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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 16, 2022 1:00pm-1:31pm CEST

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ah ah ah ah, this is the w news live from berlin. high profile european delegation arrives in ukraine. the leaders of france, italy, and germany visit open. one of the key of suburbs that came on the russian occupation early in the war visit comes as you find your leaders raised the pressure to speed up the supply of heavy weapons. and we are prepared for
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long all of us are prepared to continue to provide substantial, unprecedented support to your great attitude. a meeting of defense ministers draws to a close. nato secretary general pledges the alliances on wavering solidarity for you . and the confession brings to search for 2 missing men in the amazon to brazilian police say a suspect in the disappearance of a british journalist and an indigenous expert has admitted to killing them and has led authorities to human remains. ah, i'm good. how about us? welcome to the program, and we begin with breaking news. the leaders of france, germany and italy have arrived, and kids and
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a show of solidarity with ukraine and for talks with president of lord amir zelinski in manuel, my car will off schultz and mario draggy toward the kia suburb of urban, which was largely destroyed and fighting between ukrainian and russian forces visit comes off the days of speculation over whether it would go ahead and as ukraine intensify it please for more heavy weapons from western allies are speaking as the 3 leaders arrived in ukraine, french president, in our call had a message of unity for the ukrainian people. the only reason we are here focused on, i will meet with present lensky now to visit a war site where massacres were committed, and then to her plan talks with presence lensky live. quite a good deal. i think it's an important moment we can protect it's okay for you as a critical thinking. i'm a model. do you have a message for the ukrainians?
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i mean, a message of unity were sending to the ukrainians. yes. of support to speak about today. but also the future because we know the way to come will be very difficult. now let's go to cave and i got an update from a correspondent to one of our shows who's standing by there at the iconic might on square the where the european leaders are expected shortly. emma, the leaders of the youth, 3 biggest countries. i'm keep the day. what's the significance of this was well of course carol, this is highly significant. it bears a lot of diplomatic way. did some thing, dad, 3rd, germany, ha, ha. germany, france, them easily. what had been expected by kia to do or already a long time ago since the beginning of the war, a ukrainian president for lauding me as the lensky, you know, had welcomed any visitors from the west, from a western olives of ukraine's so highly anticipated vivid,
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highly awaited visit and of course highly significant in terms of the support it shows for ukraine was this visit or that you were mentioning earlier on the visit of european, the battle of a pin, which cost a lot of ukrainian lives. this is a picture of destruction. something dafter french president emanuel macro said was art of barbarism, that war crimes committed in there. so very strong message sent by emanuel macro, mario draggy and o la shoals, by their presence here today in q. now relations have been a bit up and down recently between now ukraine and france and germany. what sort of reception to these european leaders? no suspect from zalinski when from zalinski, i'm sure that the ukranian president is more than happy to have a direct dialogue to have a conversation with those leaders. that there is no doubt about it. not
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a reception here among the population. that might be a different story, i'm pretty sure we're not going to see. i did leaders of france, germany and italy shaking hands with your queen in population. and that has a reason. they have been a lot of communication mishaps or on behalf of the leaders of french or the french president, had fed a few days ago that the west should be careful not to humiliate, followed vladimir putin and russia. something that didn't go down quite well among the population here because ukrainians, highest price of this war, it does not one family which doesn't know some one on the front line. not one family is unaffected by this war. so the fact that someone external could suggest that russia ought not to be humiliated, humiliated. for example, this didn't go down quite well. so at french liter not very popular here and is the same for all of sholtes or shells which had shown from the ukrainian perspective
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are quite telephone of indecisiveness in terms of a deciding to send weapons than which weapons then will you will you stand heavy weapons at all, so those don't have such a good reputation here mulder population. now, but we can assume that the 3 european leaders are bringing lots of good will. you are expected to offer any material help for your friend to deal with the invasion. so good will for sure, add the figures out words, just one suffice for the ukrainian population. thoughts and prayers are all well, but they want a concretely see on the ground. the weapons that have been promised by the west and the west promised to lot of weapons. we saw germany operating near a huge to you turn in its foreign policy in its defense policy in front of things, damage weapons to ukraine. it simply hasn't delivered yet. so this is expected to be discussed with hello to me as the loankey and there on the shawl to german chancellor, had said that he wouldn't come in here just for
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a photo operation. he would come or with something concrete to discuss. so we expecting a presser at this afternoon, where it may be, there will be some announcements as to when the heavy weapons will be delivered. maybe there will be more or more support announced we are we expecting this press are to know more about what will be decided between the western leaders and president followed me zalinski militia q for us. thank you. to date, the german government has approved the delivery of around 350, dangerous worth of weapons to ukraine. keith has been making urgent calls for more weaponry, such as tanks and multiple rocket launch systems. but there have been accusations from the opposition here in berlin that germany has dragged its feet when it comes to supplying heavy weapons. full of shouts under pressure. wherever he goes, the german chancellor feels compelled to defend germany's record on military
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support for ukraine. as the sawdust arched on another vista, germany is one of the main military sa quarters of ukraine, the nobody to live as much as us on the dodge understood as get there. a few that are also doing a lot like the united states. but germany is one of the countries that has committing its capabilities on a very large scale from frank ever moved his cat lines edson, we have provided large numbers of anti tank weapons, anti aircraft, missiles, and ammunition in huge quantities ming but the weapons germany has so far provided a small fry compared to heavy weapon systems, other countries of already delivered. and that ukraine says it desperately needs an historic vote. at the end of april, the german parliament agreed to supply heavy weapons to ukraine. but so far not a single piece of heavy artillery has reached ukraine from germany. but much has been promised. part of shots pledge, a 7 german made how it said to thousands. ukrainian soldiers currently being
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trained her to use the met a german army base. the how it says will likely be sent to ukraine at the end of june. the german chancellor also agreed to provide 50 k part or cheater anti aircraft tanks, the 1st of which could be delivered in july. at the start of june, schultz announced that iris t surface to air missiles would also be ready for ukraine's use. these missiles are germany's most modern air defense system and would enable ukraine to defend an entire city from russian air attacks shall said. again, there is no clear deadline for when ukraine will receive them. on a recent visit to berlin, the head of ukraine's parliament welcomed schultz announcement, but stressed that deliveries needed to arrive quickly with dozens of ukrainians dying every day. the country has no time to lose
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and for the german perspective, i am now joined by the ws. chiefly to those am, she'll accuse them sheila, out. why is souls visiting your crime? now? what's the real purpose of this trip? while the purpose is stated, actually by or fully does heading, there today is to so european solidarity and to send a very clear signal that the you will not give up on ukraine. it's neva that what's the former president of russia who said that ukraine may no longer exist in 2 years time simply won't happen. that europe stands by its side. and it took quite a while both the amount of my call and determine chance that would have sold to actually head to key if to take these photo opportunities and to send that symbolism beyond the various phone calls that both of us have had with the landscape but also with finding a push it, well, we've had that relations been a bit frosty at times between germany and ukraine. why did it take so long
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to go to? well, there was some kind of dissonance over the german president hung by dust on my as plans to go. he was effect of the dis invited fund quite as time as germany's former foreign minister and one of the key architects of germany's rasa friendly and foreign policy of the past. and they're still question marks over whether that is something that would have sold his shaken off, complete the also being from the social democrat party and unfold society quite clearly said that there was an issue if germany is highest representative, the president is not welcome. in kias, just hours before heading there, we also heard from ukraine's president lensky, essentially accusing would have souls germany of still doing a balancing act between standing by ukraine side and relations with russia. so this issue is not going away. now we've heard in the report, there's been a lot of criticism lately about especially about germany's sluggish weapons
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deliveries to you crying. or you just mentioned it about germany, friends when a circle see the lumber, i just gave an update just a short while ago. let's have a listen. the i'm biggest lather, tucson to come after us. we have to, we have made a very clear commitment that along with our dutch friends, we will provide the armored howards or 2000 and the outs below as fast push lawson when the training is almost complete and also they can be deployed to ukraine along with the ukranian soldiers who have been transferred to our order, the veterans out of it together with the u. k. and us, we will also supply multiple rocket launches, kaden bedford's relief, and germany will provide 3 such systems, such as, along with the appropriate number of rockets citing the spare parts key and training and went out he agreed to oust belong to give her the anti aircraft tank ipad will be delivered in a timely manner to germany is standing by ukraine torch, launched it, and as i to that. okay. so similar like the earlier today,
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now germany is standing by you crying. that's what german politicians have been saying for weeks and weeks and weeks. now. does it ring hollow by now in ukraine? ukrainian is. well, it certainly is still during a lot of criticism from here, from germany is still thinking in terms of weeks and months. whereas ukraine, when it even looks at it, i mean, nation stalks is thinking in days in some regions an hour is. and that is a huge discrepancy. that is criticism that is hanging in the air. and it's a plain true fact that a lot of those pledges that very long list also multiple rocket launches, the fresh pledge here, but also the how, which is where the training is due to be concluded. the tanks, which will be basically swaps going to the tech for public german tanks, will go that check public and then sense it's russian built tongues tax to ukraine . well, that equipment is not physically arriving on the ground, and ukraine is so up against it on the eastern front that it's now
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a really wants to see that heavy equipment actually physically arrive. yeah, no wonder, really the public opinion in germany. is it firmly behind supporting you crying with heavy weapons or what the germans thing or demons are? and there's also there is what st. so you see a lot of ukrainian flags. but interestingly, there was a new pullout by force out, which is sometimes seen as kind of more s p d friendly of polling. but still more than 2 thirds of germans. according to that poll, don't perceive, will actually to be wrong. and to be too hesitant in delivering heavy weapons, there is an inbuilt cool sense of caution and when what our salt says, he won't in walk out of line with allies. he won't go ahead with delivering anything nobody else is delivering. and that is something that clearly has the support of the german population. by now. it's not obvious. chief political editor
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. thank you. michelle. ukrainian president vladimir zalinski has welcomed the latest pledge by washington to provide $1000000000.00 in military aid to ukraine. it's the largest specific commitment to ship weapons since russia's invasion began . speaking in brussels, nato chief, yes. back. welcome to the announcement yesterday. by the you further increase the support or are you right for entry pledge that nato countries would remain united in this effort? and yesterday, after the defense minister meeting, it was a strong message from owners, lawson partners that we are prepared for the long haul, and it was prepared to continue to provide substantial, unprecedented support to ukraine. well, a little earlier i spoke to the w correspondent jacks. parents in brussels and asked whether nato is really presenting a united front. well,
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i think they feel that they all certainly they want to show you that they are supplying as much weapons. but the reality is that most of that, it's a good unity is coming from the u. s. as you say, there's been a $1000000000.00, new weapons and 90 for ukraine. that includes coastal defense systems and ammunition for artillery, as well as advanced rocket systems coming from the united states coast. a weapon systems are also important because of the reality of the blocked ports in ukraine on the black sea coast, which is causing such a problem for global supply chains as well. and i think that's why why the white house has made that announcement. interesting me with this visit of the german, french and italian leaders to ukraine today. this is all sort of happening at the same time. and one of them is lensky senior advisors didn't interview in the gym and built magazine, saying that actually what they're concerned about is the leaders will go that and suggest minutes. 3,
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we had 2 minutes agreements off of the annexation of crimea to try and bring an end the conflict and what the ukrainians are saying is that they will not. and this war until they have to have the territory back in that concern that those leaders are going to suggest that we know that when nato leaders get together at the end of this month, they are going to prioritize a package of weapons, the ukraine, and some sort of suggestion and this is being one of the important parts of the defense ministers meeting here in brussels. throughout the last 2 days, is that they want to shift the weapon systems that are being supplied to ukraine, away from soviet ones in nature. ones that can be interoperable so that they can keep on supplying weapons. the u. s. defense minister has been attending, says we have to keep up the pressure. we cannot let go. this is a critical moment and ukraine needs as much weapons as much munitions as possible, but then all the deliveries of heavy weapons basically from germany coming quickly enough. yeah, this is the, this is the accusation, as you've been saying starts,
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right? the show god, one of the realities that was pressed on the nato secretary general in a press conference during this defense ministers meeting is the statistic that brought him is zalinski. the ukranian president himself has said that actually only 10 percent of the weapons demands that they've asked for a have actually been supplied by western partners. the german germany has no, you know, they have nowadays these how it says additional training, but there is pressure on germany to step up even further, especially now when you see these, these additional announcements by, by the, in the united states of a $1000000000.00 worth of weapons go to w corresponding jack barrack, that in brussels for us. thank you. john for ukrainian russia. jeez, who ended up being careful in german hospitals. there can be few more competing things than being treated by a doctor who speaks their own language. for now ukrainian doctors are allowed to work in hospitals, but only under supervision. they have to fulfill
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a number of requirements before they can go solo in. so some are making full use of that time. ah, is it 2 years old? she has leukemia. her cancer therapy in ukraine was stopped by the war. she is now being treated at the university hospital and as in and fortunately dr. nina baths go is here to the national competitor, doctor bet sco, speak ukrainian because she fled the war herself. when i finished there, she was a pediatrician and key of and is not only able to help the young patients here at the university clinic, whatever she is also a valuable support for the parents. i. yes, her mother says it's very good because she can't understand or explain anything. and now it's better because she can talk to someone. well, yes, this and i have someone to help me with translation, her own tampon me to visit her kitten affected. there are 32 young cancer patients
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from ukraine being treated at the university hospital. doctor betsy goes, presence has been extremely helpful. this is full and i meg gonna cause a life. it's a huge relief for us to have such a doctor. and perfect interpreter amongst us is lametre, and she is always ready to help if he had a moment for hoyt of to day, for example, not being able to communicate with her mother was a big problem. i quoted c at am. can nina vets go learn german at school? she is always open to meeting the cancer patients, parents because they have lived through similar experiences. loretta, yet it's hobbling fine, no longer have a normal life on to and i lost my life to. oh my name, i have a different life now. a hobby, it's to i'm on to the living here in s and dr. bets go can for now only work with patients under supervision. she still needs a few certificates to practice medicine in germany. oh yeah. but this id shot india
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is it watson. it's a pity that she's only allowed to work under supervision at the moment. okay. im in the situation line off the devils and if i go she can't make or implement her own decisions about i think it would not only be fair, but actually right for her to be able to work here as a fully licensed doctor. and as soon as possible, and so i good. oh doctor bet sgo has been living with friends in essence. but for her it was difficult just sitting around at home. it was a stroke of luck that the university clinic started a program that enabled ukrainian refugees to work in different parts of the clinic for nina beth sco who has $26.00. it has also been a good opportunity to develop further as a medical professional. lies is it helen? yes it's important for my future so i can also learn things on. oh yes, i can learn how the system works. i mean how everything works here. alice,
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it's very useful for me. the i as a soon with lee honey. oh, even if nina can't imagine a future of working in germany, she would like to return to care of as soon as possible. but for now, children like philomena are happy. she is here, a pediatrician from home, and others have lucas, many other stories making headlines around the world. australia's new government has announced the pledge to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 43 percent a day by 2030. it was one of the prime minister anthony albany, says key election issue. the officials say the country was turning the corner climate change. they blamed for political extreme weather events that have bassett, australia. authorities in nigeria are searching for 17 people who were kidnapped in the capital, a boucher, a user on twitter, posted a message saying she had been taken by men disguised as police officers pregnant
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women. our allegedly, among those taken kidnappings in the capital are uncommon un refugee agency says the number of displaced people worldwide has risen to a 100000000. that's the highest number recorded since world war 2. russia's invasion of ukraine is one of several of crises that have pushed the number the actor kevin spacey was granted bailed by a london judge after appearing in court on sexual offense charge. the hearing has been said for mid july. you lead to souls took place between 252013 allegations against the emerged years of doing the me to move bases denies any will do u. s. federal reserve has approved as largest and single interest rate, high vision in almost 30 years. the 3 quarters of a percent increase comes as consumer prices in the u. s. which the 40 year high
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cost of food, gasoline, housing, or rising faster than expected. i hope the adjustment will help train the soaring police in the brazil say a man has confessed to fatal this fatal shooting an indigenous expert. and a british journalist went missing earlier this month. the suspect led offices to a remote area where he said the bodies were buried. the search for don phillips and bruno pereira, shed light on tensions between local indigenous communities and poachers, fishermen and mining companies. in the amazon. i tragic and do an 11 day search, brazilian police say the bodies of missing british journalists don't. phillips and brazilian indigenous expert do not bad yet. i may have been found that is taught it is see a suspect confessed to fatal shooting the 2 men. oh,
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we won't let me know the more the 1st suspect arrested in this case confessed to the crime. he described it in detail and pinpoint and where he had buried the bodies, clues, emerged throughout the leak. a spot of blood on the suspects boat. the belongings of the missing men, but authorities joke criticism for dragging their feet on the investigation. members of brazil's indigenous agency for nie which better yet had looked for held a vigil for the 2 men. they are protesting what they see as the government's complicity. oh, room, you know? no, some of him today, bruno and don't were not adventurers. if they were exceptional role models at the forefront of their work,
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they were violently murdered by criminals in the jewelry riley valley who the brazilian stayed under the bulls. narrow government did not combat deal. the 2 men had received chats for their work in the jawad, each renowned for illegal fishing, logging, mining and drug trafficking. their killings out a grim reminder to indigenous rights woke us in the region of the dangers, the faith. you're watching d w, before we go, here's a quick look at the all top story. at this, off the leaders of germany, france and italy have arrived in ukraine on a much anticipated visit will have shows them on the way my call and mario druggie visited northern kia suburb that came under russian control early in the world. i called told reporters, it's seen signs that bull primes has been committed. the 3 i meeting the ukrainian presidents and it's friday
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and that's it from me. and the news team does not go away op next focus on europe a spot flies on people visits, oak area, tourists on displacing refugees. gov as an update for you at the top of that with
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ah ah, they have to get out out of the hotels, only bulgarian black sea coast ukrainian refugees of like heating their rooms for the tourists. but where can they go? from gary is considered a tourist, you countries, there is still
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a lot of similarity, but for how much longer. i focus on europe next, on dw, into the conflict zone with to sebastian. as rushing forces advancing, east of ukraine here is warding ally good massively out gum. my guess is we come home and his rabbit sikorsky bears both bar man. because when, if the non member of the european column, ethan flows prepping for a quick see spark a wrong. with 60 minutes delux with 175 years ago. a young startup entrepreneur at
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a specific goal to build the best optical instruments in the world. ah little did he know that devices bearing his name would one day feature minding 21st century science into new realms. the rise of a global company, 175 sites starts to i d w ah. ah, hello and welcome to focus on europe where we begin by taking a closer look at the refugee crisis, sparked by the russian invasion of ukraine. according.


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