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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  June 14, 2022 11:15pm-11:31pm CEST

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are confused after statements by members go to saying they're going on a hiatus, but the entertainment company behind the group says not true, and they'll focus on solo projects while still continuing to work together. bts has been them, me has made their debut in 2013 and just released our latest album called proof last week. ah, great stuff, but thank you so much for keeping us company. next is business news, and i hope to see tomorrow with people in trucks injured when trying to flee to city center. more and more refugees are being turned away at the border. families in syria to these credit owners with people fleeing extreme ground.
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getting 200 people from the agency around the world. more than 300000000 people are seeking refuge. yes. why? because no one should have to flee. make up your own mind. d. w. made for mines. ah. ah. ah. car maker, volkswagen faces claims that profited from slave labor at an operation. it ran in brazil in the seventy's and eighty's. we go to our correspondent at the hearing and rita rio de janeiro. also on the show. a 10000000000 euro bail out for gas prom germania. berlin is pumping cash into the former russian subsidiary hoping to
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secure germany's energy supply after gas prom announced cuts. we have an expert on what it means for prices. and in uganda. activists try to keep a french energy giant out of the country's largest wildlife rescue. i'm christie platt, and this is d. w. business. german car maker volkswagen is facing brazilian prosecutors over allegations of human rights violations at a farm. it ran during brazil's military dictate dictatorship accusations include slave labor, torture, and even killings. prosecutors say they have documented years of atrocities committed by volkswagen managers and hired guns at a cattle ranch. the company owned in the amazon rain forest basin in the 19 seventies and eighties. now they hoped to reach a financial settlement for the victims a court house in brazil. ya. here behind closed doors, prosecutors were set to confront one of the world's most powerful automakers with a series of explosive allegations. it revolves around this farm in brazil. the
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accusation that volkswagen benefited from slave labor here during the 19 seventy's and eighty's. m a while fordham joe was a form of modern slavery through workers how to work 7 days a week. more than 10 hours a day without any pay ot us a sing he said, be, it won't get cheap. would you come in at assume. the prosecution alleges that there are hundreds of cases in which serious human rights violations occurred. they say workers were little more than indentured servants. witnesses speak of being shackled after attempting to escape, being forced to work at gunpoint and even of murder. makita sie. when someone tried to escape, the managers would go after them and shoot them, but they beat up those who tried to escape on the street in the shacks. buck you most of the bug ye along. bah! volkswagen bought the farm in 1973 at the invitation of brazil's military
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dictatorship to day. the company says they take the accusation seriously but must 1st analyze the results of the investigation before commenting. this surprises christopher copper, who says he informed volkswagen of its involvement a few years ago and got some conflicts. i examined the operations of this farm during my studies in 2017. and also after my discovery, i told volkswagen that during this period it had used foreign laborers who were essentially forced into slavery. not until we found a good phone. brazil prosecutor now wants justice. law still suckles. we are convinced that volkswagen will acknowledge its responsibility and that there will be a settlement with the prosecutors office and the former workers, brazilian society will be compensated for these unacceptable incidents in his out. it's unclear how volkswagen will respond to the allegations while we
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go now to correspondent mathias a bout who is in brazil at the hearing for us. hi there mathias, can you tell us what came out of the hearing today? now the hearing a took 2 hours in the room behind me in the 8 lawyers or forks of argon disappeared without an official statement. they wanted to study. now, at the accusations of the prosecutors and the federal prosecutors, they are waiting for response from forks along until september this year. so they have no 3 month in order to give a statement or so the prosecutors hope that folks walking and yet might be ready for an agreement. and the prosecutors want to avoid going to court. and so that an agreement might help the victims, financially that's at least the wish. and the will of the prosecutors in order to avoid a court case which could take many years and month. now mateus, we know that this farm was owned and operated by volkswagen. to what degree the
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german management know about the atrocities taking place there? what more can you tell us about that? finally, we have to say they knew about it, and there were reports already in the eighty's in the german magazine spiegel about it. so there were rumors about it and for decades already em. but lately, in 2017, the historian christopher copa, which we heard in the report, he published his report and, and for certain you about him, these accusations, and about the, the what happened at this farm? because mr. copa a dedicated one chapter on this farm or in the prostate in brazil, so they knew about it also the management. but and yeah, we don't know why they didn't act so far. that's one of the secrets volkswagen might. yeah. might to tell us about a in the next months which are to come. i was not he has about in brazil. thank you so much for that. well, moving on to energy berlin,
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we'll bail out the former germans subsidiary of russia. natural gas from gas prom, to the tune of 10000000000 euros as it races to secure gas supply around russia's war with ukraine. gas from germany, a trades stores and distributes natural gas across the country. it's already under state trusteeship after separating from its russian parent in april, a german state bank will not provide a loan to shore up the company, which is struggling with high gas prices and russian counter section. the deal also renamed the company, securing energy for europe. g m b h. well, to break this down, i'd like to bring an, an expert on global energy systems, dr. tom o'donnell. tom, thanks for joining us. it. this is sort of confusing breaking down german gas from russian gas problem. you could almost think that germany is bailing out a russian company. what exactly is going on here? can you break this down? ok, well indeed, thanks for having me tonight. yes, it's a,
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this company was the daughter of guess from in st. petersburg. but at the same time, if you look at all the infrastructure, it owned, there's deep german participation between this year, this russian company and i'm russian energy companies and german energy companies. so the whole industry is in tango very deeply. this goes back to the 1980s when the pipelines were for the oil. pipelines were 1st built through ukraine and poland and so forth from the soviet union. and now have been renewed with these north stream pipelines. this is a very deep alliance. that goes back a long time. ok. well time we also heard today russia's gas prom saying that a delivery through the pipeline will be cut by 40 percent due to complications related to sanctions. just after that, the german government announced this bailout plan. what does all of this mean for germany's energy supply? germany has a very serious problem with the war in ukraine. this all bets were off for germany
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. germany banged for decades on the partnership with russia. i would say this was a geo political decision in certain level, in order to guarantee a certain freedom for german capital for german elite german business under the general predominance of the united states and the western alliance. they thought by having this alliance with russia, oil, and gas, it gave them certain freedom. they were warned for years by all parties in washington and eastern europe, that this could end up in a colossal disaster. and now that's what's happened. i mean, this was 55 percent of germany's gas came directly from gas brown and something like bought 34 percent of the oil last year. so there's no guarantee now that's gone and they're desperately looking for other sources. but the problem here is this company, jamaica gas from germania administer as much of the infrastructure in the company.
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and the government has to keep that infrastructure going. the storage tanks in the pipelines, and that's what this bailout is about. tom o'donnell, enjoy and thank you for joining us. thank you. well, in uganda activists have sued french oil multinational total seeking to stop oil exploration in fragile ecosystems. total signed a $10000000000.00 deal to commercially exploit uganda's oil and gas. some of which is located inside a national park, ugandan minister said detractors are blocking important growth opportunities for the country. this is the meeting which sealed the deal in uganda, working the boy mo, to national late bite at our energies. have committed over $10000000.00 to commercial exploit again, this oil and gas. this is an exciting news for a country. it's a long awaited news. we should actually throw a patty. this sector is expected to create over 1600 jobs
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for you condense. but not everyone is as happy as the investment minister in the process of, of looking at that. then the video and yes, dora's, we forget that actually we are doing it at the cost of our niche out what, what is the more communities to tile is building the world's longest heated pipeline to trust. put crude oil from landlocked uganda to the c port in tanzania. the french mo, to nation is now confir sitting over 12000 people to pave were for this development . also gunned as oil has been discovered in fragile ecosystems like matches on falls, national park. environmentalists have no drugs to talk to the court of law to stop oil activities in the country's largest wildlife sanctuary. way little town can say whatever they are, thing will know very weird that he nafrica these nor in
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a country that is producing oil in a manner that dr. protects the people and protects the environment. that is the reality that is here. and we have in love, it's inevitably from the thought of the doctor. it is going to be politically good at a global stage to tell festus criticism for investing in fossil fuels despite the pressure to phase them out due to their c o. 2 emissions. but you're going to essays, that critic some misguided no annoying telling you that don't do is doing it. and they know that's trustable. uganda is well in dawn with natural resources. so the only way you can stiffer them. oh stiffle. uganda is my telling them, dont do these then do the other one done, did you just give them a list of dance and then the done progress? and then what do you do? you take their natural resources in some african countries,
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all production has caused devastating impacts on the environment and communities. you're going to see it as land lessons and plans to manage natural resources better . but environmentally son not convinced. well that's all we've got. if you'd like more, you can check us out on d, w dot com backslash business and the dw news youtube channel. you can also find us on facebook from me and the whole business team here in berlin. and thanks for watching toys with improper management and aggressive cultivation on taking that told how can they be?
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researches and thomas can on gain ground, working the land for a con, consult next on d. w. retreat show is about breaking stereotypes as dunning up for identity. for those getting every day in kenya we meet a young woman. i think the interesting my surrounding albinism gemini company is robert and morton. i'll be back with us in the studio for lunch. i don't ever letting any one of you know, the 77 percent been 60 minutes on d. w. o. to the dark side where intelligence agencies are pulling the strings,
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were organized crime rules. were conglomerates make their own laws? blue shed light on the opaque worlds. who's behind the benefits and why are they a threat to was all overtake wolves this week on d, w. ah ah, the earth beneath our feet is the very foundation of life. it provides us and countless other creatures with nourishment, yet we're destroying it. we poison it po concrete over it and exploit it.


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