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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 15, 2022 5:00am-5:16am CEST

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on the okay, worse with wine will be a threat to was all over week world this week on d w. mm ah ah, this is these are the news live from berlin. the battle for you cranes, dont bass region rages on russian forces dal control up to 80 percent of the city of several don. yet the urge, the ukrainian fire is hold up in a chemical plant there to surrender. scrambling to secure europe's gas supply,
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germany bales out a former russian gas company, operating critical energy infrastructure as a last minute intervention, the u. k councils. it's 1st deportation fights to you wonder after routing from the european court on human rights. it says the asylum seekers may be at risk if they're set ah i bring him a hobbit walking to the program. the battle for ukraine's eastern don bass region rages on and russia is tightening its grip on the city of several don hits. russia has destroyed all 3 bridges leading out of the city to ukrainian held. lizzie chance, that means it's almost entirely cut off. russian troops are calling on ukrainian forces to surrender. meanwhile, ukraine's president has appealed for more long range weapons. alyssa chance has
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suffered relentless shelling love, but not every one in the walked on eastern city is fleeing some one too afraid to leave, but others have no way to go. well yeah, but the way you said, look, with the where should i go to let me if i were 40, maybe i could sleep, but where should i go now? should i have cool as you may right? meanwhile, just across the river, in the twin city of soviet odon, asked, many are unable to leave. with all the main bridges destroyed, that city is now almost cut off. the regions governor says it is mostly under russian control. authorities believe more than $500.00 civilians, including children, are sheltering at the vast as ot, chemical blonde. this is the blonde is under heavy bombardment from russian forces. moscow and pro russian separatist in the region have issued an ultimatum to the ukrainian troops, still holding out in the city the rescue,
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but the ukrainian military units that stationed there remained therefore, either with what they have 2 options either followed the example of their colleagues in surrender youth or die love, they have no other option over them. back in mrs. jones, many residents are desperately holding for the war to end. no. with them. so little bit during our older civilians here and we have no one but why are they shooting? it doesn't matter. yeah, we don't have any one here. no soldiers. why are they bombing us? but as the battle for don ball stretches on an end to the wall is nova insight on russian forces have announced they will set up a humanitarian corridor on wednesday to evacuate civilians from back chemical plant in seattle. danielle, he probably is anyone a chat has law from kiff. while indeed it was an announcement made earlier
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today by the russian ministry of the friends that they were ready to create the super being who are trapped in the chemical plan. so it's the chemical plot in san antonio. but as we've just heard in the report there were, there were also dos, separate to saying about ukrainian sold is only how to choice to surrender or to die. now these, my remind you of a situation we know very well thought be. now is that of marty you? where they were, you created for the truck along with civilians in a power plant. this time in mario. and now we are in a situation where the 1000000000 meet direly need to be evacuated from city on yet, but under which conditions with that depend on to read does, this is not quite clear what we know tonight about that completely cut off from the rest of ukrainian forces at the 3 bridges of the city have been destroyed
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and up to 80 percent of the city is now and russia control all the german government has the vowels. it'll bail out a full, a subsidiary of a russian energy giant gas from the company which has received a new name. securing energy for europe will get 10, a 1000000000 euros to keep supplies flowing. gas prompts that it will reduce daily gas deliveries to japanese via the node stream pipeline. as it waits for the return of the equipment it had sent for repair. energy giant gas prom is giving germany the cold shoulder. the kremlin own company is slashing its gas supply volume by nearly 40 percent. now instead of the previous 167000000 cubic meters per day, only $100000000.00 will flow through the nordstrom one pipeline gas prom blames missing compressor units from german company, siemens. however, siemens energy is not allowed to supply the parts because of sanctions against
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russia. nord stream, one is the main supply pipeline. since 2011, the pipeline has been bringing gas from vi borg and russia to look mean in northern germany. the nord stream to pipeline runs parallel. it was nearly up and running, but then russia invaded ukraine. in response, germany halted the project. and as a countermeasure, the em all europe pipeline is no longer being supplied by russia. since the start of the war, russian natural gas applies to europe have significantly decreased. this is in part because of sanctions against moscow. and because you countries refused to adhere to a new rule by russia demanding payments to gas prom in rubles despite the gas bomb announcement, the german ministry of economic affairs says supply is guaranteed. and gas storage facilities are well supplied. not only for private households, but also for industries that depend heavily on gas,
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but the prices have become noticeably more expensive. and the german government is also taking a former gas prom subsidiary. under its long term control. germany, we'll give it a 10000000000 euro bailout gas. prom germania controls, a substantial share of gas storage and gas pipeline networks throughout europe and japan. schmidt is a research associate at harvard university. he says the crime translators claims should be viewed with skepticism. it's very convenient to there's been a litany of excuses, a gas promise given over the years for it's a sudden and unexplained cuts in natural gas supplies to europe. this is the latest im in aggregated ah, energy crisis. it spans all the way back to the middle of last year in 2021. the kremlin intentionally limited, natural gas volumes exported. european storage is many of which were owned by cramming controlled gas from itself. this created an you wide gas scarcity that
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limited the latitude of foreign policy responses to putin's invasion of ukraine. as hostilities began during the height of the european heating season earlier this year in february 2022. so when we're hearing that there is suddenly this, this gas a reduction through nord stream one. ah, you know, we have to be skeptical. is that this of all the stories making headlines around the world? supporters of jailed russian opposition leader alexei. the valet say he's been transferred to an undisclosed location. the valdez serving an 11 year sentence for charges c. as politically motivated as the porters have voice concern for his safety. russia has back 29 british journalists and 20 people linked to the u. k. defense industry from entering the country. ask us as a step as a response to what a cold, biased reporting on the war in ukraine. oh, hold solution by the un human rights council. to investigate the root causes of the
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israeli palestinian conflict claims the israeli occupation for decades of violence . their israel has rejected. the findings and alleged bias of the commission says it needs better access to interview witnesses, which israel has denied the 2nd person has been arrested in brazil, suspected of being involved in the disappearance of bush's journalist dog phillips and indigenous expert, bruno pereira, too, were researching deforestation. and commercial intrusion in the region rescue teams found a backpack at laptop here where they went to missy, a u. k, as counseled, it's 1st deportation flights to rwanda, which was set to take off on tuesday evening. it happened after an intervention by the european court of human rights, which ruled that asylum seekers could face a real risk of irreversible hon if they were sent there. the cancellation was seen
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as a blow to the government of prime minister at bars. johnson who insisted the deportations which go ahead to w. bergen massey has bought from london. the covenant has really been put on the spot a lot of publicly in the last days we've had foreign secretary list trust saying that it's not the, it's not the policy that is immoral, but it's actually the people smugglers. it's there is people who help other people across the channel in boats and that costs lives. and she says, this is necessary as a deterrent because britain wants to be seen as a country that is not well coming of to, to, to, to, to many people that they want to create in an old town that was used years ago, a kind of hostile environment at least towards what they call illegal migrants. now the people that are crossing the channel are people that usually have ties,
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committee ties, britain, and that they want to come to the u. k. but they're hoping basically to make it very, very attractive. the u. k. as a country because people who, who are coming in this way, who are crossing why the channel, they are now facing the possibility of being deported to rhonda of the u. k. home secretary preacher patel has reacted to the flights cancellation . she said she was disappointed, but not deterred and would prepare for the next flight. meanwhile, asylum seekers already living in rwanda are painting a bleak picture of what new arrivals would face at transit center in wonder. these refugees tried to reach europe, but did not succeed. many of them ended up spending years in detention centers in libya before being relocated here. one of them is peter, naomi. 8 years ago he said south sudan amid the country civil war. he was moved
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here last year by the united nations refugee agency, but does not want to stay. i just want to go ahead with his little book in and i would just go back to ne placement one does one of the least developed countries in the world. peter and i only hopes for a better future elsewhere. he feels bad for the migrant center. wonder under the recent deal because they must apply for asylum here. the u. k. g of menu, the my missy to them you that human being are you really? you cannot tell them. going to stay here or go on buddhism, nor because if the field but are in you. ok you case, but to for the but the u. k. government disagrees, it insists the policies needed to stop a flood of all too often deadly megan crossings of the channel from france. it's very important. we get that we're going,
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we show that people trafficking doesn't work and we're able to reduce the costs over time over legal immigration and see, and i, to kingdom the un high commissioner for refugees has called the plans catastrophic . this is all wrong, this deal for so many different reasons. the precedent that this creates these catastrophic for the concept that needs to be shared like asylum, this hostile and wonders capital kigali is expected to house the 1st migrants sent under the u. k. agreement. it's general manager said it was not a prison despite tight security measures and opinion that may not be shared by some of the new arrivals on the field as thou set for the 2022 world cup as costa rica, defeat at new zealand for the 32nd and final spot stole cabals, knocked the ball. then in the 3rd minute, it looked like
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a use edens. crestwood had equalized but a video repay called the gated. that goal cause her acres k load ever held you zealand at bay. after that, his team will play in a world cup group that includes germany and that job, and he was also in action on tuesday against italy in the you, a 1st nations league playing on home turf. it mentioned glovebox. germany managed a dominant performance. joshua kimmy scored once the 1st half tim werner scored twice in the 2nd, had germany without go on to that went with a 5 to victory. i'm for a break. that's the latest news from k pop sensation. it's yes or is it? ah, the korean dad are confused after statement by members quoted saying they're going on hiatus. but the entertainment company behind the group says it's not true and
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they'll focus on solo projects while still continuing to work together. it's yes, made their debut in 2013, just released their latest album called vastly ah, you're watching d w. it is live from berlin. you'd find much more news on our website if d, w dot com and coming up next is all related of these things. every day for us and for our flight lloyd years is on its way to bring you more conservation.


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