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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 11, 2022 12:00pm-12:16pm CEST

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starts to maintain on d, w. ah, this is d w. news alive from berlin. new russia is. foreign ministry says a build up of nato forces in poland will be met with a proportionate response. while at an international security conference, ukraine's president to lensky burgess delegates to stand against russian imperialism. and as us lawmakers push to improve gun safety. d. w meets a parent, turned activist who lost his son in the shooting that started the national debate
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in the u. s. on gun ownership. ah, i'm michael ok. welcome with nato building up its true presence on its eastern flank and especially in poland. russia is foreign ministry has said that moscow will respond proportionately that's according to russian news agency, inner facts, elsewhere ukrainian, president of a lot of his zalinski has addressed the shangri la security summit in singapore, where he spoke of the global effects of russia's invasion at the form u. s. defense secretary lloyd austin reiterated his country's support for ukraine to zalinski. russia is posing a growing threat to international peace. russian propaganda is assiduous and sprinting and medic. entries that does information campaign. dad to russia's war
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against your grade is a sense to play something about night. so about the role of the united states, about the intention of the west to somehow advance in europe. but in reality, russia's boy against ukraine is not only about europe. it is about globally in pause and fades. rush and leadership strives to discard all the achievements of the historical development of human time, particularly the system of international law which we have to day. and it wants to come back to life of the 19th century, or even before does when it was impossible to ensure the harmonious d hm. on the as development and well being for billions of people. russia's firepower in ukraine's dawn bas region is estimated to be at least 10 times greater than ukraine's. and zalinski says his troops won't be able to hold back putin's forces much longer without an increase supply of western weapons. as battles rage
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on some $300.00 civilians from dom boss were taking 2 safer parts of the country on a special evacuation train. i smiled to break the tension. the civilians had done ads are fleeing as the shelling just closer. war is a reality. many people here know to well thump, actually see shit. they started shelling it and then it intensified. oh was lady, we have been in the war for 8 years already. we live on the front line. now the only thing the kids are worried all the time. it was cancelled, they're free to sleep at night. so we decided to take them out of here right away from the shelling early to do key cities and don bass are under steady attack as ukrainian and russian forces fight for every street in his nightly address. ukraine's president stressed just how crucial these battles are for
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ukraine's future. zalinski said their success depends on weapons deliveries from the west. quay estimates that russia has between 10 to 15 times as much artillery equipment. shells are being rationed by soldiers on the front lines as ukraine waits for more weapons. a look now at some other developments in the war. in brief . u. s. president joe biden has said his ukranian counterpart for a lot of his zalinski. didn't want to hear us warnings that russia was planning to invade. biden shed, zelinski was among the leaders who thought the intelligence was exaggerated. it's a rare change in tone from one of the ukrainian president, strongest supporters. european commission, president ursula vander line has arrived in keith to discuss ukraine's bid to join the european union. president zelinski has repeatedly requested that the e, you fast track ukraine's application. the european commission is due to publish its
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assessment on ukraine's candidate status on friday. and so the mirror of mario paul has warned of a major color outbreak in the southern ukrainian city. he said that with much of the infrastructure damaged or destroyed, people were forced to drink contaminated water. russian troops took control of mario full last month. after weeks of bombardment, which left the city in ruins. in russia, vladimir putin has openly compared himself to the 18th century russians. are peter the great drawing, a parallel between peter's military conquests. and what putin portrayed as a new quest to win back russian lands. but to go to period he to the great fault the northern war for 21 years ago. some might say he was fighting to seize territory from sweden. he wasn't seizing anything he showing that he was taking it
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back dry shell dropped by the list. that was what i show you could have been reclaiming and consolidating. that's what he was doing. now. it seems that it's our turn to reclaim and to consolidate. to paula was that a sheer through could ability d w's. russia analyst konstantin, angered ease in vilnius. with his perspective on putin's remarks, michael loves a continuation of trend that we've seen developing in from a say to lots of things over the last year. and he definitely sees himself as a digital figure in russian history. and he's comparison to peter the grades is not accidental. that's what she convinced himself that he is someone who gives russia it's new identity and it's last territory. and i'd say that this means that war with the ukraine or invasion of the crane assault on the ground, will continue for as long as we don't think it's necessary in depth in his mind. as
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far as i understand is necessary for only one reason, either to complete the subjugate degree or to destroy it. so there will be no end to this war. i read it like that. i'm sure you also took note of putin's reference to peter, the great assault on the city of norma, which is now in estonia as russia reclaiming and strengthening its territory. how's that being received in the baltics? well, yes, not always on the border with, with russia. and i've been there several times. it's literally separated by the very, very narrow river from, from the russian territory. and still has quite a lot of russian speakers leading that it is yet another signal over the last week that made the baltic states angry, very angry, i would say, because before that one of the russian duma members, members of the plan put as planned parliament,
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suggested that the u. s. ceasar act recognizing independence of the 20th should be remote. so yes, in the baltic states, frankly speaking at the forefront or warning about his intentions, this is just another confirmation that fujen russia is dangerous. and that is, i think, what, what didn't is regard and tolerance will continue to impress on western european who maybe some of them do not believe it yet. konstantin, very briefly, russia has started distributing russian passports in parts of the occupied areas in eastern ukraine. the start of russian annexation yes it is. i think the put in intends to grab as much of eastern se new grants as they can for now, but it will not stop. you'll continue. that is konstantin eggers, as always, many, many things. konstantin,
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thank us. lawmakers in the house of representatives have passed a series of gun safety restrictions, including raising the age to buy certain semi automatic firearms from 18 to 21. the legislation comes after another series of mass shootings. but the bill is expected to fail in the senate where democrats don't have the votes, they need to pass strict gun control. there have been more than 240 mass shootings in the u. s. so far this year. the w corresponded to miss on the scandal, travel to the state of colorado, where a massacre 20 years ago, set off a cycle of national debates. over guns in america, columbine, a name that became synonymous with anguish and terror. not to us here in this community outside of denver, but around the world. on april 20th 1999 to armed teenagers, went on a shooting rampage in the columbine high school library. 12 students and one
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teacher were killed. shocking images were beamed on to tv screens across the country, and it spurred many americans to demand action on gun safety. to day, the columbine memorial sits just half a mile from the high school, a place to remember the victims and trauma wrought upon this community. tom mouser, son, daniel, was killed in the massacre. he was just 15 and already worried about gun violence in the us and was just 2 weeks before columbine. he asked me a question, the dinner table. dad, did you know there were loopholes in the brady bill? grady bill is the national law that requires background checks for exam purchases. i said no, i didn't know about that, daniel. 2 weeks later he was killed with a gun that was purchased through a loophole in the brady bill. how could i not respond to that? i had to, so tom joined, colorado cease fire,
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a group pushing for stronger gun loss. and colorado did react, enacting universal background checks in colorado and closing a loophole that made it easier to buy fire arms at gun show. but there is a standoff between people and politicians on gun law waiting on a national level. most americans want some restriction around, but federal lawmakers are gridlocked along partisan live magazine. it's pretty clear when you have 90 percent of the people supporting something. and you can't get that pass in congress. there's really something something terribly wrong. he says he is consoled so many families who have lost children in school shooting since columbine, that he has little faith that federal politicians will act to day. he carries a piece of daniel with him. so he was wearing that cup is the one thing i wanted when they finally returned his belongings. he was the same
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shoe sizes me. so to me it was very symbolic that i'm walking in the annual shoots . and he will continue to walk, he says, until significant action is taken to protect lives like his sons. in other news of brazilian police have found possible human remains in their search for a british journalist and an indigenous official. the pair went missing on a reporting trip in the remote amazon rain forest indigenous group. se both men had received threats for their work in the region exploited by legal fishing mining and drug trafficking. australia has agreed to pay 555000000 euros in compensation to a french submarine maker. the sediment comes after australia cancelled a decade old contract in favor of a deal with the u. s. an u. k. for nuclear powered submarines. both australia and france hope the payment
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will allow for a reset in their bilateral relationship. the british government has one legal backing for its controversial planted to port international asylum seekers from u. k. territory to the east african nation of rwanda. in return for taking britain's unwanted migrants were wanda, is to receive economic aid. the idea behind the deal is to discourage would be asylum seekers from trying to cross into britain illegally. but human rights campaigner said their fight against the plan is not over. the british high court ruling gives the green light for the removal of asylum seekers from the u. k. the threats had been looming for some time, but the decision still had many migrants, hard. this stuff with for the record, is it even policy? was refugees or spoken to more than a 100 years, given these notices that say they're going to be forcibly removed from the country
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. the court's decision means the 1st flights to rwanda could get underway. in the coming days. the u. k. signed an agreement with the east african nation in april this year. the controversial deal caused for asylum seekers who arrived in the u. k . 8, the restore rise or on boats being sent to ro, wanda, and not allowed to return their key. golly will take full responsibility for the migrants and their asylum applications. in exchange for economic aid. the british government argues the program is intended to undermine people smuggling networks and dissuade people from trying to cross the english channel. it says more than $10000.00 people have made the dangerous crossing so far this year. but campaign is say, the plan also puts migrants in danger and suggests the government is trying to dodge its international obligations. we don't believe any one should be being punished for climbing asylum. he carries a secretary threat. he convention i'm,
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we have of the, the right to claim aside in the human right. but the court's decision is not necessarily final. the rolling left the door open for last minute appeal something campaign and say that will launch on monday. that's all for now, but do stay with us. our tech show shift is next. looking at developments in artificial intelligence. i'm michael ok for me and everyone here. thanks for watching. ah, it is a secret and a sing, endless one. actually. the conflict between iran on the one hand and israel and the united states on the other for more than
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4 years. the adversaries.


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