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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 13, 2022 1:00am-1:15am CEST

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ah ah ah ah, this is the w news live from berlin. ukraine says its forces us building a hall, holding on in the eastern city of savannah. danielle in 10th street fighting continues there and the region is under heavy russian challenge. also coming up, us senators strike a land log deal on gun control. both republicans and democrats back moves,
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which could break a decades long stalemate in congress. clos, missing in the amazon bristling authorities, defend the search for 2 men who disappeared while carrying out sensitive research. ah, i'm really mohammed, welcome to the program. ukraine says it remains in control of a chemical factory in the eastern city of savannah. don. yet hundreds of people are sheltering inside. the plant is that he has become the focus of the battle for eastern ukraine. both the bardon yet and the nearby town of lucy chance car under attack by russian forces. this is why ukrainian soldiers enlist a chance under fire from russian artillery. though they managed to evacuate a wounded civilian. another barrage forces them to take cover again.
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this chance is the twin city to see ever done, yet sk which remains the focus of russia's offensive in the dawn. bus russian and separatist forces have so far struggled to fully claim the city sever denette is not completely all 100 percent liberated. while keep reports that ukrainian forces us still holding out. let the other than the enemy conducts a sold operations in the city of civil denise. but without success, there might with street fighting, still raging across the city. most of ukraine's forces are hold up in the as out chemical plant, along with an unknown number of civilians. the fist fighting has made evacuating the city impossible. but in this war of attrition, the don bus is not russia's only target. the russian ministry of defense has
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released this footage of strikes against what it claims a ukrainian strongholds. a russian news agency is also reporting claims that a large stockpile of us and european supplied weapons in west and ukraine was destroyed. the loss of these supplies would be a major blow for ukrainian forces. with some troops warning they are running low on ammunition. the west has promised to send additional weapons and for ukrainian troops in the don bus. these can't come soon enough. here a sack and advise the t ukraine's defense minister told us give urgently needs more weapons from the west lead we had received and we began receiving ramstein after the meeting, a space in germany grant began receiving heavy artillery legal standards. $855.00 caliber and we have already received and deployed to the front
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of $150.00 of such items. and they are efficiently used along the battlefield. and of course, as our president and as a minister of defense continues to say, we need more of these and we need more, of course, on the multi large rocker systems, such as the m, r s, and high mars the shift already occurred. the u. s. has said already that they will provide ukraine wait for system, so i must be you guys ready said they were providing you with an arrest systems, but just so that you understand according to the general start of the cranium armed forces, ukraine currently needs about a 100 of such systems to be able to conduct a counter offensive and to be able to liberate our land. so timing is crucial and we need to receive these systems fast. us sentences have a great on
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a framework for tight, a gun controls the move falls short of strongest steps. quote for my president, i did, and many democrats that with republican support, it would break a stalemate in congress that lasted for years, despite mass killings and protests. a teenager shot dead 19 children and 2 teenagers, texas, now they don't need to me. so my scanner is in washington dc. hi, say me, how much of a breakthrough is this? this is pretty significant. rahile on saturday. we were reporting on the big gun control rallies across the country, and i was telling you how there was very little hope that anything would happen on a federal level, because there wasn't enough support in the senate that appears have been wrong. sen, chris murphy, who was a democrat from the state of connecticut, spearheaded his negotiations. he made the announcement to day and he thanked his fellow republicans and democrats, who worked with him on this. and he said that he is optimistic,
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that this plan will be translated into legislation that will then end up on the president's desk for signing. and the bipartisan group released a statement saying that their plan will save lives a while also protecting the constitutional rights of law. abiding american, so it appears they were able to reaches compromised despite big differences. so all you say it is a compromise. what would it change exactly? this plan will take you through what some of the agreement states it would do a few things. so it would provide money to states to implement red flag laws. these are the laws that allow officials to remove guns from someone who is considered a risk. it would also include a background check expanded background check for people who are under the age of $21.00. and want to buy a gun, it would close something that is called the boyfriend loophole. that would stop. people have been convicted of domestic violence from getting of a firearm. it would give money to states to address mental health response. that's something that was important to republicans because they continue to underline.
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it's seem that there was, you know, this massive outcry after the mass shootings and buffalo and you've all the texas. you mentioned it. 19 children, 2 teachers killed there that appear to have moved the needle. the country has been devastated also by so many shootings this year. and one of the loudest voices was senator murphy and he said after you've all the, he would not accept nothing. there has to be some sort of incremental change, and that, that would be, that that would be the only way forward. you know, that gun control is one of the most divisive politicized issues in the u. s. but it appears that the demand and the outcry has managed to convince some republicans. and do you think this would satisfy many of these gun control campaigners who are out on the streets yesterday? well, we have seen some of the organizers of that rally and other gun control advocacy groups already welcoming the news of this breakthrough. and if this were to pass, it would be the 1st federal legislation on gun control in nearly 30 years. so that
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is seen as a victory and president biden also put out a statement today saying that he would sign it as soon as it got to his desk. but he touched upon the fact that this doesn't address some things. the democrats wanted to see, for example, it doesn't raise the age to purchase a semi automatic weapon, or it doesn't band high capacity magazines, so it falls short of what they want. but again, the messaging that we've seen today is that they are welcome to the fact that there is some agreement. and i just want to point out quickly where he like, there is some way to go. this has to be drafted as legislation. it has to go through congress and those senators were promised or support from republican side. they have to vote that way. so still a ways to go. he doubly is assuming some escandone in washington dc. thank you so me. the authorities in brazil have defended the search for 2 men who've been missing in the amazon for a week. there were researching and research in deforestation and commercial intrusion in the region. some of their relatives say they've given up hope the men osler life. the search continues, british journalist,
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dom phillips and brazilian indigenous sex bird bruno betty eta were last seen on june 5th. the 2 had received chats as they conducted research in brazil, giovanni valley, a forested region, which has seen a surge in illegal fishing logging, mining and drug trafficking. police have arrested one man so far suspected of tailing, the missing men. a spot of blood was found on his boat. locals have joined in on the search too, but there is still no sign of the missing men. the lad, we haven't found anything. we came all the way on the river and there is nothing. i don't mean to me. in brazilian authorities, including the president, said they are taking action bellagio pre middle mail from the moment they went missing. our armed forces and federal police have been unstoppable in the tireless
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search for these people, followed grey to god that they all found alive. you vision, encounter odds, glory of but precious mounting. while the bull sonata government, which has faced accusations that it did not scale up the search fast enough, oh, the the disappearances. i don't have flexion of a state policy of complete disregard for the environmental cause for protected ages, for the public servants, for state solven's, fulfilling their function and for the indigenous themselves in their own data to v . o. the far right president has also been criticized for allowing a surge in default a station in the amazon and pushing to open protected indigenous lands to mining subjects. the 2 missing men were looking into fresh president. emmanuel macklin is expected to keep his parliamentary majority off the 1st round of elections for the
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national assembly. projection schumacher on centrist alliance maintains a narrow lead. however, a new opposition left wing coalition has made significant gains, but con needs to hold his majority to push forward his reform program. the final result will be announced off to the 2nd round of voting on june 19th of the deputies, paris correspondence. these, the louis says microns opponents of putting him under prussia. this really marked the revival of the friends left the left wing alliance could get at between 150, and 200 seats in parliament compared to about 85 years ago. and that lines doesn't even bundle all the leslie parties. however, they were aiming for more. they wanted to get the biggest chair of the seats and even the, the majority in parliament that is unlikely to happen. come, you know, based on the projections that are based on tonight's,
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at results. when you look on the other side of the spectrum, my cause party, the current president party and is allies. they are likely to get the biggest number of seats in parliament. but again, for them it is, it seems to be a bittersweet result. they are over the aiming for a majority in parliament, but estimates as so that this is not sure actually, it's not sure that this will happen. they could get between 255 and 310 seats in parliament in and next week's 2nd round of voting. however, they need at least 289 seats in parliament in order to push through their reforms. and given that the left and made a good score is likely to make a good score. next, next week's 2nd round. and tonight and the 1st round it looked like am i call the con president needs to take into account that many voters are actually they want more or less thing policy. congress put in place more market orientated reforms
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without listening to these people. last the stop and has won the azerbaijan grand prix, extending his lead on top of the formula. one table let bill driver swooped as rice townslee. clerk again fell to finish despite starting in pull position ferrari sharla. clerk has secured all but to pull positions this season, but a pull to pull finish wasn't in the car on the streets in baku, in the very 1st turn. red bull. sergio perez overcame locklear perez won the last race and looked set to possibly repeat. ferrari showed size of car trouble early and red bull took advantage. being a good teammate perez made way for reigning champion, max fish stop in one lat 15 and then more bad news for ferrari on lat. 21. laclare managed to get the lead back,
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but with his engine clearly gone over for it was game over. locklear 2nd did not finish after starting and poll. red bulls max fish, stop in made good one. ferrari's engine failure to claim his 5th victory this season. red bull have dominated in 2022 when in all, but 2 races. and before we go, here's a quick look at our top story. the sour ukraine says it's forces are still holding on to the chemical plant and the eastern city of savannah. don. yes, hundreds of civilians, a sheltering there. the city and the surrounding areas are seeing intense fighting and heavy shelling. this is dw news live from berlin. a reminder can find much more news analysis and video on a website that is d w dot com, coming up next as well. stories looking at the investigation into alleged or crimes
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in ukraine. i'm writing the bahamas. that's watching. take care. bye. ah. ah linda lou, what people have to say matters to us. ah, that's why we listen to their stories. sh reporter. every weekend on d w 175 years ago. oh yeah.


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