berlin. nothing but ruins were happy. people once lived ukraine's president volota mere zalinski says russia aims to wipe out every city in the eastern dawn. vast region and says more artillery is needed to match russia's superior firepower. civilians are evacuated on a special train. also coming a taste of freedom. thousands of russians fleeing of prussia and are making neighboring georgia their new home. some say they don't think they'll ever go back
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. plus the green line for a controversial plan. britain's high court give that's backing to the government scheme to deport asylum seekers from u. k. shores to rwanda and a bid to deter illegal entry. ah, i'm nicole foolish. welcome to the program ukraine's president volota mirrors. the lensky says russia is trying to destroy every city and the eastern dumbass region. rushes, fire power in ukraine's industrial heartland is estimated to be at least 10 times greater than ukraine's and the lens. he believes his troops won't be able to hold back. boots force is much longer without an increase supply of western weapons. as battles read on some $300.00, the billions from the don best were taken the safer parts of country on
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a special evacuation train. with a smile to break the tension, the civilians had done ads are fleeing. as the shelling draws closer. war is a reality. many people here know too well. bumper to lucy shit. they started shelling it and then it intensified. oh was moody. we have been in the war for 8 years already. we live on the front line. now, all the kids are worried all the time. it was cancelled. they're free to sleep at night in so we decided to take them out of here right away from the shelling early ups. the key cities and don bass are under steady attack as ukrainian and russian forces fight for every street in his nightly address. ukraine's president stressed just how crucial these battles are for ukraine's future. weekly shifted art battles continue, some needs precisely now in these very hard battles,
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that it is decided when the after will comic robot it is decided on which particular defense lines will permanently derailed. the occupiers plans and every one has to remind societies. now the countries of these ongoing battles are and of the support that is required. now he'd missouri. zalinski said their success depends on weapons deliveries from the west. quay estimates that russia has between 10 to 15 times as much artillery equipment. shells are being rationed by soldiers on the front lines. as ukraine waits for more weapons. o top aim to president lensky says that ukraine's lack of weapons parity is costing the country up to $200.00 soldiers a day. that's almost double the official figure from just a week ago earlier. our ukraine correspondent nick connelly told us what has changed since i think the main difference here is that russia has focused all its
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efforts on very specific, very targeted parts of the front lines. they've learned from the mistakes of the early days of this war where they spread themselves too thinly and allowed the ukrainians to really attack their logistics. and now they're massive or superiority in terms of just weapon systems. you know, those figures 10 times more, 15 times more in certain weapons categories than the ukrainians is really making itself felt. obviously, ukraine's have been a lot more efficient in the way they use. what they do have their look better at using drones about coordinating the intelligence they get from drones and of the, from the us and other western buttons with the people on the ground. but still that more agile style of warfare is not enough to make up for that huge discrepancy in terms of munitions and the weapons to use them. or we've been hearing from you saying come on to say they actually have maybe the weapon systems, but they don't, we have the munitions left to work them. basically, ukraine's supplies of soviet era shells are now used up and everything they're going to be using in the weeks to come is delivered from the west. so their success
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is gonna depend on the speed of that western ammunition and western equipment. arriving him, i was steadily correspond, and ne conley with his assessment from southern ukraine. let's now take a look at some other developments in the war. the mayor of mario full has warned of a major cholera outbreak in the southern ukrainian city. he said that with much of the infrastructure damaged or destroyed, people were forced to drink contaminated water. russian troops took control of mario ball last month after weeks of bombardment, which left the city in ruin. the united nations has expressed concern after a pro russian court, an eastern ukraine sentenced 3 foreign fighters to death. the court accused the men to britons and american of been mercenaries, and therefore not entitled to the standards of prisoners of war. the west has condemned the trial as a sham and german chancellor,
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olaf sean says visited belgrade as part of his to day to were of the balkan. he called on serbia to follow e u countries and imposing sanctions on russia. earlier sholtes visited kosovo whose independence serbia refuses to recognize. both countries are trying to join the european union. after weeks of growing concern over a looming global food, chrysler despite hunger around the world and ensure the ukraine can themselves sufficient to heal through them, the war has to end with his own resolution. crazy. that's why we have to support ukraine. greek was as german agriculture minister. jim, it's tim, you're talking to di de leon is earlier to georgia. now a relatively small country between russia and turkey. that over the past months has become a haven for russians who oppose the war in ukraine. tens of thousands have fled to the neighboring country where they can stay visa, free for up to a year, did only
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a correspondent, uri ra shadow, went to the capital to lucy, to meet russian exiles who found more freedoms there than at home. ah, the wont can drink and blue and yellow is a national colors of ukraine is given to every visitor to this bar in billy's, his old town was not one of your books. most guests here are russian citizens who fled to their homeland. in the last few months, roman stitch and his girlfriend thrust his lava came from moscow. they are enjoying their evening in exile, listening to russian. stand up, comedians, tell jokes about vladimir putin. i miss rush. this ought to says, it's my home, but i can't go there any more because of one person. it's like i was invited to a cool party, but my ex is going to all my friends are there and i can't go because one idiot. oh, my god, clicker from an on the political jokes are very popular because all of us who are here didn't just come to georgia us tourists. but for political reasons,
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sometimes what i see from the in russia, you can hardly joke about the presidential key or political but his jumper. after the invasion of ukraine, tens of thousands of russians came to georgia. traditionally, a popular tourist destination. he has, if you'll save back home, they could be punished for, criticizing the war leading in freedom. and independence is what attracts many young russians to neighboring georgia. if they came on a one way ticket without the return date. and they have no idea how long they will stay here. romance dish openly condemned to the gore on social media. in addition to the 23 year old id specialist, many works for customers abroad. when russia was thrown out of the international money transfer system, swift under western sanctions, he felt he couldn't hold on a conduct business in moscow. can any ship a chin at the pasta? no, of course economic reasons were decisive for me. i employ 80 people,
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i thought of them 1st started when we shuttle the boat, which means to lu. nope, there are also political reasons which i don't want to pay taxes in a militaristic, russia, nor do i want to be associated with that country any more. i don't want anything to do with it in the future either just for young. i'm at 20 now to thought so roman still owes his new beginning to georgia. he sees his future here and the future of thousands of other decent rations as he calls his compatriots, who are openly opposed to the war. but with that, i'm where i live. oh, or to north more we were deprived of many opportunities, many perspectives bottom in our sister. each to my sister's 14. i don't want her to tie her future to russia. yeah, we have cushion on you. what else that were your militia were mercy. like all russian citizens, romans, dish can live in georgia for a year without a visa. he doesn't know what he'll do after that. in any case,
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he has turned his back on his home country for ever on. so i'm going to round up some of the other headlines making news around the world today. north korean leader kim jong own says he wants to further boost his country's military power and defense research. speaking at a party conference, kim defended his accelerating weapons development as a rightful exercise of self defense. he also appointed his key nuclear negotiator as the country's new foreign minister. brazilian police have found human remains and their search for a british journalist and an additional official. the pair went missing on a reporting trip in the remote amazon green forest indigenous groups. they both men had received threats for their work in the region exploited by illegal fishing mining and drug trafficking. us presidential by men, leaders from the western hemisphere have unveiled
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a new migration plan on the closing day of the america summit, the so called los angeles declaration will create incentives for countries taking in migrants in refugees in the region. more than 20 nations are joining the accord the british government has one legal backing for its controversial plan to deport international asylum seekers from u. k. territory to the east african nation of rwanda. some 6000 kilometers away in return for taking britain's unwanted migraines. rwanda is to receive economic aid. the idea behind the deal is to discourage would be asylum seekers from trying to cross into britain illegally. but human rights campaigners are promising their fight against the plan is not yet over. the british high court ruling gives the green light for the removal of asylum seekers from the u. k. the threat had been looming for some time, but the decision still had many migrants,
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hard to start really understanding for the record to us how's his air moodle policy? we got refugees were spoken to more than a 100. you've been given these notices that say they're going to be forcibly removed from the country. the court's decision means the 1st flights to rwanda could get underway in the coming days. the u. k. signed an agreement with the east african nation in april this year. the controversial deal cause for asylum seekers who arrive in the u. k. a. the restore rise or on boats being center a wander and not allowed to return. their kigali will take full responsibility for the migrants and their asylum applications. in exchange for economic aid. the british government argues the program is intended to undermine people smuggling networks and dissuade people from trying to cross the english channel. it says more than $10000.00 people have made the dangerous crossing so far this year. but
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campaign is say, the plan also puts migrants in danger and suggests the government is trying to dodge its international obligations. we don't believe that anyone shipping punished for claiming asylum, he case a secretary threat he convention, and we have of the the right to claim aside in the human right. but the court's decision is not necessarily final. the rolling left the door open for a last minute appeal. something campaign is say, that will launch on monday. and some football news before we go, ecuador will play in guitar at the 2022 world cup fever has dismissed chillies. claims at ecuador fielded and ineligible player in the qualifiers. ecuador defeated chile in their 1st encounter. last year, the teams drew and the 2nd ecuador finished forth in the south american table, which automatically qualified them for guitar. jealous football federation plans to appeal the decision with the court of arbitration for sports
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