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where intelligence agencies are pulling the strings, were organized crime rules. were conglomerates make their own laws? we should light on the opaque worlds. who's behind the benefits and why are they a threat to was all over wolves this week on d w? ah ah, whether we are awake or asleep, our bodies command center works incessantly controlling our organs and bodily functions. the human brain doesn't need any instructions. it knows exactly what to do. even the brains of unborn babies. can we improve our brain performance?
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are they differences between the brains of men and women? answers to those questions and mol, on this episode up in good shape. ah, ah, it's the size of a pineapple. weighs as much as a toaster. and looks a bit like a will not our brain. ah, brain makes it possible for us to see hair walk, sleep and of course, think all of our memories wishes fans and hopes hidden within it. the brain is a real energy guzzler. even though it only makes up around 2 percent of the body's mass. it uses 20 percent of the body's energy. the energy is used by nerve cells known as neurons. every brain has around 86000000000 them almost as many as there
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was stoves in the milky way to. most of the energy goes into communication between the neurons. neurotransmitters sent electrical impulses from one near on to the next to via signups is the contact points between the nerve cells, the so called action potential. oh, the electrical voltage in the cell ramps up then at a certain level, the neuron fi as an impulse and passes it on to other cells. there were some 100 trillion of these connections in the adult brain that constantly being formed, strengthened or dissolved again. to day scientists think different parts of the brain are responsible for different functions. the brain stem controls are vital functions, such as breathing and heart rate. the cerebellum controls all fine motor skills.
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emotions are located primarily in the limbic system. long term memories in the hippocampus. the cerebrum consists of 2 hemispheres. it's why the regions for hearing vision, speech, spatial thinking and body perception are located. and it's probably where our personality is also found. the interaction between regions of the brain is complex. to have a conversation, the brain must 1st hear the sounds, interpret those sounds to be words, and then understand them. a response is often composed of emotional reactions, memories and calculations, which are formed into sentences and finally translated into movement impulses for all speech organs. yet, despite all the intense research on the brain, this fascinating organ still remains. for the most part, a mystery. our knowledge of the human brain has changed over
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time. for a long time research his belief, we use only 10 percent of our brain. today we know that that isn't true. different parts of the brain are active at different times. and another assumption was that the brains of men and women are fundamentally different . is that really true to this day, classic gender roles remain deeply embedded in various cultures. who men are from mars and women from venus. so they say nothing really different at heart with different abilities. 2 2 2 the anatomical disparities between men and women are obvious.
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ah, ah, but are women and men really worlds apart? can modern brain research confirm what we think we know about the sexes? ah, at the youth research center in western germany, scientists have been conducting a detailed investigation into the brain's makeup. they've developed a 3 d atlas that makes neural pathways and other brain structure is visible for the 1st time. some physical differences between men's and women's brains were immediately apparent. the 4th i size was the most striking structural differences. gmail brains are bigger than a females, but that doesn't mean men's brains function better, more quickly or can do anything better from the own vol. specic on a controversial 2013 study claim to find another difference between the sexes. it
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revealed that the hemispheres of women's brains are more interconnected than men's . while men apparently have better interconnectivity within each hemisphere. that would explain strengths that are often regarded as specific to each sex, like the stereotype that women are more empathetic and men are better at spatial tasks. but newer studies have shown the brains of men and women are not that different. in fact, they have more in common than some might imagine it one does, he did. the differences between the brains of people, of the same sex are much greater than the ones between people with different modest studies are always being cited, claiming women are better with language than men. and that men are better at spatial tasks. and on with only the oil, but you have to keep in mind that these samples are often very small than does relatively if you look at a sample of just 2050 or even
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a 100 people off that won't really give you the full picture and site does not missed as locally spirit, but what exactly is the full picture? thousands of studies have set out to find significant differences in the cognitive skills of men and women the result mm. there aren't really any similarities far outweigh the differences. so do differences in behavior among the sexes come solely from social conditioning . not entirely. anatomical differences can be found in the oldest parts of our brain stem. this is the medial pre optic nucleus, a kind of control center that's only a few millimeters in size. the medial pre optic area is bigger in all male mammals
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than in female ones. in humans, it's twice as large in males. ah, this region of the brain controls dominance aggression and the sex drive in men is interconnected. and in women, it's not that can manifest itself in desperate behavior. put us alone, you. it could potentially explain why the urge to have spontaneous sex is higher among men than women cause young and why men are also more likely to be physically aggressive. so it seems, there are some intrinsic differences. sokol thing to do, ah, ah, you know, but do these differences actually alter our behavior?
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researchers are skeptical. it's often the case that men and women merely use different tactics to achieve the same goals. male only, so is it really productive to keep looking for anatomical brain differences to explain differences between the sexes wasn't what we should be more interested in is how behavior plays out in real life. that's much more complex and determined by many more factors than can be found in lab experiments with a limited number of samples. we should move away from these rigid differentiations and away from the desire to distinguish between the male and female brain, the high intuition diminishing and in life vision to ruin. our brain changes constantly during the course of our lives, according to what we learn and what experiences we have whether our behavior or interests are more stereotypically, masculine or stereotypically feminine. is most likely influenced by our parenting
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and societal role models. ah, is it possible to change or train our brains? it? is it been scientifically proven that was 8 weeks of daily meditation. we can alter our brain's study, found measurable changes in the brain regions associated with memory, sense of self and empathy. so cold lifestyle, bio hackers have more self optimization methods. what if we could not only improve the body and spirit, but optimize them. bio hacking promises just that was give employee o hawking is all about understanding your own biology and adapting it to your needs . so could 3 traits are crucial 1st,
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individual responsibility lips for an individual responsibility means that you take care of your own body and don't just leave it up to your doctor key, the 2nd being physically active through the if you take a 2 week trip to the alps and climb 3000 meters each day. you're actually bio hackett, mom you again. and 3rd, achieving what's known as the flow state. peter lloyd has won the will since a lot of people try to alter their state of mind by taking drugs or other substances of either kindness man. but you can also change your consciousness by practicing mindfulness of and exercising. cleaning somebody be phenom marks. god, sla is a great believer in self optimization by legal means. he pays close attention to his buyer rhythms and meticulously plans out his days. his self discipline has paid off, got sla as a successful author and in demand as a public speaker called ria,
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he calls himself a lifestyle bio hacker and he is constantly working on improving himself. a hobby sits gotta swing it on his regimen starts 1st thing in the morning. he bruce bullet proof coffee, which has butter in it to keep his appetite in check. then he checks his sleep tracking app. oh, he is he but my new slide shows me how i slept last night. you can see that my deep sleep was quite good at 24 percent of my total sleep time. it was left with rem, sleep was a bit less and i clocked in 7 hours of sleep in total this critique, that means i'll probably make sure to give myself more time to meditate and unwind this evening or somebody to yeah. who the, what the problem finding of balance is the key. but why is someone who's perfectly healthy so fixated on self optimization? everything he does is for a reason, here he is, i swimming and february. he claims frigid waters help him reduce body fat.
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so as to those, the cold shot response kicks in, which causes the body to hyperventilate. i try to consciously call my breathing to help teach myself stress management for one thing that is trustworthy. and of course, it also activates my metabolism i'm. that is the kinds of suffix of it that we active yet. forgot sla ice swimming and meditating in the snow, have only one goal, releasing the body's natural drunks he's also able to experience a flow state in this inflatable tent. flow is a mental state in which a person is fully immersed in an activity and they feel great in the process. in floats and done during the 1st phase of the flows. they to separate the
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prefrontal cortex, which is where the ego and self perception of found in the brain is less active. good, causing you to mull over yourself less that he said st. nothing's than the 2nd phase to be to brain wave slow down, which puts you in a meditative state constant. also partly due to the increase in the alpha brainwaves. and finally, there's the chemical place in which powerful neurotransmitters are related. smitherman corpuscle, neurotransmitters like dope, amine, serotonin and oxytocin are responsible for the good feelings we have during sex while dancing. and when we exercise brain researcher lucas floats as take on bio hacking is a bit more measured. this is not truly was argued us. this no, truly all, nor will it's important to mention that the release of neurotransmitters also changes when our state of mind changes. if you all stay the set of low state is
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a special state of consciousness in which we experience enhanced concentration on what we're doing at given time. uh, that's why the flow state is described as pleasant, productive, and sometimes even as ecstatic eve would a much more exotic proceeded to experience eggs to see some people turn to harmful substances. but gods, not experiences, ecstasy by way of infer red light exercise and even food. he engages in mental training to maintain his inner calm. he says he's well versed in the research on the topic, but those who use the information and tips he provides shouldn't just blindly follow them. molecular scientists, bill ham blah recommends that people listened to their own bodies to dignify the missouri son caught them. did you presume that you can just perpetually control your own body with bio hacking and that you essentially have control over each of its processes?
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that's a viewpoint people shouldn't just except there's a good chance it won't work on it's of, i mean, as a scientist, i recognize there are many things. i don't know anything about it. all advice, but including what long term effects they could have. vehicle between croppers and god's law under scores that point as well, and emphasizes that nothing will replace taking responsibility for your own life. but it's also important to have fun fun that's challenging, but that doesn't get too out of hand. ah. have you ever been in a flow state completely focused and yet still relaxed top athletes are starting to. ready catalyze of the advantages of flow. now they're not any exercise they bodies, but their minds as well, with nearer feedback training. i. so i eyes focus when the tone sounds, it means that e mail
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a jacob is in what's known as a flow state. it's the same in which his body can perform optimally when furthest over or you feel at one with yourself or in that state. you can just listen to yourself and your own body awful and couple horse and word or even the jacob is pushing himself to new heights with neuro feedback. training. nicholas hoist the uses electrodes to evaluate a jacob's mental state. ideally he'll be mentally focused, yet physically relaxed at the starting line. as his immediate here, we can see amy's brain activating and you know, you can clearly see his brain activity. i just as is what we want is for him to be in the optimal mental status, which is called flow and kind of the dental of his best friend started his image from that we can see here that he's almost there also that sometimes he comes out of it and the tone stop sounding. now we're just going to give it a try. on your market get set. a jacob
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runs the 400 meter hurtles and dreams of going to the olympics. nicholas hose that says athletes can use neural feedback to improve their performance by up to 20 percent less as we have what we want for a meal is not. he doesn't start thinking about other things in that quiet moment. before he takes off conflict, we want him to stay focused on to do that. he has to be secure enough in himself to know that he can arrive at a mental state even on days when he feels a bit uneasy. and that's extremely ras, i verified, answered the brilliant native as already had success with the training. he just once silver of the european athletics championships and his career is still just in the starting blocks, romanella. and i want to keep pushing myself to my limit. so i can always stay in that flow state and reach it whenever i want to am on her. whenever your brain into the top here, then you've got a tank up with the right kind of feel. we know that our brain consumes 20 percent
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of the body's entity, potatoes, lentils, and whole grain products are great for brain health. and the sweet seats will show you an hour. they should bite series of wheel drain, but he says, ah, ah, presenting 3 brain boosters. first of blueberries, berries are rich and play the noise which helped to prevent inflammation. and they protect our gray matter in the process. in one study, 26 test persons were given concentrated blueberry juice every day for a 12 week period. their brain flow improved, especially in the areas responsible for cognitive function. so how come the answer is probably, and the science and anti oxidant contained in many purple colored foods that are linked to a range of health benefits. among them,
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preventing brain cells from aging. number 2, green leafy vegetables, an important part of a healthy diet, not least because they're high and lu time, which is a karate noise. that study show also contributes to brain health. high levels of lou time in the blood are linked to what is called crystallized intelligence. this is the ability to use knowledge and skills acquired over our lifetime. much of our brain function deteriorates as we age. lou time helps preserve our required intelligence. now the good news, number 3 is dark chocolate. in a 2018 study participants consumed 70 percent chocolate daily for 8 days. blood tests identified major changes and activity in 177 genes. genes involved in immune response, neural signaling and sensory perception. dark chocolate is high in calories and fat,
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but also proceed on adams. flavin noise is found in many plan have anti inflammatory effects. flavor noise cross with called the blood brain barrier, and have been localized in the brain, particularly in areas crucial for learning and memory. such as the hippocampus. another study established that eating dark chocolate leads to an increase in gamma waves, which are related to cognitive function. these foods only work as brain boosters over the long term. so get matching on that cocoa, rich chocolate, blueberries, and of course your greens as soon as possible with do you have a question about nutrition, fitness, o health and right to us will answer your question with the help of experts shoot us an e mail as in good shape at d, w dot com with
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our brain is the command center for our bodily functions, making brain cancer diagnosis, especially terrifying. even though weld wide. more people die from lung and liver cancer than from brain tumors. operating on a brain tumor is complicated, but robots could make the process a bit easier. when did you, what we see here is a big tumor that has 2 components. there's a solid part and then this big cyst on top of it. as usual, the head surgeon and his assistant are discussing steps for an operation. they're planning to take samples from a patient malignant tumor with the help of a modern surgery robot. for this person, arleson is not, it makes things
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a bit easier for the style and gives the surgeon and the patient great security. close the incisions, a smaller, it's a win win situation for everyone involved for their patient. the procedure will be faster and much less invasive than it would have been with traditional methods. the intricate measurements are overtaken by the robots and lasers scanner. it's give them as a son, now was instructing me to go precisely down the nasal ridge on that one is that basically i go to the exact points, the laser tells me to for me, for lunch. so the combination of man and machine gives the work a special edge offering tomato. the robot thinks in 3 day, it's fed with information about the chima, which it combines with the measurements. it's taken from fixed points on the patient's head. the robot then uses this data to calculate precisely where the doctor needs to drill. now the surgeons and making the final preparatory steps for
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the operation that tomorrow it's, we're going to access the tumor from the left side, which is covered at the images, shows that the tumor is dominant on the left. we don't expect major blood loss of all. so we're good to go and move on to come on. professor thomas high man guides his assistance during the up the to initiated this way of working at the hospital. it enables them to work with great precision. these are, these 8 samples are just one millimeter wide, but under a microscope they're huge and will enable us to make a reliable diagnosis. dr. davinsky withdraws 18 millimeters of liquid from the cyst that had built up on the chima. it's a huge relief for the brain. the surgeon hopes it will be for his patient as well.
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thanks to the robot, the procedure takes just one hour instead of the usual to. once the samples have been analyzed, the 2 doctors can decide on the next steps for their patience with and now it's your turn. without that fitness mat, personal trainer, akila delane is going to show us a new exercise. hello, today we train our beck. so you lay on the floor, lift your feet, demonstrate your arms, and then go with your hands to your but beck, ford, squeeze here but, and your lower back forward again. and with your hands to you,
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but ah, with this exercise, your trade, your whole back. so you lower back is in the most, but you whole bag with you should do about 50 breadth. so do as many as you can do a little break but any and you should have 50 reps have fun practicing and we'll see you next time. and in good shape, with
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who you do you way tend to home day mostly in destructive, massive to innovative concepts to save. i while predicted you can't trust them. hope
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frankfurt. airport city, managed by fraud lou ah, this is dw leih from berlin. brush tightened his grip on to vera don. yes. can keith city in ukraine? ethan don bass with and rewriting breaks the rules. anger in brussels as person was.


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