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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 12, 2022 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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ah yes, the wine, because no one should have to flee. make up your own mind. d. w. made for mines. ah ah, this is the news live from berlin. ukraine says its forces are still holding on in the eastern city of civil don't ask. there is intense street fighting there, and the region is under heavy russian. shelley also coming up american senators
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reach a landmark bipartisan deal on gun control. republicans and democrats in the u. s. senate are backing moves which could break a decades long stay late in congress to bring narrow changes to fire. our french voters have cast their ballots in the 1st round of parliamentary elections. president emanuel that calls party and a new coalition of left wing parties, led by, you know, luc middle shall, are neck and neck according to forecast. ah, unexpired are welcome to the program. ukraine says it remains in control of a chemical factory in the eastern city. yes. of yet, or the nest, hundreds of civilians are sheltering inside the plant. the city itself has become the epicenter of the battle for eastern ukraine, both soviet over their nets and the nearby town of lucy chest are under massive
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attack by russian artillery. ukrainian soldiers enlisted chanced under fire from russian artillery though they manage to evacuate a wounded civilian. another barrage forces them to take cover again. this a chance is the twin city to see ever done, yet sk which remains the focus of russia's offensive in the dawn. bus russian and separatist forces have so far struggled to fully claim the city sever dynette is not completely all 100 percent liberated. while cave reports that ukrainian forces us still holding out, let's see what the enemy conducts. a sold operations in the city of several inevitable, but without success. there might with street fighting, still raging across the city. most of ukraine's forces are hold up in the adult
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chemical plant, along with an unknown number of civilians. the fist fighting has made evacuating the city impossible. but in this war of attrition, the don bus is not russia's only target. the russian ministry of defense has released this footage of strikes against what it claims a ukrainian strongholds. a russian news agency is also reporting claims that a large stock pile of u. s. and european supplied weapons in west and ukraine was destroyed. the loss of these supplies would be a major blow for ukrainian forces. with some troops warning they are running low on ammunition. the west has promised to send additional weapons and for ukrainian troops in the don bus. these can't come soon enough. earlier i spoke to your a sack in the ukraine capital keith, he is an advisor to the ukrainian defense minister and i asked him about the deployment of western weapons, the country
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a lead we had received and we began receiving ramstein out of the me cci. either on, on air force base in germany, you grain began receiving a heavy, actually good legal standard. 885 caliber. and we have already received and deployed to the front ah, $150.00 of such items. and they are efficiently used along the battlefield. and course, as our president administer, defense continues to say, we need more of these. i need more. of course, i'll be multi launch rocket systems, such as the m r s, and hi mars a shift already occurred. you asked, has said already they will provide you credit for system, so i must be you guys ready said then why do you play with m r s systems, but just so that you understand according to the general start of the cranium armed
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forces, ukraine currently needs about a 100 of such systems to be able to conduct a counter offensive and to be able to liberate our land. so timing is crucial and we need to receive the systems fast. that was your 2nd advisor to the ukraine. defense minister, talking to us from keith. american senators have announced a bipartisan framework for limited curbs on firearms. the move falls short a stronger step. stop by president joe biden, and many democrats, but with new republican support, it would break a stalemate in congress that has lasted for decades despite mass killings and john protest. the renewed push for gun control comes after a teenager shot dead 19 school children and 2 teachers and in texas elementary school last month. so what would
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a deal in the senate on gun control look like? i put that question to d. w, send me some a scanner in washington. yeah, nick, the steel would do a few things. i'll take you through what was agreed upon now. it would provide money and to states to implement red flag laws. these are laws that allow officials to room remove guns from someone who's considered a risk. and these laws already exist in 19 states and in the district of columbia as well. it would close the so called boyfriend loophole, so that would stop people who have been convicted of domestic violence from an obtaining a firearm. it would also include an expanded background check for people who are under the age of $21.00 and want to purchase a gun. and it would give grants to states to address mental health concerns that something a lot of republicans have called for because they blame these mass shootings on mental health and not guns themselves. and it would give funding to schools to improve safety. now, the bipartisan group that worked on the steel said that this plan will save lives and protect the constitutional rights of law abiding americans. again,
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language there that is important to republicans. this is a deal in principle. the tax still needs to be drafted, but if it holds and makes it through the house, it would be a big deal because no, no legislation essentially has been passed on the federal level in 30 years. and nick, i was just on dw yesterday saying look as saying that any legislation looks doomed in the senate. so this appears to be a significant breakthrough. i remember that conversation with you. well, and this feels like a big surprise. but, but as you were saying, this kind of legislation has been called for 4 years. can you tell us just how did this come about this, this surprise deal? well, it took a massive outcry after the mass shootings and buffalo new val day a texas. you mentioned 19 children, 2 teachers were killed in that shooting. and one of the loudest voices was senator chris murphy is a democrat from the state of connecticut. that state witnessed a horrific mass shooting in 2012 at sandy hook. and he said at the time that doing nothing was not an option option and that he would be willing to accept incremental
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change. so he spearheaded this effort and he end democrats and the president made clear this deal certainly is not enough. they want to see more stringent laws. they want to see assault weapons. for example, band. they want to see say storage laws for gun stored at home were background checks on gun shows as well. but the devil is in the details here. nick, we have to see how much money they're actually going to allocate towards this if it passes. and also have to think about the fact that juvenile background checks might not stop at many masters who don't ever previous record. but again, senator chris murphy saying that this incremental change is better than nothing. well, i'm sure. yeah. fingers crossed so is i think the sentiment for many americans, particularly those who have suffered from all of those mass shootings over the years, see me. so i scanned that reporting force from washington dc. time for some other world news now. on a visit to helsinki, the nato secretary general un stover said that turkey security concerns over
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swedish and finished nato membership are legitimate to nordic countries applied to join the lines. last month, but turkeys president, wretch of type aero, and as opposed to accuses the 2 nordic nations of backing kurdish opposition. groups anchor recalls, terrorist organizations, pope francis has apologized. he is faithful, gathered, and saint peter's square for postponing his trip to africa. ne problems which have him put him in a wheelchair and lead doctors to advise him to stay home. on to said the postponement was a source of great regret. orthodox christians are celebrating an important day in their religions calendar. pentecost is one of the oldest christian holidays falling on the 8th sunday after easter for believers. it marks the holy spirit coming into the world and the foundation of the church of christ in jerusalem. voting in the 1st round of french parliamentary elections has ended with what is reported to be
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a historically low turnip. early projections show that president emanuel mack called centrist alliance and its main contender in new coalition of left wing parties, led by all the main ocean. our neck and neck, each of the rivals secured between 25 and 26 percent of the vote. the 2nd round of voting on june 19th, we'll decide whether mac calls government will be able to secure a clear majority. and d w's least. the lewis told me more about the meaning of the 1st round estimates. well, it looks like you know, the projection space on tonight's estimate. show that this really marks the revival of the french left the left wing alliance could get at between 150, and 200 seats in parliament compared to about 85 years ago. and that alliance doesn't even bundle all the less in parties. however, they were aiming for more, they wanted to get the biggest chair of the seats and even the,
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the majority in parliament that is unlikely to happen. come, you know, based on the projections that are based on tonights at resides at when you look on the other side of the spectrum, my cause party, the current president's party and is allies. they are likely to get the biggest number of seats in parliament. but again, for them it is, it seems to be a bittersweet, reside. they are obviously aiming for a majority in parliament. but estimates show that this is not sure actually is not sure that this will happen. they could get between 255 and 310 seats in parliament in and next week's 2nd round of voting. however, they need at least $289.00 seats and parliament in order to push through their of forms. and given that the left, it made a good score or is likely to make a good score. and next in next week's 2nd round and tonight and the 1st round, it looks like am i my car the current president needs to take into account that
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many voters are actually and they, they want more left wing policies. he can't just put in place more market orientated reforms without listening to these people. but i just wanted ask you about. those are forums. if he doesn't get a my call that does not get that majority and particularly an absolute majority of the 2nd round. what happens to his big reform agenda that does it die? well, you're right to ask, it will be very difficult for him to push through any reforms. i mean it's not the left wing reforms maybe, but the center right? and the market orientated reforms such as you know, his plan to push up the current pension age from 62 to 64 or 6 to 5 there. if he doesn't get the 289 seats needed to have an absolute majority in parliament, he will need to convince people from other parties to go along with his plans to vote for him. and he not opposed as opposed to other countries, such as germany,
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germany where you know, there is a real polity and it really tradition of having coalitions and finding agreements. that's not the case in france. it's been historically speaking, always very difficult for parties to agree on common agendas, and it's likely to be a lot more complicated for him on my call to govern this country in the coming 5 years. if he doesn't get these 289 seeds in a next weeks, 2nd round of fading here in the legislative elections in france. ok, well we'll be looking forward to talking to in a weeks time, to find out what happens. lisa lewis reporting for us from paris. time for some sports now in formula one max 1st step and has one the as by jan grant re to extend his lead at the top of the standings. the red bull driver took advantage after ferrari's sharlitra. again failed to finish after starting in full position ferrari sharla clerk had secured all but to pull positions this season. but
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a pole to pole finish wasn't in the car on the street and bark. who in the very 1st turn red ball. sergio perez overcame locklear perez won the last race and looked set to possibly repeat. ferrari showed size of car trouble early and red ball took advantage. being a good teammate perez made way for reigning champion, max bear, stop in one last 15. and then more bad news for ferrari on lat. 21. law clerk managed to get the lead back. but with his engine clearly gone over for it was game over. look, player 2nd did not finish after starting in poll. red bulls max fish, stop in made good on ferrari's engine. failure to claim his 5th victory. this sees it. red bull have dominated in 2020 to winning all but 2
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races before we go, here's a quick look at our top story. this, our ukraine says it's forces are still holding out and part of the eastern city of steve, get her the nest where hundreds of civilians have found shelter. the city and surrounding areas are witnessing consistent intense street fighting and heavy brushing. shelly, this is d w. news lied from berlin, coming up next reporter, the last of their kind turkeys no mass coming. spicer, georgia. i an interest in the global economy our portfolio g w business beyond.


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