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tv   Yemens Dirty War  Deutsche Welle  June 11, 2022 1:02pm-1:58pm CEST

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ah, after months of preparation we arrive in adding a port city in the south of yemen. just as a route few westerners with it's the saudis and moratti's who have blocked the access points to the area. this is the only road that has not been hit by error rates. it's a sort of gap in the blockade. after hours of having on dirt roads,
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we reached the border and enter the war torn area. 21000000 people live here. that's almost 70 percent of yelman's population. the war is usually described from the perspective of the saudis, or m. rodney's and their allies. but we decided to witness it with people from the other side of the border. bene yelman's, rebel controlled capital every year in march, thousands of activists celebrate the beginning of the conflict in the streets. 3000000 people live in santa most are is 80 shia muslims. ago it's been 7 years since answer allah rebels seized control of the capital adult. they keep a close watch over the population and control the ministries i
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i don't know how the young one of a man we meet in the market insist that despite the years of war, what license semis, norma, to come up. what kind of me is on? hi, sure you want to be the we don't have a more here. life is completely normal. when we a safe day in moscow, everything is open. just like the heart of every single person. somebody ah hire, cast them. so who is a local social media star? he doesn't say one word against on sarah love. if santa is suffering, it's because of enemy attacks of them. you will have that as a motor finance in our during the day and all those other nobody can hold that, got in the neighborhoods, were bombed and i just debbie ancient monuments and buildings were destroyed. i decided i attacked our historical heritage and i was like, oh, what we joke with, but we are resilience. we have the will and will stand together against the enemy
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to stay, prov deplorable as soon as history dates back 3000 years after the 1st saudi bombing unions. mohammed bins, i, ed, and between them yeomans exiled former president of dragoon months or had he had he came to power after a period of unrest in 2012 in a single candidate election. he led an unsuccessful transition government before being ousted in 2014 by answer allah rebels. he's been living in exile in riyadh ever since. in response, a saudi led coalition including the u. e. a began bombing the country in 2015. the coalition has you and support and american, british, and french weapons. this makes for an advanced arsenal that has reportedly also been used against civilians. to date, the war has cost around 370000 gemini lives. the loss of civilian life has
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prompted european n g o z into action arms dealers are facing legal proceedings in the u. k. germany and italy as their bombs are being used to kill jamini civilians. french attorneys you left, but i am, has filed to war crime complaints and paris against crown prince bin cell nun and crown prince bins. i id. but i am began his investigation after one of the deadliest airstrikes to date. okay. yeah, the thing is the vessel quizlet that we go to collect testimonies of people who witness what happened 1st hand institute. maybe we'll also find victims who'd be willing to file suit. so that we'd have even more people and more evidence for trial in paris. low to close, able to, to put the bombing here to residential area incentives outskirts in this building. where on october 8th, 2016. the answer ala pointed mister of the interior was holding the ceremony to pay
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tribute to his late father ah it is that site right he did yes oh mabel hm all plan gila crazy but we really in the middle of the city right next to buildings and residential area, his mom just doesn't look like a military barracks job. you wouldn't fire several rockets at a place like this if he wouldn't trying to kill as many people as possible, a buying little to domestic. how much of the better i will. uh huh. i live at least is the main entrance to the whole. we started welcoming. guessed that around 1 pm on october, the $72016.00 white. no, it was the 8th. nasa we shut was there on that day. he's the interior minister's brother and another son of the deceased of levy. the whole family was that it was
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due to the ceremony by the influential family had been announced on facebook. i really can't describe how horrible it was that it was atrocious. even a, in yemen, it's customary to only invite men and children to this type of event like a whole lot. there is still sandals on the floor everywhere. how do i get the added? and this is my shoes, or remember ali echo. i'm sorry allah has left the scene intact so that no one forgets what happened here. leslie at this level full, there were more than $1000.00 of us, so i can and thought how much time between the 1st and 2nd ball. just the only placement
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while the nurse 5 minutes over kind of in the panic, the followed him with all the smoke and would love what many people couldn't find a way out of middle united. but usually it one of the hello. don't do that man. he fell into this hole. there were dead bodies everywhere. people caught in ha ha ha ha. jaunt bodies were found in the same position they were in when the homestead, old for him. the interior minister may have been the target, but most of the victims were civilians. if you did a book that was there military or security personnel, presley dekessa, i was yes, i was military, but most of them were no longer active in the army. many were retired. oh my god, you know, colonel val hm. according to what i am, this bombing was a clear war crime. as the pilots knowingly attacked hundreds of innocent civilians to eliminate one person. ah! with this was the man galle,
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i will re shun. he has since become the deputy prime minister and head of intelligence gala. what are we shun? only narrowly escaped the attack. minerva mia among the 150 dead to so there were 25 members of my own family. the minister is convinced the attack was deliberate ada, navi, more official, gave vent, was announced on facebook under other social media. ben, it's not true that they didn't know that this was a funeral ceremony. there is no way what they admitted so that they used information provided by the hardy government. a tobacco ma'am, had 193 people died in the attack, including 30 children. many family members of the deceased were among the wounded, including ali admit selling sellers, and thus our irish and they are providing french lawyer with eye witness testimony
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and their medical files. and they also joined his suit against the saudi and m a rattie leaders. luckily shallow with gall town, we will be avenged. and we will defend our case before the international criminal court against these criminals took of other duty. after the un and several engineers investigated, the bonnie saudi arabia finally acknowledge its mistake. these men say the gulf monarchy offered money to victims to silence them and avoid a trial. we got to call us when nobody of yeah, i would have to follow them. and as of yet another from day one, saudi arabia tried to negotiate with me to buy our silent glove. i refused, we didn't sign a lease. i did sell bundled with solomon and bins. i. it would have been overjoyed if the wounded in the motto, families had exert compensation. but even if they can fremont, i probably want them to be trying to help you. regina ill head on over the years of war, air strikes by the coalition are said to have killed nearly 9000 civilians yet so
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far not a single war crime trial has been held. we had next to one of the mountains overlooking center, around 30 minutes from the city center. and sarah law have a strange collection here scattered over an area of several square kilometers. it consists of tens of thousands of munitions, of all sizes and brands. some have exploded, others have not. ah, ali's safra runs a weapons expertise center with ties to the rebel government. them together. these are just the bombs that fell in the summer area. he leads us to the most dangerous munitions. ha ha. oh fennel comes to me. i forgot i am good. the other have been about $2500.00 the tax with cluster bumps. many of these are terrible for the
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population. you can't transport 99 percent of cluster bombs because they might explode miller. then we've only been able to take a few out of electron avalon will do that in, in 2008, several countries agreed to adopt and international treaty prohibiting cluster munitions. but so far, none of the arabian peninsula countries have signed it. the french lawyer uses the visit to look for the type of bomb that hit the funeral haul. he finds pieces amongst the rental identical to the bomb with, as far as we know, this is a g p, u 12 with an 80 to warhead. this is what we told the un. it contains age sex, a powerful explosive. it's a substance that scatters and radiates along it. that maybe is christie misuse, sieboldt rover. can these bombs be used to destroy building? hello. yes. other terrible impact in the funeral home. and then you can do the game, it has devastating effects on humans, animals and the environment with the ballistics. experts also pointed out models
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that carry toxic substances. ah, yeah, i'm in this here is part of a g, b. you 39 ball that i've been, it's made by woodward, an american company. it's one of the most destructive weapons, a is a, contains depleted uranium and causes chemical and radioactive damage. it's deadly so ah, yes'm ins, dirty war carries a heavy cost. it's consequences are terrible for the entire population, but especially for its most vulnerable numbers at children. many must start working when they're just 10. others die in hospitals. ah, doctors are overwhelm dr hallett. ohio works in the port city,
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her data. every day he faces emergencies with what we have many cases here and just little girl has short and limbs. what i know at the moment we have 22 cases of newborns with abnormal attempts at that up. but up to farrah, we have 20 to 5 years. i'm congenital anomalies, the only in this 6 and in this department than when he thought calling in a valley allenwood and was headed m o m, lydia, the mon. i will, he'll be, i know. so we had patients with this before, but we saw it less often. the legal, i think there are many causes, but in most cases it's not hereditary drama. it's often due to the war and the chemical solution either a little longer and better ado on the handle at defeated if since the violence started than any we've seen, diphtheria returned a lot of disease, which i've actually disappeared from yemen in 1982 that would be the color we have
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hundreds of thousands of patients with severe diarrhea. i left the cholera upon them to new diseases and were cancer and congenital diseases, alamo formations that used to be rare, then let people on safe out well, and they have to move or flee off. they don't eat well, they're vulnerable as well. they're psychologically and well because of this violence nifty plus here in her data and we unfortunately have the highest number of consultation what i did than i left and i think i said municipal at that thought of bunyan as a finish. ah, there is far more to do than can be done. just the lack of beds of those who can't be admitted to either weight or die. it's in god's harm to let the we're in yemen hasn't gotten much attention lately. in march,
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the un asked for 4300000000 dollars to address needs. it hasn't received half of a mcknight let us know what had been no one international civil servant. monthly salary could buy 30 beds like this one whole amelia and one. you an employee salary could keep this department running for a year, like all of my little people work without pay their volunteers. they do it for god and country. they're doing it for duty and i don't want to develop no hunger crisis in yemen is catastrophic. in 2021, the un warned that 400000 children were on the verge of starvation. in this specialized ward, 74 children had to be admitted as emergencies in just a few days. ah, and the for her. with a value that what you see here, a symptoms of malnutrition, these children have serious deficiencies and they suffer from continuous diary of
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yes. vitamins could help treat them but they are not available right now. we have nothing because the wall, i think many illnesses are due to famine. if that wasn't the case before any. before she arrived in a poor state 5 days ago, had they allowed that he didn't because he shall land with 2 children, forced to share one bed. doctor hannah has just 5 days to get her child back on their feet. they will though, as she stable, she can be discharged company. she was given f 70 milk than f 100. but the after the milk will give her this emergency therapeutic food. she is 9 years old by jest examined her. we will see what we can do and i will give you some as well as she is suffering from washy okra, a lack of protein when we get a difficulty in absorbing proteins, lima, the symptoms of facial and lower lim, edema. so what happened? why is your child here that my luckily madeau and it, mo, sylvia and malnutrition,
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met wine with a dolly shadow. the medicine motorcycle. her husband used to drive a motorbike taxi, but he has no more work. without wages, it's hard to get food, you know, plus imports unblocked. it see, it was all there badly stored or arrive out of date. this explains part of the famine that he has a learning with him. and i mean, i was just with, as if that weren't enough health centers have also been hit by bombs. with in 201840 civilians died and who died a hospital following a saudi coalition attack. here human rights le years of play, ham meets one of his partners, a yemen e n g o that documented the strikes by the muradi. saudi coalition. to alert international authorities. one of the mental he gets a little about the duet, instead of keeping record of the attacks and have documented more than $800.00
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bombings each time with witnesses figure ident. because school and a list of victims, the n g o collects evidence of war crimes and keeps lists. this one contains 25 family reunions, weddings and funerals that were bombed. this one is a list of 56 affected health facilities. the n g o is also investigating crimes about which little was known until recently, such as an august 31st 2019 attack against this former university. now an unsolved prison for captured coalition soldiers with which was holding the prisoners of war. the when the red cross visited both work on the coalition, knew this becker, okay. 8 missiles had 8 buildings leaving a total of $140.00 dead each. a prisoner of war,
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theoretically protected by the geneva convention. only 43 survived. lab extremely shocked and saddened by world ah, a representative of the international red cross visiting the scene. you know, i'm also extremely certain because heats the mandate and that all of the i, c o. c, to protect than the assist fitted. the coalition attack had killed its own soldiers . yet, 2 years later, the coalition still claims it was targeting weapons facilities. this could be an objective there, but i was there a military go with the barracks or in arms factories short, contrary to what the coalition claim is, that there was no arms factory or the most pile of missiles, no military camp. an assessment that has been confirmed by you and experts. so why was this war crime carried out after had it on without a, has a theory. he's in charge of negotiating the release of answer allah prisoners. what
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he told us was shocking neurological defect. lamar lap re rebates, to exchange business with the saudis were against the negotiation, was carried out with the local leaders in ty, but the saudis refused. they wanted to keep control of the prisoners of war. the crime may have been a warning to remind everyone of who was in charge but despite the numerous air strikes and the naval and air blockade, answer allah have gained ground against the troops of the exiled president and his saudi supporters listed. we do that here with in 2021 on sarah. la's army was said to number around 200000 men and have hand to hand combat drones with the law of little goat is great to america. but the army is also supported by influential jamini business men,
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such as yaya aha, barry, he made his fortune in real estate and as an importer exporter. and he is one of answer, allows patrons when the war began, he left london to use as well as against the exiled president, is his head. he's got a double wizard. i've got a bizarre had these gob. i bought it 5 years ago because there was a lot of i went to an dentist. okay. i says in, so i'll yeah. and then her dad went to the side. no, i didn't use it a little. i have 4 of us. you know, to keep the fluid because if the freights will be in, don't think, oh, in his bullet proof 4 by 4, he takes us to one of the rebellion leaders, mohammed ali al hootie. he's on the coalitions list of most wanted figures. no 2 targets a v as a person watches were very will,
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will tempt by the be will. but then 3, the number one home with her own go warning. his a warrior is a lawyer of the meeting, took place at one of the business. men's properties far from santa the l, who's the family founded, i'm sorry, law. they have been one of the most influential families in the region for half a century. so much so that the immorality saudi coalition of refers to all the rebels as who thess this people are protecting german for, i think for the amen. and they have lost thousands of martyrs. you know, since you know the actual saudis, you now start to fight with them. they decided to become a real you will use of people,
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respect them for you them. mohammed ali. the 43 years old has been the president of the revolutionary committee since the beginning of the war. and as one of the regimes leading figures, he is a target of the emerald east and of the saudis, and has been personally attacked by coalition fighter jets, according to his opponents. his family has pledged allegiance to iran. saudi arabia's regional nemesis. oh good. those la la la, got obvious, you do it on, will you? we are not dogmatic. we are neither with the saudis, nor with the iranian, sold it to all muslims that are linked to the koran. beyond, on a coral between the branches of limo, a unifying statement that isn't entirely accurate according to un reports. i'm sorry, law does benefit from iranian support and even received military assistance from the predominantly shia country stoking the conflict in these mountains in northern yemen. most people are, is 80 muslims,
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including the hoodies. the eighty's are also she a muslim. they're accepted by ron, but not by saudis, poor assoni, and follow what harvison. design is ruled this mountain region from the 9th century, up until the 1950s. saudi arabia has been seeking to eliminate this 80 influence since the state was founded in the 20th century. it's a clash between 2 fundamentalist branches of islam with a secondary plan of making lots of money from oil. i won't give you medina and we have a lot of oil and gas in the red sea unless there's wealth around or data on russell, a deep mom, but we're keeping it. we have oil and maybe more than you have in europe with a little grim economic and energy calculations are factors in this war. humans, oil reserves are not as large as those of its neighbor, saudi arabia,
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but they are substantial. and there are the pipelines and refineries such as here and married. but beyond the oil, humans coast places it in a position to influence international trade on sola and the coalition are fighting over the bob l. mon dips trade, which leads to the suez canal. a key route for global maritime trap. ah, by beauty dolmen, saudi arabia, the earths are looking for an outlet to the arabian sea. the saudis went to port the eastern. i'm. they wanted to control the barbell monday straight as well as the silent which as economic and maritime strategic important preeminent follow model. oh boy, the war in yemen is therefore not only about religion, it's about control of a world trade route and oil. all jamini oil facilities are currently in coalition held areas. not a drop of oil. moos north without the coalitions approval. finding
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oil is amara sally. i draw his mission, he runs the yemen petroleum company, and never travels without body guards with wise for him. yes. yeah, because a gun gun, him or on the dash? yeah. that as i, as i, as maybe kill him now in yemen. i knew on that you must target he wanted to show us what an oil blockade looks like in real life. the capital's largest state owned gas station is just a few 100 meters from his office. it's hard to miss, not least because of the long lines that wait for many hours. several men ensure everyone respects the rules. is a little of the day after that, when we're young with that they only come once
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a week. i know the number place and the registration on the little, although i look at a benefit of each citizen is only allowed 40 leases per week. sometimes they have to queue for 24 hours. that car like this needs a 120 latest but the limited or is it a little while ago been in? i had a la la, but i moved to huddled vall, we asked the united nations and all those and power to freeze from the suppression . havanese can't take it any more. hello, douglas, can't stand this war any more has other of eiletha. i have been here for 2 days with very little dental. i'm helping we're headers. the station was only open in january and june. the 1st half of 2021. why was closed in february, march, and april and may? well i'm some while ago and strict rationing and months of shortages can only be overcome by smuggling the survival of the whole of northern yemen as at risk in
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north america just in atlanta. some of them are good, so the amalgam, so these are the hardships and on the lack of oil, higher sing and so forth is hurting us. a lot of the more you see the trucks full of food food and they arrived by boat, but this stock because they had no fuel get. they stand in the sun for some degree heat, telephone, rots, thurmond, his voice model that assumes that i said hello, that's still a lot of energy. my we, the ships carrying a lease and food are allowed him to not fuel transport. so like, let's hope for the diesel and answer allah has accused the coalition of piracy, with a rival controlled area under blockade. it can only obtain oil from one of its enemies. the united arab emirates, the ships are searched and g booty by the coalition, and the un once checked, they had for the port of how data, but tankers are often diverted from months to that. she's on
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a 40 port with atlanta, civil and such as al, am adjacent to that and severe a currently through ships what i can jesus to for spirit and the g t. freedom them in the 4th spirit has been stuck for 193 days, 3, although the un gave the green light to say the whole ah, well look i'm, i'm not gonna have that. all these tongues are currently empty. in the and saw a law held port. city of hood ida, there hasn't been a single tanker for weeks. most employees have been sent home with him at madison that i relate number 15. yeah, mcgathen mcgasey. we'll go that we'll get busy with
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that we didn't. oh, i was in the whole in yemen, all transport and i work tricity comes from oil. the bah, bah, bah, bah, the lucky to fix everything else and hospital us. so that'll agriculture transport, adams and electricity have all suffered from the embargo on oil facilities, avenue testimony, just on unfounded blockade. got about this as a call for help from the whole data electricity manager this tank could hold up to 100000 tons of petroleum product. leticia don't get a block or no more ships and the port men just one ship has come since january the for the 21000000. yemen is affected by the oil blockade. the fuel is not just hard to come by. it's also much more expensive. this is the coast of the red sea near the oil terminal. the entire fishing industry here is struggling. ho date as
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fishermen used to go to see for several days, and travel as far as the coast of eritrea. once they supplied half the country with fish. now there are more children on the docks and fewer and fewer fish i did. uh huh. gosh, i got this book. this is in shock assessing. oh mohammed all hasanti is the president of the fisherman's union. he represents hundreds of ship owners and thousands of sailors over put ada is the country's largest fishing port . all idea. balboa will not go. oregon bugaboo has a whole line of boats waiting to leave his bucket. there's no fuel and even when there is too expensive, i like it done. oh my god, that i won't low and get ready to head out. a leader of petrol used to cost $700.00 for ya'lls, less than one euro. a lot of gentlemen on the to the fishing isn't profitable. a
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3000 drills. i trips cost twice as much, letting me the manila linton and he may feel the market in the corner. you know, i need twice or thrice as much work when you get into debt. oliver, we look out to see for the next tanka bill of the hood. well, they around 80 percent of the fishermen have to stay on land and wait for the next fuel shipment. as we film other look on, how are you going to see the catch of the day before the war? each table was full, was everything was busy in at the traders of restaurant. i can tell you about 100 tons of fish used to be caught every day. now it's only 10, but gas is only one of the issues deal with rattle. and one of the fishermen who still go out to taking a big risk because it is dangerous to look that you that that danger is the war which rages even at sea. since the fighting began,
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more than 100 fishermen have been killed while out on the water by coalition fire, they were suspected of arms trafficking. no god, god will about you. oh, out of me now, did i again while loads of this size and smaller were bomb. these boats usually carry 4 or 5 fishermen with wow, we've seen military birth search for weapons and even when they didn't find anything, one was think them. i guess i did then saudi forces control yelman's territorial waters. but not it's mountains. fighter planes aren't enough to remove answer allah from those hills that takes feed on the ground, which the saudi led coalition lacks all i wanted to build. it has instead brought in thousands of sudanese fighters. some are mercenaries, others are soldiers with
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other one where you rested to their help with this suit. any soldier is a prisoner of war. he was arrested in october 2019. we asked to meet him, the saudis recruited and paid him to carry out border guard missions. loretta will not cover the so yeah. as long as we were supposed to protect the border on the saudi side, we weren't supposed to go into your money. but man, so how do you see any military leaders told us to move in lead towards the red sea coast? we had no choice was these were the orders and we had to follow a oh, you're the all of the testimony is of great interest to the french lawyer before the soldier was captured in 2019, he witnessed surprising alliances on the battlefield. that
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doesn't go so you didn't another the model, the model of the was saudis with us not moratti's. so up and there was also a group from the aldi's law party, a team, a lot of it, we weren't together, but we were in the same place on a whole. they were fighting on the front line and we were behind where your local cultural elise law is. the major city party in yemen. it has ties to the coalition, but several of its members have joined al qaeda. could the terrorist organisation be benefiting from this war? particularly al qaeda and the re bn peninsula a q a p, which also wants to be rid of the hoof ease and answer allah. their leader, helen, but tar fee set as much. but harvey was once one have been lot as followers and was also in afghanistan. what it all mean is she lot, you know, we are fighting to hooters and their supporters on molten 11 from in several yamini, regional se and hive yemen. the e q
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a p became infamous after the shylie of dough tragedy in paris. on january 7th, 2015, the quasi brothers carried out the shootings. aka p claimed responsibility. the organizations then spokesperson in yemen, nasa or allah niecy celebrated the attack, alyssa, and it's as head of answer allah's intelligence service gala. we shall, monitors, all caters activities closely. he is all too familiar with the man in question. poa, johnny hohmann of an arsenal, coleman. abner sonata says, and by then a to jonah, he was born and raised in santa dina to j. saddam era. he became radicalized and joined al qaeda at a you and about his guide. he was killed in a striking 2015. so lug utilities, it had been v a vin. hm. slash remedy. in 2 months after the a q a p claimed responsibility for the parents attack. a niecy was killed by an
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american drone. it's possible the coalition provided useful intelligence, but for the spy master, that was mainly p r. lakila delray seaman that i seal saw the main aim was to improve the image of the saudi and erotic occupation go on to pretend they are fighting terrorism not occupying with in yemen. other terrorists have long gone unquestioned despite their connections to the shadowy upto attack. one is frenchman, madame shut. mm. oh, wait or should it, peter sharif of it. i remember him. sheriff is the last terrorist associated with the paris attack, who is still alive. he was arrested in december 2018 injury booty, according to the french secret service. he was in contact with the quash brothers. eliminating shalley upto had been on the 8 q a piece agenda since 2010. chevy had been in closely surveilled parts of yemen for
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years. yet he wasn't even questioned. according to tuition, the coalition and exiled president had heed, are playing a to place at his game with the jihadists. luckily when collateral allotted to get in shaky famel took over her soda jelly and coalition, and hardy's governments were clearly struggling against lucy. why they formed alliances based on religion, katrina. he has ema to will go to the awesome alliances with sela 1st me and i'll kind of jamia mental guide and self. even the coalition has received support from the u. n. u s. u k and france. but i nissan said they also collaborated with al qaeda to fight their common enemy. answer allah. this is their flag. this flag belongs to one of those dogs supported by been some of the trump.
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it's a taboo subject in europe, but not for ons. are our last deputy foreign minister who's in charge of peace negotiations. what could wreck be? i'm the guy though a dash he a do soon as i see, i can assure you that al qaeda under isis an integral part of this coalition, which is recognized by the international community, out of a leather in a central part. emily, a thought the hagi, the isis and al qaeda members implanted and merged well and they are on the front line. what if you could tell when you got it nearby? shala's marine is in the center of the country. it's here that a battle for the controller strategic oil rigs has been fought for years. and it's here that the coalition and al qaeda are said to be supporting each other. in this report, from april 2021, and sarah le identified al kate as positions and arsenals and maria behr identified
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one man at the center of this alliance. his name is khalid ara and he belongs to a large sunni family from the region. the us inadvertently corroborated this accusation in 2017 when washington put khaled radar on its lists of officially wanted all cater leaders. he was supervising an arcade, a camp and supplying the organisation with weapons and fighters. but this footage shows him not far from my reap with jamini army officers. i get them for the law. i law. i thank brother jen. oh my god, she takes us on the law. i go to the military official being saluted as former president, hardy, his minister of defense. he standing just a few meters from the al qaeda leader. the man giving the speech as the exiled
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precedence right hand man. here he is again in riyadh, in november 2019. his name is eli musson. he was vice president of the government, supported by saudi arabia and the emeralds. from april 2016 until april 2022. ali lawson's connections to al qaeda is nothing new. francis foreign intelligence agency, the d t s e was wary of ali moss and one year before september 11th. no son was an army general at the time and believed to have a solid relationship with shake abdel my ga us. i'm danny. a close associate of osama bin laden as well as the yemeni islamists, he financed ali mos in a man with 2 faces. a central figure in the coalition, fighting against afar, allah and someone who fights alongside and all kite
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a leader. good luck away. we'll meet again in a united yemen. i bring you greetings from field marshal. man. so hardy. he's wishing for victory and success with me with oh, my sure missouri though i did that the hi. this is well known. half of the hunt, people like him hold important posters in the coalition army military officials or advisors to the president or as leaders of a come. in october 2020, the northern authorities sent the u. n. a list of 11 people suspected of being involved was al qaeda. among them adel, i'll up daddy, alias abil abas, formerly accused of having links with al qaeda. according to cnn journalists,
1:46 pm
he commands the coalition brigade in the ties regions. another striking case is that of abd ala alhambra, connie identified as an arcade, a leader by the united states, while at the same time being in the office of the exiled president months or hardy in riyadh. here he's shaking hands with then un secretary general band. he moon emits a jamini delegation before leaving yemen, french lawyers, joseph. but i am, wants to go over his latest findings letter to you. so that is in, you know, nissan mediums and you'd love horse in this part of the world. frances best allies are saudi arabia and the u. e. o. k date, it's biggest enemies hero al qaeda and isis said, so our best allies and biggest enemies, a marching together,
1:47 pm
which is very surprising to come to you could even call it complicity with terrorism. we depend upon these countries, so they support whoever they want, wherever they want, according to their interests is future holistic doesn't always add up and paste it . it sounds good to me on the most has worked out and fix it for them at a little goal. calculations are also having terrible consequences for the population in yemen. more than 17000000 people face food insecurity. that's more than half the population in santa hunger is also a dire problem. a burglar, you take this one and put it down. the food in these parts will feed just part of this neighborhood. every morning i man and his family fight hunger in their own way . this is ryan on the way. these are vegetables. sometimes. we asked meet. i used to work in a company, a built road, this hud with a crisis and the conflict. we started volunteering to help the poor and i grew up
1:48 pm
in the family kitchen. i am and cooks for the poorest. the ingredients come from neighbors and shopkeepers. i allen, we can provide for 240 families. i know that sometimes we only have enough to feed 50 depending on what we get. so i guess it doesn't matter how difficult everything i do is a struggle, a duty, a jihad. i get hector with the aim of providing food for over 200 families. every lunch time the father and husband also sees himself as an answer. allah fighter, any targeted him while ours it'll be ready by 11. except that his fight doesn't lead weapons, but gas here in santa gas was rationed per family. every bottle is counted. leslie runs the some wrangler. we received 2 gas cylinders a month common law. sometimes you can find it on the black market who got but the rule is 2 bottles per month. did you open the bottle
1:49 pm
of one gas cylinder cost, $6000.00 brianna's lag or double that on the black market lit up. when i shut off. it's ready to load this all out of school. for this on your head, i said that it covers your hair as a long shot, the locker come on, there's no time for juggler's allotted luncheon. i send him, opened the bag. don't worry when bonnie f u. n. yolanda now closed the bank. it's 11. am an amen and his children are preparing food for delivery. father, what we'll do. bad clothes, the bags and put them in the bowl. that's one wheelbarrow has bags of rice, another bags of vegetables. i, men's neighbors will deliver meals to 150 poor local families. today. i had to walk away from santa, as working class neighborhood. we find someone who lacks nothing yaya hub,
1:50 pm
ari who is when every day one. 0 yeah, yeah. i'll help ari. the business man who supports our law has luxurious premises. his fortune comes from real estate and grain with regular do this a really nice to meet you. really nice to with the case of a foolish us with he on several farms and also helps victims of hunger. dre glaze food, see it or organic you can taste it if you wish. it's free for anybody to come any. we do a lot of it. our charity, i mean what we give from the farm, as you know as nutty. and the last 6 years,
1:51 pm
mr. newton wheat flour, sugar rice, you know, to the poor, poor, poor. we were all over the country and we rely on the w if b. o, a, you know, for an organization we could have been dead completely be i'll how barry groups still important grain from north yemen. but these days flower must be paid for in cash. and sometimes it remains stuck for weeks on boats and the red sea, the un and its world food program, also send shipments via see a force according to the business man, the united vision flame. you know, a bitch headed for you. and they for literally, like one of the money, but let's be able, do play games with the money they, they bring the worst currency, know damaged quality into the country of weight overflow, whatever,
1:52 pm
whatever they give, it's been us. if nothing, ah, the yemeni saudi coalition, and answer allah are often accused of organizing famine against the yemen east. in the end, neither side looks good. this dirty war continues to kill in silence, largely unnoticed by world opinion. with ah ah, with ah
1:53 pm
ah ah, with
1:54 pm
who ah, child abuse case, the outrage mia mars population and pushed investigative journalists to a nurse, a crew to move it. so it is obvious that the child was sold for $800.00 us on child slavery and me and mario the original business with adoptions. in 15 minutes on d, w, the dangers dive was worth said. henri cosca hardly believe his eyes when he discovered a pre historic keith under the sea in 1985. it's a treasure,
1:55 pm
but how can it be made accessible? with a replica now and display in nearby my say, your romance? 90 minutes on d. w. o . it is a secret in the singing, endless one texas, the conflict between iran on the one hand and israel and the united states on the other with more than 40 years, the adversaries have been irreconcilable. there is never been any real dialogue. how did this confrontation begin? how great is the danger that it will spread the long war?
1:56 pm
he's real. iran usa starts june 15th on d. w. mm. i and the flower. yes, i'm beautiful. i've heard it before and it never grows old. i'm worshiped for my looks. my sense, my looks. but here's the thing. life starts with me. you see i feed. every fruit comes from me. every potato, me every kernel of corn, me every grain of rice. me. me, me, me. i know, but it's true. and sometimes i feed their souls, i am their words when they have none. i say i love you without
1:57 pm
a sound. i'm sorry, without a voice. i inspire the greatest of them. painters, poets, pattern makers. i've been amused to them all. but in my experience, people underestimate the power of a pretty little flower because their life does start with me. and it could add without me. with
1:58 pm
mrs. d. w. news lie from berlin. russia's form in 3 says a build up of nato forces in poland will be met with a proportionate response. meanwhile, at an international security conference, ukraine's president soleski urges delegates to stand up against russian imperialism . also in the program. as you, as lawmakers push to improve gun safety, dw, meet the parent turned activist who lost his son in the shooting. that started the national debate of the u. s. on gun owners.


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