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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 12, 2022 5:00am-5:16am CEST

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with ah ah this is did, i mean is live from berlin? the european union promises progress on ukraine's bed to join the e. u. e commission chief or serve on the line makes the price trip to give back to president. brought him is the lens he wants. he also needs progress of getting more weapons to his troops class marching to stop the killing. thousands during protest
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across the united states, demanding tighter gun control and an end to mass shooting. president joe biden urges the protesters to keep logic. and it's back to mass testing and locked out for millions and tyna restrictions are re imposed. as coven 19 cases emerge in shanghai and beijing. ah, i rena muhammad, welcome to the program. the european union is promising a rapid assessment of ukraine's membership application. commission chief as lavonne delight, made a surprise visit to give your cranes that both the has says the methodist request to join back in march. brussels will announce is decision next week. as we do with
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the welcome, with momentum seemingly shifting and moscow's faber, ukrainian present was clearly pleased to see ursula on the lion again top of their agenda, ukraine's e u membership bid. the european commission chief is promising progress soon was a wednesday, and the president of the european commission were sula, founder lang. as you know, the commission is currently preparing the recommendations of so called opinion for the member states. we have been working day and night on this assessment and i promised to you in april the of a lot of you that we will be tirelessly working on it. so the discussions today will enable us to finalize our assessment by the end of next week. that is, zalinski is keen to stress that it's not just ukraine's fake the on the line. li, are we through that, as was woman, are suddenly
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a decisive moment. not only for ukraine and the european union, but for the entire european continent, summers that has now decide the future of united europe, certainly. and whether there will be a future told him severely with the ukraine to reach that hoped for european future . it's defenders will have to hang on in the face of russia's overwhelming advantage in heavy weaponry that moscow has employed to devastating effect in savannah done yet. the strategic city in the don bass is now almost completely under russian control. what ukrainian command, as a warning that keeps forces won't be able to stop further russian advances unless it's western allies provide more heavy weapons and ammunition without delay. while his, the luck of some of the other developments in the wall, russian forces occupying southern ukraine has the god handing out passports. 23 locals, including the new moscow, installed governor of hare san,
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have accepted russian passports. russia has also opened an office and many topple in a region so partly held by ukraine. german media are reporting that chancellor left sholtes is planning to visit ukraine's capital keith before the end of june. the built newspaper says the chancellor will visit with french president emmanuel croft and italian private as that mario druggie. the german government has so far declined to comment on the report of a guns sermons, tens of thousands of people have rallied across the united states in a renewed push for tougher gun control measures. in the aftermath of last month, school massacre and texas, protesters say it's time for action and not more prayers. while lawmakers have drafted new legislation, the reforms are unlikely to overcome congressional heard hurdles and become law. o the brooklyn bridge in new york. just one of more than 400 rallies held across
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the us on saturday. the marches were organized after a spate of deadly shootings across the country. buffalo, new york, and u val de texas were 2 of them, carried out by attackers with high powered firearms. weapons that demonstrate as here would like to see under strict regulation if you look at it, all of the recent murders have been done by 18 year olds. and yet they can't smoke cuz they can't buy cigarettes. they can't buy liquor because they're not mature enough to handle those 2 things. and yet they mature enough to handle an 8 or 15 separate dickens. and the biggest rally was in washington d. c. way senators, a said to vote on gun reform later this week. the us house of representatives has passed bills, which would, in principle, raised the age limit on buying semi automatic weapons and established federal red
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flag laws. but the bills are not likely to become law because of united republican opposition and the senate. something activists here cannot understand if our government can't do anything to stop 19 kids from being killed and fluttered in their own school and to capitated. it's time to change. oh, then guards from the very top of the us government president joe biden urged to demonstrate is not to give up. marsha, with the way people with my vote. people are gone. but protesters are not giving up yet. and they demanding action from the law makers . of the w sumi sub a scar, there was at the rally in washington dc,
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and she told me what specific measures or changes the protesters weren't. well, quite simply rahile or they won't just any sort of change. i mean, we saw so many signs imploring lawmakers to do something to make up schools, churches supermarket safer. we have seen the speed of mass shootings in buffalo, new york, and you've all the texas, tulsa, oklahoma and the anger and the frustration was really palpable among protesters. specifically the march for allies movement. this was founded after mass shooting and florida 4 years ago, and they have a list of policy proposals. they want to see address. that includes a national licensing and registry system, a ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines. that's essentially how many bullets a gun can fire off policies to disarm gun owners who pose a risk. also a national gun buyback program. but we have to say we're here that while the majority of americans do clearly in survey after survey say they want some sort of restrictions on guns. it becomes tricky when you talk about the how,
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because we did speak to gun control, advocates this past, we can say there shouldn't be a ban on assault weapons or that there shouldn't be a national registry. what they can't agree on is that something needs to be changed . and you mentioned the march for our lives protests which, you know, that happened about 4 years ago. but how big was the turn out this time around in other parts of the united states? well, there were big protest and cities across the country from new york to chicago to los angeles, and we saw a pretty big crowd here in d. c. we have to say what is different this time from the previous march that you mentioned? we heard from protesters that there is this renewed sense of urgency after the mass shootings that i mentioned. and the fact that america has witnessed more mass shootings than days in the year. so all of that is contributed to this fresh momentum. really the push for gun safety legislation, but we have to remind viewers that nothing has actually changed in terms of legislation. and a lot of protesters we saw and spoke to carried signs expressing their fury with lawmakers who have blocked any progress on meaningful reform. yeah, there is also
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a renewed push in congress, full gun control, but there are some stumbling blocks that just took us through those. yeah, the stumbling block is and has been a grid lock in the senate. so the house of representatives where the democrats have a majority, they were able to pass a package of measures this week that include things that they call common sense gun laws. like removing guns from the homes of people who are considered a risk. raising the age to purchase a semi automatic firearm from 18 to 21. but that is all but doomed in the senate. and the reason rahile is that the democrats don't have the numbers. they would need 10 republicans to vote with them on this package. there is not much chance that they will get that majority. they are still negotiating. there's some optimism, but most observers here believe that congress will come up short again on legislation on gun control. he deputies assuming the mask on the in washington dc. thank you so much. we as like
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a smother news taking place around the world. police and the western u. s. 8 of idaho have arrested that one men suspected of plotting to stage arrived near an algae p t q. pride event. police say the suspects are members of a white nationalist group. authorities were tipped off by a call from a local resident reported, seeing what looked like quote, a little army voters in france had to the poles and parliamentary elections seen as a critical to the success of president emanuel. my con, 2nd term agenda. the centrists president's absolute majority is at stake with polls predicting a strong challenge from a left wing alliance opposed to many of microns policy or chinese defense minister way thing her has warned that any attempt to bring about tie one's independence will trigger a fight to the end, he spoke at the original security form in singapore general way accused the united
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states of pursuing an indo pacific strategy bound to lead to confrontation. he said, china's relationship with the us was that critical juncture, and that it was up to washington to improve ties at asians most important security summit in singapore, a threat of war interpreters. we would want to know if anyone dares to split taiwan from china. the chinese military will fight at all costs a smash, any secessionist attempt to see and will, resolutely safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity was our control . couldn't go under that warning. followed a meeting between superpower defense ministers, chinese way from her and lloyd austin, of the us. tensions between beijing and washington over the self governing island of ty, one have sought in recent months. frequent incursions by the chinese air force into
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ty, one's air defense soon have angered the biden administration. we were witness, they studied increase in provocative and d, stabilizing military activity near ty war, and we remained focused on maintaining peace stability and the status quo. a quart across the try one street. but the p. r. c's moves brightened to undermine security and stability and prosperity in the endo pacific, or you will last month. president joe biden announced that washington would defend ty, one should china or attack provoking an angry rebuke from beijing. but the white house has since walked back those statements. part of a deliberate policy of vagueness on taiwan, known as strategic ambiguity. for the small island nation, living in the shadow of it's increasingly assertive neighbor, that ambiguity provides little comfort. a time is too big. a cities are facing
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new locked downs. dozens of coven 19 cases are reported in the capital. beijing and people in parts of shanghai will also have to remain indoors. both cities east restrictions early this month. but the rest fight has proved a short one. fresh lockdown and marked a thing in shanghai. not to weaken many deference were hoping for just 10 days after the city started easing grueling restrictions marked by food shortages and scattered protests. millions of shank highest residents have to stay in doors once again. and in that yeah, of course on voted, the lockdown was just lifted on june. first we were only just slowly recovering and dawning to some semblance of a normal working life. oh, i am a little wider if there are positive cases and the compound we will be in a lockdown. i will get some supplies to stop
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a similar situation happening again on such energy project. in beijing, some districts are shutting down bars and clubs again. after fresh cases were traced to some night life sports, the city has reported dozens of new cases. china is one of the last major economies still pursuing a 0 covert policy. but doc downs have battered the economy and flashed growth forecasts more disruptions, good further florida cavity. some residents still have accepted strict testing and restrictions as a way of life. or, you know, this is something we should do because only when everyone will be in the requirements can reduce the risk of virus transmission. i see it as a normal thing. i've never taught that it adds to the trouble or your, your isn't that the government has made it easy and you can get tested close to your home. it's so convenient. is that any reason not to do it?
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but with driving, locked on fatigue and highly transmissible variants are, those are questioning if a 0 corbett policy is even sustainable. you're watching the w news live from berlin or mines. you can find much more news analysis and video on a website d, w dot com. if you the all the latest news on youtube as well, if you just simply live stream us coming up. next is a documentary on turkey's last nomads. i'm here mohammed, thanks for watching all season. i imagine how many pushing of lunch us heard out in the world climate trade different stores. this is my place the way from just one week how much work can really does.


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