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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 14, 2022 10:00am-10:31am CEST

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ah ah ah, this is dw news coming to you live from berlin, no way out for ukrainians. regional official say russian bombing of severe dynette has cut off the last escape routes. but president lensky says his troops could still turn things around if they are given the weapons they need. also coming up rewriting the brakes,
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it rules anger in brussels as britain wants to ditch parts of its controversial trade agreement with the european union. and mapping the milky way the european space probe help scientists understand how our galaxy evolved over billions of years. ah. hello m terry martin. good to have you with us. russian forces appear closer to taking control of the better done yet scare key city in ukraine's eastern don boss . region. regional governor says the last bridge in and out has been destroyed, making it impossible to organize humanitarian aid or evacuations to neighboring use chunks. but ukraine's president blocked me. lazansky says his forces could still reclaim territory in the region. if they are supplied with the weapons, they need firing back. ukrainian defense forces
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say this aerial footage shows to destruction of 3 russian grad rocket launchers, which they believe are used to share. the embattled city of cbs. don't ask and surrounding areas. street bottles are raging in the eastern city. the governor of the region says it is mostly under russian control. much of severe, diana has been destroyed. authorities believe some $500.00 civilians, including children or sheltering at the vast ad thought chemical plant. ukraine has accused russia of shelling the works and sparking a fire russian back separatists say they're holding back from the plant to avoid an environmental catastrophe. images that remind ukrainians of the siege and matthew polt still works for just weeks ago. but the ukranian president remains defiant. my mom was proud of,
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so we're dealing with absolute evil and we have no other choice but to move forward free our entire territory. take the occupiers out of all our regents shouldn't. and although the width of our front is already more than 2 and a half 1000 kilometers, you can feel that our strategy is still working. the russian ministry of defense released footage, claiming to show their troops opening fire on ukrainian militants. their spokes person said they had hit important targets was accomplished that will give them in the donato people's republic. high precision air launched missiles destroyed a large number of weapons and military equipment delivered to the ukrainian nationalists, including weapons from the u. s. and european countries. soldiers lit it's a shaw yoder biscuit from back ins. fietta denounced the constant shelling and
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exchange of fire rages on with no end in sight and old bridges out of the city cut earlier i spoke to justin crump. he's a military analyst and runs an intelligence consultancy in the u. k. i asked him how the battle for ukraine stone bass region is unfolding scenario. the next is the focus at the moment, as you rightly say it, i think that will rapidly move westwards with increasing russian efforts in the cities in don't ask what severity on that the focus because of the last bit of the scope last most exposed to the cranium line and so it's politically important for those sites and it's militarily take the important for russia because they're trying to cause as many casualties as possible to the ukrainians this time. try and circle and capture cranium forces to defeat ukrainian forces in the door. so i think the russian point of view is the 1st domino to fall by reducing so on that
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they can start to increase the tempo. what they've been doing. again, we're over a 110 days in this point, and they're still fighting of some of the same error though. they've been fighting over 201415. so i think russia came to be making more progress over the summer now . and hopefully should be the 1st part. the city itself is how to defend its on the wrong side of the river, the ukraine. there are 3 bridges crossing the river. the leaves have been destroyed . now see cranium forces to face the challenge to withdraw, to the bank with that friendly forces are on the city of this a chance which on the high ground overlooking severity, on that that'll be the hard fight. in fact, version itself, russia working very hard to try and attack city from the south if it can in the coming days to try and force ukrainians back more quickly. ukraine's president laudermill zelinski, he is determined to push russian forces back across the border. he says,
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his country desperately needs more help though from abroad. what can ukraine's backers in the e u in north america do? what more can they do that they're not already doing. i mean, the requests that are coming out, i think, for, for power to weapons of russia, put ukraine hosting for around 1000 phyllis. every piece is $300.00 multiple loan truck systems and $500.00 main baffled tanks, which probably is about the same level as what russia has deployed into ukraine itself. so on the face of it, that's a fair request, but to put it in perspective, the british army, for example, has a total of $220.00 main battle tanks of which may not in service ma'am. and a 1000 fail guns is more than 10 active duty us divisions in the u. s. army. so that's a huge number of pieces of equipment. so it's very unlikely to get, frankly, just because the stock was not bad. now in theory, when you're defending
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a more you work on the basis, the attacker has 3 times as much as the defender and that should be a balance fight. ukraine's seen the advantage of that in this complex big to defend the most the time. and so that employees actually, if they had about a 3rd as much and they could probably defend effectively, but defending alone does not win wars. and we've just seen this, this course in the don't mass that russia is solely grinding forwards. but putting pressure on everywhere, take every inch of ground. so that's the sort of off the ukrainians have, if they're going to balance the fight rather than just gradually, slowly being ground down nervously. the hope is that russia also gets ground down to fighting, reaches and impasse. we're not that yet. no, i think will be for a few weeks. but that's the sort of hope i think in this this started fighting great, totally dependent, really at this point on western all century, i'm initial, that's the key thing they need to keep having without good diminished justin. thank you very much for your analysis. that was just in crump,
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with the civil unintelligence consultancy inland. the united nation says more than 7000000 people have left ukraine since the war began around a 100000 have traveled to bulgaria. many have been staying in hotels there on the black sea coast. but now they're having to make way for summer visitors. t w's funny future reports. program unit. time to get moving again. everyone here fled from ukraine. months ago, now they are being relocated from bulgaria, coast to state facilities across the country. how long they will stay is unclear nozzle madeep my it is very hard with 2 children. there is no where i can just leave them there on the move with me. up until june, about 60000 refugees were staying in these hotels along the bulgarian black sea. but just before the summer season bulgaria re used the compensation to hotel
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operators from 20 yours per refugee per day to 8. the director of these hotel complexes that's not nearly enough to cover their costs. they also require marshall growing business. it's clear, this is our business tourism, so there was no way they could stay on during the summer season. isn't due to lack of seasonal workers. he decided to keep some ukraine in refugee, san carina, and marina put a panko are among those who can stay before the war. they managed a flower business in hockey. now they are getting trained how to set a lunch table, closing up a coupling. it's difficult to plan at all. we don't know what will happen tomorrow, but we plan to stay here for the summer season and work yet of what they. they fled with their children. their husbands in ukraine could be drafted at any time they say. as a chest, it's hard for us to process everything because we are full of sorrow for our
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country. national fennel will guerria is in dire need of taurus. russian tourists were one of the biggest groups of foreign visitors where they are staying away due to sanction. it's unclear how many welcome but some here are happy that the refugees are now being accommodated elsewhere for mendel. so i think we helped enough it is not necessary to help them any more. but the issue of ukrainian refugees is increasingly polarizing will gary in society. there's still a lot of solidarity in the capital. sophia, this demonstration is of course help. this people here say doing war against ukraine is unjustified. yet we'll show about one 3rd of will harry and still maintain a positive attitude towards putin and sociology. steam inside gun have says that
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the longer rushes war against ukraine continues, the harder it will be to maintain solidarity with ukraine folk to bowl soon his dog will. so that the knob for loud of approved bush and voices gets all the worse for you. crating refugees will feel him, gary, hold it pretty up. will marina and carina know little about the ongoing debate about their status. they tried to provide moments of joy to their children on the other side of the c, ukraine, where the war ages on you're watching dw, and there's still to come. the left, the and pop star who found fame and fortune in russia, but now faces the wrath of some vans with his criticism of the kremlin. first, let's catch up on what's happening in different parts of the world. european commission present. ursula funder lion has traveled to israel for talks on energy. european union is trying to secure alternative supplies to offset at sanctions on russian.
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oil and gas is really gas act boards have been increasing thanks to recent offshore discoveries. us lawmakers have heard more damaging testimony about donald trump's claim that the 2020 election was stolen from ham. former attorney general william bar testify the trunk became detached from reality. a congressional committee is investigating the storming of the u. s. capital last january. nearly 300 people have been jailed for between 5 and 25 years for joining anti government protests in cuba. thousands rally blast year against rising food prices, medical shortages, and the response to covered 90 activists from eco doors. indigenous groups have blocked roads nationwide in protest against the economic policies of right wing president guillermo law. so at least 10 provinces were affected by demonstrations. focusing on rising fuel prices. the 1st flight carrying
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asylum seekers who cross the english channel is expected to depart for re wanda on tuesday. just 8 people remain on the passenger list. after dozens were removed, following legal challenges, the government says policy will act as a deterrent, but critics call the move in humane the e. u is threatening legal action after the u. k. government proposed new legislation that would override the post brags at trade deal signed less than 2 years ago. at the center of a long running dispute is how to regulate trade through northern ireland. it's a part of the u. k, but borders eat you members. and the republic of ireland and effectively remains within the e u. single market. earlier i spoke to the w, corresponded christine wall in brussels and asked her to explain why trade rules
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were northern ireland were still proving to be so controversial. terry, the e u has specific food roles, especially when it comes to products like meat and eggs and the, and the block requires that goods coming in specifically from non e u. countries are subjected to customs checks. now because of the political history, which is very sensitive between ireland and northern ireland, bricks, it negotiators afforded wise not to impose a hard border between ireland and northern island, which is effectively the kind of instrument that you would need to be able to facilitate these very strict checks of the e u requires on its product. so the work around the bear was that all goods coming from the rest of great britain. that is england, scotland and wales would be checked in northern ireland. a special arrangement was made for northern ireland, which kept northern ireland in the single e u market in the, in the sense that northern ireland still keeps to e. u. stand it. so any goods coming in to northern ireland from the rest of our off
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britain are subject to those east standards. what the british government is now seeking to do is, for example, propose 2 lanes at that border. one processing goods that are coming in are form from the rest of britain that are destined to stay in northern ireland, which the u. k. government says should only be subject to u. k. standards. and then another line for goods that are destined for the rest of the european union that would be coming from britain. but this in simple or words, terry is of course going against what was agreed upon. i in that northern ireland protocol that came into effect at the end of 2021. if maurice johnson does unilaterally change the terms of the deal on northern ireland, what impact that have on trade with the ear, cherry there, people are starting to use the words trade war. could we see a trade war between, between brussels and london, and via an indication that that is,
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that is likely what happens in a trade war. that is, of course, to trade partners trotter increase the tariffs and the coaches are on goods that makes imports and exports more expensive. that means some companies go out of business. ad there is also an inflationary aspect to that because goods become more expensive. and at a time in europe, a both in the united kingdom and in europe, where people are seeing the cost of their living solar because of the energy crisis . among other things, that would be really, really detrimental businesses are companies going out of business, would also mean add that there are potential job losses on both sides. in the long run, trade was have been known to show that they have as sort of depressive economic. i impacts, but there's also the political impact. so all of this right now, europe is facing. it's big a security threat since the end of the world war 2 with russia's invasion of ukraine. right now, western unity in solidarity is needed more than ever. and this, of course, the straining and, sorry, relations between london, brussels over over, over, over this issue would of course be detrimental to,
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to that unity and resolved that the way to seeking at this very difficult time. ela was christine when were there speaking to me a little while ago from brussels? well, here's an image you're unlikely to be taking on your smartphone any time soon. scientists released other or nearly 2000000000 stores in our galaxy to hold exactly her. but, well, it's a massive step towards creating the most accurate map. yet of the milky word, the european space agency is gaia probe has given astronomers new insights into how stores or born, and how they die. the milky way our galactic home. a huge cloud of stars. one of them is our son. that our closest neighbors in space hold so much mystery. seen from earth. they appear so close together. that you can't tell them apart. but the launch of the guy,
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a probe in 2013 changed that. wow, ah, legalize state of the art optical technology and observation from space from a much more favourable position. never before had the locations and movements of the stars in the milky way. they measured with such precision pleasure temper towards their temperature, the chemical composition. how they moved towards us or away from us got all this data is available now. one discovery is that fragments of other star systems are floating in our galaxy remnants of galactic collisions. dia has measured almost 2000000000 stars, but around 99 percent of the milky way remains uncharted territory for us. ah, now he was once a popular singer playing to millions and pack venues and on russian states
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television in tosh was suits with his russian lyrics. the lappy and artist won a legion of fans and paycheck to match, but with the invasion of ukraine, he began to rethink his part in russia's propaganda machine. now he's an outspoken critic of the kremlin, and that has turned many of his fans against him. oh, in touch with soliz was a star in russia, i, the latvian singer performed on russian state media and even held concerts in the kremlin. oh, he toured the world's largest country. oh, thinking in russian, celebrating the language and enjoyed the company of his russian fun. oh no, he's got a miss or not. you still can't fully believe it's all over with god. i might not
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return may in the next 50 years, and i won't have concerts that ah, the 24th of february changed everything he told us as we visited him in his home studio. ah, the place where brosuti is creative process begins. for weeks he's been working on a song about the war. oh, finally brucely is speaking out. he's been sharing videos and photos of the war on social media. ah, his aim to confront his russian fans with the reality of violence in ukraine. ah, and destruction. images that aren't shown on russian state media, lou, although his fans and russia have seen his posts,
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many are still not convinced learner's products. it's a paradox. the biggest fans who wrote the most loving comments i have turned into my biggest enemies, sir. men eyed they have gone crazy and they are attacking me. is god, not out. as much as cub. it's a potentially dangerous situation for the sunni's. hooton's propaganda has also played a role in his home country every 4th person living in life years of russian descent. recently, he was verbally assaulted by a passer by in his hometown nol ahmad lamar and people have cursed at me, met. but i tell them everything is fine. i understand you. so don't worry. you're not guilty for thinking that your brain has been corrupted by the propaganda . tonight bit i write a script about norma. though smart and safe macleods propaganda
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inter soliz wants to change the perspective of his fans one some day. he hopes to return to russia and perform again. oh, maybe even bring his kids as well. but only if it's a new russia one without putting it. i get offer more on that were joined here in our studio bar correspondent, emily, sherwin. she used to be our correspondent in moscow, but is now back with the symbol. and how common is that artist, sir? previously loved by russians, are now counselled because of their anti war stance. were quite a lot of well known russian celebrities or celebrities who were well known within russia have come out against the war. and some of them, you know, were really firmly part of the establishment i would say. and there's been a mixed reaction. some of them have gotten a lot of support from their fans,
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depending on those, their political views. and some of them have gotten quite a bit of backlash. one example, as for example, magnesia who you might remember was russia's eurovision or candidate. she got her concerts canceled within russia recently for her criticism of the war. there's comedian and presenter, maxine gall kin who also, you know, he's married to russia's version of madonna, essentially ala book. i chose a very much establish and that meant figure he's been talking on instagram a lot about the war and he says that t v has been launching a kind of smear campaign against him, almost painting him as a criminal within russia. there are also artists who've been coming out against the war despite the fact that they're still in the country. so for example, on one of russian rock group, singer you, if you had a chip shift shook, said recently that we shouldn't be kissing up to the president all the time in that the president is not russia. and he was cheered on stage by his fans. but then he got in trouble with the police,
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so the authorities are making it very clear what people stance should be. but there's of course, a mix of reactions from the fans, depending on what their political views are. how do you explain the backlash against these artists? i mean, they're really just act, you know, operate an opinion or saying what they think is happening in ukraine. i think it's really interesting that these celebrities are using and in many cases, social media to reach out to their followers. often they have tens of thousands of followers, and i think what they're trying to do is break through this propaganda bubble that state tv particularly is creating. and that bubble really is strong, particularly since the war, you know, after the war started, which is of course, called a special operation within russia. russian state tv actually canceled all entertainment programs and they went full force on the political route. so you know, this is really a strong machine and i think these celebrities are working hard to break through that. but we hear again and again, stories of even people in ukraine saying that their relatives within russia don't
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believe them when they tell them what's actually happening. and instead, they believe rush and state propaganda. so is there any way for artists in russia to still be candid about the war in ukraine? i think it's really hard. and a lot of people who have an anti war stance, including celebrities have left russia, including because you know, there's this new law about spreading so called fake news about the war which can lead to up to 15 years in prison. but being political was always hard, i think, for artists you know, even in the past few years as well. there were cases of musicians who came out in favor of the opposition in russia, in favor of opposition leader alex enough by me having their concerts counselled having s s be, you know, state security forces kind of intimidating them or arresting them, you know, at their concerts all kinds of stories like that and censorship, you know, for the last decades and even century, as you would say,
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in russia has been common for artists. and it's a fine line that they've always had to walk. so it's hard for artists to come out and with these kind of statements supporting ukraine, for example. but what about just informing yourself as a citizen in russia? can you find independent information on the internet and get access to it? we're getting harder and harder including because many of the last remaining critical media outlets within russia we're kind of closed in the 1st few weeks of the war. and also many critical media outlets from outside the country are being blocked, including b, b, c, d, w, many other media outlets. so the only wherever the accessing information that's critical is by getting a vpn. so essentially people have to mask their ip addresses and say that they're in a different country, but that's hard. so that's, i think, also why it's important that these celebrities are using their platforms to reach out to users who aren't necessarily looking for that information about the war. but they get it anyway. emily, thank you very much. that was our correspond, emily,
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sherwin, for we go, just a quick look at the top story we're covering for you this. our regional officials in ukraine's don bus say, russian bombing has destroyed the last bridge, providing an escape route from spell on that. but the presence lensky says his troops could still turn things around if there supplied with the weapons. they need just a w news from berlin up next in good shape, looking into the brain as the bodies command center. thanks for walking with ah, with
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in good shape. because the pineapple heavy is the toaster, the human brain. here you can learn how it works. what is me? how it can be trained? and we answer one of human kinds. biggest questions do male and female brain.
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differently in good shape, ah, next on dw poisoned field with our improper management and aggressive cultivation on taking their told how can they be here? researchers and farmers plan on gaining ground work in the land for a con. consult in 45 minutes on d, w. o 175 years ago, a young startup entrepreneur at a specific goal to build the best optical instruments in the world.
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ah little did he know that devices bearing his name would one day feature in reminding through science into new realms. ah, the rise of a global company with 175 sites distorts june 19th on d. w. whether we're awake or asleep, our buddies command center wax incessantly controlling our organs and bodily functions. the human brain doesn't need any instructions. it knows exactly what to do, even the brains of unborn babies. can we improve our brain performance? are they differences that.


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