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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 12, 2022 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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well, we'll people, we shed light on the opaque world who's behind benefits. and why are they a threat to whistle open equals this week on d w ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin. ukraine says it's forces are still holding on and the eastern city have yet to go. now. there is intense street fighting there, and the region is under heavy rushing. shelling also coming up. nato's chief has
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acknowledged that turkey has legitimate concerns about sweden and finland joining the alliance. anchor is blocking the 2 nordic countries becoming part of nato, saying they have back to opposition groups hostile to their turkish. and french voters have cast their ballots in the 1st round of parliamentary elections. president emanuel mack call is being challenged by a new coalition of left wing parties, led by joan group middle ah, next by sir. welcome to the program. ukraine says it remains in control of a chemical factory in the eastern city of soviet or the next hundreds of civilians are sheltering inside the plant. the city has become at the epicenter of the battle for eastern ukraine, boats of yellow donetta and the nearby town of lucy. chances are under massive
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attack by russian artillery ukrainian soldiers enlist a chance under fire from russian artillery. though they managed to evacuate a wounded civilian. another barrage forces them to take cover again. this chance is the twin city to see ever rode on yet sc which remains the focus of russia's offensive in the dawn. bus. russian and separatist forces have so far struggled to fully claim the city sever dynette is not completely all 100 percent liberated. while cave reports that ukrainian forces us still holding out, let's see what the enemy conducts. a sold operations in the city of civil de, nancy will, but without success, then white with street fighting, still raging across the city. most of ukraine's forces
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a hold up in the adult chemical plant, along with an unknown number of civilians. the fist fighting has made evacuating the city impossible. but in this war of attrition, the dawn bus is not russia's only target. the russian ministry of defense has released this footage of strikes against what it claims a ukrainian strongholds. a russian news agency is also reporting claims that a large stock pile of us and europeans supplied weapons in west and ukraine was destroyed. the loss of these supplies would be a major blow for ukrainian forces. with some troops warning they are running low on ammunition. the west has promised to send additional weapons and for ukrainian troops in the don bus. these can't come soon enough. and earlier i spoke to yuri sack in keith who is an advisor to the ukrainian defense minister and asked him about the deployment of western weapons in the country
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a lead we had received. and we began receiving ramstein out of the meeting and the ramstein air force base in germany. you're going to began receiving heavy artillery legal standard, $855.00 caliber. and we have already received and deployed to the front of 150 of such items, and they are efficiently used along the battlefield. and of course, as our president and administer defense continues to say we need more of these and we need more of course, the amount, the large rocker systems, such as the address and high mars a ship already occurred. the u. s. has said already that they will provide ukraine way for system, so i'm are you ready? said they were providing you with systems, but just so that you understand according to the general start of the cranium armed forces, ukraine currently needs about
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a 100 effect systems to be able to conduct a counter offensive and to be able to liberate our land. so timing is crucial and we need to receive the systems fast. american senators have announced a bipartisan framework for limited curbs on firearms. the move falls short of stronger steps sought by president joe biden, and many democrats, but with new republican support. it would break a stalemate in congress that has lasted for years despite mass killings and giant protests. the renewed push for gun control comes after a teenager shot dead 19 school children and 2 teachers in texas elementary school last month. nato secretary general young stilton bird has said that turkey security concerns over swedish and finish nato membership are legitimate. the 2 nordic countries applied to join the alliance last month in light of russia's war on
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ukraine. but turkey's president wretched tie a bear to one has raised objections, accusing them of backing kurdish opposition groups anchor considers terrorist organizations. in helsinki, the message to ankara was clear. nato is listening. welcome. we are working hard with our nato allies, turkey, turkey, and also with the field and sweden to address those issues, thought to turkey a house erased, and these are legitimate concerns. this is about to terrorism. is about to weapons exports. the finished president also stressed the talk to ongoing, but neither hinted at any progress reasons to take ca turkeys. president edwin took his nato allies by surprise last month when he said he would block finland and sweden's membership bids new. to accusing them of harbouring people, linked to the kurdistan work his party, the p k. k, which is listed as a terrorist organization in both countries. turkey also accuses sweden of backing
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the people's defense units in northern syria. and kara regards the mainly kurdish militia as an offshoot of the p. k. k of you not shed bites nato allies. the 2 nordic countries place turkey under an alms exploit embargo after luncheon offensive against the group in 2019. 0, one has said that embargo is another obstacle on their road to nato membership in all the colors. and for more on this we're joined by are due to view correspond, terry schultz in brussels. terry secretary general stillberg says he has understanding for turkey's concerns in this dispute. does that mean? yes, that that's what he said and as thornburg has offered himself as a mediator in this dispute. so he is walking a very fine line and he needs to make sure not to antagonize turkey further so that it will put up even more resistance to finland and sweden joining at the same time, particularly as a fellow nordic leader. i still timber doesn't really believe i am certain that
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finland and sweden are knowingly harboring terrorists or exporting weapons to, to groups considered a terrorist by the european union. and by both of these countries themselves, the p k. k. so if we need to listen carefully to what stilton berg said, he said, turkeys concerns about terrorism and about weapons exports to terrorist groups are legitimate concerns. he did not go so far as to say, he thinks either of these 2 countries are doing that. but again, with turkey already being a member and with all 30 allies needing to approve the exception of finland in sweden, he needs to make sure to be listening to ankara to make sure turkey feels like it. it's being taken into consideration. at the same time i, he needs to keep up hopes in finland and sweden that this bold move they've taken to apply for membership in the alliance are kept alive. and just to get into the details here between the 2 countries, turkey seems more opposed to sweden joining than finland to moral stoughton bird
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meets with the swedish prime minister. what, what to expect there that's true. sweden does seem to be more of a bull's eye for turkey than, than finland does. and does the finished president today expressed his, his surprise more than once in that press conference, that turkey is opposing his country. he said that he'd received assurances many, many times, that a turkey supported finish membership, so he's clearly very disappointed in that president saline. mr. to morrow in sweden you're likely to her secretary general stilton burg, say more of the same that turkish concerns need to be taken into account that he is going to be discussing with the 3 countries intensively. how you can resolve this. but it, it truly does seem to be a stand off right now. and i know you don't want a crystal ball game, but does it seem like there's a possible compromise? there has to be a path, a compromise, because everybody in nato, including turkey, knows that finland and sweden would be very,
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very useful additions to the alliance that they would make nato stronger. and that's in everyone's interest. turkey, i think, at his heart is not opposed to finland and sweden joining nato. it is simply wants to extract the most that it can out of out of this process and it has the power to do so right now, every one hopes this will be resolved, that the accession negotiations can be opened by the summit in madrid. the end of this month. ok, terry shows reporting force from brussels. thanks so much time for some other world news now. former mcdonald's restaurants in russia have reopened under a new name and logo delicious full stop. not all russians are happy about the change. the opening ceremony in moscow was disrupted by a protester holding up assigned, demanding the return of the big mack. mcdonald's close is $850.00 russian outlets in response to the russian invasion of ukraine. me hope frances has apologized the faithful gathered in saint peter's square for postponing his trip to africa. ni
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problems which have put him in a wheelchair have led doctors to advise them to stay at home. pontiff said, the postponement was a source of great regret the voting in the 1st round of french parliamentary elections has ended. paul show that president emanuel mack called centrist alliance is neck and neck, with a new coalition of left wing parties, led by jones banashali losing the majority here could be disastrous to michael's plans for reform. for more on this however, we're gonna cross live to lisa lewis. are you gonna be correspondent in paris? lisa, falling stations have close. what? what are the numbers and what do they mean? well, there different estimates really bad. she asked mazar showing the government's party, emma, my cause party, neck and neck. with a new left wing aligns new another whole. another estimate is showing that new the
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left wing lines is in the lead. in any case, these estimations are also predicting that in the 2nd round are voting next week. and my call is not guaranteed to get a majority in parliament. he would need 289 seats in parliament. and currently, estimates are saying he could get between 270 and a 310 or 20 really. so it's not clear what will happen next week, and the difference between a, you know, today's 8 and next, next week's vote is really that in between both leaders in the 2nd round of voting and that's in the 1st round of fading they were trying to grab additional votes from other parties, the left in the lines. it will have difficulties because they also already are, you know, brought together all the different left wing parties. whereas, and one of my course party from the center could grab no votes or from, you know, center, right? parties that's why he is also shown to be in the lead when it comes to the seats
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next week in the 2nd renovating in that 2nd round. next week, my call does not get the majority here seeking what happens to his reform agenda. well this is a really good question because you know, in my, my car he will need a majority in that is these 289 seeds in parliament if you wants to push through his reforms. actually, if he doesn't get the absolute majority, that will always be in a pushback from other parties and it's likely that he will not be able to carry out . especially as market orientated reform, such as at the, you know, the increase of the pension age from currently $62.00 to $64.00 or 5 also at france will be a lot less, a decisive and a lot less. divided francis a very important a partner country for you members state for example, and that would be more difficult for my, my call to stand as a strong leader on an international level if he's contested at home,
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and especially in parliament. ok, the ws lisa lewis reporting force on the 1st round of 2 in french legislative elections. thanks so much before we go, here's a quick look at our top story. this, our ukraine says his forces are still holding out in part of the eastern city. as of yet, the nest for hundreds of civilians have found shelter. the city and surrounding area are witnessing consistent, intense street fighting and heavy brush shuttling. don't forget, you can always get the w news on the go. just download our app from google play or from the app store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking booth. and your 1st watching g. w. news live from berlin. coming up next is our show shift living in the digital
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age mix spicer extra with her. i'm just kinda i want that tags and in the end the some meet you on what i love to see you anymore. we will send you back.


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