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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 11, 2022 9:00am-9:16am CEST

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take world who's behind the benefits and why are they a threat to whistle open equals this week on d w a ah, ah ah, this is g w, news ally from berlin. ukraine calls on its allies to deliver more weapons, ukraine's president of a lot of ms. lewinsky says russia aims to wipe out every city in the eastern dumbass region to defend the country along the front lines in the east and south. he says more artillery is needed to match russia, superior firepower. but there is
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a lack of unity in the european union on how best to proceed. some want to increase the supply of weapons, while others shape ukraine and russia should return to the negotiating table as quickly as possible, plus greenlight for a controversial plant. britain's high court gives its backing to the government scheme to deport asylum seekers from u. k. shortage to rwanda. in a bid to deter illegal entries. ah and a warm welcome. 12 years round the world. i'm michael. ok. ukraine's president villamor zalinski says russia is trying to destroy every city in the eastern dumbass region . rushes fire power in ukraine's industrial heartland is estimated to be at least 10 times greater than you. and zalinski says his troops won't be able to hold back
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hooton's forces much longer without an increased supply of western weapons. as battles re, john some $300.00 civilians from dumb boss were taken to safer ports of the country on a special evacuation train. as smiled to break the tension, the civilians had done ads are fleeing as the shelling just closer. war is a reality. many people here now too well. bumper to lucy shit. they started shelling it and then it intensified. oh was moody. we have been in the war for 8 years already. we live on the front line. now the only thing the kids are worried all the time. it's cancel. they are free to sleep at night. but in, so we decided to take them out of here, away from the shelley, early up still. key cities and don bass are under steady attack as ukrainian and russian forces fight for every street in his nightly address. ukraine's
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president stressed just how crucial these battles are for ukraine's future weekly shifted white battles, continue some aids precisely now in these very hard battles, that it is decided when the after volcanic robot, it is decided on which particular defense lines will permanently derailed. the occupiers plans and every one has to remind societies. now the countries of these ongoing battles are and of the support that is required. now he'd missouri. zalinski said their success depends on weapons deliveries from the west. quay estimates that russia has between 10 to 15 times as much artillery equipment. shells are being rationed by soldiers on the front lines. as ukraine waits for more weapons. dw xian, philip shortage monitoring the war from ukraine's capital. keith. i asked him about the way is development along the front lines, fears better,
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continue and the done by region, especially in the area around to support each i where it all to. so better than that, square rush are really throws in all its fire power. observe. i say russia is making slow but steady gains there, but there's also new intense fighting on more centrally located and more southern front lines at the moment, especially in support. each are and, and in caps on, but also in the region at own serrano macola. if so, a 10 settles at the moment on many front lines. and another interesting development is that russians seem to try to take over more and more governmental structures in the occupied territories. obviously, increasingly trying to install their own structures, their reminders again,
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why russia is military capacity, dwarves, ukraine's even though ukraine's western allies have repeatedly promised times in support. yes, ukraine sir, called sir, regarding the delivery of more weapons from the west as really growing more and more desperate every day. the governor in the nikolai regions said that they are simply running out of ammunition, but it's not only a problem of the emission, of course, it's also a problem of more heavy weapons and more modern artillery. everybody expected that sir, the process of those for deliveries of more weapons, which takes weeks. it's a difficult process logistically and regarding the training for those so weapon systems. but it seems as if the ukraine, ukrainians are really slowly losing their understanding why it's taking so long.
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it's a d. w. correspond at yon phillips shots in keep many thanks young a look now to mother development in the war. the mayor of marie opal has warned of a major color outbreak in the southern ukrainian city. he said that with much of the infrastructure damaged or destroyed, people were forced to drink contaminated water. russian troops took control of my uncle last month after weeks of bombardment, which left the city in ruins. the united nations has expressed concerned after a pro russian court in eastern ukraine sentence 3 foreign fighters to death. the court accused the men to britain, jenna moroccan of being mercenaries, and therefore not entitled to the status of prisoners of war. the west has condemned the trial as a sham german health minister call lauterbach has promised more medical help for injured war victims in ukraine. on a visit to levine in the west of the country, the health minister said germany would build centers for the wounded donate with
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static limbs and send german doctors to the country. unity in the face of aggression, a sentiment e. u. member states stretched over and over again when russian troops 1st invaded ukraine. but that unity develop cracks when it came to the specifics. how to punish putin how best to support ukraine now over a 100 days in the war, the positions keep drifting apart. as christine meanwhile, reports russia's new stated objective of taking control of ukraine's industrial. hot land is now within its reach. in the basil for the east and done baths, region, russia's armed forces are gaining ground. some of ukraine's best fighters are here, but for all they tactical skill and morale, they're simply out gun. away from the theatre of the war. some
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observers say the tide could turn in ukraine's favor if the west delivers heavy weapons to ukraine quickly. but those cause are increasingly being met with both willingness and resistance among ukraine's allies. the e. u is split into camps with some calling for more weapons for ukraine, and others wanting an immediate end to the fighting. grain must win this war. whooping must loose. that is the main message we have to send. and that's why now it's important to send all possible weapons to the ukraine or friends. we have to focus our efforts under plumber soon bring those warring parties back to the negotiating table. and i don't see our weapons are helped to contribute to this objective. but one prominent diplomat all use, it's not yet time for talks meaningful peers. negotiations will only be possible once both parties and i insist on both parties who crane and russia come to the
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conclusion that they can no longer make meaningful advances on the battlefield. right? are we at this moment now? no, we aren't. oh obviously russia believes that they can still make meaningful. ready further advances in the dorm buzz region. obviously, grain is absolutely determined not to let that happen. ukraine has vowed to fight russia to the last inch over its sovereignty. but its been suggested that when the negotiations do come about keith would ultimately have to see territory. beyond the land been fought over now, there are questions about crimea, the peninsula, russia annexed from ukraine in 2014. given the fact that, that russia considers that now for since 2014, a part of russian territory. that would mean that we would be looking at the war,
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not in her grade by the war in russian territory. and though if you have a bore on russia territory, russia could claim that existential issues are at stake. and we should do whatever we can to make sure that we're grained, can re conquer the territories. last since the 24th of february, as a minimal bringing warring parties to peace, is a complex process that can take a very long time. it is clear that over time the unity and resolve in europe and among western allies will continue to deteriorate. it's got a round up now of some of the other stories making headlines at this hour. north korean leader kim john own says he wants to further boost his country's military power. and defense research. speaking at a party conference came, defended his accelerating weapons development as
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a rightful exercise of self defense. he also appointed his key nuclear negotiator as the country's new foreign minister. often battenberg, brazilian police have found possible human remains in their search for a british journalist and an indigenous official. the pair went missing on a reporting trip in the remote amazon rain fours indigenous group. se both men had received threats for their work in the region which has been exploited by illegal fishing mining and drug trafficking. thought police in iran say they've arrested a gang of bank robbers. they're accused of stealing hundreds of safety deposit boxes. the thieves cut into a vault from a neighboring building and took off with jewelry, gold and cash. my brother to handle us president joe biden, and leaders from the western hemisphere have unveiled a new migration plan on the closing day of the americas summer. the so called los angeles declaration will create incentives for countries taking in migrants and
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refugees in the region. more than 20 nations or joining the accord the british government has one legal backing for its controversial plan to deport international asylum seekers from you. k territory to the east african nation of rwanda. some 6000 kilometers away. in return for taking britain's unwanted migrants who were wanda is to receive economic aid. the idea behind the deal is to discourage would be asylum seekers from trying to cross into britain illegally. but human rights campaigners are promising their fight against the plan is not yet over . the british high court ruling gives the green light for the removal of asylum seekers from the u. k. the threat had been looming for some time, but the decision still had many migrants. hard. this done some studying for the rec
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center. this is a beautiful policy. i. we got refugees and spoken to more than a 100 human, given these notices that say they go to forcibly remove from the country. the court's decision means the 1st flights to rwanda could get underway. in the coming days. the u. k. signed an agreement with the east african nation in april this year . the controversial deal cause for asylum seekers who arrive in the u. k. a, the restore rise or on boats being sent to a wander and not allowed to return. their kigali will take full responsibility for the migrants and their asylum applications. in exchange for economic aid. the british government argues the program is intended to undermine people smuggling networks and dissuade people from trying to cross the english channel. it says more than $10000.00 people have made the dangerous crossing so far this year. but campaign is say, the plan also puts migrants in danger and suggests the government is trying to
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dodge its international obligations. we don't believe any one should be being punished for claiming asylum. he guys a secretary ref he convention. we have the, the right to claim assault him as a human right. but the court's decision is not necessarily final. the rolling left the door open for a last minute appeal, something campaign and say that will launch on monday and report to by the french government concludes that the chaos at the champions league final in paris back in may, cause quote, severe damage to france's international image kick off was delayed, after thousands of supporters were locked out and then tear gas by police ticket. las liverpool fans had been blamed for the by authorities. but the government report says that the scenes were down to failures by those in charge, and that they cashed out on frances ability to host future sporting events, such as the rugby world cup,
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coming up in 2023. before we go, here's a quick look at our top story at their shower. ukraine has called on its supporters to deliver more weapons. president val automate. zalinski says russia wants to wipe out every city in the eastern dom boss region and says more artillery is needed to match russia. superior firepower, that's all for now, but stay with us. sports life is next. we're the profile of transgender racing driver. charlie martin, a micheal oak of more news and 45 minutes. imagine so many portions of love us her now live world climate change. very often story. this is my plan, the way from just one week. how much was going to really get we still how.


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