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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 14, 2022 8:00am-8:15am CEST

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ah ah ah ah, this is dw news coming to you live from berlin, no way out for ukrainians, regional official say the russian bombing of severe and in that sc has cut all all the last escape routes. but president lensky says his troops could still turn things around if they just are given the weapons they need. also coming up
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rewriting the brakes, it rules, anger and brussels as britain wants to ditch parts of his controversial trade agreement with the european union. and mapping the milky way the european space probe help scientists understand how our galaxy evolved over billions of years. ah. hello m terry march it good to have you with us. russian forces appear closer to taking control of spirit dynette k key city and ukraine's eastern dunbar. region, the regional governor says the last bridge in and out has been destroyed, making it impossible to organize humanitarian aid or evacuations. but ukraine's president welcoming lensky says his forces could still reclaim territory in the region. if they are supplied with the weapons they needed. firing
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back, ukrainian defense forces, say this aerial footage shows to destruction of 3 russian grad rocket launchers, which they believe are used to shell. the embattled city of severed the nets and surrounding areas. street bottles are raging in the eastern city. the governor of the region says it is mostly under russian control. much of severe, don't ask, has been destroyed. authorities believe some $500.00 civilians, including children, are sheltering at the vast ad thought chemical plant. ukraine has accused russia of shelling the works and sparking a fire russian back separatist say they're holding back from the plant to avoid an environmental catastrophe. images that remind ukrainians of the siege and matthew polt still works for just weeks ago. but the ukranian president
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remains defiant. my land, most of them were dealing with absolute evil and we have no other choice but to move forward and free our entire territory. kick the occupiers out of all our regions. and although the width of our front is already more than 2 and a half times in kilometers, you can feel that our strategy is still working. the russian ministry of defense released footage, claiming to show their troops opening fire on ukrainian militants. their spokes person said they had hit important targets was a glitch that will give them in the donato people's republic. high precision air launched missiles destroyed a large number of weapons and military equipment delivered to the ukrainian nationalists, including weapons from the u. s. and european countries soldiers lit it's a shaw yoder biscuit from back ins. fietta denounced the constant shelling and
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exchange of fire rages on with no end in sight and old bridges out of the city. cut a spring in our corresponded de manuel shows here. she's in chia montoya, we heard ukraine's president in that report saying his country has the strategic initiative and as determined to push russia's army back across the border. did he elaborate on how that supposed to happen, given russia's apparent military superiority? well, cherry, indeed, she did. hello to me as cable has been speaking to to ukrainians to eat nearly every day since the beginning of the war. you know, we could almost get used to hearing him every day, but yesterday's address full. it was very strong when he said it only takes enough weapons to push back the russian army. this was a late fee towards the delivery of heavy weapons which ukraine direly needs.
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he said that it was possible that you're playing, and of course you can beat rush and choose, but they need the equipment for that. they need heavy weapons. so he really puts the emphasis on that here. so pull for every crania and currently being in touch with people in occupied areas to please we assure the people there that ukraine, an army is trying, it's best to get there. you have to know that in occupied areas. there's also a communication cuts, electricity cuts, which randall is a communication very difficult. so he really appealed to the population to try and get in touch with people in occupied area and tell them basically to hold on. tell us more about the situation. and so better than that, sca ammo, what are we know about the ukranian troops and civilians were left there?
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well, ukrainian troops have been pushed back from the city center. it's really, you know, it's a very strategic, a place of full russian troops, either control center. it only has either control lizzie chanst, then they will control the entirety of the low have a region. so a heavy fighting still happening. a russian troops control is 70 percent of that city. and the latest is that the 3 bridge is the leading to this city, have now been destroyed by russian of forces. this means that there is no longer the possibility to evacuate. the variance was to you. there is no longer the possibility to deliver supply supplies to those civilians. entities believe that to $500.00 as civilians remain in the city included at dozens of children for whom the situation is extremely difficult. and we finding ourselves in a situation that we might have thought of mar, you pull with civilians trapped with some ukranian forces. talked with the pros hit
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who is this? the piracy of the united nation says more than 7000000 people have left ukraine since the war began around a 100000 of travel to bulgaria when they had been staying there in hotels on the black sea coast. now they're having to make way. for summer visitors, d w is funny, potter reports. oh gra unit. time to get moving again. everyone here fled from ukraine. months ago. now they are being relocated from bulgaria scotia to state facilities across the country. how long they will stay is unclear nozzle magic. my dad is very hard, was 2 children. there is no where i can just leave them there on the move with me up until june, about 60000 refugees. where staying in these hotels along the bulgarian black sea. but just before the summer season will gary or use the compensation to hotel
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operators from 20 yours per refugee per day to 8. the director of these hotel complexes. that's not nearly enough to cover their costs. they also require marshall flooring business. it's clear, this is our business tourism, so there was no way they could stay on during the summer season. is long due to lack of seasonal workers. he decided to keep some ukraine in refugee, san carina, and marina put a panko are among those who can stay before the war. they managed a flower business in hockey. now they are getting trained how to set a lunch table, quoting up a coupling. it's difficult to plan at all. we don't know what will happen tomorrow, but we plan to stay here for the summer season and work it up. what they they fled with their children, their husbands in ukraine could be drafted at any time they say, as a chest,
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it's hard for us to process everything because we are full of sorrow for our country. national will guerria is in dire need of taurus russian tourists. we're one of the biggest groups of foreign visitors where they are staying away due to sanctions. it's unclear how many welcome but some here are happy that the refugees are now being accommodated elsewhere. what it meant, so i think we helped enough it is not necessary to help them any more. could have been the issue of ukrainian refugees is increasingly polarizing will gary in society. there's still a lot of solidarity in the capital. sophia, this demonstration is of cold. her health, this people here say doing war against ukraine is unjustified, yet will show about one 3rd of will harry and still maintain a positive attitude towards fulton and sociology steamy top gun have says that
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the longer roches war against ukraine continues, the harder it will be to maintain solidarity with ukraine, both to bowl soonest, all will select the knob for loud of a crude wish and voices gets all the worse for you, creating refugees will for you him, gary, a whole body up. will marina carino know little about the ongoing debate about their status, they try to provide moments of joy to their children on the other side of the c. u . crane where the war ages on take a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world today. european commission president ursula under lion, has traveled to israel for talks on energy. european union is trying to secure alternatives supplies to offset his sanctions on russian. oil and gas is really gas wrecked, or it's have been increasing thanks to recent offshore discovery. us lawmakers have heard more damaging testimony about donald trump's claims that the 2020 election
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was stolen from him. former attorney general william bar testify that trump became detached from reality. a congressional committee is investigating the storming of the west capital last january. nearly 300 people had been jailed for between 5 and 25 years. for joining antique government protests in cuba. thousands rally last year against rising food prices, medical shortages and response to coven, 19 activists from ecuador, as indigenous groups have block roads nationwide, in protest against the economic policies of rifling president guillermo law. so at least 10 provinces were effected by demonstrations focusing on rising fuel prices. the british government is planning to ditch some trading rules that agreed with the european union when it left the block. at the center of a long running dispute is northern ireland, which is part of the u. k,
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but effectively remains within the e u. single market. the aim is to keep an open border with the republic of ireland and you members stay at some trade going through northern islands still has to be checked, written once a partial scrap on those checks. and each says that changes are illegal and is threatening to retaliate. the w's bergen mouse has more on the prospect of reaching a compromise. well, they sides keep repeating that they do want a negotiated solution. the u. k are saying, well, we are tabling this odd really. we are continuing to negotiate and lee, you also don't really want a trade war because ultimately it's, you know, it's, it's, it's about the whole trade between the, you and, and the u. k. we went very, very important trading partners and the u is threatening to, to, to,
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to take some action against the u. k. and, ah, but at the moment this is really not happening. so this is much further down the line because this bill also needs to go to a parliament house and then it needs to go to the house of lords that there will be quite a lot of backlash, especially from the has flowed. so both sides will be hoping that there is a lot of posturing at the moment from the u. k, as well as from the you, but that really and the goal is solution can be negotiated. in the end, scientists have released data on nearly 2000000000 stores in our galaxy. it's a massive step towards creating the most accurate map yet of the milky way. the european space agency is guy of probe has given astronomers new insights into how store stars are born and how they die. the milky way our galactic home. a huge cloud of stars. one of then is
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our son. that our closest neighbors in space hold so much mystery seen from earth. they appear so close together that you can't tell them apart. but the launch of the guy, a probe in 2013 changed that. wow. ah, the garage state of the art, optical technology and observation from space from a much more favourable position. never before have the locations and movements of the stars in the milky way. they measured with such precision base a temper towards the, the temperature, the chemical composition. how they move towards us or away from us and all this data is available now. one discovery is that fragments of other star systems are floating in our galaxy remnants of galactic collisions. gaia has measured almost 2000000000 stars, but haven't 99 percent of the milky way remains uncharted territory for us.
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you're watching did up the news from berlin up next. we've got business news for you, of course, and get all the latest news and information in time you want on our website at the w dot com. i'm terry martin. thanks for what i did in wide wing extremist rights requesting again world maggie and copeland wait and bern.


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