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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  June 16, 2022 12:15pm-12:31pm CEST

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was would be the 1st heavy weapons pledged from a very long list to actually physically arrive that. and that's been the standing criticism from the ukrainian side that simply not arriving fast enough. also, there's swaps with other nato partners who are sending russian made tanks for german tanks. that, that is way too slow because every day counts the crane aside, keeps dressing. now let us publish a german public opinion stand on this involvement under the heavy weapons deliveries. well, it's interesting, we just saw pole out come out yesterday, which as she sees 68 percent of germans, but it's just one of several polls here in germany as stating that they don't, that germans don't feel that it will have sold is too hesitant. there's a very much a pacifist part, a pastor tradition here in germany, a real caution. and so what is seen as hesitancy in the german chancellor appears to reflect the opinion of a majority of germans at this moment in time of use chief disclosed sheila,
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thank you. the present dilemma. zalinski has welcome the latest pledge by washington to provide $1000000000.00 in military aid to ukraine. is the largest specific commitment to ship weapons since russia's invasion began. speaking in brussels, nato chief, yes, store back. well, company announcement yesterday by the united states, to further increase the ukraine and pledge that nato countries or would remain united. this has also been much welcome with her yesterday after the defense minister meeting, it was a strong message from all nasal allies on port. we are prepared for the long haul and it was prepared to continue to provide substantial, unprecedented support to your grade. but from on that story, let's go to the w, correspond jack, american, brussels, jack, a message of unity from nato chief. you installed back. what are the french president manuel mccaul showed
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a desire yesterday for ukraine to negotiate with russia? is natal really presenting a united front here? well, i think they feel that they all certainly they want to show you that they are supplying as much weapons. but the reality is that most of that, so could unity is coming from the u. s. as you say, there's been a $1000000000.00, new weapons and nice for ukraine that includes coastal defense systems and ammunition for artillery, as well as advanced rocket systems coming from the united states coast. a weapon systems rules important because of the reality of the locked ports in ukraine on the black sea coast, which is causing such a problem for global supply chains as well. and i think that's why why the white house has made that announcement. interestingly, with this visit of the german french and italian leaders to ukraine today, this is all sort of happening at the same time. and one of them is the lens keys. senior advisors did an interview in the german built magazine saying that actually
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what that concerned about. is the, the leaders will go that and suggest minutes. 3, we had too many agreements off the annexation of crimea to try and bring an end the conflict and what the ukrainians, the saying is that they will not. and this war until they have to have the territory back in that concern. those leaders are going to suggest that we know that when nato leaders get together at the end of this month, they are going to prioritize a package of weapons for ukraine and some sort of suggestion. and this has been one of the important parts of the defense ministers meeting here in brussels. throughout the last 2 days, is that they want to shift the weapon systems that are being supplied to ukraine, away from soviet ones into nato ones that can be interoperable. so that they can keep on supplying weapons. the u. s. defense minister has been attending, says we have to keep up the pressure. we cannot let go. this is a critical moment, and ukraine needs as much weapons as much munitions as possible. but then all the deliveries of heavy weapons basically from germany coming quickly enough. yeah,
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this is the, this is the accusation, as you've been saying. that's right, the show god, one of the realities that was pressed on the nato secretary general in a press conference during this defense minister meeting is the statistic that brought him is the lens give the ukrainian president himself has said that actually only 10 percent of the weapons demands that they've asked for a have actually been supplied by western partners. the german germany has no, you know, they have now and i see how it says additional training. but there is pressure on germany to step up even further, especially now when you see these, these additional announcements, by, by the united united states of a $1000000000.00 worth of weapons get to w, correspond jack barrack, that in brussels for us. thank you. just for ukrainian refugees who ended up being cared for in german hospitals. there can be few more competing things than being treated by doctors speaks their own language
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for now ukrainian doctors are allowed to work in hospitals, but only under supervision. they have to fulfill a number of requirements before they can go solo, even so some are making full use of that time. yes, laura is 2 years old. she has leukemia. her cancer therapy and ukraine was stopped by the war. she is now being treated at the university hospital and as in and fortunately dr. nina bets go is here to the dinner and we're going put at the dr. bet sco speak ukrainian because she fled the war herself. when i said the flu, she was a pediatrician and key of and is not only able to help the young patients here at the university clinic. however, she is also a valuable support for the parents. i. yes, your mother says it's very good because she can't understand or explain anything.
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and now it's better because she can talk to someone. well, he has this and i have someone to help me with translation. her own talent chronometer visits, headphone affect it. there are 32 young cancer patients from ukraine being treated at the university hospital. doctor bets goes, presence, has been extremely helpful. he was full and i, meg guns, cause a life. it's a huge relief for us to have such a doctor and perfect interpreter amongst us as well mentioned. and she is always ready to help if he had a moment for hoyt of to day, for example, not being able to communicate with her mother was a big problem. i quoted c. m. can nina vet sco, learn german at school? she is always open to meeting the cancer patients, parents because they have lived through similar experiences. loretta, yet it's hobbling fine, no longer have a normal life on to and i lost my life to. oh my name, i have a different life now. a hobby, it's an aunt at 11 here in s and dr. bets go can for now only work with patients
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under supervision. she still needs a few certificates to practice medicine in germany. oh, few but this id shot india's it. what's, it's a pity that she's only allowed to work under supervision at the moment in the situations i'm the opposite of us in the style she can't make or implement her own decisions about. i think it would not only be fair, but actually right for her to be able to work here as a fully licensed doctor and as soon as possible. i good. now doctor bet sgo has been living with friends in essence. but for her, it was difficult just sitting around at home. it was a stroke of luck that the university clinic started a program that enabled ukrainian refugees to work in different parts of the clinic . for nina beth's go, who has 26. it has also been a good opportunity to develop further as a medical professional. yes, this is helena. yes, it's important for my future so i can also learn things
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a song. oh yes, i can learn how the system works on. i mean how everything works here. allison, it's very useful for me the i as a soon with lee clinic. oh, even if nina can't imagine a future of working in germany, she would like to return to care of as soon as possible. but for now, children like philomena are happy. she is here a pediatrician from home tunnel to have a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world. australia's new government has announced the pledge to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 43 percent. by 2030. it was one of the prime minister, antony albany, says he election issues. officials say country, the country is turning the corner on climate change. he blamed for extreme weather events that have batteries failure in res authorities. nigeria are searching for 17 people who were kidnapped in the capital, a boucher, a user on twitter, posted
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a message saying she had been taken by men disguised as police officers. pregnant women, allegedly, among those taken kidnappings in the capitol, uncommon police in brazil say a man has confessed to fatal shooting and indigenous expert. and the british journalist who went missing earlier this month, the suspect led officers to a remote area where he said the bodies were buried. a search for dom phillips and bruno player has shed light on tensions between local indigenous communities and illegal poachers. fishermen and mining companies in the amazon. i tragic and do an 11 day search. brazilian police say the bodies of missing british journalists don't. phillips and brazilian indigenous expert do not better yet out. history may have been found. authority see a suspect confessed to fatally shooting the 2 men. oh,
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i see the 1st suspect arrested in this case confessed to the crime. he described it in detail and pinpoint where he had buried the bodies close emerged throughout the week. a spot of blood on the suspects bought the belongings of the missing men, but authorities joke criticism for dragging their feet on the investigation. members of brazil's indigenous eaten c for ny, which better yet i had worked for held a vigil for the 2 men. they are protesting what they see as the government's complicity. oh, bruno, if no, no some of into the lunar and dome were not adventurers. if they were exceptional role models at the forefront of their work, they were violently murdered by criminals in the jewelry riley valley who the
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brazilian stayed under the bos, narrow government did not combat till the 2 men had received tents for their work in the jawad. each renowned for illegally fishing logging, mining and drug trafficking, their killings out a grim reminder to indigenous rights workers in the region of the dangers. the faith. yellowstone national park in the u. s. has been hit by devastating flooding. the deluge has washed away many kilometers of roads and hundreds of bridges. scores of homes and surrounding communities have been swamped. park ranges say that parts of yellowstone will remain closed for the rest of the year. the unprecedented flood waters are also threatening to cut off fresh drinking water to montana's largest city. well, a perilous escape. rocks come raining down on this car. as the driver rushes to
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get out of yellowstone national park, some 10000 visitors to the u. s. his oldest national park were evacuated after to renshaw rainfall, and melted snow, sent months worth of run off into rivers, causing them to burst their banks. but it's not only tourists who were affected. the fighting has also hit me by towns damaging bridges, roads, and even sweeping away homes. that hit here early in the flood. and we thought we had it. and then a bridge went out and diverted the cree water started rolling in the bag, broke out a basement window, start filling up my basement and then i quit. like the water one. the flooding also forced a water treatment plant to close,
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leaving montana's largest city billings with about a day supply of fresh water. as far as duration we're, we're in for, for the long haul. as far as helping folks, i will do everything that we have to do to provide those resources and just continue to work through, you know, what is, is a pretty tragic event. residents here and now pulling together to start the long, difficult work of rebuilding their communities. but the damage to yellow strengths, diverse and fragile ecosystem, or being much harder to repair. you're watching t w news before we go. here's a quick update on top story. this i believe is of germany, france and italy have arrived in ukraine on a much anticipated visit will i've showed someone away, michael and mary, a druggie visited urban northern keeps supper at came on to russian control. early in the mccullen told reporters, we've seen signs that won't crimes have been committed. the 3 will meet ukrainian
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president dillard's and that's it from me and the news stream from out of next i'll see asia brown called what our contemporary art is doing to help the community improve its standard live. gabrielle says, morehead leslie at the top of the off with art see, asian inert. lemme is di. what a contemporary artist doing to help the community improve its standard or with
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