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standing shopping and dining offers. enjoy our services all. be our guest at frankfurt. airport city. managed by fraud lou. ah ah. this is you w. news life from berlin, outmanned and outgunned ukraine struggles to hold off russian troops and don bass. but ukraine's former president to find where he like soldiers is keeping it open. yep. and we never said that trav porsche ankle calls for more
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weapons to push back the russian assault. this as more allegations of russian war crimes emerged. we visit a ukrainian town where people say, were tortured by russian soldiers plus disney defy sensors over its new buzz lightyear movie. time disney isn't going to modify the material. we're not gonna cut out anything, especially something as important as the loving and inspiration relationship. the film is the night release in more than a dozen countries for showing 2 women sharing u k. ah, hi everyone, i'm layla. all right, thank you very much for joining russian forces are advancing in their assault
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on the key ukrainian city of sara dennis. a regional governor says ukraine is outmanned and outgunned for weeks of airdesk and the surrounding area have been the focus of russia's efforts to capture the entire dom bass region. the fierce fighting is taking a heavy toll on civilians. in the distance, the sound of russian shelling for the people in the see chance, the twin city of seattle, john, yet the chance to escape is getting smaller and smaller ukrainian police officers drive from house to house to find those who want to leave. but for many here it feels like they're giving up their town was a fool. she really felt that your partner, we weren't sure until it became unbearable. then i got sick with she has an endless list of illnesses and i'm also sick. richard boyd. okay. veronica rome middlebrook, there was a hospital here where i would have stayed here until the very last moment. if she'd
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only a few kilometers away. and sylvia with the nets leaving has become nearly impossible . with all the main bridge is destroyed, the city is now cut off. ukraine says more than $500.00 civilians, a hiding inside the assault chemical factory alongside ukrainian soldiers. moscow announced a humanitarian corridor for the civilians, but then claimed ukrainian shelling disrupted the plan with moscow having more man, power, and weapons. it's becoming increasingly difficult for the ukrainians to hold their few remaining positions in the city. a ration deadline for the forces in the chemical plan to surrender has passed, form the ukrainian president polish ankle told the w ukraine will not given. situation is extremely difficult and the concentration of troops there is enormous . but our heroic soldiers is keeping said it had been yet squee keeping their
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a so i was not those of what the result chemical plan and we never surrender ah, away from the dumbass. russian forces have been aiming for other high value targets . this foot is shared by the russian military claims to show high precision low range missiles, targeting a depot in the western living region where ammunition for nature supplied weapons stored. if true, it could be russia's latest effort to disrupt the international supply of weapons. we heard her former president from ukrainian present petro for shank over in that report saying we never surrender an earlier dw correspondence and my wife, shes told me that sentiment was held by many ukrainians. ah, that's natalie and unequivocally. so people here are fighting for their land,
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they are fighting for 2 or so defend dare on a culture. there's absolutely a spirit of resilience. there's not one single ukraine and i've been talking to for with, for example, you ready to make territorial confessions. and that even presented the lensky a few days ago. reminded that the goal for crane out of forces was to liberate every single city that has been occupied by russia, even crimea, which has been the next by russia. and since 2014, even if this annexation hasn't been recognized internationally, so very, very resilient population despite the apply to, despite the told that at the top that this war has been taking on families. i just just want to figure a test 14000000 this place people over 7000000 people have flagged country. so despite, despite everything of people here, very resilient,
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very determined to keep their land and to fight for lead this by a very heavy losses. your queen an army, is losing up to 200 soldiers every day. this is an entire generation of ukrainians, and he's just being lost to this war that has started in february 24th. and there was your correspondence in new hampshire talking to us earlier from keith. and are we are getting some breaking in breaking news coming in right now. the ukranian present vollmer zalinski says he will take part in a g 7 summit being held later this month. in southern germany. he wrote on twitter or saying he would also take part in a nato summit to be held in spain. we'll get you more details as soon as we get them. why, in the meantime, short while ago, the us pledge the largest package of our support to ukraine since russia's invasion began, us present job vine announced an additional $1000000000.00 in military aid to bolster
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ukraine self defense. speaking in brussels, u. s. secretary of defense, lloyd austin, called on other countries to also intensify support. mr. austin says the board has reached april heaven. a moment of the meeting inc. was nato members, as well as dozens of additional countries known as the ukrainian defense contact group. here is u. s. defense secretary lloyd austin says the contact group 1st came together nearly 3 months ago. we built tremendous momentum for donations and delivery of notary assistance. and after this, this afternoon's discussions were not just going to maintain that momentum. we're gonna move even faster and push even harder. will deepen our coordination and cooperation. and we'll book bolster ukraine's armed forces to help them repel russian aggression. now and in the future. liam collins is served
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27 years in the u. s. army and from 2016 to 2018, he was a defense advisor to ukraine. he is the former director of the modern war institute at west point academy, and we'd like to welcome right now a good day. and mister collins, you just got back from ukraine. i'm told how do you, how would you rather describe the state of the ukrainian forces right now? yeah, i mean, the population is definitely, i mean they're, they're gonna continue to fight to the motivation. the will remain strong, even though they're, they're, they're suffering losses on the, on the eastern front. now, because, you know, they've been out man and our guns since the start of the war. but what's kind of, what we seen over the last few weeks is in a battle and maneuver warfare, right? they had the edge over the russians. but in kind of this war of attrition, that's purely a more of a matter of massing combat power doesn't require a lot of skill. i mean, you crush your russians have some edge there. so you seen russians get some, you know, land gains there. but at the same time, they make it making some a,
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b as in the east rush of last territory jer, ukrainian counterattacks knickers on o. plaster this out in a by our keep in northeast. and it would you agree with you as defense? secretary, i would, austin, that the u. s. has built a tremendous momentum, a delivery of military assistance in ukraine, and that, that is making a difference in the battlefield. yet, without a doubt, it's making a difference. now pers, it comes with having, you know, trained well trained well lead forces by the ukrainians actually employ these weapon systems. but right there, the smaller military we absolutely have to replace or weapon systems in their ammunition. the yes, getting a trinity to as long as they can continue to get these weapon systems in ammunition, they'll be able to hold off in ultimately, you know, counter attack against the russians. now of course there's, it's a race against time for ukraine. ukrainian forces requires special training to operate weapon systems from the west. um, i mean, can they get trained in time?
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yeah, i mean, there are, they will, they will be able to get trained in time. but right during that they will probably have to give up some territory because as a smaller military, right they, they, they cannot avoid to take significant loss is just a whole territory. so that is something that we will probably see as his weapon systems, right? they got to get trained on and there's no point of giving them weapon systems that they can't maintain. they are trained on, it won't have the effect in so it will take 3 or 4 weeks to get some of these weapon systems in there for them to employ him. but they, they will be able to hold during that time again, they might lose some character territory, but they'll be able to counter attack and fight back as they've done up. like even in harkey to the north so far in this war. cliff hancock, my final question to you sir, will this will be decided by the outcome of individual battles, or is this is going to come down to who ones out of money and ammunition 1st? yeah, i more the latter. right. i mean, this is a war is going to last month and years ukraine. you just heard for
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a present for shank, who i worked with when i was over there. right. ukrainians aren't going to give up and lose territory. they didn't get the done bass back after 8 years, so they're not in a new and he go shaded, settlement to lose more territory and put in, right, he's not gonna leave or the law so it's going to drag on until it ukrainians can act. that they're treated to a level and they can't fight back or it's exhaust russia and they have to pull out . but that's money. that's really years away. they've got collins is former director of the modern war institute at west point. thank you, sir, very much for joining us. thank you. ukrainian forces has managed to push back russian troops from several areas in places like butcher, urban and border younger evidence of atrocities have now been found. thirty's, or, nor investigating over 15000 suspected cases of war crimes trod. so yeah, now there's a town in northern ukraine that spent a month under russian occupation he'd ever use. rebecca ritter's went there and
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spoke to residence, who shared harrowing stories the trust and yet train station, or what's left of it for more than a month, russian troops used it as their headquarters. it was from here, alexander tells me that they carried out some of their crimes. whenever the wall is here, the russians were based right there, where we're going bomb shelter. that's where we going. when you made them on ec sander, an auto mechanic says the russians came in the night and called him straight out of bed. some towns, men he says, were killed on the spot. but he and a handful of others were brought down here into the station's basement, federal until those i was sitting right in the corner. i was beaten here who a ms wall was painted by another guys blood. his head was smashed with the boots of a gun, and his hands were tied behind his back. he tried to get up and left the blood marks in football. so thought bruce for groom. that man
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survived for this video shows his body, and maybe his mind were badly scarred over the fate of some fellow prisoners is unknown. burglary but bo coordinator is a colonel of ukrainian army, was brought to you. they beat him badly and interrogated him. they took him somewhere and he never came back with his. we don't know where he is looking for him. and you shall see, of course, what happened to alexander and his fellow captives, these alleged war crimes. they happened here under ground where no one could hear their cries or the blows of the russian soldiers. but not all the crimes that took place in this city happened under ground. some happened right up here in broad daylight. the laws of war prohibit attacks on civilians and torture, as well as attacks on hospitals. so there, there was a direct hit from
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a tank. they were position there and they were shooting at us, not billable, and our shifts over the hospitals. director says the russians knew what they were doing. roughly my of the early we are thing. yeah. we have no explanation of those . there was a big hospital sign. we had a big white flag with a red cross, really put off, but it would, it didn't matter to them at all. no malia was nurturing her. doctor shifts over, says the 2 nights before the russians left, trost units were the worst. the hospital was pounded without stop. the patients and doctors were forced to take refuge under ground. bookman like old royal wicked, don't you little she remembers that a baby was born. the sick and wounded continued to receive treatment. many people prayed, never my from warner to me. i think there is a god in his world. there is justice. kindness will prevail some day. we will never forgive them for this. for our tears, for the little children we carried out in our arms,
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these women with tears in their eyes, the grandmothers who cried. harry, you have to pay for everything in this life. and they will pay to that black doctor shifts over, says there's no way or time to extract vengeance, only time to rebuild. but the people of trust in ets will never forget. now to an escalating conflict in the democratic republic of congo attacks by a rebel group have forced thousands to flee their homes in congos east. the government is accusing neighboring were wanda of supporting the rebels. tensions are running high in the eastern city of goma, where thousands of people rallied to call for an end to the violence o frustration on the streets of goma and the democratic republic of congo. but their solidarity to protesters are angry and they're tired. they want the violence against them to stop violence. they accuse were wanton president, pog,
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economy of enabling and supporting recall on the entire colonies population to stand up in support with our armed forces. it is already too much. we cannot example being attacked by neighboring countries. that's why today that's a popular mobilization to say no to the aggression. the congolese military has been fighting a rebel group known as m 23. clashes between the 2 have increased and the east of the country. in recent months, the militants who once controlled gama, are accused of shelling civilian areas like this school were 2 children died. they were 6 and 7 years old. there were wondering government has strongly denied accusations that it supports the rebels. but by the 1000, protesters marched some trying to cross over into bewanda as they demanded the international community take action. we want an effective condemnation. we follow
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the speeches at the united nations every day. they condemn with words, but in reality, they do absolutely nothing. we want them to hold or wanda, to account. i low on that, i had one that is, is up violence and congo has displaced tens of thousands of people since may most have taken refuge in shelters and churches and gama, where these demonstrations are allowed. call for international intervention. here in germany. corona virus cases are on the rise again. after weeks of falling infections. the health minister is warning of a summer wave and his urging people to wear masks indoors. his political opponents have accused him of fear mongering as germany enjoys a summer free of all, most all restrictions here in berlin on buses and trains masks are still mandatory. but everywhere else in the german capital,
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it's almost business as usual. again, it's in the line in supermarkets, you don't need a mosque anymore. so we don't, we have one. we do saw in the train of course, because that's the rule. and we sometimes test ourselves. woods, we for flish, could i do what i am obliged to do? oh, but i don't where one in restaurants were in shops now either. as a 2nd ad ish, i'll tell you honestly the possible i guess you don't really pay attention to it anymore. you know, you don't really feel like it any more because it's been 2 years so young. at the end of the month, residents will probably no longer be able to test themselves for free. almost all remaining vaccination sent us here in the capital are to be closed, apparently due to lack of demand, but possibly also in anticipation of a quiet summer without major outbreaks. the reality however, is that infection numbers arising again of times i to, on the one hand, we have the new berry and be a 5 or micron sub variant one. in addition, we are keeping masks off at the moment. we are meeting in larger groups, again,
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there are also large events. all this contributes to the fact that we're now seeing more infections and until he has all her family up unsticking c. german health minister lauterbach is speaking of a summer wave. he has called for booster vaccinations and asked people to voluntarily wear masks in doors, but this is being criticized by the countries conservative opposition to the moment . i don't think it's a good idea to do things the way car allow to by his doing. he's constantly warning golf and mentioning worst case scenarios that are not at all helpful in the discussion. and in the matter at hand. it is much more about strengthening pragmatism and personal responsibility among people and also spreading a certain kind of optimism to business. there is certainly optimism here in berlin, that the situation in hospitals will remain stable. infections will surprising and that at least this summer will remain free of pandemic worries. or as we've been reporting the new arm across of variant, known as b, a 5 is thought to be fueling
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a fast rise and infections and to make matters worse, a new study now suggests that people infected with armor chron are not getting the natural immune boost that we've seen with previous variance, which could help fund off future infections or pos, stevens from the dw science team has been looking into the study by imperial college london. and earlier she told me what the researchers had found. yes, that they wanted to test to sumption that and natural infection with curb. it was somehow boost your immune response. and then at $700.00 health care workers with a range of coven infection histories who a triple vaccinated with m. r in a vaccines. and then that they look to their blood and they look for immune mouth his to see what they had encountered with coven, and how strong their response would be. a thing, how to different strains. and they found that with a micron, there was really no boost to protection again against omicron, and compared to other variance confusingly,
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so previous variance like an alpha and delta. and this, this was the case with the different levels of the immune response in the body. so their primary response with antibodies and the more secondary long lasting response with t cells, they didn't recognize omi chron. or even if your body has encountered or mccone, putnam infection and it, it, it counted it again, it wouldn't recognize it. so what does this all tell us about vaccinating against armor cron? is it effective? so very much. so still, i mean, it protects against this is we're talking about booster if you're boosted with an m r and a vaccine. you're between 50 and 70 percent protected against symptomatic infection of m a crohn. but i think the fear is that mccormick could evolve to become a more dangerous variant. and it could evolve to evade faxing and unity. and that's something that faxing manufacturers really have to bear in mind. you know,
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of vaccines capability to protect us against the dominant varian is one of the main ways we can sort of shape the future of the pandemic. so that's something that vaccine manufacturers need to be mindful of and we need to be mindful of that. the panoramic isn't over bad. demick isn't over a concluding question for you in a few words. we're always in the pandemic right now. well, we're really saying the case is rising in germany as you report mentioned, also in the u. k. and even so, even though we've had high natural levels of infections in their populations, and this study goes some way to explain why that might be the case. you know, we've, we've seen so many of the common infections in cases rising stevens from d. w. science. thank you very much for waiting all down for us. and here is what else is happening in the news, the world health organization. i said that europe remains the at the center of the monkey pox outbreak. the w h o will hold
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a meeting next week to decide if to classify the infection as a public health emergency. over 1500 cases have been confirmed in 25 countries across europe. the european union is suing the u. k. over move to rewrite post brings it trade rules with norton island. the bill seeks to override sections of the trade treaty signed by both the u. k. and the e u less than 2 years ago, you official say, the unilateral decision violates international law called a spade a spade. according to state media, officials in saudi arabia have reportedly begun removing rainbow colored toys from shops in the capital, react local media, se it's part of a crackdown on homo's homosexuality. the conservative kingdom outlaws, same sex relationships, they considers them a capital offense. punishable by the death penalty. the saudi embassy in
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washington, d. c. now looks out over a new street name. the jamaica shook. she waved a neighborhood group voted to rename the street in honor of the slain journalist bishop. she was killed at the saudi arabian embassy in turkey. back in 2019. while getting a marriage permit. the newly named street crosses directly in front of the saudi arabian embassy, tennyson world, number one, russian or the neil that midville. yes, is playing this week in a warm up to wimbledon, a tournament in which russian players were bad after the invasion of ukraine. but now whether yes has learned the russian players will be allowed to play at the us open in august. he commented on the decision after his 1st round match in holler in central germany, where he beat david goffin and st says if it, if said he was happy with the ruling, whether you recently is great. i heard this news yesterday,
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probably like everybody and you know, i always say that i have to follow the rules and where i can play, i'm going to play, i'm going to try to play my best. i'm happy that i will be able to defend my title . it would be really disappointing if i would not be able to defend my title and use open. pixar is new movie light year is out this week starring the beloved toy story character, buzz lightyear. but the movie won't be shown everywhere. it has been denied release in more than a dozen, mainly muslim countries. and it's unlikely to open in china after disney refused to kind of seen that shows to women sharing a kiss. was like your mission long start a 39 of the world's most famous toy astronaut is back buzz lightyear. he's a go who are you talk to? no one you are narrating again. i was not, but the buzz is all about his sidekick alisha, his pal and partner who seen in the film kissing her girlfriend. that's why more
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and more countries are refusing to show the film model. but the studio and it's stars stand by the lesbian romance, including actor chris evans, the voice of bud light youth. it's great that we are a part of something that is making steps forward in the social inclusion capacity. but it's, it's frustrating that there's still places that that aren't where they should be freidman than it. i feel feel proud for the rest of my life. we don't have to think, oh wow. weird. it is not weird is normal and it should be normalized. why don't they answer like your is a prequel to pixar, is toy story. it's about time travel and friendship with same sex romance, playing a small part. but one that pixar parent company, disney says, is not negotiable, 7 months. why didn't i know that we've gone requests for things to climb? disney isn't going to modify the material. we're not gonna cut out anything, especially something as important as the loving and inspiration relationship that
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shows buys what he's missing range youth. and that means this time viewers in several countries will be missing, buys to infinity, and beyond. who you are clear. 5, launch pico, pico people. don't forget, you can always good either. we news on the go, just download our app from the player or from the apple store, they'll give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news. all right, do stick around after short break. i'll be back, it takes you to the day to agree with ah,
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with oh, a c treated in his weapon on how to is a former park fighter now guided tours over the former combat with violence. due rage is in columbia 60 years after the civil war. pato isn't the only one
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hoping that the presidential election will bring change global $3000.00. in 60 minutes on d w. o. we'll get to the dark side. where intelligence agencies are pulling the strings. there was a before 911 and an after 911. he says, after 911, the clubs came off where organized crime rules, ah genuine use a global network of companies, banks, and operators. we will provide those services to anyone, operations, the criminal economy, where conglomerates make their own laws. they invade our
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private lives through surveillance. hidden, opaque, secretive. what's true, what's vague? it doesn't matter. the only criteria is worked. we'll hook people. we shed light on the opaque worlds who's behind her benefits. and why are they a threat to us all o peak worlds? this week on d. w greg said backlash, british prime minister boars, johnson has anger at the european union and now saying he will overturn key elements of the you. case. divorce deal with the block. breaking international law alienating a major trading partner brussels, launching league.


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