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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 14, 2022 2:00pm-2:30pm CEST

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ah ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin, no way out for ukraine. satellite images show the last escape routes out of sea barrow. the net cap been cut off under itself. ukrainian fighters and civilians are taking refuge from the russian assault inside a local chemical plot. also coming up, the german and his energy sector is under more pressure after rushes. gas from says
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it is flashing gas supplies due to delays in repairing the north stream pipeline. the 1st player carrying asylum seekers to rwanda is due to depart the u. k. today, or the plan is controversial. critics call it it more, but the government says it will discourage illegal migrants from making risky attempts to reach brittany and mapping the milky way. holla, european space pro, helps us to understand how our galaxy evolved over billions of years. ah, i'm good. how about us? welcome to the program. russian forces appear closer to taking control of severe or the nets. that's the key city and ukraine's eastern don bus region. regional
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governor there says the last bridge in and out has been destroyed, making it impossible to organized humanitarian aid or evacuations to neighboring lucy charts. but ukraine's president vladimir zalinski says his forces could still reclaim territory in that region. if they are supplied with a long range weapons, they need firing back ukrainian defense forced to say this aerial footage shows to destruction of 3 russian grad rocket launchers, which they believe we're used to shall. the embattled city of soviet don't ask and surrounding areas. street battles are raging in the eastern city. the governor of the region says it is mostly under russian control. much of severe donetta has been destroyed. authorities believe some $500.00 civilians, including children or sheltering at the vast at sot chemical plant. ukraine has accused russia of shelling the works and sparking
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a fire russian back separatists say they're holding back from the plant to avoid an environmental catastrophe. images that remind ukrainians of the siege and matter you pulled steal works just weeks ago. but the ukranian president remains defiant. milan was browl of salad and we're dealing with absolute evil. and we have no other choice but to move forward, free our entire territory. take the occupiers out of all our regents should and although the width of our front is already more than 2 and a half 1000 kilometers, you can feel that our strategy is still working. is the russian ministry of defense released footage, claiming to show their troops opening fire on ukrainian militants. their spokes person said they had hit important targets. was
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a glitch. the really give them in the dynamics, people's republic, high precision air launched missiles destroyed a large number of weapons and military equipment delivered to the ukrainian nationalists, including weapons from the u. s. and european countries. soldiers lit is the fra yoder biscuit from back in seattle, the netscape, the constant shelling and exchange of fire rages on with no end in sight and old bridges out of the seed cut did have you her splendid rebecca t. as in keith and earlier, she told me about the ukrainian troops and civilians who remain trapped in severe of the nets. in day, the situation in that city of severed and adds continues to worse and gerhard, as you've been reporting, we've learned that the last remaining evacuation route are in and out of the city or out of the city. but to get humanitarian aid in the last bridge has been destroyed now. so there is absolutely no way of getting any civilians out of that
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city, nor humanitarian aid in russian soldiers have completely surrounded the city there . awesome st. battles going on. but basically, russia, you know, now hold most of that city. it's just that chemical plant that you mentioned where there's seen, reminiscent of mary you, paul, or where the ukranian soldiers are holding out. and we're believe it's, believe there about $500.00 civilians. also sheltering in that chemical plot, but it's being bombarded, there have been fires there. obviously that's very dangerous with the toxic chemicals then a, you know, smoking as a very dangerous for anyone else in the city. it's not exactly sure how many civilians are left in that city, but it's believed somewhere between 10 and 15000 people who are living in increasingly dire situation. their humanitarian conditions worsening day by day, no running water, no electricity, and you know, fast running out of food medicines, that kind of thing. so it's a very serious situation in the sister city across the river. lucy chance or the
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governor has said about 70 people managed to evacuate that city in the last 24 hours about the russians are moving in and bombarding that city as well. rebecca, you created a person who brought in his zalinski has said he wants more ammunition and weapons from the west for the don boss from long how long him ukrainian forces hold off the russians. well that is the $1000000.00 question get, aha, they have been doing and putting up a pretty strong fight, considering that they are outgunned at least $10.00 to $1.00. it's believed they are better if you know that everything is to be believed that the ukrainian military is saying now, fast running out of ammunition. i have heard some analysts say that this could be somewhat tactical in that they're trying to put pressure on the west to, to deliver the promised weapons that they are, they're ramping up these fees that they are running out of weapons. the analysts say, why would they say that publicly did tell their enemy that they're running out of weapons, but you know, the losses on the battlefield can't be ignored. they are losing the battle if you
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will. they are being pushed back so that and they are running out of weapons. we're hearing that for every missile. that's fine. from the ukrainian side. they getting 10 to 15 in return. so being out gun. absolutely. and every one from the top down saying that ammunitions are running out. russia's energy, john gas prom says it will be reducing daily gas deliveries via the north stream pipeline to germany. due to the repair of compressor units supplied by german companies. immense gas from plants to supply up 200000000 cubic meters per day. that's according to an official company statement. the pipeline capacity stands at 167000000 cubic meters. no stream is the old one or 2 parallel pipelines, leading from russia to germany. it was notes from 2 was finished recently, but isn't used on the sanctions against russia over its war in front
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of more that are joining us today about chris go from g w business. chris, what's behind this? well, you just mentioned it or gas from the reduction is necessary because of the repair of compressor units by humans. company, many of us know, i'm sure, and apparently there was some delay in getting these compressors back from seniors . we have to understand that siemens, along with other many western companies, went out of the russian market after moscow's invasion of ukraine. so there might have been some difficulty there and actually repairing these units. now that is the official statement of gas from, of course it comes at a time when russia has cut gas deliveries to numerous european nations among them, finland and the lens and poland. and it comes at a time when russia, when ukraine, rather, a timberly halted the transit of russian gas bound for europe,
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amidst the fighting in the hunt region. now, what does it mean on the receiving end? germany being very, very dependent on russian guess it might not have that big of an impact currently because summer is just around the corner in europe. we're well out of the heating season, but is to make it more difficulty filling the necessary reserves for when temperatures dropping again and fall and in winter. and that has been one of the size of issues here when it comes to the question of how germany can transition away from its dependence on russia when it comes to fossil fuels and energy. the question being will people freeze in winter times and obviously politicians are trying everything to avoid that. so having last gas now might make it more challenging to fill up these reserves. currently, germany is quite on track and filling reserves, but again, it can be, it could,
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could be more difficult. should this turn out not to be a short time problem, but maybe something different, something more last long lasting. i'm going to find out in the winter, chris go over the w business. thank you. chris and the war continues not only to impact the energy industry, but also global foods chains, rushes, a blockade of russians. ukraine's ports is holding millions of tons of ukrainian. we deliveries to countries that often have few other options. lebanon is one, it normally gets most of its wheat and cooking oil from ukraine and russia. cues for bread start early, like at this bakery in the southern part of lebanon's capital bay root. it's baker . mohammed has hardly anything left to sell. bread is becoming scarce in lebanon. the bakers are running out of flower, not that even the pain model that we used almost all the flour we had today for baking and i la. so after 2 hours, there is no more bread, not here,
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nor in the other branches of them. there is no bread in the supermarket either of time. in fact, this might be less but a marcus motley if here was there was a shortage of flower supplies are also running low at wholesalers previously around $25.00 tons were sold every day here. but now wholesale or robbie, i can only deliver up to one time each day and supplies will soon run out. a large part of lebanon's wheat came from ukraine and russia as did sunflower oil. now, new suppliers are urgently needed. almost for the government has to secure loans and find alternatives to ukrainian. we'll serrano and we need storage. another problem is that we lost our wheat silos in the explosion that happened at the port of beirut. there was no longer a place to store wheat or buffy mckellar that was in alarm. the devastating explosion in bay roads port almost 2 years ago not only destroyed the wheat silos, but people's confidence in politics. here. the country is experiencing an economic
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crisis. the currency is in free fall. food prices have risen by more than 600 per cent bread prices have also multiplied. the world bank has promised lebanon a $1000000.00 loan for wheat, but the money hasn't arrived yet. we are having a very serious, a concern that if a russia claim closest continues to grow, and we import about 80 percent of our wheat from russia declaim, we don't have any national deserves in lebanon. the last bread of the day is coming out of the ovens overseen by to make him mohammed. he doesn't know if he'll have flour again to morrow. even though russia has supposedly promised to release weep deliveries. there is still no sign of them in lebanon. hollowell, above phillips, we demand a solution for this country where fat up the recall and the people are emigrating because it's no longer possible to live here. there's not even bread. i big
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something with, with a those, and a little bit of flower. i would, it would, it would. now we are to create, as you know, the people of lebanon, fear that very soon, there will simply be no more bread. you're watching the wu still to call the laughin pop star, who found fame and fortune in russia. enough faces the wrath of some fans with his criticism of the criminal. but 1st, let's have a look at some of the other stories making headlines today. dozens of members of a former opposition party in cambodia have been convicted of treason. it's the latest and a number of mass trials that have targeted. the cambodian national rescue party critic say the southeast asian country has been reduced to a one party state activists from ecuador, indigenous groups,
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half blocked roads nationwide to protest. the economic policies of right wing president gl arsel. at least 10 provinces were affected by demonstrations focused on rising fuel prices. and nearly 300 people have been jailed for between 5 and 25 years. for joining protests against the socialist government in cuba, thousands rallied last year against rising fuel prices, medical shortages, and the country's response to covered 90. scotlands 1st minister nicholas sturgeon has laid out her intentions to hold a 2nd independence referendum. she said that work was on the way on how to proceed without the consent of the british government, which opposes a 2nd vote. 55 percent of voters in scotland chose to remain in the u. k. in 2014 or independence is about how we equate the 1st flight carrying asylum seekers to rwanda is expected to leave the u. k. today,
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a controversial plan aims at discouraging migrants from illegally crossing the english channel into britain. human rights groups and church leaders have criticized the plan as immoral. our next report looks at some asylum seekers. we've already spent time in rwanda. they paint a bleak picture of what awaits the new arrivals at transit center in wanda. these refugees try to reach europe, but did not succeed. many of them ended up spending years in detention centers in libya before being relocated here. one of them is peter, naomi. 8 years ago he said south sudan amid the country civil war. he was moved here last year by the united nations refugee agency, but does not want to stay. i just want to go ahead. it is it'll walk in and i would just go back to ne placement. one does one of the least developed countries in the world, peter and i only hopes for a better future elsewhere. he feels bad for the migrant center wonder under the
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recent deal because they must apply for asylum here. the u. k. g of many of the, my missy to them you, that human being are you really? you cannot tell them. going to stay here or go on buddhism, nor because if the field but are in you. ok you case, but to, for the but the u. k. government disagrees, it insists the policies needed to start the flood of all too often deadly megan crossings of the channel from france is very important. we get that we're going, we show that people trafficking doesn't work and we're able to reduce the costs over time over legal immigration and see, and i, to kingdom the un high commissioner for refugees has called the plans catastrophic . this is all wrong, this deal for so many different reasons. the precedent that this creates
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is catastrophic. for the concept that needs to be shared like asylum, this hostile and wonders capital kigali is expected to house the 1st migrants sent under the u. k. agreement. it's general manager said it was not a prison despite tight security measures and opinion that may not be shared by some of the new arrivals. are correspondent in london, bigot mass told us about the status of the reputation or flight 2 hours ago. yes, foreign secretary, british foreign sex released trust has confound that the flight will take off at some point today, even though there are really not a lot of asylum seekers on board. so the home office had originally not given any concrete figures, but it had been reported that they were trying to do port are almost 40 people. so now the sugar, much, much lower, but for and secretary las trust i is saying that it is justified that the flight
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should go just to establish the principle that asylum seekers that come by the english channel on boats that they cannot expect to have their claims processed here, but they can expect to be deported to rhonda. so around 40 originally planned only 7 or remain on that plane. that's because of an intense legal boss. so what were the most important points there? there were several legal battle battles and get hired. there was a coalition and there still is a coalition of charities and unions and they are still fighting ah, in front of the british chords. they're saying that this is generally the principal is not right. they're saying this doesn't comply with the human rights act and also they are arguing that rhonda is not a safe that country. and then there are also individual battles on behalf of asylum
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seekers. and as we know, some have been successful because there are no a lot less people on the flight in our than originally intended. now, how is this practice being viewed by the british public? are there any polls about this? there has been a lot of criticism. are publicly, there has been the have been church leaders and they have said that this is an a more a practice that shames britain. there is a petition going on. and if you look at the website, the sort of numbers are increasing by the minute over a 150000 people have put their signatures down in order to stop this practice. there are celebrities, they are, petitioning the airlines and arguing, urging the airlines not to not to help with this practice. what unites all these people is that they argue that this is something that is just morally wrong. and uh, for example, the position i is saying, the labor position saying it's,
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it's something that's an british. however, the government is arguing that it's justified. they say, what's morally wrong, are the people smugglers who are taking people in a very dangerous way, or helping them across the english channel. and for them, this is their main goal to stop this practice. so remind us again, abuse or people are being removed to rwanda. why? rwanda said, the british government has struck a deal with the government of rhonda, they regard, run the as a safe that country and do run the government has agreed to take on out the claims of, of these people who are seeking asylum in the u. k. and if they are successful, they can arg stay and rhonda for 4 to 5 years, say basically it's transporting people who originally wanted to come to the u. k. most of them have some sort of ties to the u. k. have family here. this is why they
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went on this dangerous journey across the channel, but now instead of having their claims processed in the u. k, they can face this deportation to rhonda. thank you very much, the w corresponding big master in london. thanks for now this matter behind me was once a popular singer, performing for millions and packed venues and on russia's state television. his name is in charge to pursue this. with his russian lyrics, the latvian artist won a leech in the fans and a paycheck to match. but with the invasion of ukraine, he began to rethink his part in russia's propaganda machine. now he's an outspoken critic of the kremlin that has turned many of his fans against him. oh, in touch with soliz was a star in russia i, the latvian singer performed on russian state media and even held concerts in the
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criminal oh, toward the world's largest country. oh, thinking in russian, celebrating the language and enjoy the company of his russian fan. oh no, he's got a mr. miller, you still can't fully believe it's all over with him. but i might not return may in the next 50 years and i won't have concerts there. ah, the 24th of february changed everything he told us as we visited him in his home studio. ah, the place where brosuti is creative process begins. for weeks he's been working on a song about the war. oh, finally brucely is speaking out. he's been sharing videos and photos of the war on
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social media. i. his aim to confront his russian fans with the reality of violence in ukraine. ah, death and destruction. images that aren't shown on russian state media blue, although his fans and russia have seen his posts, many are still not convinced. douglas brought up. it's a paradox. the biggest fans who wrote the most loving comments i have turned into my biggest enemies. so man, i, they have gone crazy and they are attacking me. is god, not out. as my kids cub, it's a potentially dangerous situation. so the sunni's hooton's propaganda has also played a role in his home country. every 4th person living in like for years of russian descent recently he was verbally assaulted by
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a passer by in his hometown rural among lamar and people have cursed at me, but i tell them everything is fine. i understand you. so don't worry. you're not guilty for thinking that your brain has been corrupted by the propaganda. tonight bit i things go to the dormer, those modern sea clouds propaganda inter soliz wants to change the perspective of his fern one, some day he hopes to return to russia and perform again. maybe even bring his kids as well. but only if it's a new russia one without them to look at it. right now, here's an image you are unlikely to be taking with your smartphone. anytime soon, scientists have released data, or nearly 2000000000 stars in our galaxy is
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a massive, massive step towards creating the most accurate map of the milky way. yet the european space agencies gaia probe has given astronomers new insights into how stars are born, and how they die. the no key way. our galactic home. a huge cloud of stars. one a thin is our son. that our closest neighbors in space hold so much mystery seen from earth. they appear so close together that you can't tell them apart. but the launch of the guy approved in 2013 changed that. wow. ah. the glass state of the art, optical technology and observation from space from a much more favourable position. never before had the locations and movements at
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the stars in the milky way. they measured with such precision, they should temper towards their temperature, the chemical composition. how they moved towards us or away from us or of this data is available now. one discovery is that fragments of other star systems are floating in our galaxy. remnants of galactic collisions, diet has measured almost 2000000000 stars that around 99 percent of the milky way remains uncharted territory. for us it is the end of the era for her hong kong landmark. this enormous floating restaurant has been towed away from the cities harbourfront after closing down the restaurant ship, known for its cantonese cuisine and seafood. dishes was an iconic site of the harbor for almost 50 years, but it was forced to close during the panoramic and the business failed to recover
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its own on our plans to move it to an unnamed site to await a new operator. that's it from me and the news. see bear, belinda, don't go away. up next close up presents. gaining ground working the lad frock clots head office in berlin. i've been updated for you at the top of the off. thanks for watching with
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improper management and aggressive cultivation. i'm thinking that told how can they be human research in thomas can on gain ground, work in the land for o'con. close up next on d w. oh wow.
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