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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 14, 2022 3:00pm-3:31pm CEST

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ah ah ah ah, this is the w news live from berlin. no way out for ukrainian satellite images show the last escape routes out of sierra. the nets has been cut off. hundreds of ukrainian fighters and civilians are taking refuge from the russian sold inside a local chemical plant. also coming up the german,
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the energy sector is under more pressure now after russia's gas process, it's flashing gas supply due to delays in repairing than all stream pipeline. and the 1st plane, carrying asylum seekers to rwanda is due to the pop the u. k. today, the plan as controversial. critics call it immoral bonds. the government says it will discourage illegal migrants for making risky attempts to reach brit plus mapping the milky way. how a european space probe helps us to understand how our galaxy evolved over billions of years. ah, i'm glad else as well come to the program. russian forces appear closer to taking a control officer harold annette. that's
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a key city in ukraine's eastern don boss region. the regional garvin over says the last bridge in and out has been destroyed, making it impossible to organize. she monetary, an aide or evacuations to neighboring lucy chance. but ukraine's president brought him his zalinski says his forces could still reclaim territory in the region. if they are supplied with the long range weapons, they need bridges destroyed. the city of severity nats is now almost cut off. authorities say they're still able to evacuate the wounded. but the situation for those still left is worsening and fast. st. battles, a raging in the eastern city, the governor of the regions says it's mostly under russian control. much of severity nets has been destroyed. authorities believe more than $500.00 civilians, including children, a sheltering at the vast are thought chemical plant. they say the plant is under
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heavy bombardment from russian forces. moscow and pro russian separatists in the region have issued an ultimatum to the ukrainian troops still holding out in the city. there was given in the ukrainian military units that the stations that remain there forever with them. they have 2 options. ripples who either followed the example of their colleagues and surrender or die of they have no other option. but the ukrainian president remains defiant. my mom was for all we're dealing with absolute evil, him or in and we have no choice but to move forward any of the free our entire territory. one, kick, the occupiers, out of all our regions which also and although our frontline is now already more than 2500 kilometers long, you can feel that the strategic initiative is still on our side intro villa, a nearby town to the north west of subordinates ukrainian police race to bring civilians to safety. many of them elderly. they didn't want to leave the house.
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now they have no choice, but to go our correspondent, wrecker it as is in queue. if earlier she told me about the ukranian troops and the civilians who remain and severe or the nets in day, the situation in that city of ever and adds continues to worse. and gerhard, as you've been reporting, we've learned that the last remaining evacuation route are in and out of the city or out of the city. but to get humanitarian aid in the last bridge has been destroyed now. so there is absolutely no way of getting any civilians out of that city, nor humanitarian aid in a rush and soldiers have completely surrounded the city there. awesome st. battles going on. but basically russia, you know, now hold most of that city. it's just that chemical plant that you mentioned where there's seen, reminiscent of mary you, paul, or where the ukranian soldiers are holding out. and we're believe it's believe
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there are about $500.00 civilians. also sheltering in that chemical plot, but it's being bombarded. there have been fires there, obviously that's very dangerous with the toxic chemicals then a, you know, smoking as a very dangerous for anyone else in the city. it's not exactly sure how many civilians are left in that city, but it's believed somewhere between 10 and 15000 people who are living in increasingly dire situation. their humanitarian conditions worsening day by day, no running water, no electricity, and you know, fast running out of food medicines, that kind of thing. so it's a very serious situation in the seas to city across the river. lizzie chance or the governor has said about 70 people managed to evacuate that city in the last 24 hours about the russians are moving in and bombarding that city as well. rebecca, you credit posted voted, zaleski has said he wants more ammunition and weapons from the west for the don boss, from long. how long him ukrainian forces hold off the russians. well that is the
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$1000000.00 question get, aha, they have been doing and putting out a pretty strong fight, considering that they are outgunned at least $10.00 to $1.00. it's believed that they are better if you, you know, that everything is to be believed that the ukrainian military is saying now, fast running out of ammunition. i have heard some analysts say that this could be somewhat tactical in that they're trying to put pressure on the west to, to deliver the promised weapons that they are, they're ramping up these fees that they are running out of weapons. the analysts say, why would they say that publicly did tell their enemy that they're running out of weapons, but you know, the losses on the battlefield can't be ignored. they are losing the battle if you will. they are being pushed back so that and they are running out of weapons. we're hearing that for every missile. that's fine. from the ukrainian side. they getting 10 to 15 in return. so being out gun. absolutely. and everyone from the top down saying that ammunitions are running out and that they desperately need help from the west. if they're going to be able to win. the school didn't corresponded to
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rebecca, which is their reporting from keith. thank you. rebecca rushes energy giant gas prom says it will be reducing daily gas deliveries via the north stream pipeline to germany due to the repair of compressor units by german companies. the men's gas pro plans to supply up to 100000000 cubic meters per day. that's according to an official company statement. the pipeline capacity is 167000000 cubic meters. north stream is the old of 2 parallel pipelines leading from russia directly to germany. the newest north stream too, was finished recently, but is not used on the sanctions against russia over its warn you right of a more that i'm not joining the studio, but chris, go from g w business. chris, what's behind this? well, you just mentioned it a quarter of gas from the reduction is necessary because of the repair of
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compressor units by siemens company. many of us know, i'm sure, and apparently there was some delay in getting these compressors back from seen as we have to understand that siemens, along with other many western companies, went out of the russian market after moscow's invasion of ukraine. so there might have been some difficulty there and actually repairing these units. now that is the official statement of gas from, of course, it comes at a time when russia has cut gas deliveries to numerous european nations among them, finland and the lens and poland. and it comes at a time when russia, when ukraine, rather, a timberly halted the transit of russian gas bound for europe, amidst the fighting in the hunt region. now, what does it mean on the receiving end? germany being very, very dependent on russia. guess it might not have that big of an impact currently
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because summer's, just around the corner in europe, we're well out of the heating season. but is to make it more difficulty selling the necessary reserves for rent temperatures dropping again and fall and in winter . and that has been one of the size of issues here when it comes to the question of how germany can transition away from its dependence on russia when it comes to fossil fuels and, and energy. the question being will people freeze in winter times and obviously politicians are trying everything to avoid that. so having last gas now might make it more challenging to fill up these reserves. a, currently a germany is quite on track and feeling this is worse, but again, it can be a could, could be more difficult. should this turn out not to be a short time problem, but maybe something different, something more. last long. last august, we'll find out in the winter, chris go over that it of you business. thank you, chris. the united nations says more than 7000000 people have now left ukraine
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since the war began around a 100000, have found refuge in bulgaria. many have been staying in hotels on the black sea coast now that having to make way for summer visitors did abuse funny for jaw reports. program unit. time to get moving again. everyone here fled from ukraine. months ago, now they are being relocated from bulgaria as coast to state facilities across the country. how long they will stay is unclear. was the magic made it very hard with 2 children. there is no where i can just leave them there on the move with me. up until june, about 60000 refugees were staying in these hotels along the bulgarian black sea. but just before the summer season bulgaria, we use the compensation to hotel operators from 20 yours per refugee per day to 8.
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the director of this hotel complex says that's not nearly enough to cover their costs. they also support muscle flooring business. it's clear, this is our business tourism, so there was no way they could stay on during the summer season. is little due to lack of seasonal workers. he decided to keep some ukraine in refugee, san carina, and marina potter. panko are among those who can stay before the war. they manage to flour business in hockey. now they are getting trained how to set a lunch table, quoting up a coupling, it's difficult to plan at all. we don't know what will happen tomorrow, but we plan to stay here for the summer season and work it up. what they they fled with their children. their husbands in ukraine could be drafted at any time they say as a chest, it's hard for us to process everything because we are full of sorrow for our country. national fennel will guerria is in dire
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need of taurus. russian tourists were one of the biggest groups of foreign visitors where they are staying away due to sanction. it's unclear how many welcome but some here are happy that refugees are now being accommodated elsewhere. but mental, so i think we helped enough it is not necessary to help them any more could have been the issue of ukrainian refugees is increasingly polarizing will gary in society. there's still a lot of solidarity in the capital. sophia, this demonstration is of coal. her health, this people here say to war against ukraine is unjustified yet will show about one 3rd of will. here he is still maintain a positive attitude towards fulton. and sociology estimators gun have says that the longer rushes war against ukraine continues. the harder it will be to maintain
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solidarity with ukraine pope to bowl soon his dog will select the dog knob for loud of a crow bush and voices gets all the worse for you. creating refugees will feel him gary a whole, but he up will. marina and carina know little about the ongoing debate about their status. they tried to provide moments of joy to their children on the other side of the c. ukraine where the war ages on you're watching the w news still to come. the latvian pop star who found fame and fortune in russia was now faces the wrath of some fans with his criticism of the credit. but 1st, some of the other stories making headlines around the world today. dozens of members of a former position party in cambodia. i've been convicted of treason. it's the latest and a number of mass trial son have targeted. the cambodian national national rescue party critic say the southeast asian country has been reduced to
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a one party state. nearly 300 people have been jailed for joining protest last year against the socialist government in cuba. the sentences ranged from 5 to 25 years. thousands rallied last summer against the government complaining about rising food prices, medical shortages, and the states responds to cove with 90. scotlands 1st minister nicola sturgeon has laid out her intentions to old a 2nd independence referendum. she said that work was underway on how to proceed without the consent of the british government, which opposes a 2nd vote. 55 percent of voters in scotland chose to remain in the u. k. in 2014 for independence is how we the 1st slight carrying asylum seekers to rwanda is expected to leave the u. k to day under a controversial plan aimed at discouraging illegal migration. human rights groups
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and church leaders have criticized the plan as immoral on x. reports looks at some asylum seekers who have arrived and rwanda from detention centers in libya. they say they're still determined to make it to europe, raising questions over the policies, stated aim of deterring asylum seekers at transit center in wanda. these refugees try to reach europe, but did not succeed. many of them ended up spending years in detention centers in libya before being relocated here. one of them is peter, naomi. 8 years ago he fled south sudan amid the country civil war. he was moved here last year by the united nations refugee agency, but does not want to stay. i just want to go ahead. it is it'll walk in and i would just go back to not school spirit. one does one of the least developed countries in the world. peter and i only hopes for a better future elsewhere. he feels bad for the migrant center wonder under the
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recent deal because they must apply for asylum here. the u. k. g of many the my music to them you that human being are you really? you cannot tell them. going to stay here or go on buddhism, nor because if they feel better in you, ok you case, but a for the but the u. k. government disagrees. it insists the policies needed to start the flood of all too often deadly megan crossings of the channel from france . it's very important. we get that we're going, we show that people trafficking doesn't work and we're able to reduce the costs over time over legal immigration and see, and i, to kingdom the un high commissioner for refugees has called the plans cat traffic. this is all wrong. this deal for so many different reasons, the precedent that this creates these catastrophic for
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a concept that needs to be shared like asylum, this hostile and wonders capital kigali is expected to house the 1st migrants sent under the u. k. agreement. it's general manager said it was not a prison despite tight security measures. an opinion that may not be shared by some of the new arrivals. did obvious. london correspondent big mass told us about the status of the deputation flight earlier. yes, foreign secretary, british forensics religious trust has confirmed that the flight will take off at some point today, even though there are really not a lot of asylum seekers on board. so the home of us had originally not given any concrete figures, but it had been reported that they were trying to do food almost 40 people. so now the figure much, much lower but forensic treeless trust i is saying that it is justified that the
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flight should go just to establish the principle that asylum seekers that come by or the english channel on boats that they cannot expect to have their claims processed. here, but they can expect to be deported to rhonda. so around 40 originally planned, only 7 remain on that plane. that's because of an intense legal boss. so what were the most important points there? there were several legal battle bessler's am gerhardt. there was a coalition. there still is a correlation of charities and unions and they are still fighting ah, in front of the british chords. they're saying that this is generally, the principal is not right. they're saying this doesn't comply with the human rights act. and also they are arguing that rhonda is not a safe that country and then there are also individual battles on behalf of asylum
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seekers. and as we know, some have been successful because there are no a lot less people on the flight than originally intended. now how is this practice being viewed by the british public? are there any polls about this? the has been a lot of criticism and publicly there has been the have been charged leaders and they have said that this is an a mauro practice. that shames britain. there is a petition going on and if you look at the website, the sort of numbers are increasing by the minute. over a 150000 people have put their signatures down in order to stop this practice. there are celebrities, they are, petitioning the airlines and arguing, urging the airlines not to not to help with this practice. what unites all these people is that they argue that this is something that is just morally wrong. and for example, the, your position is saying the label position saying it's,
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it's something that's on british. however, the government is arguing that it's justified. they say, what's morally wrong, are the people smugglers who are taking people in a very dangerous way, helping them across the english channel. and for them, this is their main goal to stop this practice. so remind us again, these people are be removed to rwanda. why rwanda? so the british government has strike a deal with a government of rhonda, they regard run that as a safe 3rd country and do run and government has agreed to take on are the claims of, of these people who are seeking asylum in the u. k. and if they are successful, they can arg stay in rwanda for 4 to 5 years. so basically it's transporting people who originally wanted to come to the u. k. most of them have some sort of ties to the u. k. have family here. this is why they went on this dangerous journey across
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the channel, but now instead of having their claims processed in the u. k, they can face this deportation to rhonda. thank you very much, the w corresponding big monster in london. thanks the man you can see behind me was once a popular singer, performing in front of millions and packed venues and on russia state television as m, as in tom bussey willis with his russian lyrics. the latvian artist won a legion of fans and a paycheck to match, but with the invasion of ukraine, he began to rethink his part in russia's propaganda machine. now is an outspoken critic of the kremlin, and that has turned many of his fans against him. oh, in touch with solis was a star in russia. ah, the latvian singer performed on russian state media and even held concerts in the
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criminal oh, toward the world's largest country. oh. thinking in russian, celebrating the language and enjoy the company of his russian fans, movies, governments are, you still can't fully believe it's all over with that. i might not return may in the next 50 years, and i won't have concerts there. ah, the 24th of february changed everything he told us as we visited him in his home studio. ah, the place where from school is creative process begins. for weeks he's been working on a song about the war. oh, finally brucely is speaking out. he's been sharing videos and photos of the war on
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social media. i. his aim to confront his russian sans with the reality of violence in ukraine, awe, death and destruction. images that aren't shown on russian state media blue, although his fans and russia have seen his posts, many are still not convinced learners problems. it's a paradox. the biggest fans who wrote the most loving comments, i have turned in my biggest enemies here, man. and they have gone crazy. and they are attacking me as god, not out as my kids, gob. it's a potentially dangerous situation for the sunni's. hutchins propaganda has also played a role in his home country. every 4th person living in latvia as of russian descent. recently, he was verbally assaulted by
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a passer by in his hometown, neural abad, rama and people have cursed at me, but, but i tell them everything is fine. i understand you. so don't worry. you're not guilty to thinking that your brain has been corrupted by the propaganda. tonight, with the writings cooper dormer, those modern c clothes propaganda inter soliz wants to change the perspective of his firm. some day he hopes to return to russia and perform again. maybe even bring his kids as well, but only if it's a new russia one without it. now, here's an image you're unlikely to be turkey with your smartphone. anytime soon, scientists have released data on nearly 2000000000 stars in our galaxy is
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a massive step towards creating the most accurate map. yet of the milky way european space agency is gaia probe has given astronomers new insights into our stars are born and how they die. the milky way are galactic home. a huge cloud of stars. one of thin is our son that our closest neighbors in space hold so much mystery seen from earth. they appear so close together that you can't tell them apart. but the launch of the guy, a probe in 2013 changed that. wow. ah. the glass state of the art, optical technology and observation from space from a much more favourable position. never before had the locations and movements at
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the stars in the milky way. they measured with such precision, they should temper towards their temperature, the chemical composition. how they move towards us or away from us out of this data is available now. one discovery is that fragments of other star systems are floating in our galaxy remnants of galactic collisions. gaia has measured almost $2000000000.00 stars that event 99 percent of the milky way remains uncharted territory for us. or before we go at the end of an era for one hong kong landmark, this enormous floating restaurant, it's being towed away from the cities harbourfront. after closing down the restaurant ship known for its cantonese quizzing and civil dishes was iconic site. in the harbor. foremost, 50 years, but it was forced to close during the pandemic, and the business failed to recover its own on our plans to move it to an unnamed
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site. to await a new operator. you will see the w news coming up next and d, w. news, asia, thousands of opposition. dissidents are convicted of treason in cambodia. the u. s . and rights groups condemned the guilty verdict as politically motivated plus carry lamb gives her a final press conference as leader of hong kong she leaves behind a complicated, controversial legacy. that's. i'm all coming up on the dw news asia with jerry reed . i'm gab office in, but in from me and the news team export with
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these places in europe were smashing the records, stepped into a bold adventure. it's the treasure map for modern globetrotters. discover some of you up to record breaking signs on google maps, youtube,
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and now also in book form or c, asia and the order of lovers guide. 5 vibrating asian cities. 5, a local artist ah, in the unique experience of their craft joined us for exclusive master classes. it well done about i know to do this week on dw. ah hm. mm hm. and every man loses the children's food. it's food can be lossy. before movies, news him, we had
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a lot of programs they drop out of this will because the way you do nothing when it comes from home, that could have easily been us. any one of us. ah . mm hm. mm hm. this is d, w 's asia coming up today, jostens of opposition activists convicted of treason in cambodia. the us and rights groups condemned the guilty verdicts as politically motivated, designed to cement the hold on power of cambodia as well for terry and leda will speak to human rights watch shortly.


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