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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 14, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm CEST

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ah ah ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin. ukraine says its forces are holding out of it. despite russian troops destroying the main escape routes from the city. authorities say they're trying to evacuate wounded civilians. hundreds of ukrainian fighters and civilians are taking refuge from the russian, sold inside a chemical plant,
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also coming up, cancelled by his russian fans. we meet the lothian pop singer whose foregoing fame and fortune to tell the truth about the war in ukraine. a 1st play carrying asylum seekers to wanda is due to depart the u. k. today. the plan is controversial . critics call it a morrow. the government says it will discourage illegal migrants from making risky attempts to reach brit ah, i'm pablo foliage. welcome to the program. ukraine says it's forces are still holding out in civil done yet. a key city in the eastern don boss, region, ukrainian official, se russian forces now control around 80 per cent of the city,
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which has become the site of one of the wars bloodiest battles. russian troops have destroyed all 3 bridges leading out of savannah on yeske, making it very difficult to evacuate civilians to neighboring lucy shanks. but a regional governor says it's still possible to evacuate some of the injured and that russian forces have not yet entirely blocked off the city. bridges destroyed. the city of severity gnats is now almost cut off. authorities say they're still able to evacuate the wounded. but the situation for those still left is worsening and fast. st. battles, a raging in the eastern city, the governor of the regions says it's mostly under russian control. much of sierra de nets has been destroyed. authorities believe more than $500.00 civilians, including children, a sheltering at the vast, a thought chemical plant. they say the plant is under heavy bombardment from
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russian forces. moscow and pro russian separatists in the region have issued an ultimatum to the ukrainian troops still holding out in the city. there was few but the ukrainian military unit, so that the station there remained therefore either with what they have 2 options. either follow the example of the colleagues and surrender or die love, they have no other option over them. but the ukranian president remains defiant. my mom was for i will, we are dealing with absolute even in my more. and we have no other choice but to move if she'll not free our entire territory. why did you kick the occupies out of all outreach al serra and albert. now the width of our front is already more than 2500 kilometers. you can feel that the strategic initiative is still on our side intro via a nearby town to the north, west of subordinates, ukrainian police race to bring civilians to safety, many of them elderly. they didn't want to leave the house. now they have no choice
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but to go well here is dw correspondent roman gone to ranko in keith with an update on the situation in the eastern city of savannah, noting ask of the situation is getting more and more dangerous should hour by the hour. so you're right, all the 3 bridges have been destroyed and by now, as far as i understand, the ukrainian forces can still get some support from a those are from the neighboring, a city of lucy chunks, which is a twin city of several. then ask suited on the other bank of the she was can escort eva and it is m. as far as i understand, there is a connection over the reba with boats. so ukrainian forces are being resupplied with ammunition and maybe some wounded soldiers are evacuated by boats. but you can imagine it is very difficult and there is heavy shelling. so this vision is very, very dangerous for the ukraine in forces. and as far as i understand in the coming
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hours, there will be an attempt to evacuate civilians hiding in that chemical plant. and it will probably take several days. we do not know in where you pull in the city of a d as off. see just a few weeks ago, there were several days needed to advocate all civilians who were hiding under m and plant there. so we have a slightly different but in some aspects, similar situation here, i have very difficult situation. i. we just heard in the report that a pro russian representative in don boss is issued a surrender or die ultimatum to the ukrainian soldiers holding out. incidental don't ask, has there been any reaction from the ukrainian military? no, i haven't seen any reaction so far and normally ukrainian forces would not react immediately to such such claims on the situation is for the ukrainian forces a different from amari opal,
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a because ukrainian forces are not completely cut off and a help is not dozens of kilometers away is just on the other bank of the river, so ukrainian forces may retreat. they may receive some help. of course that help is limited, but still they do not have to surrender. that was dw correspondent, roman gone to ranko, reporting from keith or russia's energy joint gas. prom says it will be reducing daily gas deliveries via the north stream pipeline to germany due to the repair of compressor units by german company. siemens gas prom plans to limit supplies to 100000000 cubic meters per day, which is only 60 percent of capacity. and north stream is the older of 2 parallel pipelines, leading from germany to russia, or from germany. so excuse me, from russia to germany, the newest north stream to woods finished recently, but isn't used you to sanctions against russia over it's war?
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or earlier d w 's chief political editor, mckayla could not told me. it's still not clear what is causing the repair. it denies august from says it's not it's a decision that this is due to maintenance work that was needed on that pipeline that supplies most of them and a gas directly through the know stream one pipeline. compress the units being serviced by humans. we understand that they actually ready for replacement. and the big question now is why they have been unable to be delivered back. and whether the timing of this maintenance is earlier than you know, that was expected this summer, although it's not possible at this point in time. to really find out whether it is the russian side that is deliberate, the limiting or whether it really is the european side that it's dragging its heels
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in terms of delivering the equipment, the hardware required to keep the pipeline running at this moment in time. but it's a highly sensitive issue as europe is trying to store up it's gas storage ahead of what could be another long autumn winter. well, that brings me on to white. my next question, mckayla, does it mean that we'll soon see natural gas shortages here in germany and perhaps in the rest of europe? that's an issue that is looming for now. we're hearing that nobody's seen any drops yet and that there is monitoring going on. and in parallel, we've seen the german government announced that it is not just continuing its effective control of gas from manya, which is holds major gas infrastructure, picky storage infrastructure, pipe and infrastructure here in germany. but that the german government is also going to grant a gas from manya, a 1000000000 euro loan to keep it afloat,
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and to keep it from going into insolvency. also, it will be renamed into energy for europe and the security for europe. so clearly this is also information in the making here proper gander, p r. point school there by the german side against what is effectively still a russian owned company. here in germany. t w's chief political editor, mckayla, cuz now thank you. you're watching, did of you new still to come the latvian pop star, you find fame and fortune in russia, but now faces the wrath of some fans, movies, criticism of the crap. all right, well let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world. allies of jailed russian opposition leader alexi. nev only say he's been transferred to an undisclosed location and they don't know where he is. now,
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only seen here in archive footage is serving an 11 year sentence for chargers. widely seen as politically motivated is supporters of voice concerns for his safety . record flooding has forced yellowstone national park in the united states to close. one house on the yellowstone river was swept away from the top, but it swept away by the turns. tourists have been stranded and communities in montana and wyoming, cut off the flood waters, not that roads and bridges. the e. u is poised to bring legal action against the u. k. after the british government announced it is planning to scrap some parts of the post breaks or the trade deal. the u. k. wants to ease the flow of trade with northern ardent, or brussels, says the plans would breach international law. scotlands 1st minister nicholas sturgeon has laid out her intentions to hold a 2nd independence referendum. she said that work was underway on how to proceed
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without the consent of the british government, which opposes a 2nd vote by 55 percent of voters. it's gotten chose to remain in the u. k. in 2014 the refresh case for will staying in the u. k, a flight and carrying asylum seekers to were wanda is expected to leave at their today the 1st under a controversial new plan. aiming to discourage migrants from crossing the english channel into britain. human rights groups of and church leaders have criticized a policy as immoral. our next report looks at so messiah seekers who already been already spent time in rwanda. they paint a bleak picture of what awaits you arrivals at transit center and who under these refugees tried to reach europe, but did not succeed. many of them ended up spending years in detention centers in libya before being relocated. here. one of them is peter, naomi. 8 years ago, he said south sudan amid the country civil war,
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he was moved here last year by the united nations refugee agency, but does not want to stay. i just want to go ahead with his little boykin and i would just go back to not school spirit. one does one of the least developed countries in the world. peter and i only hopes for a better future elsewhere. he feels bad for the migrant center. wonder under the recent deal because they must apply for asylum here. the u. k. g of menu, the my mistake to them you that human being are you really? you cannot tell them. going to stay here or go on buddhism, nor because if they feel better in you, okay, you crazy but to for little. but the u. k. government disagrees, it insists the policies needed to stop a flood of all too often deadly megan crossings of the channel from france. it's very important. we get that we're going, we show that people trafficking doesn't work and we're able to reduce the costs
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over time over legal immigration and the, and i, to kingdom the un high commissioner for refugees has called the plans catastrophic . this is all wrong, this deal for so many different reasons. the precedent that these creates these cup of coffee for the concept that needs to be shared like a silo. this hostile and run those capital kigali is expected to house the 1st migrants sent under the u. k. agreement. it's general manager said it was not a prison despite tight security measures and opinion that may not be shared by some of the new arrivals. earlier i spoke with katherine stubblefield, senior external relations officer with the un hedge c, r in the u. k. and i asked her whether the human rights of these migrants are being respected. i said,
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you said there's an important distinction here. hello. in the sense that the people who are coming contrary to a number of public crimes may not economic migrants. when you look at the home office, johnson in terms of has been arriving in recent months is across the channel. and now the subjects transferred to the wonder we would find it very likely that these people would be found to be refugees, a decision, right? so what we have expressed you and hcr repeatedly, is that we do not consider this arrangement uphold the rights to the international law. we consider it an outsourcing at the united kingdom, international obligations. and we remain very about to deal with. now, catherine london says it wants to deter the dangerous trade in a legal human trafficking across the english channel is not
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a good thing. after all, many migrants have drowned, attempting to cross the channel. cindy, you and hcr and that, and many other humanitarian actors share states concerns in terms of dangerous journey. the risks of many asylum seekers and refugees feel compelled to take in order to reach. what we're very concerned about here is that there is no evidence that this time policy is having that intended effect. and then of course, is also a question as to what happens to people after they are against they will want to past experience. for example, after me, israel sending richard an asylum seekers for wonder was that many answer really short period did not stay there. that when people are trying to say against their will and of course, man, and they do not want to say that despite the arrangements that have been made met, exposes them. in fact, even more dangerous. jenny sent for the recent future. what awaits the migrants to
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puerto terror, wanda is the un, you're clearly concerned about what the situation there. it's difficult for us to do any chance. know what weight this particular group in the sense that we are not involved with the range between the one the one weather. as we've said, very clearly, consistently in the past weeks and months, we are opposed to this arrangement. we will not be part of it. but it also was emphasizing that the situation is different. refugees, in rwanda is very much distinguishable. the current arrangements your recording is mentioned. there is an emergency transit mechanism at which the government of order is rightly agree with that is an emergency temporary voluntary arrangement. and it is very much like current. equally, some 130000 candidates refugees. he differently this group have been given a presumptive legal status. so when we talk about the situation on the ground in
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rwanda, we need to be very clear that everyone that has a proud tradition of very positive tradition of writing centuries, ready. because we are concerned about specific shortcomings here in terms of individual with davis. and of course the transfer people who have not traveled themselves for one day i haven't said be sent catherine sober feel from the you and hcr in the u. k. thank you. thank you. he was once a popular singer, playing 2 millions impact venues and on russian state television in tarsh facilities. with his russian lyrics, the latvian artist won a legion of fans and a paycheck to match for the invasion of ukraine. he began to rethink his part in russia's propaganda machine. now he's an outspoken critic of the kremlin, and that has turned many of his fans against him. oh,
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in touch with soliz was a star in russia. i, the latvian singer, performed on russian state media and even held concerts in the criminal. oh you toward the world's largest country. oh, thinking in russian, celebrating the language and enjoy the company of his russian firm. oh my god, i'm a so you still can't fully believe it's all over with god. i might not return may in the next 50 years, i would have concerts there. ah, the 24th of february changed everything. he told us, as we visited him in his home studio, ah, the place where brosuti is creative process begins. for weeks he's been working on
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a song about the war. oh, finally brucely is speaking out. he's been sharing videos and photos of the war on social media. ah, his aim to confront his russian fans with the reality of violence in ukraine. ah, death and destruction. images that aren't shown on russian state media. lou, although his friends in russia have seen his posts, many are still not convinced. ludlow spotted. it's a paradox. the biggest fans who wrote the most loving comments i have turned into my biggest enemies, so men eyed, they have gone crazy. and they are talking, may god, not out as my kids, gob, it's a potentially dangerous situation from the sunni's. hooton's propaganda has also
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played a role in his home country every 4th person living in like for years of russian descent, recently he was verbally assaulted by a passer by in his hometown rural abad. rama and people have cursed at me met. but i tell them everything is fine. i understand you. so don't worry. you're not guilty for thinking that your brain has been corrupted by the propaganda. who knows with our writings, cooper, dormer, those modern soup macleods ripple gun. it or similes wants to change the perspective of his firm some day he hopes to return to russia and perform again. maybe bring his kids as well. but only if it's a new russia one without it.
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well for more we're joined here in the studio by our former moscow correspondence and be sure when emily, good to see you. so how common has it become for our to say like this release and previously loved in russia to be cancelled by fans? am further anti war stance? well, there are actually quite a lot of well known musicians and artists who have come out with an anti war stance . and of course the reaction to that has been, you know, has varied. and depending on the audience that they play to and depending on their fans, so some have applauded that you know, if they're more critical and some fans have obviously said, you know, how can you do this and some examples for you. so basically, magnesia who represented russian at rush on your vision recently you might remember she had her concerts cancelled for her criticism of the war within russia. quite recently, a comedian and presenter is very well known very much part of the establishment in russia. maxine gall can, has been taking to instagram with an anti war stands and he says that he's been
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actually facing a pretty much coordinated smear campaign on state t v against him with accusations that he's essentially a criminal being leveled at him. now, recently we also had within russia the front men of a popular rock group. did they tell you really shift shook? who was on stage and who criticized, put in himself. he said that russia is not put in and that we should stop kick, kissing up to the president, essentially. and then a little bit ruder words. been still, and he got a cheer from the audience, but then he got in trouble with the police. so the authorities are definitely making it clear where people should come when it comes to the war, what their sense should be, including celebrities. somebody mentioned no, some well known their personalities. they are in russia who've clearly made their opinions, heard, they've been posting videos with destruction inflicted by the russian army, and also as well from you know, comments from locals in ukraine on the ground who were telling their side of the
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story. but yet they're still a lot of sentiment against this. what, what's being said, that what, what are people saying to these people for the it's really interesting that these celebrities are using those platforms and are using social media to kind of get through to people. and you know, because of a lot of them have tens of thousands of followers including on instagram. maxine gul can, who i mentioned is one case like that. and i think that's really an attempt to break through this propaganda bubble that people are kind of in, you know, after the war started the 1st few weeks and months. state tv was only broadcasting, things about about politics. they canceled all entertainment. so they really went hard when you could say on propaganda. and you even heard stories of, you know, people talking to their own relatives in ukraine who are telling them what was happening on the ground. and people didn't believe it. so the celebrities are kind of trying to break through that, and of course they are facing, you know, some of some of the backlash that we're just talking about. natalie. there's a debate going on in russia right about in written cultural circles about how far
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russian culture on the whole is now totally compromised. could you tell us a little bit more about that? there has been a huge discussion about that since the beginning of the war on which people see who are critical of, of put in this government as a war of aggression. but especially since those atrocities that we saw when the russian army left boucher people have started asking including well known film critic, i'm anton doyle in can russian culture basically exist at all? and that's part of a discussion in russia about collective guilt that's been going on as well. emily, sure with thank you for your insights. spain is dealing with the earliest heat wave to hit since the 1980 s. a cloud of hot air from north africa has and temperature soaring above 40 degrees celsius. across large parts of the country, authorities or warning of an extreme risk of wildfires, scientists say climate changes making heat waves more frequent and more intense.
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the last time it got this hot, this early in the year in spain was in 1981 here in madrid. in the mid day heat temps are soaring and those who are out i'm looking for ways to stay cool. some are soaking up the full force of the heat wave, but spain's national weather agency warns conditions could feel even more extreme with sand and dust from the sahara desert being carried north into europe. a spokesperson for the weather agency says heat waves have become 5 times more frequent in the 21st century. hello michael, us the on the do, does a moon fine? i've come here with my friends calona, but he's good for you. it provides with them indeed. so i am happy while some are pleased with the high temperatures, not everyone can escape the sweltering heat. was
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a sudden it's difficult dealing with the heat in madrid for lavoy muddy. there's not much shade and a lot of asphalt here. it's hard and we don't have air conditioning at home grammar, not animals, 8 on the can, no further south and severe. the situation is even worse with temps, easily breeching 40 degrees celsius. the heat hitting higher and earlier than it has here in more than 6 decades. meteorologists attribute the high temps to a mass of cloud of hot air. moving through europe from northern africa, forecasters say the heat wave is due to hit france. next. you're watching didn't use coming up next in detail. use asia in cambodia, former opposition party members are convicted of treason. the u. s. and rights groups condemned the guilty verdicts plus carry love gives her final press
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conferences. leader of hong kong she deems behind a complicated, controversial legacy with my colleague, jared read after the break and don't forget he can get all the latest news and analysis on our website, dw dot com. and of course you can follow up on our social media accounts. i'm pablo fo, alias imprint in for me and the team here. thanks for watching. and we'll see again at the top of the next are ah ah, with
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a specific goal to build the best optical instruments in the world. ah little did he know that devices bearing his name would one day feature in the room, minding 21st century science into new realms. the rise of a global company, 175 years of ice starts june 19th on d w this is d w. a news asia coming up today, jostens of opposition activists convicted of treason in cambodia. the u. s. and rights groups condemned the guilty verdicts as politically motivated, designed to cement the hold on power of cambodia is all for terry and leda will speak to human rights watch shortly.


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