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tv   The 77 Percent  Deutsche Welle  June 11, 2022 4:30pm-5:01pm CEST

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swift adoptions. 5 minutes on d w. ah, what people have to say matters to us. ah, that's why we listen to the stories reporter every weekend on dw. hello, i'm back and i missed you. my name is wendy camara from the 77 percent. and as always, this show is for you africa's young majority. it is so good to have you. we both with this week's sure is about to breaking stereotypes and standing up for identity. here's what's coming up. in kenya, we meet a young woman, i think, to as my surrounding albin,
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if you don't mind congolese robert and mortal, i'll be f. joseph in the studio for a child and we travel to booking up by for where are a leave get victorian give take for one or 2 or 3 half on the phone, could you? we fat in the foaming neighbourhood of no robi, where we meet jane. why sarah? now jane was born with albinism, a rare genetic skin disease, and she was constantly ostracized. but instead of leaving a life in the shadows, jane channeled high energy into standing up for others. have half story. january farrah has many talent. she the right to entrepreneur and an activist, but her pass was defined early. she was born into a community in rural kenya with albinism osborne to a teenage mother. and this teenage my thou and she got me from what she tells me from hardly bedroom expedient, is that when the best that is coming out,
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the midwife. crampton asked her haughty slat. james mother left early on, leaving jane's grandmother to raise her. but the cause of this abandonment in childhood remained growing up. jane never met anyone who looked like her and she was constantly shunned by her peers. pink call of getting teeth every day. like to a point of, i would hide in the to bush's and go home when the bell, but every time i went home, then love that my grand mother give me was like my sounding board. but jane stood firm and channeled her energy inter forming the group. positive exposure kenya, founded in 2010. it aims to support people with albinism across africa, to economic empowerment, social protection, and raising awareness. putting positive on exposure for me was i wish my child
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would wish that not child get treated, they are treated and no mother gets to feel hort. my mother felt when they did the wretched gen with albinism. people with albinism in kenya and other african countries are constantly at risk harmful met still persist in many communities. some believe a child born with albinism means that family is cursed. sadly, the stigma has become a catalyst for ritual killings, which had turn fields of black market for their body parts. which doc task in many african countries tell their claims. all you bring me body parts for pass on. i've been isn't. and for in the one of course to get my body parts they have to harm me . we don't have laws that protect people with albinism event reporting this cases. sometimes it doesn't fit anywhere in the law. albinism is a recess of genetic condition inherited from both parents. it means there is less
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dock pigmentation or melanie in the skin, hair and eyes globally. what in 17000 people has albinism. in subsaharan africa, the frequency is as high as one in 5000. still few understand albinism, even those with the condition in including columns on bio who now works with j. many of us then leave in fear of persecution and maybe being taken to a foreign land for each or givings the incidence care 5th that we've had there isn't one happened last year in malawi, where a child without beneath him was hacked the limbs act basically on they believe that our body parts of bustling fidel beneath him can create wealth or fame. some believe it's 2 to even talk about albinism. many people
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with the condition struggle to find jobs and those the do often find their options limited. but positive exposure advocacy has seen more culprits. open doors now specialized for support albinism here lead the top of that out there. and then there's this fair to say what it needs to walk around is supporting de varsity and inclusion. and then shelling like albinism is just part of the beauty of human. they've received jane white. there is working towards a more inclusive kenya where a lack of pigment doesn't mean a lack of respect. indeed, supporting diversity and including people with albinism is bo way to go from. one inspiring woman to very is pairing young man, i'll be ex, he grew up in cologne, germany among the colonies community. he's music combines influences from both
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cultures. but that's not the only thing that makes him stand out. ah, meets, i'll be ex, an up and coming up from cologne. lead can will need to reach on what was his heavy upward truck and he pulled sounds his shaking up the rats in big time . i'll be ex, wrapped in german, english, french, and lin gala. he's that he's unique floor deal for i love, but he stands for much more in it behind me, i'll be ex, is that you should be proud of yourself. who you are and where you come from. it stands for strength and hope and i'm happy to be part of the community. i am proud to be a person with albinism. so it's important to me that i make sure i represent it, that we set up people who somehow look different or have a disability don't need to pretend handicapped. and us opened up this new for
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staring ball from the 23 year old wrapper. was born with benny's, him, a rear hereditary, to seize. this means that his body cannot produce the natural can pigment melanie, in his childhood, and teeny, is, i'll be ex, often experience discrimination and racism from both his white and black peers. one reason why the rob does not want to give his real name. sure, of the loaner. i was often alone with my thoughts. i also had people who told me not to give up, but i was usually too preoccupied with my own thoughts. but i want to change that for other people. i don't want them to be alone. so that the, someone from the list, i don't want you to experience what i have lived through. i want to assure you that there is another week or so i always hope, no matter what i'm doing that i can reach people is curtis ish mention of ocean come, but i'll be ex, doesn't let himself be dragged down by the negative experiences of his past instead,
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he channels his experiences into something positive. he wraps he dances, he organizes potties and he models along the way. he's become a role model for many over even if you sometimes think, oh, i can do it. but yes, you can do it. don't look backwards, always look forward to so that's what i see for a sample with lilly could be lavar, jamal c levant, that means don't look backwards is always look for him on a former, born in germany raised in a kimberly's community. all of this influences are reflected in his music. i'll be ex, is proud of his roots and this shows through in his songs in them, he doesn't just honor his mother tongue, but also high calibre congolese artists like papa whimper and algoma. it song carries its own message, but they all have one thing in common. groceries group say us, you are loyal, so be stop, be proud of yourself and put through it and don't let anyone tell you otherwise,
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because you are perfect. the will you are be extra success on the stage and encouragement from his friends have both his drive as an artist, food. he will relieve his foster album and here he lives in the 77 percent of studios at d, w, our it is really awesome. having you here with us, thank you so much. now. thank you to, you know, we have cause some people have been following you through your jenny and your music is not just entertaining, right? in fact, you're korea, beyond music is full of empowerment. so what feedback have you gotten from people who have been touched by your work by kind of con, globin shop? you know, it's hard to believe people come up to me saying that, i mean, so bad them with my songs that i'm motivated them to try new things in your life.
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that if you always wanted to, and i'm a few months, the 1st message is that it's coming from the congo count. and for me don't like, wow, missiles, i thought maybe achieve something this afternoon, but you have made it ended. now you are born in germany, which is predominantly a white society, but it grew up within the community followed right. how was it like for you as a person living with albinism? growing up here? it's got good and i thought they were good as well as bad times, but that's how it often goes. i got it. experience this to my life here because i'm, i'm happy with it. memory i've made has been made me the person i am today. i am proud and it was really i open and growing up in my community. i'm generally as full person and i made many decisions for myself on top of feel. i'm feeling chung from he says to kaufman. i was often the long and even told by other
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people to give up on me as i was always in my own world off. and i had to decide for myself which path to take and i will i give up. when will will i persevere? shadow and i chose to persevere, he said, and that's really the best thing i've ever done. smoked on shock mish, that's friendship road, thought smugglers as best western policy and comforter. how much influence do, does the communist culture have on you, on your, on yourself and on your art is wrote to show emotion. i've always been a culturally aware person and wanted to know a lot about a congo because i never went to him to the congo. and some things happen to me within the con willis community here that were in positive hope. that's why it was important for me to hold on to the positive aspect and culture i associates with a cool i listen to where us on a lot we were from where awesome was my role model. my mother reminded me again last week, how i used to dance to his music song when i was small. and yes ma'am, it's very important for me to hold to that college i'm. it's like, oh,
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it's great that you mentioned a congolese musician because i you curious to get some feedback from the 77 percent as yeah. you wonder what they think about your music? i really want to know really wants to know really i have now we have been on the streets of kinshasa and played down the song lilly who now he, is there reaction. let's take a look. i am with berman law for the melody is nice. it's a bit like after a bit, but it's good for like, you certainly praiseworthy. we welcome his music wed, promotes our language. good luck to him. i know montauk valvular,
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but some music on, on silicon is music. we find universalism. assume you know, this artistic mix off as a certain color to music that shows originality. we feel a bit of the congo he sings in garlic, a little more things you can look it up. for me, the artist tries to affirm, is identity quite simply. it's a means of being able to tie the links between the spaces between germany and the congo. he also questions which is, is proper culture having never lived personally in the congo. you know, just a lot of people who oh, it was when you listen. i know the song but not the artist. i listen to this music, them through all this. so i like it. i like the genre. i like the songs. it sets a good atmosphere and we like it, especially when we are with friends. but all i know is it's the congolese who
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dominates music scenes everywhere. they dominate. everyone wants to know link gala to music, even when you're not born here. you still at this tendency to sing in like god, and that creates something important for our music. i talked with a boy, i think the music is good. it's great that he sang in the gala. that's the aspect that has chucked me or not, and i like it a lot. i actually you are slowly growing a fun based in the congress. did you hear that your music is uni russell, has in the rest the tilley t. i a if once reaction i ask that sancha worker she because her my 1st reaction. i'm really surprised. i am really happy because i've never been to the congo myself. my vote and it's, it's my wish to travel there this year and to express the place in real life. it
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would be awesome to play there to confirm. do a big consent. i'm overwhelmed, kind of, i don't really know what to see who's done her as wisdom with engines or let me sure which are far. this is a 77 press say, yeah, we tell it like it is. and speaking of the d. r. c. m, you've talked about how impactful the coil is culture, ease, and has been for you. and you've also emphasized, you know, the importance of your upbringing in germany. is it easy to balance the 2 cultures? and how do you do it as well? um, jose gonzalez, um schuchman is sure to solve the de, honestly, i've not really thought about how i should go about balancing those cultures unless i, for communist or was like again go with the flow. i'm always just my gone with the flow. you have to imagine it like this. my mixing of the languages happened when i
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was freestyle officers when i was creating music la deutsche. i mason lynn gala, german and frank. i consider doing something in german. malik, that was on 3rd smoking or bush was that was religion wish, but i have to do something that really stands out like where people would ingest. see, oh, he's doing doug because he's an albino. something. no, i'm sure i do what i do because i am an artist now, and i can sure that i have more to offer cuz most people thought i was french. and so i was even more motivated to show my gem on roots is come for sure recruitment, i mean is come. but also that i can adapt to different consciousness. i am not limited myself. i always say if you limit yourself, you create boundaries. and why should you create boundaries if it's possible to be universal? then the smoking is when uni visits then. oh, a susan. now there's how one watching us. right. and they're sitting at home and they're thinking, ok,
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i feel different. i probably look different as well. and what would be you want to them? because they're watching at home. what would be now you're wide to them. this is janice arg mr. lethargic. what i'd like to see, and i'm saying this because i really believe this. don, ever let anyone talk you down as they ask you, well, i don't think you are out of place or that you don't belong somewhere, right? no, you are your own very special person. you are the master of your own feet. let's go and get what's important for you, but don't wait for something to fall to. you don't let any one say you can't do something of the guns as soon as you're ready to take something on, go for it, because you are perfect. that way you are given lusty for much of a sudden and sober sylvie. debrief is perfect now. so look for it must be blown. corporal minister, wow. oh b x is what
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a strong message you're sending. please, please, please keep that series and thank you so much for being. my guess is duncan dear. thank you. you bet you are done very well. breaking stereotypes. that's what our characters in our next story wants to do. current photo. my dad, jamie and ida file are the only women in the entire gambia to on and run a vehicle repair, walk show. let's get our hands dot t de center officer can the hosts a very unique place. the only garage owned and run by females in the gum. yeah. for too much. uh huh. and i had a fall have joint forces to defies 2 types and gain a foothold in the auto industry. however, the 1st, how to convince their loved ones about your passion. oh, my biggest challenge was the in dealing with my mom to convince my mom that hey,
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it's ok is my passion. these one i believe in this is what i want to do. so forget about the stereotypes. look as a mom, i'm a woman is a car, a choice that i have to make us in many other countries, males dominated jo to motive industry in the come young women are supposed to stick to traditional duties. but for too much i decided to step out of the box and after studying mechanical engine, urine, she has opened her own garage, fema automotive service provider is the organisers under fed, is set to organize all the female that i in automotive industry as the come together we find it very difficult to be accept in the industry and, and i said, let us also have his found sample that let us establish our own female garrett, being apart from repairing and maintaining several cascading for to matter. and i teach young girls the basics of mechanical engineering and training program is
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designed to empower girls and reduce the gender gap in vocational education. the novel has joined him. i said again, they feel at about it because i love it. they said what man come newman can do it. and i said know that that's why i joined the swain to show them that what male can do a man can do it even more into any training more than 10 goals enrolled in the training, but many quit because of social pressure. i regret that discrimination as 2 types discouraged them. most of the time, some of the oh, some of the discriminations we feel is like get out of here. you are a woman, go and get married and settle down at home. this is not your walk and really it doesn't matter to us because i always tell them that there is no agenda in, in, in a carry a pot. despite a picture co mind sitting gum guin society. many people are starting to overcome
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prejudices and do not hesitate to entrust your cost to them. many of these are kind of job will be assigned to man in sort of woman. so does, does it does one of the reason not moves me to come here because i was impressed. i was impressed when i hear that, you know, it was in all gone by ladies. the young ladies contribute to changing societies mentality. so sooner rather than later, women and men are treated equally in the congo. in this morning, we are talking of gender and as they do face sustainable development, good here. so in gender equality, react for us. what the important that we have for as a female we fight, i'm, you said that we re also we have our right to see. we are part of the society. we have to be respected. notwithstanding the financial obstacles and gender discrimination for to matter and either have become an example of women's
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resilience by following your dreams and empowering the appears to fight what you call opportunities for to monitor. and hi, tim. in the gambia, i definitely breaking wisteria types now. corano restrictions and travel bonds. i still making life difficult, but i want more exploring again. well, could you go seems to be the prophet place. it isn't the heart of booking of fossil and it seems like people that are quite sporty. paralympics as lead victorian use, who takes us on a to our, on her city. they bill hello. my name is richard gibbs who i am and i'm going to show you my physical safety or could do well. i've given you situated in the center of the keynote part, so could do go. it's full of young people, passionate about one big sport and victory. reso is no exception. victory and
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contracted polio h 2, but has always been very active. in fact, she represented, but pato at the 2021 paralympics in tokyo, and she trains regularly with this young generation of athletes, victory practices, javelin, and shocked port. ah, i mean, o m, i'm pretty near a mistake. and i mean, this is my trainer is going to me, thanks to him. i've made great progress. i've loved for since childhood. at 1st i wanted to do by creating my, but there's no facility for him to do. that's why i concentrated on the roving sports when i'm near new phone with my mom doesn't bring a thought with training over and to change of outfit victory and heads to meet an old friend francois. you may go is a descendant of could do good, found a bit longer. your may go. now francois is one of the keynote, fossils best known crossman and makes garments using the famous 15 b organic cotton. it's
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a factory employing over 70 people. he's reviving the fossil cotton producing have a from the 980 victory knows quality when she sees it. ah, it's time for lunch and to re nose, just the play. she is invited, members of her sporting club to her local favorite restaurant to indulge in. good to go with the signature dish. ah for 44 mangled trees is famous far beyond could do for they agreed chicken on spicy rice swung by la. we're in for a tasty meal and about 5 to what happened at night time. approaches could go has one last trick up a sleeve. the a typical nights of good to go or an a k festival. hundreds of musicians and dancers come to this cultural highlight. each year and a number of local dignitaries choose. the n a k festival is the
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biggest cultural event in google. it's already the 26th edition. many famous artists from booking of fossil and neighboring countries come, we are very proud of n a k and you are welcome to could you go to potty wheeler monday from the traditional to the contemporary but keynote fosters could do go, has it all the and all good things come to an end, but we'll be back next week with a brand new episode of the 77 percent. as always, you can reach us via social media or drop us an e mail. and now we have a musical treat for you. paying homage to d r. c is a musical heavy weight, a really long gone by you just for him here in the studio, i'll be x with his own interpretation of co pay be bomba. because up with you soon, goodbye and enjoy.
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with who ah, child abuse case, the outrage mia mars population and pushed investigative journalists to a nurse, a crew to move i it. so it is obvious that the child was sold for $800.00 for the child, slavery, me and mario the original business with adoptions. 15
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minutes on d, w, making the headlines and what's behind them. dw news africa that shows that the issues in the continent life is slowly getting back to normal here, where the st. you, in the us reports on the inside of our cars, find that was on the ground reporting from across the continent and all the trend stuff. mazda you 90 minutes on d, w. o. christian, of whether the next crisis will come. but only when and how the media will deal with it. how can we stay focused on what is important? shaping tomorrow now,
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exploring opportunities for media professionals in times of crisis. the global media for june 2020 to your ticket now. well go to the dark side where intelligence agencies are pulling the strings. there was a before 911 and an aftermath. 11 pieces after $911.00. the clubs came off, were organized crime rules. were conglomerates make their own laws works through what's big. it doesn't matter. the only criteria is what we'll hook people up. we shed light on the opaque world who is behind the benefits. and why are they a threat to us all opaque worlds this week on
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