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tv   An Endless War  Deutsche Welle  June 15, 2022 8:15pm-9:00pm CEST

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a mess the latest sunday w. news. this our up next doc film takes a look at the long standing an unofficial war between israel, iran and the u. s. and marian and steam from me and the entire news team here in berlin. i through much, ah, 175 years ago. long story entrepreneur at a specific goal. 1 build the best article instruments in the world. ah, nice indeed. his wish has become a reality when he suddenly 5 years of size starts june 19th on w. ah
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ah, ah, this is the story of the war that does not speak its name. a war that started over 40 years ago, but has never officially been declared axis of evil. the war between iran on the one side and the united states and israel on the other is both ideological and strategic. a conflict that stirs up passions, presentment and hatred. and word ever to escalate the entire middle east would be effected very possibly triggering a new global conflict. to understand this potential return of barbaric violence, we must go back in time to unravel the tangled threads of tragedy. seek the elusive
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truth behind the dogmas and the certainties and tell this story ah ah, the history of the war began on february 1st 1979, a bore to flight from paris to terran. ah, an old man is praying this is ayatollah hor, maney. he is preparing to radically changed the history of iran thick and quantum capero. how to make sure it isn't easy to talk about the
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greatness of this figure as one of his enemies once remarked, that there had been no one like him for 800 years and there would be no one else like him for another 1000 years old. oh yeah, i'm not on that for, for many historically embodied the people's opposition to the shaw, the all powerful monarch who had reigned over iran for nearly 40 years in exile. for 15 years, the ayatollah was finally returning home for the final battle alongside his people . a revolution in the name of shiite is long a new era was about to begin in the middle east. he ah, ah,
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ah, a year before for manney's return, an uprising began in tehran in early 1978. hundreds of thousands of iranians took to the streets to challenge their ruler. ah, demonstrators had had enough of a ruler who bent on making iran a great power, sought to impose western style, modernity on them, either willingly or by force. they viewed it as an unfair and corrupt system that failed to meet the most basic needs of the population. ah, ah, ah. and
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2 countries had come to embody the imperialism condemned by the demonstrators. 2 countries that supported the shots regime, the united states and israel. today, it is difficult to imagine those 2 countries where the iranian states closest allies yet only to hush over ferocity local thereon was arguably almost important partner off to the united states in terms of economic intricacies . as we undertook some crammed portraits with them back in the 1950s, israel had made overtures to the shaw, isolated in an arab world that refused to acknowledge its existence. the hebrew state was looking for non arab partners, a little further afield in the middle east. iran persian pro western built on a different kind of islam to the other arab countries, stood out as a natural al. i should the full i have be. see, it's hard to imagine now us,
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but it was a very close knit collaboration in cbs. chill only did it look to see that has the most an aunt take the washington to had chosen to make her on the corner. stone of its influence in the region comes in. so the high degree of military cooperation was designed to keep terran in the western camp. also this was the time of the cold war, of course. and then iran was a major arena of us soviet competition. so yes, and the child was close to america because he felt that he needed the american support in confronting these ussr and maintaining his government in power for both television and washington. iran under the shaw was an invaluable partner.
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the key piece in the great middle eastern game for, but neither israel nor america realised the extent and strength of an opposition that was destined to prevail. it about them again. and i mean, when i spoke with the generals, they would tell me, look what it's like measles are. so we're seeing demonstrations at the moment. that's the way it is. a shower mill on the shaw has asked us to sort it out because he's the military chief. i knew well where sorting it out with the buyer. the blindness and incomprehension of a regime based with such a powerful and determined uprising was heading for tragedy.
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for that day, black friday, the shaw's army opened fire in the streets of terran, the official death toll was 87, but according to oper key had just revealed it's true base. oh, the revolutionary process was underway and now there was no stopping it regarded as supporters of the shop. his railey and american expatriates became targets and began to leave the country. lou protestors attacked cafes, restaurants, banks, and cinemas, western symbols of modernity associated with the stronghold. israel and the united states had on their country ah, tearing down the monarchy, breaking ties with washington and tel aviv rejecting western style modernity. all
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of these objectives combined into a single battle gradually, as the movement began to pick up a momentum. and that it was a movement in need of leadership in need of immediate the person to fit the bill. it seemed to have been, i to look for maybe. oh, i have to say that not only the different factions of islamic movement, the father, to lawful mania enjoying, but the other factions of their movement has been like, nationally, like marxist all factions supported out to the home, me as the leader of that resolution. oh, wow,
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the time had come for hominy to realize his dream, the introduction of a radical doctrine and establishment of an islam of republic, a theocracy, wherein the ultimate power lay with a religious authority. the supreme leader, him blew . almeni's set foot on iranian soil, ready to deliver the fatal blow to the monarchy. nothing and no one could stand in his way. ah,
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it was shanty, it was really shocked. about 10000000 people came to the streets of terra. this was the biggest welcoming ceremony ever during that history. as long as i had amendment immediate people to come to when company and everybody looked at him as the leader of the lucian and cut his matic leader and a man of god at the same time. and that he will rescue the country and we will have a pattern, eyes on the air. ah mean, he was now the man who embodied the legitimacy of power, especially fully as the shock weakened by ill health had departed the country 3
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weeks earlier meant that i wanna, my dad is not gonna. i'm the lead time. when i'm the person on you, you mean let to read, i'm gonna, i'm with, with 10 days later, after only 48 hours of fighting in the streets of tehran, the overthrow of the iranian monarchy. the shaw had ruled over for 37 years, was complete. ah, the revolution had achieved a total victory. i had told a whole many was the country's new leader. i, with the revolutionaries
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immediately attacked the enemies identified by the new regime with the israeli diplomatic mission, sacked and completely devastated. it's 33 members, were the last, israeli still in iran. they travelled in small groups to the hilton hotel in central terren, where a bus was waiting to take them to the airport. a distance of some, 17 kilometers 17 kilometers through a hot bed of revolution. she vasa kilometer 17 kilometers. you run 10000000 iranians on either side of the road. you're all with tomatoes and eggs. she is not in the bus. there was the driver and 2 iranians with kalashnikov our bus moved on because they thought it was a revolutionary bus. not a single egg or tomato was thrown, been obeyed, started on reaching the airport. they boarded the aircraft. but just as the plane was about to take off
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a new, i'm a thought, ordered the plane, those to the engine started it, and it began to taxi with all of a sudden it stopped. it was fun. with the doors opened, an armed revolutionaries parched in again. i thought to myself, what is it this time? but if they wanted to carry out one final check, i don't know what for then they closed the door. we took off, for as long as we were over iranian territory emerged, remains tenix. once we cross the border of the, is riley's in rush it into chess. should i say, lou? meanwhile, the israelis arch enemy yasser arafat leader of the pillow. the palestinian liberation organization was arriving in tehran, welcomed like a true head of state. ah,
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arafat had become leader of the p, a low. in 1969, it stated ambition was to create a palestinian state, independent of its era backers. from his base and lebanon, arafat had been leading his spit, i ain, his spiders, into gorilla actions on the northern border with israel. now he had come to seek the support of home. many, a man he hoped, could help palestinians achieved their independence. reverently, it says complete the whole of that project on the scene in this area, a lot, sat down, complete with by inviting arafat to tehran. how many was sending a powerful message to the entire muslim world? from now on? iran would be supporting the palestinian cause.
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ah ah many then took up provocative initiative instead of an israeli diplomatic presence. there would now be a palestinian embassy. it was a clear statement. ah, with this gesture, the ayatollah was severing all links with israel, a state whose existence had no legitimacy for him. any strategic alliance between israel and iran was now unquestionably a thing of the past. the united states recognized the young islamic republic. but in washington there was concerned about what kind of relations would be possible with a ron's new rulers. within the american government, there were
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a differing opinions some thought that committee was a stream of force and it would be very difficult for us to, to deal with. i think most people still thought of iran as a country that you know, we could continue to get along with that, even though the shawl was gone, that of you know, week we would maintain relations. we had our embassy there. then a november 4th, 1979, hundreds of islamist students, storm, the american embassy taking $52.00 diplomats hostage. ah, how many was hesitant? would he support these students and risked seriously jeopardizing relations with the united states? would he support them to keep control of the movement?
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lucky jaron hall you austin, lonnie. just lucito fab cabins or jo, susana sharon. hi. she has frontier as needed to them and he saw the hood. but are you for the june kish reddish with ara ah, when the hostage crisis occurred, it made clear, i think that we were largely unprepared to deal with of the nature of iran at that point. and the fact that a, the anger that was there and reflected in that hostage crisis up, i think suddenly brought iran to the top of further concern. so we had about
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our situation, the world. oh, the last hostages were finally freed, after 444 days by supporting the students who mainly made the u. s. embassy, hostage taking act 2 of the revolution. it became one of the founding mits of the new regime, widely seen as the main reason for the break down in us iranian relations. a new middle east was taking shape, nothing, whatever be the same again. karen's ambitions and interests were on a collision course with washington and tel aviv. a great clash was looming. ah, me. on this day,
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nearly 90000 israeli soldiers, 1300 tanks and 1500 personnel carriers, invaded lebanon. a country seemingly unconnected to the emerging confrontation between iran, israel, and the united states, a toner part by civil war for many years. lebanon had become a regional battleground, syria occupied a part of the country to the east. but in the south, especially the p. a low was all powerful. the palestinian organisation had made the area it's operational base for instigating deadly rates against israel. on june 6th, 1982 tel aviv launched operation piece for galilee. the objective was spelled out loud and clear to seize control of southern lebanon, and thus put an end to the gorilla operations launched by arafat that
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a youth came here, full fight and destroy. let those organizations have been killing and murdering all paper for you. some years it is our goal here, arial sharon, recently appointed minister of defense, was leading the offensive to his fellow countrymen. he was a hero who had been at the forefront of every military victory. israel had once since its inception, in 1948 round finish. it or move immediately back. we don't have info. i mean for travel to stay here. although country they dont need even one score into this country.
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within a week, sharon had far exceeded the initial objectives. as his army made rapid advances to ron, looked on stupefied with israeli troops advancing towards the lebanese capital. the balance of power in the middle east was radically shifting for hominy. it was unthinkable. but how should he react engaged in an all out war against iraq after the attack launched by saddam hussein 2 years previously in september 1980. the youngest law mc republic could be forced to fight for its survival for 8 long years. and what became known as the iran iraq war. at this stage, the iranian leader did not have the resources to open another front against israel in lebanon. khomeini issued a statement justifying this decision,
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saying to wrote to oats which is jerusalem goes through cabella, which was a religious way of expressing a deeply strategic decision. meaning 1st things 1st the aspiration for iran to play some role in the liberation of jerusalem comes after. yvonne has managed the feast in beirut. heavy shelling was now falling on the west of the capitol, where arafat and most of his troops had taken refuge. poop ah! part of the city was raised to the ground. thousands were dead,
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mostly civilians. on august 21st 1982, the israeli seeds ended ah yes. verified, played a final visit with west bay route headquarters defeated. arafat departed lebanon, and went into exile in tunisia with 10000 of his bed. again. they were replaced by a multinational force composed mainly of us and french troops, tasked with ensuring the safety of the lebanese capital. for sharon and prime minister monochrome begun, the palestinian question was settled. they could now proceed with their secret objective of transforming lebanon. the multi faith country would become a christian state, led by the maronite minority. this new lebanon would be
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a powerful state, and above all, and ally, ah, but their plans would unknowingly o, rican another lebanese community, the largest in the country. the shy community are settled mainly in the east, and in the south of lebanon. the shiites had suffered directly from the invasion and israeli occupation. some resolved to take up arms and resist. fear cannot the it was my belief in 1982 the son that israel was an enemy and they saw ely do what i supported the palestinian cause of the year. and for this i considered myself to be on this side. and if he had the offender, not even cassim was then 29 years old. a chemistry teacher in beirut. he was leader
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of the union of islamist educational associations, associate organization. or was it not in the enamel home and you were for us thinking of him. um huh. mainly chimed perfectly without the belief. let the not man behalf, as we got together with some of his le missed groups and came to an agreement, how to get slimy. yeah. will much more is lemmy. yeah, kenneth mosher with a few of nan whether he went to iran to proclaim our willingness to pledge allegiance to a mom or maybe to allow him to be or guide. and to respect his authority, he then lena and he gave us his blessing. whoa, whoa, optimal baraka, a, how many welcome to this alliance? it would allow him to better fight the jewish state. it was an obvious union, given his old and deep ties,
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but the lebanese shines. mm. mm. many of the leaders of the revolution in iran who became a tough positions after we should have revolution. they had very good background in lebanon before evolution. good connection, the sheer people in the ha, you know, she's them in south of lebanon is older than she is in iran. ah, in the summer of 1982 lebanese, she, a leaders gathered in the city of bol beck and the baker valley, located in the east of the country to set up a new organization to fight israel with the backing of how many it called itself the islamic resistance and lebanon. mm. it officially took the name,
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his belong 3 years later. and 1985 helium, again, had of his will love he, i'll be the yahoo or the us has bullet initial objectives were military men. it was not only about offering armed resistance against the israelis, and with their rather to end the occupation by any means necessary men and drive them out of lebanon as the slot. moving to help the new organization, iran sent a few 100 revolutionary guards to the baker valley. in the summer of 1982, these men were part of the elite body created at the birth of the islamic republic and charged with its defence. it reported directly to the supreme leader, while these elite soldiers did not actually fight, they supplied weapons money and know how
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their presence also implicated another country whose army had a presence in this part of lebanon, syria to reach the baker valley. the men benefited from the help of the dictator hafez assad, another fervent opponents of the state of israel. in this way, how many was establishing? what would prove to be a strategic alliance for many decades to come? the partnership with syria, they began organizing the high school. they began organizing, ah, the, and alliance with the asset they began selling, but giving away oil to asset to buy a relationship with asset because they began to think about what they cost their strategic depth. they want it to have tools at their disposal to threaten israel with, which meant threat them tonight, stacy, and say, if you hit us,
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we can hit your back. and then by creating the husband, they hit both the use israelis and the united states in levin. what took root in the confines that the baker valley was a veritable system of alliances or a system set up by iran with the help of syria, a system that created a new political entity has bhalla a system which would later give rise to the powerful iran syria, his polar axis in the middle east. but for the moment, nobody was aware of the emergence of this system, least of all, the americans and his railways. ah,
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dear cartoon, southern lebanon, about 10 kilometers from the israeli border. at around $630.00, a. m. a white pu show stuffed with explosives, leaves the villa heading towards tire. the largest town in the region at the wheel is a young 18 year old resistance fighter and member of hes bought his name is off. ma casea shaded out rather sir, than naugten osland osmond casea had always been a quiet person, let him in and know, but he could not keep silent in the face of injustice. misled even as an on she, he lived in saudi arabia at the time, but returned to lebanon after the israeli invasion, alamosa lucia started. our uncle, tried to hold him back, telling him that a war was raging with my mother. but his reply was, i know what i must do and run about a short isn't rama. within a matter of moments,
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this unknown young man would become a hero and the she i to struggle against israel. what is known here as a shaheed, a martyr of the resistance. he was about to commit a bold act that had no precedent in lebanon, one that was both religious and political. let not the memo, the senate uncle to submit them in 1982 as we inevitably lost in any direct confrontation with his royal what we have no way of striking back. and then he saw bob when we could only get some way by taking a new or effective approach. he, i'm an axe of martyrdom. i'm illinois, who anomaly is tish handy. 7 am november 11th, 1982 hoffman casea drives along the main thoroughfare through tire. without hesitation, he accelerates and crashes himself and his vehicle into
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a large residential complex. ah, the israeli military headquarters for the whole of southern lebanon collapsed. ah, a 7 story building, demolished ah, physical mark, i picture of your associates with brochure june over to leslie. so her with of sheila of zeus the augusta shackleford. this moved over with the hud lowest version of it. oh, good, fucked in it. so it should see, lucy does the sure she won't see the hulu shuffle until we get closer to the muslim and i can be sort of counter anakin ma hunt holder at the time
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. we had a grocery store entire in fisher. i was on my way there when the explosion happened among that. they'll never forget it. and okay, there were pieces on fire everywhere. albin, the kid, the whole building was on fire. the jews had blocked the street, believes we were proud that something was finally happening a year, although we didn't know what them about in lukea. ah, no, and nathan we were occupied. and then we were glad that some of the occupiers died . i am confused by we were nervous because we didn't know who was behind it. we didn't know it was my brother. osmond, mackenzie, i will never forget the moment i found out that i had among the loser blue. ah, it was carnage. 91 is really soldiers and 15 lebanese prisoners were killed.
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ah mariel! sharon was mystified. how could something like this occur when the only known enemy, the p a low had been crushed more than 2 months ago. a hut abuse old miller? g 2 inches o. b good hub. lenny could sunday the mug deal. it's much devotional asha for young clara. mm hm. well, shell law is myself kind of small. let me kill her and i knew demons i up to go have low near low. the hotmail, but the waterloo bottle killer. bed dakota? it may be not that they always thought, i'm really not sure. fisted. what are some know a shuffle about they, she lot the whole with a couple of little bill down lower than a clue. we had no information, the toyota, it was very unfortunate in retrospect the of the above and mushy. i knew there was
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some religious activists or she is i'm we knew i'm sure that of us. we didn't you can be him or if come with welcome. oh, oh oh good, good. so do you live with shock worse and when i began to research written records on the shiites in lebanon, compiled by intelligence academic unless you move, sheila was of i was very disappointed on it's a whole meal. there was almost no solid research on the subject. i, i'll shoot him a bill of an on but go far, household, michigan. the university said nothing. eva gumbo. i buy you back a day. me hobby. alice. usually when lou, the multinational force in lebanon, led by the americans and french,
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was just as unaware as the israeli military. on october 23rd 1983. it was their turn to suffer a similar attack which on bomb devastated the 4 story buildings in which 200 marines may have been sleeping when the explosion occurred shortly after 6 a. m b route time. the americans lost 241 soldiers. at the same moment, a suicide bomber blew himself up in a building, serving as a barracks for the french forces. 58 were killed. ah, a double strike claimed by a mysterious islamic jihad movement. thought to be a figurehead for hes bhalla and iran. i think there, there is much that indicates that the iranians did have a role if not a very important role in that lab indication about responsibility was yes,
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we have something that we're not gonna point the finger in for absolutely certain. but i think the thing that does come through loud and clear if they just the insidious nature of terror international terror with this new attack, the hezbollah, shiites could no longer be ignored. they saw themselves as a resistance movement against israel and its allies. i recall his bala seeming to be a domestic factor and then by the mid 19 eighties, it was clear that there was this pipeline arms material, men coming from the iran ha hostages going from lebanon to iran and political support. so this was an emerging phenomenon, la name vote was to be movie,
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shall need from the start. the iranian fights is small enough to understand that you cannot create an armed militia without the support of the local population. least will try to look to see uncovered v m, the iranians, constructing what i would call a counter society alongside the ordinary lebanese state. okay, well, could i tell her will you could with the book as well. it looks like this child is born eventually. he goes to a has paula, they care for the wood, then he goes to a has below school. when he joins the has fullest cow you. he's off to that. he attends a, has been a high through a little bit disability. what and then he joins hes paula. but who lives the hulu?
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or he is really were counting 600 men it in 2 years. it was a prize. many were not prepared to pay. ah, the israeli army gradually lost control of lebanon. on june 6th, 19853 years after the start of the invasion, the israeli army pulled out preserving a security zone in the south, an area representing 10 per cent of lebanese territory. the israeli army remained there for 15 years until 2000. it saw this withdrawal as a humiliating defeat. while for his ballade, it marked of 1st victory. ah, ah, the shiite organization chose the moment to claim responsibility for the
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destruction of the tire headquarters, bombing. the name of the shahid was also reveal hoffman casea. oh, november 11th. the day of the attack became the movements official martyrs day. ah! when ayatollah home maney passed away in june 1989, he left a lasting legacy. the shi theocracy, which he had found it 10 years earlier, had been firmly established. and the fight he initiated against israel and the united states had, with the help of his bullet, profoundly changed the landscape in the middle east. but moving forward, what would his successors do? with his legacy, ah
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ah, ah, enter the conflict zone with sebastian as rushing forward his advance in the east of ukraine here is warding allies good massively out gum. my gift this week. um hold on his record for both bar man defense, minnesota. not a member of the european parliament. the thing flows pressing for a quick see spark a wrong with 30 minutes. d. w.
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ah, this is news live from berlin, outmanned and outgunned ukraine struggles to hold off russian troops and ukraine's east. but you crazy former president is defiant where you're going. soldiers is keeping say, that have been years. and we never said that. so poor shanker calls for more weapons to push back the russian assault. this as the u. s. a now says more military aid for you. great, but is it too little.


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