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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 13, 2022 9:00pm-9:31pm CEST

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ah ah ah, this is dw, live from berlin, no way out. the last bridge interview don't ask, falls to russian, artillery, making evacuation impossible. clothing of the hundreds of people sheltering in the cities. chemical plants also coming up their wheat silos, are filling up. ukraine's farmers can't ship their product. d. w here is from one
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farmer about how the war is boiling efforts to feed the world. and conflicting reports about 2 men missing in the amazon police say they're still searching for the british journalist and brazilian researcher disappeared more than a week ago, despite the local media report saying their bodies i've been found ah, we would drop welcome to the program. russian forces appear closer to taking control of severe oh, don't ask a key city in ukraine's eastern don bus region. the regional governor there says the last route out of the city has been destroyed, making it impossible to organize humanitarian aid. organize evacuations of the civilian population. hundreds of ukrainian fighters and civilians are sheltering in
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a chemical plant there. as russian missile still pound the city that's become the latest epicenter of the war. firing back, ukrainian defense forced to say this aerial footage shows to destruction of 3 russian grad rocket launchers, which they believe we're used to shell. the embattled city of cbs. don't ask and surrounding areas. street bottles are raging in the eastern city. the governor of the region says it is mostly under russian control. much of severe donetta has been destroyed. authorities believe some $500.00 civilians, including children or sheltering at the vast assault chemical plant. ukraine has accused russia of shelling the works and sparking a fire, rushing back separatists say they're holding back from the plant to avoid an environmental catastrophe. images that remind ukrainians of the siege and matthew
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polt. steel works just weeks ago. in cave, the defense ministry describe the difficulty of the current situation in the east toya blue hooked up. the 2nd phase of the full scale invasion of russia continues was the enemy continues to add numbers and equipment and artillery. philip, the ukrainian defense forces are actively fighting and inflicting high losses on the enemy. the russian ministry of defense released footage, claiming to show their troops opening fire on ukrainian militants. their spokesperson said they had hit important targets with others that will give them in the da nets people's republic. high precision air launched missiles destroyed a large number of weapons and military equipment delivered to the ukrainian nationalists, including weapons from the u. s. and european countries. so just it's a for your business from back in seattle. don't ask an end to the constant shelling
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and exchange a fire rages on with no end in sight and old bridges out of the city. cut at the latest now did of your correspond roman, contra, ranko, who's in the ukrainian capital. keith roman. very good to see you. let's start with that situation. we just heard about in severe don't ask and the as a chemical plant in that city, what is the latest you can tell us about the situation for ukrainian troops and civilians that may be there. well, there is not much information, new information that we are getting on the main use of the day is probably that the 3rd bridge has been blown. so there are no bridges now connecting to that city of civil engineers, which make the situation of ukrainian forces and civilians even worse. so we know that hundreds of civilians are hiding in that chemical bond assault which is very ukrainian. but for nitrogen and it's, it's dangerous to be there in normal times. it's a big, it's
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a huge chemical bond. i've seen it. and of course it was not working in recently, but still the ra, shortages of chemicals there. it's very dangerous. environmental catastrophe, catastrophes possible. and we do not know how much food and how much water those civilians hiding there. still have another information piece of information that we have any which is vol worrying is that the, the bunkers and that chemical plant are not that, that good. as in the more you pull in us off style, which was, which was fighting off a russian army for 4 weeks or months even. so we don't know how much they can last, and that's why ukraine inside is negotiating with the russian army about the possibility of those civilians to get out. and i think it's a matter of days and when they will have to leave that blonde. now let's move to elsewhere in the country. russian forces are claimed that they've hit ukrainian arms depots, do you know anything more about what impact that having on the ukrainians army
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ability to fight? well, the can only gas or such a textural was m the, the aftermath of thought of such attacks are going to strictly confidential. so ukrainian army is no disclosing any information on what we, we not, we know that russia is trying to heat such targets and sometimes you grain says there was no military at that point. sometimes there's just no information like in this case. so we can assume that may be some, some western weapons were hit, we don't know. but what we do do know that em, even if some we are western weapons in ukraine are destroyed. they're desperately needed on the front. so ukraine is desperately asking to send more weapons because as we see in the east, in, in this fighting in the city of civil and ask and the neighboring city, lisa, chance every single can on matters. let's pick up on that thread because the
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president of ukraine's lensky. he is asking for more and faster weapon deliveries from nato countries. it's unclear just how many of those weapons are coming. can ukrainians continue fighting without that and, and how do they feel about the support they're getting from the west? well, there is no, there are no polls to that. so we can only rely on the information. we get from the governmental sources or talking to people here and key in the capital. and the, the, the moon is rather divided. i would say basically most people say yes, we are very grateful for the west of, for the support for the military support. and but, but then when you talk about special countries, then what is different? so when we talk about countries like the united states or the united kingdom, which supported ukraine with weapons before the war broke out in late february or so most people are very grateful. and i think that was a m,
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a very special situation for ukraine. but when we talk about countries like germany, which hesitated a lot, we had a lot of criticism. and i wonder when conchella shoals, who's going to visit a key of these mood will change a man contract with the latest there. and key of thank you very much. now, wherever possible, people keep fleeing from active battle zones from the russian invasion of ukraine. now one of those areas is the frontline of bar mote, which is just south of severe don't ask that we've just spoken about that city to has been hit by shelling and much of its infrastructure has been destroyed. but for now, it's still possible for people to get out and for more on exactly that effort, we are joined by ceylon i'll dean. he's the founder of team humanity. the international non profit based in denmark is organization helps. people get to safety and he is joining us now from ukraine salon. welcome to the show,
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and thank you for joining us. you have transport people from this area about mode, which is quite far to the east where there's been heavy fighting. can you tell us more about the situation there? yeah, it's very hard. the situation is really hard right now because the civilians can get out. and the only way to get them out is having armored truck scoring and quickly getting them out from the basement, from wherever they are. and the most people actually not the most, is actually in the midst and the villages around it. so it's really hard to get them out while they love, but say the military, when they bring it to us, then we need to get them into the buses and drive them away because they're bobbing . also bubbling yesterday were sitting and waiting for him for the recreation and then 200 meters away from us. you could hear the bombs like hit somewhere. so it's
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situation is really tense right now. religion and going off of that, there have been so many efforts to get civilians out of various places throughout the course of this war. many of these convoys have failed. many of these humanitarian corridors have failed. how are you able to get in and out of these dangerous areas? you know, we were driving inside and we were driving from bomb, wants to go to several minutes and then we got stopped by the checkpoint. not so far away, like maybe 7 kilometers away from $70.00. they said if you go this way, you will not come back. it seems like russians are hiding themselves, pushes in the houses that is not. and then when the car pat, just shoot after this is how it seems like this is the soldier what they told us. and then we are standing next to the checkpoint. and when you see like, like, like, yesterday he would, there was a military ambulance that just passed us and you should like it was, i was almost doing all because it was the smell of dead people that apples you
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could smell it. the window was open and just past that you could smell that, that people. so it's really like crazy right now. and the most the most hard thing is to get the civilians out and we try to do our best. but to do that, we need our trucks and we have like 2 buses, small buses that can get in quick and out again. so it's really, really hard to get to live. and there is a lot of children, a lot of women, we took, we had them and the bus withdraw them away. they were l traumatized. you could see the children traumatized, you can see everybody's traumatized and also injured. so it's really, really hard. i know you seem really to be on your own there. can you tell us more about what's behind your operation? who's, who's able to find you to be able to do the work that you're doing? the people is funding us is that people trust thoughts and believe in our work we've been doing different mcquease. we're also in dentistry, last year back waiting. so it's actually in organizations, nonprofit organizations,
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and mostly civilian people. good people around there that is from all over the world, but single nation. so we could do the equation. right now we were asking for getting an arm, a truck so we could get inside where we know we're going to be shut that we know we're going to be bonded. but the armored truck can get in quick get the people out, get them to the safety and then drive them out from that place because the most is not, is not a day from a lot. none of the places that we've been sitting in the bomb like you want to wait for me and the people was standing around. it was just normal. you could see the i was just there for me. they've been hearing this bombing like for very long time. so it's like just the normal thing for them salon. dean from team humanity international. they're in ukraine. thank you very much. taking his time out at a, in a very difficult situation. thank you. half a 1000000000 people around the world rely on ukrainian food exports,
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particularly wheat corn and sunflower oil. but with the russian navy, blockading ukrainian ports, the cost of every day, staples are rising sharply and to make matters worse, some of the wars worst fighting is around ukraine's agricultural center in the south and east t w's. near connelly visited a farmer on the front lines near nicole, life birdsong, and tractors, not the only sounds are ninty or even of is 4000 hector's artillery far in the distance, never really stops. but nitty and her team, a preoccupied with other things, like what am linda look at the suite. it's under fed. it's under loved that often. but that wasn't for want of trying on the d as but for most of the crew slowly growing season, she couldn't even get to her fields. they were a war zone. fighting is now at least 25 kilometers away. far enough from the d. an attempt to get back to feeding the world
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declare a product of the missiles fly over our heads towards mc alive over their weights in the fields catches fire really easily with all the dry strong. if you do get a direct hit, you can lose hector's to the flames. in a matter of minutes. this unexploded russian missile dug its way a meter into the ground. to some the ordinance of the russians left behind them. no st. landmines and countless shells. they also took a lot with them from chainsaws to food, and even cutlery. deer is tilting up the losses. this crop spray the forms, pride and joy that just been bought for more than a quarter 1000000 euros was destroyed for it could it be used? thus what an for the use. cosette bombs describe it as the insides of equipment like this to mid 0. it's a mass. see that spray tank riddled with holes with months of field work
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missed and much of her machinery either destroyed or sort of diesel, tedious as this is harvest, the modest at best unlike the harvest, stuck behind these walls with a 2021 was a record year across the ukraine, with full grain storage units, almost everywhere. much the bumper crop hadn't even reached world markets when war broke out in late february. that's because many farmers keep their grain back until prices are highest during the winter months. and the t is case has thousands of tons of snow on the 1st of this is how this bali is just 10 days away from the hilton most homes here. i will barely have any way to put it up there. the grain used to be like gold cra, he could always salad easily, whatever you want, it is the 1st time ever. we can't get it off our hands again. if you cranes ports
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already shut, but also mind la deal with russia to reopen, not on the cards. alternatives from river barges to rail freight, a desperately being sought. but none of them come close to even matching the capacity and price of transport by sea. even when you have been found trucks now face weeks, long tail back to unload. for now the grain from this form a 1000. like if you go know it's a situation is left dia struggling to pay her work as wages the same time, the world desperately wait for the greens she produces. but at least she still producing at all. and when the ports of entry do reopen, phobia crop to sell in spite of mines in the soil and shells overhead. like a quick look now at some other stories happening in relation to the worn ukraine. a sous nato secretary general against dalton bugs as sweden and finland will join the alliance as soon as possible. he spoke after meeting with reduced prime minister
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magdalena anderson. walter, who said stockholm is changing counter terrorism laws to address turkeys, concerns, careful anchor has been pro locking the 2 countries bids accusing them of harboring kurdish militants. probably the song human rights group mc international says, russia's indiscriminate shelling of ukrainian city of hartley has killed hundreds of civilians since the start of the war and amounts to a war cry. amnesty says its research shows russian forces have repeatedly used cluster bombs in residential areas. turning out to the fate of 2 men missing in the remote amazon rain forest police in brazil say they're still searching for british journalists dom phillips, and indigenous expert, bruno herrera. now, earlier local media there had reported that the pair had been found dead. they went missing more than a week ago while traveling by boat on a trip to research deforestation in the region. this blue back contains a backpack,
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laptop, and other personal items belonging to missing indigenous experts. buena para and freelance, british journalist dom phillips. and this, the moment that backpack was found on sunday afternoon in an area of flooded forest near the amazonian river whip. however, and phillips were last seen a day earlier, police found traces of blood in the boat of the fisherman. he's under arrest as the only suspect in the disappearance. with the newest developments, hope of finding them alive is evaporating. i think big sal usage them coma. we have to be realistic. oh yeah. they are no longer with us. boy, your venues up was on this act which was organized by their friends and relatives is a crime for the amazon mobiles, amazon, them. oh, friends and family, i demanding answers. jesus mormon to here is just to make sure that we are
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doing what we can do at the moment, which is calling deltore, which is the government of j. a. both an arrow has faced accusations that it did not scale up the search fast enough. critics also say that the far right president has pushed to open protected indigenous lands to mining and has presided over a search of destruction in the amazon journalist dom phillips was working on a book on rain forest development. when he went missing, both phillips and para had received threats for their work and the giovanni region, which has seen illegal fishing, logging, mining and drug trafficking. indigenous volunteers have helped narrow down the search area. last week, office is also fond, possible human remains in the river. it being analyzed, possibly bringing the search, tread tragic and it's good more now from our correspond, johan ramirez, who has some of his own experiences about dangerous research and the amazon's yawn
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. so these conflicting reports about where whether bodies were found or not, what more do you know about the fate of these 2 men? suddenly they are still missing some belongings of both of the journalist dom phillips. he's a local guide brewing operator has been found in the river. also some humour remains had been found. actually, they have been missing for more than a week, so hopes of finding them alive are fading more and more. that was our today underlined by president of the president. the job was an arrow who said that he has not much hopes of finding them alive and he fear the something bad happened to them job was an error, has had a very controversial position towards the situation. first, he said that it was a bad idea to go into the jungle to do that kind of research because he's
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a very dangerous place. it means he was trying to, to mean that he was their fault if the, if they were missing one. today, he also criticized the local authorities, the federal government for send them federal personnel to support the operations. because he said that every year, hundreds of people are missing in brazil, and they don't deploy that much of people to find them. so that has the very controversial. but the truth is that after more than a week, hopes are really fading for families. authorities of finding this journalist and he's local guide, i mean to the, to the point that police have actually arrested a suspect. what more can you tell us about that? the suspect is a fisherman and he was seen following the boat were on fitting. some brewing operator were last, i mean the last time they were sitting in the river. this guy was following them in
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another boat and all the people in another boat were also following the journalist . so it seems that they have been asking questions to this person, not much information has been given about it. it is very complicated in brazil to, to when it, when it comes to activist or environmental activists. jordan, i'll use the violence is very going to get is so the situation is, is still on known on the research, are still on the worst, the other people that were following. also the earliest. i'm bruno ferrera ramirez rep, leave it there for now. thanks very much the british government has revealed plans to ditch parts of its post bricks. it deal with the european union to tackle trade disruptions with northern ireland. now under the current
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breaks it deal, the united kingdom effectively agreed to leave northern ireland inside the e u. single market and customs union that was to preserve in open border with the e. u. member, the republic of ireland as a condition of the peace agreement that ended decades of violence on the island of ireland in the 1090 s. but the agreement also checks on some goods, entering northern ireland from the rest of the united kingdom. now the u. k. proposed legislation would scrap some of those checks. the e u says the changes are illegal and has threatened to retaliate a fresh shipment of goods being delivered to northern ireland from elsewhere in the u. k. it requires custom declarations and sometimes checks the e. u and britain jointly agreed to this in the northern ireland protocol. but now the british government says it's too costly and no longer wants to adhere to the agreement. what it does is it creates unnecessary barriers on, on trade,
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east west. what we, what we can do is fix that not a big deal. we can fix it in such a ways to remove those bureaucratic barriers. the northern ireland protocol is intended to ensure the free movement of goods between ireland and northern ireland . britain now wants to repeal large parts of it, no more controls for some goods coming into northern ireland. even the european court of justice will no longer have any influence. johnson's fellow party members warn him that unilaterally changing the international treaty would be foolish and probably illegal. e representatives are disappointed and are already threatening punitive measures. the u. k has been in many ways a standard bearer for international law and the protection of international law for many, many years. this is damaging that rep reputation and a very fundamental way. but it's also a new low in terms of the relationship between britain in our lives. the british
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government has now introduced the bill in parliament, even though it still risks a legal dispute with the you. so v e was threatening legal action over the proposed changes earlier. we spoke with you of your course on a big mos about potential room for compromise. well, those sites keep repeating that they do want a negotiated solution. the u. k are saying, well, we are tabling this odd really, we are continuing to negotiate. and the you also don't really want a trade war because ultimately it's, you know, it's, it's, it's about the whole trade between the, you and, and the u. k. way with very, very important trading partners and the u. s. threatening to, to, to, to take some action against the u. k. and, but at the moment this is really not happening. so this is much farther down the line because this bill also needs to go through parliament fast,
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and then it needs to go to the house of lords that there will be quite a lot of backlash, especially from the has flowed. so both sides will be hoping that there is a lot of posturing at the moment from the u. k, as well as from the you. but that really and the goal is solution can be negotiated in the end. rock legend, mick jagger! you seem behind me as tested positive for coven 19. the 78 year old lead singer of the rolling stones is currently on a tour of europe. stones have called off a concert plan for amsterdam this evening, saying the safety of the audience and toying through must be a priority. the tours to celebrate the band 60th anniversary. or you go to have a quick look at our top story. crane as its forces have been pushed out of the
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center of the eastern city, a severe don't asking, are fighting on the outskirts goes on. brushing bombs, have destroyed all the bridges out of the city, making evacuation of civilians impossible. news live from berlin up next is global 3000. putting a report on colombia, dream of lasting peace and all the latest course at dw dot com or on social media, twitter and instagram news. i'm william booth roughed thanks for watching with with
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who he treated in his with how to is a former park fighter. now guy tours over the former combat with violence due rage is in columbia used after the civil war pot. hill isn't the only one
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hoping that the presidential election will bring change global $3000.00 on d w. o . we'll get to the dark side where we diligence agencies or pulling the strings. there was a before 911 and an after 911. he says, after 911, the clubs came off where organized cry, rules, and re genuine news, a global network of companies, banks, and operators. we will provide those services to anyone operation, the criminal economy, where conglomerates and make their own laws. they invade our
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