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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 11, 2022 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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a real dialogue. how did this confrontation begin? how great is the danger that it will spread? the long war he's really run usa starts june 15th on d, w. ah ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin. the european union promised his progress on ukraine's bid to join the e. u. commission chief 1st lafond or lie makes a surprise trip to keith, but president a lot of new zalinski warrants. he also needs progress and getting more ammunition
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to his troops coming up later. marching to stop the slaughter, thousands joined, protect the protest across the united states, demanding stricter gun controls and an end to mass shootings. enough is enough. they say president joe biden urges the demonstrators to keep arching and it's back to mass testing and locked downs for millions in china. restructured restrictions are re imposed as new coping 19 cases emerge in shanghai and beijing. ah, i'm nick spicer. welcome to the program. the european union is promising a rapid assessment of ukraine's membership application commission. she 1st lavonne lion made a surprise visit to keith crane, submitted its requested joined back in march. for days after russia faded,
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brussels will say next week whether it will be given candidate status. as to me, you are so welcome to play with momentum, seemingly shifting in moscow's favour. ukrainian president was clearly pleased to see ursula on the line again top of their agenda, ukraine's e u membership bid. the european commission chief is promising progress soon. zalinski and the president of the european commission. ursula funder lang. as you know, the commission is currently preparing the recommendations of so called opinion for the u. member states. we have been working day and night on this assessment and i promised to you an april the of or not m. yeah. that we will it be tirelessly working on it. so the discussions today will enable us to finalize our assessment by the end of next week. that of zelinski is keen to stress that it's not just
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ukraine's fake the on the line. lee, we through that as was a woman, are suddenly a decisive moment. not only for ukraine and the european union, but for the entire european continent, summers i was now decide the future of united europe, certainly, and whether there will be a future told him severely to to ukraine, to reach that hoped for european future. it's defenders will have to hang on in the face of russia's overwhelming advantage in heavy weaponry that moscow has employed to devastating effect in savannah than yet. the strategic city in the don bass is now almost completely under russian control. what ukrainian command as a warning that keeps forces won't be able to stop further russian advances unless it's western allies provide more heavy weapons and ammunition without delay. so if all goes well for cheap, does this mean ukraine will be able to join the you faster than usual?
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i put that question to d. debuse rebecca rivers in cute i. well the short answer to that nick is, is no. there is no legal framework for a fast tracking of a sent a session to the a you. but on the line saying that the, the process will be completed by next week of the cow, of the commission's recommendations. now that commission recommendation is likely to be positive and was perhaps slightly fast tracked if you will, given the light of the situation here with the war. but definitely the a say a session process as it were, can not be fast tracked on the line. and the has to give her recommendation, all the commissions recommendation. and then that has to go to the 27 members day to only to unanimously agree. and therefore triggering the long, the long process to a session or so, let's say the do get a good assessment. all the member states agree, can you walk us through the succession process? what does it mean to join the you? how long does it take? for example, well,
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it's lengthy and complicated as most things with the a, you tend to be very bureaucratic, but this isn't just about bureaucracy. this is about making sure that any state that joins the a you is signed up to the liberal democratic values. you know, there that needs to be a rule of law or there needs to be a functioning economy. there needs to be anti corruption measures and a functioning judiciary. these things are the process if they ought to be successful and they are allowed candidate status. the process can still take on average up to 10 years. sometimes longer, you look at the case of turkey. turkey became a candidate in 1999. so it's like an incredibly long process and then negotiations have stalled. so there is actually no guarantee even if they make candidate status, that they will, but then therefore be brought into the a you. but this is the 1st step for sure. and you know, rebecca were not in ursula van lines had, presumably she could have i sent an email or called zalinski and told him this news
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. what do you think she came to keep in person to make this announcement? well i, it's symbolic. of course, this is her 2nd trip to ukraine since the war began. no, she wants to come and show that the you does support you crime. that's lensky, you know, has a friend in the you bots, you know, as well. it's going to help with her assessment process, you know, having made long discussions with the lensky, she's going to be able to write up these assessments better as well. but he also even nice visit, of course, was discussions about how the a you a what the a you can do to help you crime redevelop after the war even before the was over. but, you know, help with the process of developments is this will began. so a symbolic gesture from the a you but, but certainly an important one. and i think one that she really wanted to make did not want to send that email. okay. or back, right. thanks so much for that insight reporting from g force thousands of people are marching across cities in the united states demanding stricter gun laws rallies
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are part of a renewed push for tighter gun controls. following a string of mastery, american lawmakers have passed some restrictions, but the measures are likely to be overturned in the senate because democrats don't have enough hopes. it's been for years since the 1st march of our lives in the united states. i asked you w, me sort of scanned it in washington on the mall there. what has changed since then? nick, it has been for years and i think the answer a lot of people here would give you is that not much has changed at all. this is a movement that was founded after a mass shooting at a school in parkland florida in 2018, and that spurred families of the victims. also students who were survivors to demand gun control to, to march on washington and demand that lawmakers do something. and really on the federal level and also on the state level in florida, not much has changed at all. that was a note of frustration that we heard among many of the people gathered here behind
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me to day issued. and what you'll see behind me is actually these rows of white flowers. these were planted here for the mark, march of 4 allies rather movement to show the victims of gun violence sub there gathered here. they're going to then march to the capitol because at the moment, lawmakers are negotiating some measures to tighten gun control. and protesters hear the much for allies movement, want to make sure that they are heard loud and clear. as stunning to look at that field of flock, they seem to be countless to bouquets. first, let me ask you about what the protesters actually want concretely and do you think they can achieve it? yeah, i think so the, so this movement in particular much for our lives, they have a number of policy proposals that they want to see implemented, for example, things like a national registry for firearms and firearm owners. they want to see red flag law strength. and these are laws that would allow official to take guns out of homes where people are deemed to be a risk to themselves if the people around them. they also want to see assault weapons band and high magazine, high campuses, capacity magazines. that is what,
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how many bullets a gun can shoot whether that can be achieved? well, there are very specific policy proposals on the table from this group that simply are non starters. when it comes to lawmakers and also among many americans who support some sort of gun control, don't know exactly how shut, how that should look. and indeed, i talked to some gun control advocates this week. he told me we don't want a band assault weapons. we simply want to make sure that they don't land on the wrong hands, so when it comes to whether they can achieve these aims, that becomes more difficult. there is, however, a push in congress underway in the wake of the recent shootings to enforce stricter gun control. but it looks set to fail. is that right? that's right. make or indeed the house of representatives where the democrats have a majority. this week we're able to pass a package of measures that came in response to the mass shootings that we've seen in the u. s. in recent rates in buffalo, new york, and you've all the texas in tulsa,
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oklahoma. they put together this package of measures. it includes things like raising the age to buy a semi automatic weapon from $18.00 to $21.00. that did pass in the house. it is headed to the senate and it is all but doomed there. that is because democratic senators don't have the numbers they need, they would need 10 republican senators to vote alongside them, and that is very unlikely at the state. so again, it looks like after more mass shootings in the u. s, there is little to no action that will be taken on the federal level. next. okay. have you so miss thomas canada reporting for us from washington d. c. thanks for that. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world. china's defense minister says bridging well and his words not hesitate to start a war. if taiwan declares independence gave the warning at an international security summit and singapore american president joe biden has said, washington will defend taiwan. should tyna china attack iran and venezuela has signed
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a 20 year cooperation agreement with the deal covers areas including energy in defense. ran is one of venezuela's main. alex, you 2 countries are both under tough us. thank you. miss daniels in the 2 people have been shocked that in india as protest there turned violent crowds demanded the rest of former members of the ruling hindu nationalist. b. j. p. party accused of making derogatory remarks about the prophet mohammed. china's 2 biggest cities are facing new locked downs. dozens of coven 19 cases are reported in the capital bay ging, people in parts of shanghai will also have to remain indoors. both cities eased restrictions earlier this month, but the respite has proved a short one. ah, fresh lockdown and mouth testing in shanghai. not the weekend many diffidence, we're hoping for. just 10 days after the city started eating grueling restrictions mocked by food shortages and scattered protests, millions of shanghai,
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its residents have to stay indoors once again. and in that yeah, of course, embodied the lockdown was just lifted on june. first, we were only just slowly recovering and returning to some semblance of a normal looking life. oh, i am a little wider if that upwards of cases and the compound b will be in a lockdown. i will get some supplies to stop a similar situation happening again, sensitivity in beijing, some districts are shutting down bars and tops again. after fresh cases were traced to some night lights, sports. the city has reported dozens of new cases. china is one of the last major economies still pursuing a 0 corporate policy. but doc downs have battered the, gone to me and flashed, brought forecasts more disruptions, good further florida cavity. some residents still have accepted strict testing and
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restrictions as a way of life. or, you know, this is something we should do because only when every one will be in the requirements can reduce the risk of virus transmission. i see it as a normal thing. i've never taught that it adds to the trouble or isn't that the government has made it easy and you can get tested close to your home. it's so convenient. is that any reason not to do it? but we're driving blocked on fatigue and highly transmissible variants are. those are questioning if a 0 call it policy is even sustainable time for sports now and some international football, germany, true one, all with hungary in the nation's league in budapest. both girls were scored before the 10 minute mark. the home side netted 1st though, was joke. now, the 3, sorry, and 3 minutes later, so eunice hoffen leveled the affair. it's germany's 3rd consecutive draw in the
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competition. american judge has dis raped, dismissed, excuse me, a rape lawsuit brought against soccer starkers geno rinaldo. a woman accused rinaldo raping her in los angeles hotel room in 2009. she lost her claim for millions of dollars and compensation. the court heard rinaldo had paid the woman $375000.00 after the alleged incident. the judge says the case was tainted by stolen documents. in formula one ferrari, charlotte player has secured pull position for the as or by jan grand prix is the 4th consecutive pulled for the town. and his 6 of the season, 24 year old is 2nd in the overall standing behind red bulls max for stopping. he finished 3rd and qualified behind his teammates, sergio perez lineup. before we go, here's a quick look at the top story. this our european union is promising to assess ukraine's bid to join the block by the end of next week,
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brussels boss ursula founder lion has made a surprise visit to key for talks with president load of news lensky as offer. now coming up next art technology show shifts looks at why artificial intelligence may not be neutral. don't forget, you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website as t w dot com. i'm next pfizer. thanks for watching. ah what people have to say matters to us.


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