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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  June 15, 2022 4:45pm-5:01pm CEST

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ladies, a time in which the car make her is accused of profiting from slave labor and frisk, overrun them to the program. a bipartisan group of yours lawmaker say they've agreed on a proposal to give the government greater visibility into billions of dollars of investment into china. and sweeping new power, so block them present biden seems to be backing the concept, which comes at a time when china's economy is trying to rebound from covered locked downs and supply chain straits. shun. highest back reopened after a complete shut down to stop the spread of co 19. but as people go back to work, the fear of further locked downs remains. that mood is somber, but you wouldn't know going by recent data. so far this year for an investment in china cents at over $80000000000.00, that's 17 percent more than last year. it's unclear though, whether this trend will hold. the u. s. is keeping up trade barriers put in doing
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the trump administration, chips, batteries a i and fintech a supposed to be sold to china only in exceptional cases. the chinese government has criticized these measures as inappropriate. they would only hurt the u. s. and not slow down growth in the chinese economy. the tone has become more aggressive and there are science a further decoupling between china and the west. for more, let's cross over to taipei and d. w correspondent. so song hand. so it looks like these chinese investment curbs are gaining momentum in the united states. how big of, of problem would that be to china if the bill passes in the end, it will be a big blow to not only china's economy, but it's national strategic plan made in china 2025, which am to upgrade the manufacturing capability of chinese industries. into a more technology intensive power house. according to the bill,
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the u. s. government has a right to stop investment projects in china that are inconsistent with us national security and bobby high tech field such as semiconductor israel earth about technology, artificial intelligence and robotics. restricting u. s. invite vestment in china in these areas with me, us china. the coupling in high technology, that is, it is a double edged sword. it may be able to curb china's ambition to our compete, the u. s, but it could also hon. the long term interests of u. s. companies in china. and so at the same time or latest economic data showing the chinese factories have been producing more stuff last month, but consumption remained frail. what are we to make of that? which alice economy showed initial size of recovery in may. but overall growth still remained fragile. the unemployment rate for look at it surprisingly, improve a bit, but it is unclear whether the trend is sustainable with millions of students graduating
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in the summer. the pandemic is now largely under control in china, and the related strict control measures are gradually being lifted by the 0 covey policy has had a serious impact on economy activities with the risk of outbreaks and logged down looming, consumers and enter printers have become quite cautious institutions have lower their growth of expectations for chinese academy this year, and economy will likely ron below its potential unless the government takes decisive actions to boost the growth. you know, your correspondent, so song, hen and ty paid, so thank you. european natural gas prices surged over the years of disruption after russian gas behemoth gas from announced it will reduce deliveries while the north stream pipeline by 40 percent gas promised blaming siemens energy failing to restore gas turbines. the engineering company say one
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turbine is being overhauled in canada, but cannot be delivered to russia because of sanctions. so far gas problem has not indicated if it will increase gas applies to other pipelines. to compensate for loss or more spring into a ball season. energy expert and professor at the pairs institute of political studies. welcome to the w, terry. do you expect flow through or not stream one to be permanently know lower now where i do expect that in the grand scheme that we, i think since the last i eat, the weapon is asian of gas. we have to be prepared for the speech scene. a gas problem stopping state spots 8 back in 2021. not repeating that german storage at the end of may 2021. we've seen that stop up throw in 44 different 5 different countries. and this is another thing that the credit is throwing up. so we have to keep in mind that at the end of the day, we should be completely independent with the russian gas going every week. sorry
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about that in a minute, terry. but so this delay and repair work that humans energy is pointing to here at the moment. does this play in the hands of the kremlin which uses energy exports to exert pressure absurdity? remember, i mean her back at last months as they were asking us to pain rugle. most companies did agree just a few didn't and were cut. and when they agreed, they hoped that they were going to receive their gas and now days another. and those are sorry, we don't have to comply, so russia doesn't have the compressor until they're full. they can tell this guy. so i think the kremlin is trying to show how united all these united we are here. and we are going to see how companies are going to react. so the gas transit to north stream is 40 percent lower gas from has stopped exporting gas to poland and transit through ukraine is also lower. what does this mean for the supply to europe?
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where if we compare supply to europe now after this, this is what it used to be prior to copy that we are receiving right now with the left and half the gas we were receiving from gas from 2 years ago. so, i mean, all dependency in europe has been huffed from 40 percent dependent on gas from we are now 20 percent dependent. the good thing a, so far markets have been able to find a solution which liquefied natural gas being be routed to europe. to mitigate this and tell you how far along is the continent then and making itself less dependent on russian gas? well, i mean, so far we've been less dependent. thanks quote and quote from the credit. i mean, it's a credit that has cut us not us putting an embargo on gas as we did in the european side on core, on oil. again, as i said, 40 percent, we are now to 20 percent of the $11.00 half of the 10 percent i 10 percent could
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still be manageable at extreme high prices. that the last 10 percent is non manageable. we cannot replace it because we get to depend that on gas from and so this cannot be done in 2022 or perhaps not even in 2023. we need to wait for new project on to supply site to be able to bring more gas to europe telling also the paris institute for political studies. thank you for your time. thank you. and now to some of the other global business stories making headlines around the world versus war ukraine, coupled with shortly rising energy prices curving economic recovery in germany. the for institute as cut its 2022 forecast for german growth to 2 and a half percent down from 3 point one percent predicted. in march, you would expect commodity prices and supply bottlenecks to gradually ease in the 2nd half of the year. for up to currency exchange coin base says that plans to lay off 18 percent of the workforce,
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a move that comes after market value. the digital currency plummeted, more than $200000000000.00 has been wiped out of the currency market. since the start of the weekend, brazil's electricity company electro boss, has gone private in the 2nd biggest stock offering worldwide this year, brazilian present enjoyable scenario rang the bell of the cell phone stock exchange to market started trading. the brazil government stake in electric ross stands at 45 percent down for 72 percent before the launch and staying in brazil, german car maker fox wagon is facing prosecutors in the country over allegations of human rights violations at a farm. it ran during brazil's military dictatorship accusations include, include slave labor, torture, and even killings. prosecutor say they have documented years of atrocities committed by fox bag managers in the 19 seventy's and eighty's. and now they hoped
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to reach a financial settlement for the victims. a court house in brazil, ya here behind closed doors, prosecutors were set to confront one of the world's most powerful automakers. with a series of explosive allegations. it revolves around this farm in brazil. the accusation that volkswagen benefited from slave labor here during the 19 seventy's and eighty's at m. my fordham, while fordham jill was a form of modern slavery roof workers, how to work 7 days a week, more than 10 hours a day without any pay ot us a sing. he said, be it of gold, get cheap, would you came? and it also, the prosecution alleges that there are hundreds of cases in which serious human rights violations occurred. they say workers were little more than indentured. servants. witnesses speak of being shackled after attempting to escape, being forced to work at gunpoint and even of murder, becky, to say, when someone tried to escape, the managers would go after them and shoot them. but they beat up those who tried
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to escape on the street in the shacks. buck you, most of the bug ye along bohack. volkswagen bought the farm in 1973 at the invitation of brazil's military dictatorship. to day the company says they take the accusation seriously, but must 1st analyze the results of the investigation before commenting. this surprises christopher copper, who says he informed volkswagen of its involvement a few years ago and got some conflicts. i examined the operations of this farm during my studies in 2017. and also after my discovery, i told volkswagon that during this period it has used foreign laborers who were essentially forced into slavery lot. i fully from a good phone. brazil prosecutor now wants justice lost in circles. we are convinced that volkswagen will acknowledge its responsibility and that there will be a settlement with the prosecutors office and the former workers,
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brazilian society will be compensated for these unacceptable incidents in his out. it's unclear how volkswagen will respond to the allegations. we ask our corresponded mathias able to, to what extent fox like in management knew about what was going on. they knew about it, and there were reports already in the eighty's, in the german magazine spiegel about it. so there were rumors about it and for decades already em. but a lately in 2017, the historian christopher copper, which we heard in the report. he published his report and, and for doug, knew about him these accusations and about the, the, the what happened at this farm because mr. copa, a dedicated one chapter on this farm or in the prostate in brazil. so they knew about it also the management but and yeah, we don't know why they didn't act so far. that's one of the secrets folks. one might. yeah. might to tell us about
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ah, this is dw news live from berlin. ukraine defies our russian ultimatum to surrender innovator. the next, a former president tells the w that ukraine will win the board where like soldiers is keeping say that i've been here. and we never said bob had our potter shanker says, ukraine desperately needs more weapons to push back the rushing to salt in dawn, but also coming up more accounts of war crying can ukraine are corresponding.


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