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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 13, 2022 12:00pm-12:16pm CEST

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oh this is dw news live from berlin, ukraine's president says his forces are fighting for every meter in the eastern city of seattle. many civilians are sheltering in a besieged chemical plant, but rushes destruction of all but one bridge out of the city means chance. the chances of leaving are dwindling. fair weed silos are filling up, but ukraine's farmers can't ship their products. d, w here from one farm about how the war is falling efforts to feed the world. also
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on the program, a breakthrough in the u. s. on gun control, a group of senate republicans and democrats put forwards proposals that could break a decade slope stalemate in congress, but they do fall short of tougher steps demanded by president. ah, i'm go ahead else as well. come to the program, ukraine's president florida. mir zalinski says his troops are engaged in fierce fighting for every single meter of civil finance. ukraine says russia has destroyed all but one bridge out of the city, leaving few options for anyone hoping to leave arrow to nest together with neighboring lucy. chances are the last main areas in lou hans province that are not under russian control. ukrainian 5 to say they're holding out, but more long range weapons and even basic ammunition from the west. the tide could
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be turning in rushes favor, smoke rising from an industrial area in the city of sierra, the netscape, the last part still under ukrainian. control this unverified footage reportedly shows the as ought to chemical factory where hundreds of fighters and residents are said to be taking shelter. russia was trying to pound the city along with neighboring lucy chanced into submission with heavy artillery. ukraine's president florida means zalinski says rusher is throwing everything into the battle, which a lot to occupy as key tactical gold is not changed. they are pressing it to see ever jeanette sc. severe fighting is going on there. literally, every meter local officials say russian forces have blown up a bridge linking several than as quickly as he chanced, cutting off a crucial evacuation route for civilians. in lucy chanced,
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ukraine is scrambling to evacuate residence. many there think it's now time to get out before it's too late. busy the sudden little answer we, we have no choice but to leave. i'm sick of discipline here. he only knows what my shall in kill the girl in our yard. yes, i was quick decided to go with that we do hope to come back. well, again, said his phone in your system. meanwhile, the west of ukraine is still seeing russian rockets to these images were reportedly taken after a missile attack in the city of charts. keith moscow says that destroyed a large weapon step are there. but for now, russia's focus remains on the dawn vast region. and while ukrainian forces have stopped the russian advance so far, keith says it needs more help from the west and is renewed it please for more heavy
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weapons. that dw correspondent nick connelly is in central ukraine in the town of a crop. if netscape, this is what he told us earlier about the $540.00 of it. well, definitely this battle for soda. the nets has been going on for weeks and many times before you've had me tricks, but saying that now is the time now the last few days of ukrainian control of sort of the nets. and then we've seen reverses, unfortunately, ukrainians taking a bit more of the town center, moving out from the kind of industrial outskirts where they've been pushed back to . but it does seem that now this is the end almost the end for you. great control on that bank of the river, and this was ukraine's last biggest outpost on the northern bank of the civically been it's river crucial defensive feature there. and with the news, the russians have blown up, as we're bringing here in ukraine to day 2 bridges leaving any one connection across the river of sea supplying those ukrainian forces on the other bank will be increasingly difficult if not impossible. and it looks like you claimed commanders
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might eventually now take decision to pull back, pull back to the other bank of the river, which is a high bank with kind of cliffs, which is more easily defendable and would allow ukraine basically cut its losses and prevent even further human losses, especially situation where they're really having to weigh up every bit of artillery every bit of ammunition that they use because they're in such a weaker position compared to the russians in terms of their resources at their disposal. we've heard from ukrainian sources in last few days that basically their entire supply of pre war, soviet made ammunition is now more or less used up and all they are using now. all they have the disposal is either soviet caliber missiles and utterly this come from eastern europe, from, from poland, from bulgaria, from other nature members or now nato. a caliber weapons coming from the u. s. u k, and others. so basically, a very difficult situation now, where ukraine's debt logistics are very, very difficult and crucial basically to them being able to hold on to where they are right now and on bus. nick connelly reporting there now is concerns growing
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about war fatigue in the west. could europe and north america be losing their resolved to help ukraine. we put that question to frank leverage. a military analyst and former intelligence officer with a british army was our one. and last, primarily at home, we saw that in iraq for the british americans and the others, we saw it, especially in afghanistan, more recently, the home front here and you trying to secure, there's no question of ukraine is losing their result at that strategical political level. but if you said that the real home front is d. c, new york, berlin, paris, london, that's where the home front is. and that's where the resolve needs to be for. the risk is, of course, of the west getting bored with this, which is pathetic, but nonetheless on true, i'm sure i'm, but another thing, russian information operations are hard at work trying to influence us at that strategic level. so now isn't the time for any kind of defeatism. now is the time to press on give the ukrainians what they want and show steady. role. steady was
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all that, that strategic level to ensure that those, that, that home front remains as far as the ukrainian front because a war loss in ukraine is a war loss for the west. we cannot tolerate a failed state with a big army. and the angry population in europe, it's very, very poor for the future. it would be a disaster for us. frank lowbridge, them with rushes war heading towards its 5th months on ukraine's port still shot consumers around the world are seeing prices rise for everyday essentials from breads to vegetable oil. not only that, much of the most intense fighting is now focused on ukraine's agricultural heartland. in the south and east w's new connelly visited the farmer on the front lines near mc alive, birdsong and tractors, look, the only sounds in india ivanov is 4000 hector's artillery far in the distance,
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never really stops, but no gee, and her team. a preoccupied with other things. what i'm going to look at the suite, it's under fed. it's under love to that, i think. but that wasn't for want of trying on the d as but for most of the crew slowly growing season, she couldn't even get to her fields. they were a war zone. fighting is now at least 25 kilometers away. far enough from the d. an attempt to get back to feeding the world. the glare, a part of the missiles fly over our heads to what's meek alive over there. we're in the fields catches fire really easily with all the dry straw. if you do get a direct hit, you can lose hector's to the flames. in a matter of minutes. vis unexploded russian missile had dug its way meter into the ground. to some the ordinance of the russians left behind them. no st. landmines and countless shells. they also took a lot with them from chainsaws to food,
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even cutlery did is tilting up the losses. this crop spray the forms, pride and joy that just been bought for more than a quarter 1000000 euros was destroyed before it could be used. thus what an for, they used to set bombs, it turns the insides of equipment like this to mid zealand. it's a mass. see that spray tank whittled with holes with months of field work missed, and much of her machinery either destroyed or shorter diesel. tedious as this is harvest, the modest at best alike, the harvest stuck behind these walls. one with is a 2021, was a recording across the ukraine, with full grain storage units. almost everywhere. much of the bumper crop hadn't even reached world markets when war broke out in late february. that's because many farmers keep their grain back until prices are highest during the winter months. if
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it is casen who has thousands of tons more. so the 1st of this is how this bali is just 10 days away from the hilton most homes here. i will barely have any way to put it with a grain used to be like gold. he could always salad easily. whatever you want. it is the 1st time ever. we can't get it off i hand you cranes, ports already shut. but also mind la deal with russia to reopen the lot on the cards. alternatives from river barges to rail freight desperately being sought. but none of them come close to even matching the capacity and price of transport by sea . even when you have been found trucks now face weeks, long tail back to unload for now. grain for this form of thousands like it. you know, it's a situation that d, a struggling to pay her work is wages the same time the world does pretty wait for
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the green she produces, but at least she's still producing it all. and when the ports of entry do reopen, they'll be a crop to sell. in spite of mines in the soil and shells overhead, let's have a look at some other world news now. china has mastered the millions of residents and central bay ging after new outbreak of cove. at 19, almost 200 people were infected at a nightclub, prompting schools, restaurants and sports. when used to close, china's maintaining a 0 covert policy with strict measures to keep the virus from spreading truck drivers in south korea continuing a week long nationwide strike, which has disrupted cargo shipments. b, a drivers are demanding minimum rates in the face of soaring fuel prices. negotiations with union leaders and the government have failed to yield. an agreement on the australian island states of tasmania. 8 people have been rescued from severe blizzards on the summit of mount wellington,
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extreme weather that have been issued in several parts of the country. some of the most dramatic, whether it was in sydney, where massive waves engulfed us senators from both major parties have agreed to push forward new legislation aimed at reducing gun violence, bought the modest measures fell for far short steps hold for by anti gun company. several republicans have joined democrats and drafting the proposal, which must still go before both houses of congress. it follows another space of moth shooting, including one in texas or a teenager killed 19 children and 2 teachers in the school are washington correspondent susan was conduct, gave some details on what would actually change if this bipartisan plan goes through. they would do a few things, so it would provide money to states to implement red flag laws. these are the laws that allow officials to remove guns from someone who is considered
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a risk. it would also include a background check expanded background check for people who are under the age of $21.00 and want to buy a gun. it would close something that is called the boyfriend loophole. that would stop. people have been convicted of domestic violence from getting a firearm. it would give money to states to address mental health response. that's something that was important to republicans because they continue to underline that it has mental health behind his shootings and not guns. and it would give money to schools to improve safety as well. so this is a limited package and the details still have to be worked out, but it is being held as an important step forward. so so was gonna report in there from washington dc. and in motor sports smocks for steppin has won the other by john grump, re extending his lead on top of the formula one rankings. the red bowl driver swooped as ferrari's charles laclare again fell to finish. ah, ferrari, sharla, clerk has secured all but to pull positions this season, but
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a pull to poll finish wasn't in the car on the streets in baku, in the very 1st turn. red bull, sergio perez overcame locklear perez won the last race in looks set to possibly repeat. ferrari showed size of car trouble early and red bull took advantage. being a good teammate perez, made way for reigning champion, max fish, stopping one lat 15. and then more bad news for ferrari on lat. 21. laclare managed to get the lead back, but with his engine clearly gone over it was game over. laclare 2nd did not finish after starting in po, red bulls max fish stop in made good one. ferrari's engine failure to claim his 5th victory this season. red bull have dominated in 2020 to winning
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all but 2 races. and that's it from me at the new steve, and i'll update for you at the top of the are but 1st business is up. next with my colleague, chris told already with wings over that explaining how south korean truck has a squeezing global supply. i've got office in berlin, export. ah, we'll go to the dark side where intelligence agencies are pulling the strings. there was a before 911 and an after 911. he says after $911.00, the clubs came off. where organized crime rules were conglomerates make their own laws work through us, vague it doesn't matter of you.


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