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tv   Check-in  Deutsche Welle  June 11, 2022 9:30am-9:59am CEST

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ah, it's something green again, deep underground. a powder keg. in 45 minutes on d w. a. she's got any issues or thoughts they will grade you. ah . ah, ah ah . oh, what's happening here?
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oh, i, i'm in the very today in obama gulf. actually a small and dreamy place, but this year it's a tourist hotspot. people from all over the world come here to see the famous passion play, and it's only performed every 10 years. so not exaggerating, when i say that this is something very special. in this episode, you learn everything about the oba miguel passion plate, a world hit from the barrier. we also visit the beautiful linda palace very close by tant a sight of this year's g 7 summit. just a moment, a luxury hotel in the middle of the aisle obama
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go is about an hour's drive. south of munich, indiana got alps. it's in a dealing place. very calm, but not this summer. what is going on here? so many coaches this one's from hungary. italy is ones from norway, from switzerland, austria check republic from germany. visitors from all over the world. come to obama, go for a play that is only performed every 10 years because of the pandemic. it's now been 12 years. there are no actual actors on the stage. instead, it's the people of obama gal themselves. did you see that many men have long hair at beards? this is mandatory for every one who takes part in the play. when
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was your last time at the hairdresser, fla? christmas? 2020 unsuccessfully. or is your role in the play years human being and rather of jesus? 3 years ago, 2 years ago, i saved money because i haven't cut my hair for ages or i trimmed it 3 years ago with visual on the role here. i don't, the temple guard been preached a me who play a high priest to condense. jesus people had a nice was done, but we're head. it's been, i know i'm one of the 2 people playing jesus and reservation. so there are 2 jesus that we double up on the main roles to jesus is to mary's too conscious pilot. can i take a selfie with jesus, or anyone who was born in obama, go for his lift here for 20 years. can take part in the passion play, including donkey for 400 years, the people of obama go have been bringing the life and suffering of keith to the
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stage. it's a gigantic amateur plate, half the village joins in. we're not talking about 10 or 20 people here. there are around 2000 people participating. it's a big show and i really have to see that luckily i have a ticket. so let's go in. we just have to follow the crowd. by the way, the performance less, more than 5 hours, but there is a long intermission in between. i'm really excited. the so called fish house with specially built for the passionately 4500 people fit in the auditorium. on the stage there is room for $600.00 performers and then it starts. ah, the people flocked to the temple in jerusalem. you don't have to be a christian to be drawn into the story. jesus also arrived at the temple. do you
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recognize him? that's the guy i took a selfie with the gun. it's just got this house. what i said must nuts. ah, it alternates between acting and singing. only people from obama go sing in the choir. he now 30 mine as thou. yeah. yeah. not that bad. the passion of the participants is very impressive. oh, he's okay. yeah. did he say i have to keep reminding myself that these are amateurs on stage here, not a trained actors on phone. there are books and various languages for non german speakers to read along and follow what's happening.
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ah. but the most emotional moment, it's certainly the crucifixion scene that has this toy plot. but get a lot of what you think of the passion play when they don't, we are more really beautiful. it felt real that we went to a lateral anamosa, the link between the old and new testaments and music, the acting, the sas. alamos. see, it was, oh, great is i know enough yet, though. it's just incredible actors. the, the music is outstanding. it's just, it's very emotional, i love it. and what was the most special part of it? what do you think when jesus washed his apostles, feet moving? absolutely amazing. it takes
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a couple of hours. do you think it's too long from time to time or it was all right? no, not at all. time went rather quickly cuz you were so engaged in a moment. you understood the story and they just moved it along. was it was incredible, was very passionate casual play. what dedication hills pheasant. i asked us. it's our 1st time here. and the 3rd time for our friends and presented, we were really moved. we shed a tear or 2 and got goosebumps many times. silicon incredible, this booklet on globally visitors flocked to buses, hotels, and restaurants. meanwhile, i'm meeting in the theaters dressing room with one of the actors vita halts with one of these indent while you were born obama golf. how many passion place has it been for you? these 7 went deeps doesn't up. is there a dream role? do the little boys in obama? i will say i want to be jesus one day line rather is does no no,
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i'm totally happy plane, joseph of aero messiah. i played him in 2010 already. it's a wonderful role into the cons to literally yeah, it's like a different to biblical figures with nicodemus and joseph of aramis fear were advocates of jesus among the high council jesus or the camps. how did the passion play actually come about in us? thank is lost. i say to the pin that i think might be pissed. in 1634, there was the plague and the 30 year war helped people vowed that if god spared them from the plague, then every 10 years they performed the passion of christ instead of of yeah. so you keep a promise every 10 years and forever. because now, so far since 1634 the how did that develop? it is quite a big show, isn't it? no, no, in season. it's thomas cookies. the 90 the tour operator thomas cook was here with me tonight. he was actually a priest one. so he came with
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a group of the 1st foreign guest at that time. thomas cook said, if you build a roof over where the audience sits and bring you even more people. so that's what they did with. the theater is still the one from 190-0100 the international audience has grown and grown. and so i still implanted it would. it's movie. and, and what about the beard and hair? is that something you like or dislike with? and for any boys and girls up can is the to, this is the students issue. it comes with the territory. it's nice if it's something you wouldn't normally do. but for us, an over um ago, part of the tradition is letting our hair grow out. once every 10 years, i think it may look a little weird, but there's something special about it. give them half a 1000000 people visit over my golf for the passion play. they come from the united
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states, south america, scandinavia, germany and many other countries. and they all stroll through this small town. sure, it's remind me of bands when they were on tour. and here are all the tour date. you'll definitely notice these colorful p paintings from the house facades. they're called lifted painting. and you can find them everywhere in southern germany. take a look at that. my name's also taken from the bible. one eye catching sight is the hotel i had to post, which has been there since $1612.00. it's even older than the passionate place. and the bus at the hotel, anton piling up, also takes part in the performance,
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somebody's fume if you take part in the play. so why don't you have a beard where it's the long hair? the other ones will think that i didn't see a big yet here in the romans and the passion play are very coveted roles because the romans were occupiers, soldiers, they shaved and had short hair with the audio and helped them also, especially among younger men and ober i'm ago, it's desirable to be one of the romans in the bathing. i'm lucky. not many people over 50 like me get to play a roman. but you me over 50 and play the roman governor. punch a pilot. the pilot is a villain. what is it like to play such a role to do, to move out of his control and it's quite nice. it's often more of an acting challenge to play a bad guy than it is to play the good guys or more dole characters until they love a living. 15 years old for not though current,
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if you wooden painted to dynamic. got on top of that. yeah. and these are on the hill, these and my mind, the euro hotel, you're in normal lives on, so not pilot at all. well, i have to make this is how you manage working in the hotel forming list h had i was for them as a lot. so it's a challenging, stressful time. you couldn't do it every year, but every 10 years you have the energy for that. what a good thing in when i'm on, stay just guess during the audience and that means the hotel is relatively quiet from august because if that and vice versa, when the guest throughout the hotel, there's no performance. so i can be there working on the 15th unless you, but of course there are all the hours you spend at the theater. it's an exceptional year. it can be quite a challenge on household little but it's worth it if i just assume that the 6 months will pay off the law as a business, half
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a $1000000.00 tourists come to over. i'm ago in a 6 month period, you'd have to be doing something wrong, not to profit in famous bavarian king who for the 2nd, you know, if you also watch the passion play, get the belief that he was given a private performance after he invited the main actors to the lender hall palace. he gave them all golden spoon, but the traitor, judas only got a tin one. various king louis the 2nd didn't have to stay in a normal place like ordinary people. not far from here. he had his own small domiciled build lindell pellet ah me even the crowns of linda, who panis, our work of art, their elegant, playful, and serene look for the 2nd love the area, even without the passion play,
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he would have built a small pleasure palace here for the release of king, this was a fairy tale world that reminded him of f sign. in this vestibule, he pays homage to his great role models. louis the 14th of france. flitwick, the 2nd, the son king was everything should be powerful, influential, unsuccessful. this magnificent bedroom is also reminiscent of that site, theoretically, literally could have received his coat here, like the sun king did at versailles. but little loved solitude. by the way, no prizes for guessing that blue was his favorite color. ah, the dining room is most famous for its table. it would be set down in the kitchen, then lifted upstairs using a crank mechanism. this way lid,
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vic gathered his imaginary company of the french coat. he's even said to have had pretend conversations with them. food was always prepared for 4 people. and finally, the whole of maris ludovic was a night owl. he only rarely came here tearing the day. but after dark by candle light, the effect of the maris must have been breathtaking. ah, linda, who is the only one of lit fix, ambitious palaces that he live to see completed in ah, obama go is full of surprises. let's look at tree stump goods that are, it's art. i woodcarving has
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a long tradition and obama go. you can also watch many crafts people at work such as use if i build the roots of his family business, go back to 1556, he tells me it is mainly churches the united states that phyllis ordered books but passion play visitors are also happy to buy a souvenir, even if not cheap. ah, after all this isn't industrial production, it's skilled, manual work. continuing on that theme of skilled manual work, i'm headed to the hairdresser actually head dressers shouldn't have anything to do here, but they're open and i have an appointment here on the look. i lucas. great to have you send us the syllabus that's supposed to me
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yesterday for your time. to be honest, i would have thought the hair salons would be closed because people are letting their hair grow out of it. so why would a hairdresser even be opened these days? oh, long the long hand needs to be cared for tim ish night and we do trims and take care of people's beards. guns. the hair on the upper lip can be a difficult job. fair. could you trim my hair while we talk? give them the show about mission but not too much. i just this is do you all to take part in the passion play in the yard that mitch been? yes it is. yes. and my birthright means i'm allowed to perform a survey less miss image would be muffler is my and how do you do that? it's busy here in the salon. how do you manage the play and working with al bowden
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. i, sam, it's been been a, i'm part of the entry into jerusalem. i'm at the theater at 2 o'clock and finished at 4. then i come back here at work. when you set this up for me, ma'am, let their hair and beer grow out of do and women also have to do this for the passion play honda. oh man, feel if this was mainly out, isn't it? yes, i've grown my hair out. women grow. there's too, as much as they can. they walk from support? i've got so gobby, normally i don't have a beard, but i let it grow a bid for the person play it. it was. well, how do you think it looks? but i think i saw salva it for clinton, very striking. go through this enough. now. what is it like after the passion play done this? every one come up and have their hair cut on entries below at us. i sufficient guns and if yes, that's really something special after the last performance, there's
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a real run on the head dresses, if it lasts a week or 2 to so then it's all over here and target. i'm done on this for me. gabby did a good job. now i make my way to the museum. the facades been covered over with costumes from the last passion place in to 1000 to 2010, very sustainable. you can buy a rope pendle like this. they cost 220 years each can find them online. inside the museum, this cord catches my eye. it's one continuous rope of hair connecting each exhibition room to the next. all the hair runs one and a half kilometers through the museum. and leave me to close, forked the artist who makes this cord out of hair. water pincher,
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it's soap vowel. now, how long have you been doing this? why shore? as a room. why exactly that? i don't know. it was just fun in australia. i met some indigenous people who worked with hair, and i thought i could do that. and that is what i'm hearing obama go. we end up with huge mountains of hair every 10 years. in 2000, i started collecting the hair that performers and the passion play gave me. i meant to be that they gave mom on top of each individual's hair. i made a string and mr. mother now take that in pull. * he talked like talk of war are set to meet here again. the script calm is hardly another place in germany like this and protected and secluded, but still not far from everything from an easy trip from munich. wilmington.
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schloss, l. mows main building is more than a century owned. it has $115.00 booms and sweets. the annex named retreat is far newer. it has $47.00 sweets, practically a hotel within a hotel, an ideal spot for the g. 7 summit. the sweets were heads of state and governments, they are virtually identical that way. no person is favored over another. and the sublime alpine panorama is there for all to enjoy their on 9 restaurants. in total, the luke a daughter has to mission stars. i think he buys is the call. michelle here before and asian is classic french cuisine. obama and that's my background of water. but it's much lighter hub. i use very little butter on so you can easily eat 7 or 8 courses without feeling completely stuffed, which is a lot of fun. las vegas all possible. the 8 course menu costs 249
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euros. and this junior suite, around 40 square meters, is available for about $700.00 euros a night. guests come from germany, switzerland, and austria, but also from britain, the united states. if you have the money, it's the perfect place to escape from the stresses of the world. except may be when the g 7 summit is on, ah, and here's the surprise i promised you. the alpine coaster a summer to bog rough, super long, almost 3 kilometers, with no problem with
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thrilling that was great. ah ah ah oh i am ago is a very special place, typically bavarian, but somehow not. i mean, where else does half the village take part in the theatre?
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people don't go to hairdressers for months and guests from all over the world. come to visit every 10 years. well, that only happens here in obama. go. bye bye. see you next time. ah, ah ah ah ah, ah, with
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a landscape with a fiery ah, germany's volcanic eiffel region. about 10000 years ago, the volcanoes went to quiet deception. com is something brewing again, deep underground. a powder keg. in
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15 minutes on d. w. in good shape. because the pine apples, he is a toaster, human brain. here you can learn how it works, what it means, how it can be trained. and we answer one of human kinds. biggest questions do male and female brains work differently in good shape. in 90 minutes on d w ah, it's christian of whether the next crisis will come. but only when and how the media will deal with it. how can we stay focused on what is important?
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shaping to morrow now. exploring opportunities for media professionals in times of crisis. the global media for june 2020 to get your ticket. now, people in trucks injured when trying to flee the city center. more and more refugees are being turned away. order families. and the reason for these critical illness is we loaded demonstrate people seeing extreme ground ross getting 200 people hassan from the agency around the world. more than 300000000 people are seeking refuge. yes, the wine because no one should have to flee.
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make up your own mind. d. w. made for mines. ah ah. this is dw news ally from berlin. ukraine calls on its allies to deliver more weapons. ukraine's president vladimir zalinski says russia aims to wipe out every city in the eastern dumbass region to defend the country along the front lines in the east and the south. he says more artillery is needed to match russia, superior firepower, and a u. s. law as
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u. s. lawmakers pushed to improve gun safety.


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