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is agencies are pulling the strings where organized crime rules, where conglomerates make their own laws? we shed light on the opaque worlds who's behind the benefits and why are they a threat to us all o fake wolves this week on d, w. ah ah, the earth beneath our feet is the very foundation of life. it provides us and countless other creatures with nourishment, yet we are destroying it. we poison it, o concrete over it, and exploit it. a 3rd of all fertile soil worldwide is already lost. building it
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back is a challenge for humanity. we have to think in terms of 30 to 40, maybe even 100 years would not java. but the potential is massive. as soil is our best hopes, the saving the planet. all the c o 2 and the atmosphere could be captured in our soil. even in the middle of the city, we can free up and restore soil. we don't have to seal all this ground and we should be conscientious. but can we learn to bring the ground back to life rather than just trampling on it? ah syrian the green heart of austria yoseph snuggle is the 10th generation of farmers to til these veils he's aware that
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his children will also have to live on this land. so he decided to radically transform the way he farms. for yeah, we used to just work with a plow. yeah, now this is my machine, thus my new machine. his machine is a cultivator, the prawns only comb the surface of the earth a plow on the other hand penetrates deeper bringing sub soil to the top and disturbing soil life. yoseph, nagel has switched from conventional agriculture to humans farming. that means not only planting grain right, seed and turnips, but also building up humus. humans farming gives the soil more than it takes and requires new techniques. we had a low current on we loosen and mixed the earth. we don't turn it any more hemlocks . and if, when i loosen it, i make sure i don't go to deal with the fish and that i work with the smallest
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possible quantities. iron sharon avenue, the cultivator spares, worms, bacteria, and fungus. it works, crop residues into the soil and thus provides food for like in a compost heap. the microorganisms turned plant parts into valuable soil. in this sense, a human famine nourishes the soil rather than crops. conventional agriculture is different. crops consume nutrients from the earth. artificial fertilizer is added as needed. and the soil is further damaged by regular ploughing mana cultures and pesticides. this is also what use if nagel was taught and how he used to farm. until one day something happened which changed everything. that
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i had a serious accident which made me change my business pretty carefully. we are known for cub hope. say i survived cover that. i had a lot of guardian angels dusky about him. he got me thinking and made me decide to change how i want from you for tomorrow. i have no use of naga was almost killed by a tree while doing forestry work. he was in hospital severely injured for a long time and began to think about what he really wanted to leave his children. they would inherit dead soil if he continued to pharmacy. happy. the farmer decided that if he survived his fields would get a new lease of life as well. he found held close to his farm, where 3 local communities joint forces to form the ecological region of kind off in austria. their aim is to rebuild humans. gara dunst is one of the plane is he and fellow campaigners share knowledge in the so called humorous academy that was not previously taught in agricultural colleges use of novel and other farmers,
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a learning how soil can be found to become more fertile by the year. and how the earth worms of valuable team members that live actually earth was created by god, but excreted by earth. worms with enough earthworms don't disappear. they just get buried in rain were receiving the most stable kind of humorous horse. ah, gara. dunst was one of the founders of the eco region which has since been imitated all over europe. people here say agriculture needs a radical shift in mindset of your husband and it's the, i think in the last decades we mastered the art of extracting the maximum from the soil word back. then we didn't know that the soil would get progressively weaker and that more and more humorous would be lost from underneath. the problem is that the farmers experience is built on this down which degrade soil theat which worked for decades that yet seemed to longer forecast
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a day at the humorous academy begins with theory classes and gives farmers chance to share experiences. afternoons are spent out in the field where they can see, feel, and smell. what makes me healthy and humorous rich soil mine lloyd's in southern germany. a small town doing big things. here to the soil is to be revived. this colossal building in the middle of town is the former spinning plant. the industrial ruin is the size of 20 football fields. roberto sh wants to change this fees been mer since 2016, but the politicians from the christian social union grew up here, and recalls the time when the spinning factory was still in use. hepner, not doing that, i remember the smell is 1st, and i worked here in my school holidays between the age of 15 to 70 was my job was to clear the shot. it's of love that had gathered during the years. honestly i was,
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i guess i'm at home in its heyday, 3000 people worked at the spinning plant kit, went bankrupt during the economic crisis of 2008. since then, the old factory has been falling into disrepair and unnecessarily ceiling the soil but mer robert bush and landscape architect van alcove. it's have a plan. elk of it is a specialist in unsealing ground and reviving soil that was locked down to concrete pieces. great potential, especially in smaller places like mine, loyce, the album there are negative on industry lee places rely industry one off to hear back when i was growing. i know and thought about the environment by so large areas were concrete at over enormous support. and so i think there's a big potential to actively change the on sky, like here in the bicycle for the one can dinner on 200. the will to change things in mind. loyce is strong. many of the old factory holes, as well as the concrete flooring, to be gotten rid of so that in just a few weeks,
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rain can fall on the soil again. good now and right here is where we will 1st tear open the conquering eisen. then we will cultivate the soil beneath, or on the spot. there will be a connecting path to the park if i've been to rest will be a grain area there. if we don't know what the ground is like under new york, because the building has stood on it for over 100, the more the stunt. ah, the plans for the town centre are represented by these model. the past can easily be lifted out and replaced with the future. the plan is to have appointments, gastronomy and offices, partly in the old holes, and plenty of green spaces. hammond and pike. here we have the park with the leg to fight for the buildings have gone so the water can get back into the, i guess of it. the sub is water will have a positive effect on the micro climate. equal health and water will be able to
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drain again autumn, so this means the new town center will be able to better withstand climate change and the living soil will extract c o. 2 from the atmosphere. it's a concept that should attract public funding. the idyllic beauty of this countryside is deceptive. here in run a book to india, the ground is still contaminated from the g d i years when uranium was mind here using rather reckless methods to these die, the area poses a threat to human health and the environment. microbiologist, erica kuta and geologists, toast and schaefer one to eliminate that danger and revive the soil so that it's healthy or even useful. again,
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this spending a week on the site together with students and researchers from the university of vienna. they're investigating water, soil and plants here. what have 40 years of uranium mining done to the land? in 1949, europe's largest uranium reserves were found here. they were exploited for the soviet atomic industry. workers extract of the or from the mine unprotected acids were used in the uranium extraction which released highly toxic heavy metals. thousands of people died of lung diseases such as silicosis or of cancer. the toxic burden still weighs heavy to day. but thanks to biology, even this contaminated soil could be made useful for cultivation. again, this takes the right bacteria, fungus and plants working together. they can't remove the heavy metals,
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but they can capture them in mineral form or bind them to the roots. ally it much to that. i want the heavy metals to stay in the ass not be washed out with the ground water. so they have to be captured. if hesky leaked viet captured here, means holding the toxins so that they can no longer get into the water leaves or would they effectively become immobile. the solution could help to remediate contaminated soil, not only in the side, but in many places around the world. thus, as he had has walked, fletcher nicholas here is a test failed. a small one is of attack. that the idea is transferable to the former uranium mine here and to all other full man mining lands on shaft. not all areas impacted by mining, where currently nothing is growing wood after into nix, my organic trex. research is cannot give a precise figure as to how much land area is affected. but we know that it's many
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thousands of square kilometers world wide. yet the growing demand for rural materials, including for lithium, cobalt and nickel, used in batteries and cell phones means more and more areas of becoming dangerous and unusable for agriculture. 6 months ago the students put special bacteria into the earth and as i, i now they want to know whether they have multiplied and started to capture the toxins, vendor helium equal, okay, so there are a lot of micro organism mess up the to breathing. then there's a lot of activity in the soil than it's healthy soil. now, borden, if there isn't much breathing going on, that's a sign that the conditions are poor. one who possibly due to the heavy metals am i taught and not many microorganisms can live and breathe loud. archman couldn't. while erica cooter is investigating the development on the ground with the students . thorsten schiffer checks out what has been happening over ground from up in the
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air. the drone has special senses to ascertain how the trees are growing. in the beginning only all the trees would grow here. but in the meantime, birch and willows can also be planted. the timber will later be sold to cover part of the re mediation costs. thorsten schafer is more than happy with the development vinnish it's supposed to call. it's not on a book for when i drive out to horner board now cause or i'm out in this new landscape with my family done with this guns. i feel proud of campus installed stuff. this here shows that landscape can be given a new purpose. norion's van that we can give something back to society, which after what game come but it will take generations for the ground to recover completely finished. however, we're not talking about 10 years,
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his yarmouth, and, and so on persisted. we have to think in terms of 30 to 40, maybe even 100 years of until we can leave this system to its own devices and current on this concept of allison con lou steel. it's a chance not only for ron, a book, but a solution which could revive lost ground world wide o back in austria, where the farmers in syria are out in the field. oh, no, ha, ha. the 1st practical lesson of the human academy touching the crumbling, needing and feeling the soil. but also what we see here is exactly what we want. the soil is falling apart. it's loose and
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crumbly. this week, if you could criminally deb open this. so brings a range of benefits, it was your firstly, there is no erosion, and secondly, it is much easier to farm it yet it's just not as labor intensive opened again. and thirdly, there's a guaranteed harvest because the earth is much better at absorbing and storing the water name. and thus i shall come. julius rich soil can absorb up to 150 liters of water in one hour as a comparison. 200 liters in 2 days led to the our valley flood catastrophe in 2021 . but building up humus needs time and effort. we have y'all, can it, it took us generations to deplete the humans, so we can expect everything to be repaired in one or 2 years. we need to understand that getting the soil back to good condition is a project for generation based on total took on the most important rule is to always have something growing by the crops or inter implants that's not
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only good for battling erosion. dig latoya believe that i'm rate means mass growth through the root, excretion sinback. so what the width louse rather woo hoo. it's effectively a carbon pump from the air to the soil to hold the font aloft. important plants absorb carbon dioxide and still the carbon in the earth which is good for the climate and for soil life. the working day on the field is over but not for gara dunst. humorous use both his job and his vocation ever since he 1st experimented with compost in his grandmother's garden at the age of 13. to day the 63 year old make soil to him the world climate report of 20 o 7 was both a wake up call and an opportunity ran factual key at random position came of anger . so we were shocked that the climate could change so much and we said we have to do something. the idea was to make one region c o 2 new drove by north korea.
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the keys, the right cultivation of the soil. oh hey, steve consists of 15 percent carbon for the c a china atmosphere could be captured in our soil and bird blatt's. soil is a giant stora of carbon, but only a fraction of its potential is used. it could absorb all the c o 2 emissions caused by humans to reach this target. the carbon in the soil would have to rise annually by 0.4 percent. frances government is aiming for this with its fool po, $1000.00 initiative in 2015, many nations including germany committed to these goals at the cop climate summit in paris at least on paper. one problem is a lack of expertise and of funding as this transformation is costly in kind off,
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they didn't want to wait for subsidies ah venting to have to so we searched for a way to fund our project and it only makes sense if many farm has joined an to make a difference to climate, change it taking team of angle. it doesn't get to say they came up with a system in which any one in kind of who builds up humus on their field, gets the certificate. every certified ton of carbon in the soil is worth a cash premium. the system benefits both the climate and farmers in my lowest. i also need money to re nature the earth. the community applied for funding from the federal government for the demolition redesign and re nature in the form of spinning factory. the local buddhist hug. member in soil now supported the application. after a long wait, she has news from berlin in bavaria. i think around 15 communities have received the funding and i am pleased that you are one of them,
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which is also thanks to your good contact shap. naturally i remember when roberts became mayor here in my lowest last, this was one of the main projects he wanted to push. and it's a phenomenal project in breakfast and foster consciousness my life. at last the diggers can get to work. 14 hector is of this former industrial complex, an area twice as large as berlin's potsdam plants are to be broken up. the vegetated soil will not only offer a living space for plants and animals. it will be good for people to. he can cool the ground by up to 8 degrees in summer, absorb heavy rain and improve air quality. regaining ground in mind, loyce ever since mer robert bush learned about the wide reaching effects. this can have the project has been a top priority for him. these days he sees his hometown with fresh eyes spotting
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opportunity on every corner. with every measure big or small, i ask myself whether the soil needs to be sealed or whether concrete can be removed . when i look around now or onto the street, i see areas that could be unsealed and printer. this mindset would be useful across germany. every day, 50 to hector's, the equivalent of 72 football fields of earth gets buried under asphalt or concrete . even though the german government's climate protection plan set the maximum to 30 hacked is robert bush. his latest project is an area which had been earmarked for industry. but then the local council canceled the plan after seeing the potential of the repurposed form, a spinning factory events in. if you had asked me 15 years ago, i would have told you it great to use this land, a construction to seal the soil surface on the concrete and i development about spending mill site showed us. you can unseal
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a concrete it area and revive it. test, it was the process, and now i see ammonia wants to picture, and i'm convinced we don't have to seal all land services. we have to monitor the use of our land and restrict it and, and we can bring you live to the old and we're just as we're trying to do. and i'll tell sentato re purposing existing buildings instead of concrete in over free space . giving unused spaces back to nature. these steps are effective for combating urban sprawl. not just in mind. loyce. here in the west pomeranian village of doro, bluff shanella, is breathing new life into the ground. 25 years ago, the trained gardener left berlin to come out here where land was still affordable. but the soil was in a bad state, which happens that i took over ailing soil rapes, it had been growing here every 3rd year. rape seed is christopher morris and christopher his plants always bring soiled his things to the earth. he was really noticeable the fact then there was some plants i simply couldn't grow his own amman
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phone. healthy soil needs diversified crop rotation. different crops have different effects on the soil, for example, pulses such as veins, concentrate nitrogen in the soil, and nitrogen acts like fertilizer. one of schnell has methods these so called area rotting, which adds nutrients, similar to cow dung. buses. we mo, it all down, chop it up at a plant, ferment and then work that into the soil. done. the basic idea comes from prairie landscapes is on which a wide diversity of vegetation grows. you fit in which a grazed by ruminant animal, is amusing, up, covered at work. fun ruminants. faces are full of micro organisms that have passed through its vermin with one of its stomachs. him was, it's this ms nichol gunderson but instead of from a cows rumen here the micro organisms develop in a bucket. they developing wild herbs,
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the garden i gathered locally of years, and every leave essentially has different bacterial coaches where trying to multiply these by adding sugar cane molasses of and a bit of salt so that especially the lactic acid bacteria multiply. miss overbooked hands from me, and those are the ones found in the house digestive tract in its room, in a po for calm. so we are imitating the cows intestines in here, or dom your turner in canada, this is what makes the ground fertile and the end and as the nose, moth shanella sprays the herbal done on the interim plans which are then mow down and worked into the surface a simple but effective method. it prints, oh gosh to do yoga. i studied god and it was a she a matter of. but what i'm doing here is uncovered in gardening, degrees as of soil. science and fertilization were 2 separate subjects back vantage
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aga, no one understood that they actually belonged together. how does this but slowly, especially on the practical side of things, what we're doing here is becoming more and more presence of this mir and met some, tim overseer mahan, a holistic approach, where the gardener nourishes the soil, rather than the plants. the 56 year old has not yet reached his goal, but he's very pleased about one thing that the thing isn't out by the plan from the health of my plants that way. it is the end of august, and there are no acids on these broad bayless blood flow as a palm harbor. that's really because these veins and completely nourished form of the soil 1st indic and the uncommon, or subordinate my laws. all of shanella supplies took restaurants all over germany, with his vegetables from doro, including berlin. sometimes the gardener even delivers his properties personally, for example, to
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a berlin restaurant which has just been awarded with the newly introduced green michelin style, the gardener and the sheriff. met is a trade fair. jeff lauder sees many reasons to buy vegetables from olaf shanella of in far. it's definitely due to the quality of the product. it was just on liter bottles and that i drew for all the suppliers. we work with sir oscar. we are very selective on the gifts i want to work with. great to people who enjoy what they do, mark marcy martin, or that we look for sustainable and regenerative products, shelter type on these build something up. but instead of destroying artist on mission that was could what mot ah st. clair in stereo, austria, this dedication is tangible. they build up good soil which leads to healthy, produce, and benefits the climate. the farmers cannot manage this without support. so the eco region is connecting them with private into jewels and businesses. one of the
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network is, is johann book maya effect. if the company's paid for the foreigners to pump c o 2 out of the atmosphere into the ground, something most companies cannot do themselves on the market. so it's money from society by a companies, but it gets diverted into sustainability and ecologically friendly agriculture, angelina. these must 1st be verified, a job for florrie, unfortunate equipped with measuring tools and a top secret map. he examines yoseph novels, pumpkin fields. the farmer does not know where for she is taking his samples. please calculating how much carbon the soil has retained since the last measurement. oh god, then we take at least 25 samples from these failed. the sample is then mixed and
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margin ised and taken to the, the bar a tree for testing homes la boycott. the results will determine the farm as cash premium. it's a big day for use if nagel, as he's finding out to what extent his hard work will pay off. johan book maya has the results i yoke and he had a fair price. epi nice to see you as well, then i get a nozzle has been building up humus on his field since 2016. his products have definitely improved, as the farmer demonstrates with his pumpkin seed. will a regional specialty. when, if disliked, when i tilted sigma the thar, i can see that there is no red all brown coloring her old order. it really has a green color and it could ruin a shabby app into so his essence is paid off for the harvest. but what about in terms of carbon innocent, how much has nah, gold captured from the atmosphere and stored in his fields?
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finally, y'all can book my ashes. the figures were missing, aton, and failed. so i how many tons of c o 2? has a father managed to capture in this earth? and step is case he captured $152.00 ton left out of funding, which will certify fan at the moment. farmers get 30 years per ton of c o 2 blankets, but i think i don't put up on it. so it's by oh, that makes fool 1500 urines use of novel is more than happy with his premium and with his contribution to climate protection. he full farmers in germany, cultivated their fields to build up humorous as nagel does. it would compensate for all of the c o. 2 emissions of the gym and transport sector working the soil for our climate and regaining ground. the eco region of kind of shows that this is possible and rewarding. ah,
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reese reach shore is about breaking stereotypes and standing up for identity in school, those getting keys every day in kenya, we meet a young woman. i think the and stigma surrounding albin is the german comalies rob and mortal. i'll be back for joseph in the studio for lunch. i don't. evelyn, any one of you? the 77 percent in 30 minutes on d. w ah, treated in his weapon with part is a former park fighter. now tours over the former combat with violence due rage is in columbia 60 years after the civil war. pato isn't the only one
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hoping that the presidential election will bring change. global 3090 minutes on d. w. d. w's crime fighters are back with africa. most successful radio drama series continues. but all episodes are available online. course you can share and this goes on d. w, africa's facebook page and other social media platforms. crime fighters, tune in now. ah, this is the w news of these are our top stories. russia has tightened its grip of the ethan ukrainians. that you have said that out don. yet as the battle for the don bath rages on, russian troops now control up to 80 percent of the city and are calling on ukrainian force.


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