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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 15, 2022 12:00pm-12:16pm CEST

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one day, the feature in science into new realms. 175 years of life starts to maintain w ah, [000:00:00;00] ah, this is the w news alive from berlin. russia tells ukrainian fighters and severe the nets to surrender, but civilians will be allowed to leave using a humanitarian corridor. as the battle for full control of the city rages,
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all halter from north africa brings an early heat wave to spain. temperatures in some places are reaching their highest they've been at this time of year in 40 years. ah, i'm gab office, thanks for joining us. a russian deadline for ukrainian fighters in the eastern city of sierra, the next to surrender has passed the pro russian separatists in the regions, se, if the fight is hold up in a chemical plant, there don't lay down their weapons, they face death. meanwhile, russia says it's establishing a humanitarian corridor to evacuate up to $1200.00 civilians who've been sheltering at the plans that will be taken to the russian controlled town of swa. toville. with all bridges leading from sierra the nets destroyed ukrainian troops. now risk
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being encircled in the city from all that we go to dw ne connelly who joins us from keith. nick russia says it's offering civilians currently trapped and severe the net safe passage to russian control territory. is that their only option now it does seem to be that way, gearhart of see very difficult to get reliable and independently of verified information from similar to this. great. now the same as it was a marable. i think it's very comparable situation and, and in my report, definitely we saw lots people having to travel to russia that, that been there in the option because they were busy trap between fighting and, or at that the fighting was kind of stuck in them. going to ukraine control territories, same here. let's people don't want to do it and are very aware that the russians will be looking very carefully at the civilian see if they may be, have fought in the ukrainian military in the past. and filtration camps as they're known here are basically the norm. now russians looking for people,
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maybe they can exchange in the future for their own prisons when these people are currently civilians. so a very difficult situation there. lots people had stayed in spite repeated calls from the ukrainian towards to leave. people were called on to last, basically month to leave while they still could, while those bridges are still in place. but lots people simply saying we are not going to go anywhere. we are not leaving our homes. and basically, you're putting situation where now this is their only option. now, russia issued a surrender, or di automates of the ukrainian troops. the deadline passed this morning as so what can we expect now? well, what you read here in the ukraine media, what you hear from people who have been there recently is all very, very troubling stuff. a huge losses on both sides and seemingly, or another rerun of marable and says that those ukranian troops are staying put. they are not going anywhere. in the case of marable, we saw eventually a deal was reached to allow some of those fighters out,
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although they are still in russian custody. and seemingly are going to be brought to trial in russia for some kind of a crimes against the civilian population is at least that's what the russians are accusing them of. so a sense that for now, does know a palatable option know a sense for the ukrainians, that being a prison of all with the russians is in any way, are going to be fair or gonna run according to the normal laws of war. so said they are going to hold out to last and that this is part of the crane start she, in a situation where they are running out of ammunition where they're running out of weapons. they're trying to bind those russian forces for as long as possible to hold out, even if they themselves don't have a way out to stop the russian fonts along other stretched to the front lines. now, russia's defense ministry said destroyed a natal weapons depot in western ukraine has thus, that been confirmed we don't have any conclusive ration that, than the ukrainian or is don't confirm and don't respond to these kind of russian
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announcements, but definitely those are deliveries from the west through poland, through romania throw, the nato countries on ukraine's borders are a prime target for russian attacks. em, how successful they've been so far we can't tell, but definitely western weapons are arriving on the front lines and we've seen the american em 777. how it's as the artillery a weapon being used to great effect by the ukrainians, and really making the difference in situation where the cranes busy running out of their soviet era weapons or even at the munitions to go with them. but definitely, this is the situation now where people off camera when we were just in the south to, to soldiers. they're saying we have a week's ammunition left and where the next lot of our mission, where the lex loading materials coming from. we don't know, what are we going to do if we still have archery, but nothing to fire with. so vertical situation, but a sense that you can't, is getting a stop. the front lines will be not in the quantities that they would want to. they
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commonly reported from cubes there. thank you. me. wow. there are science. a german chancellor. all of shows will indeed soon head to key for his 1st visit. beth and russia attacked ukraine. let's bring our chief political abs. emsella cooper. mueller rumour has it. he won't go there alone. yes, we have seen a newspaper reports in recent days, citing diplomatic sources, expecting the german chancellor french present emanuel, my call, and matthew tarkey, the italian prime minister to potentially go there together. i'm being so cautious because we decidedly have no confirmation from the german side, but also no denial and that amounts to the expectation that those 3 leaders will head to key if potentially ahead of a key meeting in brussels on friday, where a potential you accessing status of ukraine,
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it could be decided and a lot of a lot of ifs and buts, but in my, in my court, certainly already geographically in the region, he's due to head from romania to moldova. today. now ahead of us a potential joint visit, the french president is now calling for fresh talks between moscow and keith, lead listening quickly, little ukrainian president and his officials will have to negotiate with russia. so i'm here, when these 3 european leaders do go to give is this what they will be talking about? well, i think that it certainly will be a lot of symbolism in such a potential visit. at the same time, over the years, lensky is speaking on the phone, a lot to french president markov it also to german chance that laugh salts and all sorts for his part has been eager to stress. throughout that,
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there will be no discussions over the head of ukraine, that it will only be up to low to me, soleski, to determine what he will be able and willing to put on a potential negotiating table of them is a lensky, the ukraine's president has throughout said he would sit down with flooding. mir putin who would only want to send is foreign minister even if that that's the status right now. one thing is pretty much common knowledge that the fighting will continue until both sides, including russian president vladimir putin feel that nothing more is to gain in the battle field. and that it's time to actually sit down and talk to w. c. split gladys, i'm sure you're lucky if not. thank you, michelle. and now i have a look to some other stories related to the war. new frame. european commission president of the, from the line is in israel for talks with prime minister and after the bennett. a
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hope to step up energy corporation on the lines that russia is black mailing europe for you over energy and the continent urgently needs alternative supplies, fly. israel is exploring several ways to transport gas to europe. both of us will be discussing ways. russia has banned 29 british journalists and 20 people linked to the u. k. defense industry from entering the country. moscow says this step is a response to what it calls bias reporting on the war in ukraine, and fueling russell russell phobia. in british society, spain is facing unusually hot temperatures for early june, with the mercury rising well over 40 degrees celsius. in some places, authorities are warning of a risk of wildfire. scientists say climate change is making heat waves more frequent and more intense. the last time it got this hot, this early in the year in spain was in 1981 here in madrid. in the mid day heat
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temps are soaring. and those who are out and looking for ways to stay cool. some are soaking up the full force of the heat wave, but spain's national weather agency warns conditions could feel even more extreme with sand and dust from the sahara desert being carried north into europe. a spokesperson for the weather agency says heat waves have become 5 times more frequent in the 21st century. lower nicholas the on the the to does a moon fine. i've come here with my friends calona, but he's good for you. it provides with them indeed. so i'm happy while some are pleased with the high temperatures, not everyone can escape the sweltering heat. was as though it's difficult dealing with the heat in madrid, a little muddy. there's not much shade and a lot of asphalt here. it's hard and we don't have air conditioning at home grammar,
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not animals. i don't even know further south and severe. the situation is even worse. with temps, easily breeching 40 degrees celsius. the heat hitting higher and earlier than it has here in more than 6 decades meteorologist attribute the high temps to a mass of cloud of hot air. moving through europe from northern africa, forecasters say the heat wave is due to hit france. next ton of a quick look at some of the other stories making headlines. the british government says it's preparing for a new deportation fly to rwanda. the inaugural trip was cancelled following a last minute routing from the european court of human rights. the decision is regarded as a setback for the policy of sending asylum seekers from the u. k to the central african nation. a 2nd person has been arrested in brazil suspected of being
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involved in the disappearance of british journalist dom phillips, and indigenous expert bruno player. the 2 were research, a deforestation, and commercial intrusion in the region. rescue teams found a backpack and a laptops near where they went. missing. rider has dropped a requirement for south african passengers to take an africans language test to prove their nationality after a public backlash. the language is spoken by just 12 percent of the country, which has 11 other official languages. south africa government old, a backwards profile. sh pixar. new movie a light year is out this week starring the beloved toys story character buzz lightyear. thought the movie won't be shown everywhere. it has been denied release and more than a dozen, mainly muslim countries. and it's unlikely to open in china after disney refused to cut a scene that shows to women sharing a kiss. once what your mission long?
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start a 39. 0, the world's most famous toy astronaut is back buzz lightyear. he's a go. who are you know? no one you were narrating again. i was not but the buzz is all about his sidekick alisha. his palin partner, who seem in the film kissing her girlfriend. that's way more and more countries are refusing to show the film model. but the studio and it stars stand by the lesbian romance, including actor chris evans, the voice of buzz light. you. it's great that we are a part of something that making the steps forward in the social inclusion capacity . but it's, it's frustrating that there's still places that that aren't where they should be. pride one minute. i feel feel proud for the rest of my life. we don't have to think, oh wow, weird. you know, it's not weird is normal and it should be normalized. why don't they answer? plate your is a prequel to pixar,
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is toy story. it's about time travel and friendship with same sex romance playing a small part. but one that picks our parent company, disney says, is not negotiable, 7 months. why i know that we've done requests for things to quite, i'm dizzy, isn't going to modify the material. we're not and head out anything, especially something as important as the loving and insulation relationship that shows. but what he's missing explain to you. and that means this time viewers in several countries will be missing, buys to infinity. and beyond who you are clear tribal on equal pico people looks like a lot of fun. b k paul ban bts have announced they will take a break. after topping the charts for almost a decade. ah way the best selling artist of 2021 and 1000000 fans around the world with the update band
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member jim in said they have been experiencing a rough and trying to find individual ident. ah and that's it from me at the downstream here. and berlin don't go away. chris kolber is here next with news and how the u. s. government could soon be getting much all say on how investment goes to china. all that d w right after a short question of whether the next crisis will come. but only when and how the media will deal with it. how can we stay focused on what is important shaping


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