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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 13, 2022 3:00pm-3:31pm CEST

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ah ah ah, business dw, live from berlin, ukraine's president says his forces are fighting for every meter in the eastern city of seattle. tonight. many civilians are sheltering and besieged chemical plant, rushes destruction of all, but one bridge out of the city means chances of leaving osland. also on the
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program, their wheat silos are filling up box. ukraine's farmers can't ship their products. d, w here is from one farmer about how the war is fighting efforts to feed the world and china's 0 cove. it policy is coming under pressure. lockdown measures and mandatory daily testing is returning for millions of paging residents after an outbreak of the virus at a popular nightclub. ah, i'm glad else as welcome to the program, ukraine's president philadelphia. sir lensky says his troops are engaged in fierce fighting for every single meter of seattle donates. ukraine says russia has destroyed all but one bridge out of the city even few up since for anyone hoping to
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leave severe the nets together with neighboring. lizzie, chances are the last main areas in lou hunt's province, not under russian control. ukrainian fighters say they're holding out, but without more longer range weapons and even basic ammunition from the west. the tide could be turning in rushes favor, smoke rising from an industrial area in the city of sierra, the netscape, the last part still under ukrainian. control this unverified footage reportedly shows the as ought to chemical factory where hundreds of fighters and residents are said to be taking shelter. russia is trying to pound the city along with neighboring las, he chanced into submission with heavy artillery. ukraine's president flora means zalinski says rusher is throwing everything into the battle to what the occupiers key tactical goal has not changed. they are pressing into shiver. jeanette sk,
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severe fighting is going on there. literally, every meter local officials say russian forces have blown up a bridge linking several done as quickly as he chanced, cutting off a crucial evacuation route for civilians. in las, he chanced ukraine is scrambling to evacuate residence. many there think it's now time to get out before it's too late. the thought a little after we had, but we have no choice but to leave. and sick and just sitting here a little you know what i shall and killed a girl in our yard. yes, i was to decided to go with that. we do hope to come back again. said his phone in your system. meanwhile, the west of ukraine is still seeing russian rockets to these images will reportedly taken after a missile attack in the city of shorts. keith, moscow says that destroyed a large weapon step are there. but for now,
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russia's focus remains on the dawn best region. and while ukrainian forces have stopped the russian advance so far, keith says it needs more help from the west and it's renewed. it's please for more heavy weapons. a little earlier, i put a 2 d w correspondent, rebecca written that this situation for the ukrainians in the loo hunter region was looking increasingly desperate. yeah, well, it is gerhard. that's a very accurate. so the situation has been as ever done as brother has been at the epicenter of this battle in the dumbass for some time. now i've read a very slow moving war of attrition with russia only managing to push forward ever so slightly. as you heard there president, the lanky saying that they're really battling street for street inch by inch in that city. though it is looking pretty clear that russian now hold almost the entirety of several done yet. and in fact, it's only one small pocket as that report mentioned of a chemical font that people,
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ukraine is still in control of their around about $500.00 civilian hiding there. and there are a couple of 100 ukrainian soldiers as well. now, russia overnight also as you just reported, destroyed at one of the last remaining evacuation roots out of several. and it's making it virtually impossible for anyone to get out. you can't are trying to set up humanitarian corridor. but at this, at this stage, that hasn't been successful. so the situation they're particularly at that chemical plot which has been continuously bombarded is a very diet for all the civilians. are you on this southern region, the, the region of nikolai, of, as i understand as strategically important part of the country, tell us about the situation there? well, i'm about 160 kilometers away from make alive the situation where i am right now is calm at the moment and make alive itself. there is a shilling going on there, but the frontline has been pushed back. ukraine has managed to push back russia.
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it's more counter offensive, some distance away from mc alive. now making life is a key sci fi, and it is on the route to odessa, which is another key port city in the south that russia definitely want to control all the way to the western side of moldova, or the west country, moldova. so trying to move through, make alive, but actually being pushed back to being held back still at this stage by ukrainian forces. there is shilling, of course, an air raid sirens last night. there were several air raid sirens overnight, but at this stage they're struggling to move forward here in the south. now, the governor of the eastern region of your hands to say you friday and 5 is running out of an initial presence. as lensky is imploring needs to speed up weapons deliveries. is this still a sense among ukrainian says that the west, the west is having that back?
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yes and no. i mean, i think really the situation here is such that they are running out of weapons. they've been saying that for some days now, weapons and ammunition or just desperately needed, are they saying that without them they simply will not be able to win this war. and the pace of them arriving in this country isn't anywhere near as fast as it needs to be, according to president valencia, ukrainian side. so they are increasingly frustrated with the amount and the caliber of weapons that are arriving. there are also issues of course with the ones, some of the ones that do arrive and being stored. sometimes they also get sheldon bombed by russian pulses and then of course can't be used. so the situation is it's becoming increasingly di with the weapons and i'm afraid that everyone here is worried. they basically said me, people have been telling me that without the west there's no way to win. but they worry that it's going to be too little too light at this stage correspondence rebecca, which is then southern you find thank you. with concerns growing about war
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fatigue in the west? could europe and north america be losing their result to help ukraine? we put that question to frank lab, which our military analyst and former intelligence officer with the british army was our one. and last, primarily at home, we saw that in iraq for the british americans and the others. we saw it, especially in afghanistan, more recently. the home front here and ukraine is secure. there's no question of ukrainians losing their result at that strategical political level. but as you said, that the real home front is d. c. new york, berlin, paris, london. that's where the home front is, and that's where the resolve needs to be for the risk is of course, of the west getting bored with this, which is pathetic, but nonetheless on true, i'm sure i'm, but another thing, russia, information operations are hard at work trying to influence us at that strategic level. so now isn't the time for any kind of defeatism. now is the time to press on
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give the credit is what they want and show steady. role. steady was all that, that strategic level to ensure that those that, that home front remains as far as the ukrainian front. because a wall awesome ukraine is a wall last for the west. we cannot tolerate a failed state with a big army angry population in europe. it's very, very poor for the future. it would be a disaster for us, frankly, which that reporting the stockholm international piece research institute or separate, says, the world's supply of nuclear weapons is likely to increase in the coming decade and calling to report out today. it says the stock of nuclear war has actually decrease from last year to this year, but this was due to dismantling old warheads taken out the military service with nuclear arms. states have now increased the role of nuclear weapons in their military strategies, and call this a very worrying trend. this is what it's called a research f c,
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prehaps to say about nuclear countries shift to increasing their stockpiles. this nuclear signaling that, that president has been using over the past few weeks and months has really brought this issue of nuclear use back into the public consciousness. and it's causing, i think, a lot of other nuclear arms states to, you know, think about their own nuclear strategies, potentially adjusting them, adjusting the way that they talk about nuclear weapons. i think at the very least we're going to see that it's going to be very difficult to make progress on disarmament over the coming years because of this war. and because of how, talking about his nuclear weapons, we've had since the end of the cold war, this, this trends, right? this general trend of, you know, warheads slowly going down, right in arsenals. and now suddenly we're seeing this reversed right, where a lot of different countries, right? not, not just, you know, countries like russia, but increasingly, you know, we're seeing china, india, pakistan, north korea also now as of, as of this year,
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the united kingdom. right suddenly kind of changing course and, and quite dramatically increasing the sizes of their nuclear stockpiles. now is russia's war heading towards its 5th month. ukraine's ports still shot consumers around the world are seeing prices rise for every day. essential items from bread to vegetable oil. not only that, much of the most intense fighting is now focused on ukraine's agricultural heartland. in the south and in the east w's nic connelly visited a farmer on the front lines near mc alive, birdsong and tractors looked the early sounds and even of his 4000 hector's artillery far in the distance, never really stops. but in a d and her team, a preoccupied with other things, like what i'm going to look at the suite. it's under fed it under loved that i
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think. but that wasn't for want of trying on the d as but for most of the crew slowly growing season, she couldn't even get to her fields. they were a war zone. fighting is now at least 25 kilometers away. far enough from the d. n. her team to get back to feeding the world. the glare of the missile fly over our heads towards mc alive over there. we're in the fields catches fire really easily with all the dry straw. if you do get a direct hit, you could lose hector's to the flames. in a matter of minutes, this unexploded russian missile had dug its way a meter into the ground. to some the ordinance of the russians left behind them. no sight landmines and countless shells. they also took a lot with them from chainsaws to food, even cutlery. the deer is still tilting up the losses. this
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crop spray the forms, pride and joy that just been bought for more than a quarter 1000000 euros was destroyed before it could be used. thus far down from the use, cosette bombs, it turns the insides of equipment like this to mid zeal. if it's a mass, see that the spray tank whittled with holes with months of field work missed, and much of her machinery either destroyed or shorter diesel. tedious as this is harvest, the modest at best buy, like the harvest stuck behind these rules. one with is a 2021, was a recording across the ukraine, with full grain storage units, almost everywhere. much the bumper crop hadn't even reached world markets when war broke out in late february. that's because many farmers keep their grain back until prices are highest during the winter months. uniformity is casen plus thousands of tons of smoke. the 1st of this is how this bali is just 10 days away. i'm from the
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hilton most homes here. i will barely have any way to put it. what does the grain used to be like gold? he could always salad easily whatever you want. it is the 1st time ever. we can't get it off. i hand you cranes, ports already shut. but also mind la deal with russia to reopen, not in the cards. alternatives from river barges to rail freight desperately being sought. but none of them come close to even matching the capacity and price of transport by sea. even when you have been found trucks now face weeks, long tail back to unload. now, the grain from this form a 1000, like if you know, it's a situation that d, a struggling to pay her work is wages the same time the world desperately wait for the greens she produces. but at least she still producing it all. and when the ports of entry do reopen, they'll be a crop to sell. in spite of mines in the soil and shells overhead.
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mccully reporting that now let's have a look at some other world news. police in india laugh track down on muslim protesters following unrest. spock by anti islam. comments by some politicians. officials have demolished houses belonging to demonstrators saying they were built illegally last week, so violent classes, we muslims of hindus after members of the ruling b. j. b party made derogatory remarks about the prophet mohammed thick white dust as blanketed baghdad as a sandstorm engulfed, the iraqi capital, forcing flight cancellations and health warnings. it's the latest than an unprecedented wave of sandstorms across the middle east. in recent weeks, experts, one such storms will become much more frequent due to climate change and desertification, all of the united nations human rights commission. i. michelle basil ed says she
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will not seek a 2nd term and will leave office in august. the former president of chilly faced criticism after visiting china last month rights groups called for her to resign for not speaking out more forcefully against china's abuses of its weaker minority and in china, a government spokesman has described a new spike of cove at 19 cases in begging, as explosive millions of residents of phase mandatory testing after the outbreak was traced back to a nightclub, their school shops and restaurants in the district have been closed. an infected person was at the club on thursday, and now authorities linked 166 new cases to that venue. beijing is back to mandatory testing and targeted locked downs for residents of the city. it's a major blow. many were hoping for a gradual return to normal theme after restrictions on indoor dining and other measures that were lifted just a week ago. but
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a cove at 19 outbreak trees to the popular heavens, supermarket bar has authority scrambling to contain a further spread of the virus. yahoo yoder, i am a little bit worried. the whole lots of places in community. so need to be supervised. now through the record, people went to that bar. so i am quite worried when polymer holes, we wrote with us about 10000 close contacts of the bars. patrons have been identified in their residential buildings, put under locked down the re emergence of infections, highlights how hard it will be for china to succeed in its 0 coven policy. this approach has come with considerable economic costs for china, while other countries shift to learning to live with the virus. of a closer look at this, i'm not joined by the w correspondent, cliff coolant, who's lived in and reported from china for many, many years. it,
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i understand that you have actually been to this heaven supermarket. what is the amount of the borrow mixture of both? what kind of place is it? well it's, it's a very trendy place in san each one district, which is one of the sort of the nightclub areas of town. and it looks like a supermarket and people get beer from fridges and then they go pay for it. and then behind there's areas where lots of people are sitting on couches falling asleep around midnight. it's a very packed area. in fact, if anywhere was going to be a super spreader venue, it would be somewhere like the heavens supermarket bar. so busy, very easy to, to catch that virus there. but people in china not only worried about the virus, and this this new outbreak. they are also worried about further locked down more pressure on, on everyday lives. what's the human, an economic cost of the, china's very strict, 0 covey policy. i think there's very clear economic costs. maybe to start with that,
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you know, in that it's, it's, it's holding back the economy. we saw this lengthy lock down in shanghai which is not points off the economic growth there. and we're going to possibly see something of that like that happening now in the capital in beijing, which is what people were worried about like and like we had in the piece. but also if you think about the psychological impact, this must, must be having. i mean, given that, you know, we're in this living with the virus kind of mode in europe and the west. now this often feels a bit like the start of the virus. you know, you have a particular night of being a super spreader and every panicking and things like that. so it must be having a terrible psychological told on people there. i'm going to keep this up, this, this 0 copay policy. well, this is the thing i'm in the w h o has said that it isn't sustainable. every saying is not sustainable, but because it's got to some very important political dimension to it. the, the government has to stand by it. now having introduced as having said that its policies are better than the west policies. it's very difficult to start rolling it back. certainly in a very public kind of way. so if it doesn't work,
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what's the political cost then for the government? well, she'd been paying has, as really put a lot into this, he's facing into a big meeting about where he's going to really cement his leadership in november. and this is going to be a big factor in that. i think he really needs to show that this will be a success. i expect to come as parties hoping that things just ease off. i mean, we're still talking about a very small number of cases. and i expect that they're hoping that they will continue to windows, so that ultimately by this important party congress in november that he will be able to present, present the world with a when resident china watch a clifford code. and thank you very much, live in the us senators from both major parties have agreed to push forward new legislation aimed at reducing gun violence. but the modest measures fall far short steps cold fall by anti gun campaigners. several republicans have joined democrats and drafting the proposal, which must still go before both houses of congress. it follows another space of mass students including one in texas, where
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a teenager killed 19 children and 2 teachers in the schools. and are washington's correspondence soon. so misconduct gave some details on what could actually change if this bipartisan plan goes through. it will do a few things, so it would provide money to states to implement red flag laws. these are the laws that allow officials to remove guns from someone who is considered a risk. it would also include a background check expanded background check for people who are under the age of $21.00 and want to buy a gun. it would close something that is called the boyfriend loophole. that would stop. people have been convicted of domestic violence from getting a firearm. it would give money to states to address mental health response. that's something that was important to republicans because they continue to underline that it is mental health behind these shootings and not guns. and it would give money to schools to improve safety as well. so this is a limited package and the details will have to be worked out, but it is being held as an important step forward. susan was going to the reporting
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from washington d. c. now let's have look at some other world news in brief. french president have been away my cause struggling to keep his parliamentary majority after elections for the national assembly jackson show. his coalition has lost votes and is coming in almost equal due to a new left wing and green alliance led by john lucas marshall. the final result will be decided in a 2nd round of voting next weekend. does it have you? storms have swept across parts of turkey. several people have reportedly died in flooding. in anchor a province, schools have been closed in the capital anchorage, due to weather warnings, with more heavy rain winds and flash floods. expected media in brazil are reporting that the bodies of a missing journalist and researcher have been found in the amazon jungle earlier. the searches that we covered clothing and the laptop belonging to the missing men.
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vigils have been helpful. don't phillips and bruno ferrera, who disappeared on june 5 and some sports news, the final 2 spots for the men's world carpet football and could tar will be filled in the next 2 days with inter continental playoffs. costa rica face new zealand on tuesday. but before that, australia are taking on route tonight and peruvian shamans have tried to jinx and to which the australian best buy, conducting ritual on a sacred hill in lima. one of the game is being held in cut out whether that will work for to mark meadows from a sports department mark. there's a, remind me why australia peru is just the one off game this time. it's basically because of corona virus. we're so far behind with the usual will cope qualification shed you old, that the only way they can squeeze the gaming was to have a one off game. normally you play home in a way to make it fair for this that, you know, that's play one game on
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a neutral venue. and katara will post seemed the obvious place. now these one off games are tricky. we saw that recently when you crane played against wales, you claim a much better side. but wales went through. so a lot of look comes into the sort of game. now we know we're so far behind with the will qualifying scheduled because we've already had the will draw. i can't remember in my lifetime of will could draw happening when you didn't know all the teams that would be in the world cup. so it means australia and peru go into this game tonight, knowing whoever wins will be in a group with world champions, france quite a prospect that is a prospect indeed. so security card who's going to win? well, you see here that the peru case is, is quite famous with that with slash across and neutral is kind of love that case. we'll collector's item. but you just don't decide what, what matches as far as peru fans. well, they've got lots of problems back home because there's a political crisis going on. the president has been accused of corruption. he's denied that,
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but the fans probably want some distractions from that straight. i think you've got a good chance though, because they've actually been kicked off while now that just to play you are you in a previous playoff to the use the conditions, especially air condition stadiums. now the work was shunted to november because it's too hot and cats are, and yet they're playing these games in guitar in june. now, air condition stadium is means you breathe it differently, and also the ball reacts a bit differently. and so listen now to australia coach graham arnold, you know, we've had 5 games overall play in an air condition study room in it. it is a completely different experience than playing in the normal stadium. and there is in a different different types of things as well as when, when you go into go on to the pitch, you know, so fact the peru haven't experienced. ready or any c as in venge to us
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now costa rica will a plane. is it on tuesday? what can we expect that? well, it's a big game of costa rica, the government and decided that all civil servants lunch times will be extended so they can watch the game tonight. yeah. so i think the whole country going to basically grind to a halt is that important for them? now, new zealand are seen as a football nation of a see a row be cricket nation, but they have got some pedigree. they've been in the work twice before. i was actually there in 2010 is that after when they drew with then will champions italy book new sealant normally playing teams like solomon islands, fiji, tahiti, they always top the oceania group australia play in the asian qualifying group. so for them, for, to go from those sort of easy games, if we can call that to them playing costa ricans, such a biggie. you know, one of the game is quite often use in both of got a chance. so costa rica is really to be taken seriously. i'd say costa rica are marginal the favorites for exactly that reason because they have quite a bit of will, could pedigree and for new zealand. it's this game or both having never really
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interested in the last 2 years. mark matters there from d. w. sports. thank you mark. and before we go, here's a big look at our top story. ukraine says it's supposed to fight for every meter the in obese and city of seattle. the net with all about one bridge out of the city, destroyed by russian of options. full civilians wanting to leave dwindling. you watching the w. a news from of berlin. don't go away. jar agreed is up. next with news. i'm still able to have an update for you at the top of the invalid i still watch with with
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is the end of the pandemic in site. we show what it could look like.
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will return to normal. and we visit those who are a success in a weekly coven, 19 special. every thursday con d. w. land has no limits. no love is for everybody. love is life. i love matters. and that's my new podcast. i'm evelyn shire, mom and i really think we need to talk about all the topics that more divides and deny that this. i have invited many deer and well known guests. and i would like to invite you to an end. it is a secret war and a scene, endless one, exit the conflict between iran on the one hand and israel and the united states
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on the other. with more than 40 years, the adversaries have been irreconcilable. there is never been any real dialogue. how did this confrontation begin? how great is the danger that it was spread? the long war? he's real, iran usa starts june 15th on d w. now this is the w news asia coming up today. china and the us tried accusations at asia top security summit by jing accuses washington of trying to turn asia pacific countries against it. the usda is china is using coercion and the stabilizing the region. so where has the meeting left? hi.


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