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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 16, 2022 2:00pm-2:31pm CEST

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ah mm ah ah, this is the w news live from berlin, standing shoulder to shoulder high profile, you delegation goes to ukraine. the leaders of france, italy, and germany meets ukrainian president vladimir zalinski for talks during a much anticipated visit. it's a clear show of solidarity with ukraine, but will it bring the weapons that keith was also on the program?
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we are prepared for long all of us are prepared to continue to provide substantial, unprecedented support to your grade. as a 2 day meeting of defense ministers draws to a close, nato's secretary general pledges the alliances unwavering solidarity for you and a confession brains. the search for 2 missing men in the amazon to a gruesome brazilian police say, suspect in the disappearance of a british journalist and an indigenous expert as admitted to killing them and has led authorities to some human limit. ah, i'm glad elf is welcome to the program which we begin with a breaking news. the leaders of france, germany and italy aren't key if in
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a show of solidarity with ukraine in their 1st visit together to keep since russia began its invasion. german chancellor, all of shots frances, in one of our micro and italian prime minister, marya druggie, have met with frank president, ludovic zalinski for face to face tools. earlier shows, mccoy and raggy were taken on a tour of the key a suburb of open at the sight of alleged russian war crimes visit comes off the days of speculation over whether it would go ahead and as ukraine intensifies, its please for more heavy weapons from its western allies speaking as their 3 leaders arrived in ukraine, french president emsella mccall, at a message of unity for the ukrainian people. the only reason we are here focused on, i will meet with present lensky now to visit a war site where massacres were committed and then to her plan talks with present
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lensky live. quite a korea. i think it's an important moment. the conflict is okay for you at a critical thinking. them a model. do you have a message for the ukrainians? and he says it is a message of unity. we're sending to the ukrainians. yes. or support to speak about today, but also the future because we know the list to come will be very difficult. let's go astray, to kia for right now where our correspondent monro shaw says standing by at the are leaders of the use 3 biggest countries. germany, france, mostly i'm clear of today. that is significant. is it not? it is absolutely significant who'd say, or of course, a high, a very strong sign of support from the west to ukraine. it was a highly anticipated visit, says the beginning of the war president followed him is the last key i have has
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always where comes allies to ukraine to visit him hearing kia. and i would say, does say that the french president of german chancellor and the italian prime minister, we start research really got the opportunity to see the whole picture on the ground . first off, they traveled overnight. this is a very long train ride to arrive up until a key f o. so they can already see, you know, what, what, what is happening there, dan, this morning they visited the suburb of key at the suburb of air pin, where battle took place in march when a, when russian troops were very near the ukrainian capital, they could see with their own eyes, the extent of their destruction, the extent of the horrors that happened. i got to continue to happen during this war with french president emanuel macro, even as saying that war crimes have been. i have been committed here so that will make a difference. you know, it's very easy to make decisions in berlin,
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make decisions in paris. it's quite another story when you can get the full pictures with your own eyes on the field. now we should mentioned that the romanian prime minister is there as well. and we are waiting for a press conference that is due to start shortly of what can we expect? well, we don't know yet. so what has been talked about between press danville out in the land. he and a european leaders law visiting him today will meet him today. what is anticipated is maybe something related to the delivery of weapons to west has promised an extensive amount of weapons including included heavy weapons. the problem is on the the finance side that they haven't been delivered expensively yet . and i think the press conference that is about to start on that no,
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not yet. let's come back to m r for a moment. and i, if you're still with us, i assume you are. what kind of reception did these european leaders get there in ukraine, especially from the president? well, from the president there will definitely be a welcome to like i was saying, this is a highly anticipated visit followed me as the last key has been communicating extensively on the needs of ukraine in terms of heavy weapons in terms of financial support. so did visit on a diplomatic perspective is a highly anticipated and welcome on to population side. however, this is another story. you know, there have been some mishaps of communication from the french side with the french president and owner. and michael, as saying that we must be careful, we, as in the west, must be careful not to upset russia not to humiliate russia,
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or in view of towards after the conflict. the armed con food stops here on the ukrainian territory. of course, these didn't go down quite well as the population who, because the population pays the heavier price. the heaviest price here of this war with a lot of civilian loss is also up to $200.00 soldiers or from the ukraine on forces dying on a daily basis. so those comments didn't go down quite well on the german side. all that shoulds may be, it hasn't been the best communicant since the beginning of the war is lot of germany does nothing. germany has done a large task completely overturned. it's a defense policy. it's foreign policy traditions by agreeing to send weapons and even the heavy weapons enter a substantial amount of financial air to ukraine. the problem is, darby hasn't delivered yet and for a lot of it for, for a long time or national, it hasn't really communicated very clearly. of course, this is down to some,
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some security issues, but he does. so an artist, you know, an art of communication that isn't good, i'm quite, we're here in care of. so what we can not expect here it is. you know, that the leaders may be shaking hands with other people here because they're not quite a welcomed by your population that has lost its patients as their you know, ukraine and she'll then are dying or ukraine and sold is hot dying. so they lost a little bit of patience with the west that they want to see results now they want, is it a heavy weapon? emeralds, as there was in here right now. thank you. m to dates the german government has approved the delivery of around 350000000 years worth of weapons to ukraine. kia has been making urgent calls or more weaponry, such as tanks and multiple rocket launch systems. but there have been accusations from the opposition here in berlin too, that germany is dragging its feet when it comes to supplying heavy weapons.
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all have shouts under pressure. wherever he goes, the german chancellor feels compelled to defend germany's record on military support for ukraine. as the thought or thought from another vista, germany is one of the main military supporters of ukraine. nobody delivers as much as us on the dodge understood as capero, few that are also doing a lot like the united states. but germany is one of the countries that has committing its capabilities on a very large scale from frank ever moved, cut lines, etc. we have provided large numbers of anti tank weapons, anti aircraft, missiles, and ammunition and huge quantities being but the weapons germany has so far provided a small fry compared to heavy weapon systems. other countries have already delivered . and that ukraine says that desperately needs in a historic vote. at the end of april, the german parliament agreed to supply heavy weapons to ukraine. but so far, not a single piece of heavy artillery has reached ukraine from germany. but much has
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been promised part of shots pledge, a 7 german made howitzer, 2000 ukrainian soldiers are currently being trained her to use the met a german army base the how it says will likely be sent to ukraine at the end of june, the german chancellor also agreed to provide 50 k part or cheat anti aircraft tanks, the 1st of which could be delivered in july. at the start of june, schultz announced that iris t surface to air missiles would also be ready for ukraine's use. these missiles are germany's most modern air defense system and would enable ukraine to defend an entire city from russian air attacks shall said. again, there is no clear deadline for when ukraine will receive them. on a recent visit to berlin, the head of ukraine's parliament welcomed schultz announcement, but stressed that deliveries needed to arrive quickly with dozens of ukrainians
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dying every day. the country has no time to lose all that topic. let's bring in the hold of his keys of as a, his, a member of the german parliament for the opposition christian democrats. and he's a defense and foreign policy expert who traveled to ukraine last month himself. mister keys were to thank you for joining us here. and d, w as i'm interested 1st the to get your reaction to the visit by chancellor shoals to ukraine today. you know, thank you very much. indeed mister of us. this wizard is over due and also overburdened by expectations because the chancellor, he himself has made some statements where we all are very excited what he will announce. nevertheless, it is a very good sign that the 3 leaders of central european states with it here. and it is also of utmost importance to give a sign of perspective to the ukrainian people. that means
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a clear commitment for the accession candidate status to the european union. but 2nd and 3rd, that will so other expectations we need the delivery of heavy weapons, not only 3 m l r s systems which is a very low number, only 7. how it says the german industry already has announced that they are able to deliver about $100.00 martin. i'm protected, we close and about 100 leopard things. this would be a real significant sign. instead of this, our government has only offered some weapons which were not ask like your part things. and the 3rd issue is we need that the ukraine gets the sign to exist in its borders from january this year. and that we must not accept a so called mens free line. so these are the expectations. let's wait and see. you have criticize old shows and other people have criticized shoals for being too weak and his support of ukraine and dragging his feet and speeding up weapons deliveries
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. 4 days ago you said in an interview that you suspect that shoals is under pressure from the kremlin and that, and of course you, he shows isn't the monster of his own decisions. what exactly did you mean by that? well, i do not understand why the minister of foreign affairs and the minister for economic affairs have already signed the potential delivery to ukraine and the chancery is not supporting that. so the decisions are blocked in the security council. and we see also the dependency of the social democratic party from some questions about the former chancellor schroeder and other items. but what we want to see is that the chancellor takes up the decision of the parliament from the bonus talk as of 28th of april, where more than 500 members of parliament have supported not only financial support
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and to a trauma and medical care. but also the delivery of heavy weapons like leopard and mater and heavy artillery. and we question why the chancellor does not take over this strong request from the parliament and is delivering and they are the questions arising know about this delivery. the german defense minister, christina langley, i had more to say today on the heavy weapons germany is delivering. let's have a quick listen damn against latitudes argued. come after us, we have as we have made a very clear commitment that along with our dutch friends, we will provide the arm at howard said 2000 and the house below is fast up cash lawson. when the training is almost complete and also they can be deploy to ukraine along with the ukranian soldiers who have been transferred to our order the veterans out of it together with a u. k. and us we will also supply multiple rocket launchers. that's absolutely fine. and germany will provide 3 such systems, such as,
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along with the appropriate number of rockets and spare parts key and training. and when you have either the house build on her, the anti aircraft tank, ipad will be delivered in a timely manner to germany, is standing by ukraine arch launched it. and as i took that ocarina, so that was the german defense mister christine lamplight as being there was a key the better. oh, so she spelled out though what germany is sending is that the, is there enough for you? well, these are announcements and probably in by the end of june or in the course of the summer, these weapon systems will be delivered since april. we could have already delivered 30 martin tanks and 30 lepper tanks. but these were, are highly welcome, but they were not delivered. so the question is, why do we send quite complicated systems very late, instead of delivering weapons which are already available since weeks since months . and the government must reply these questions because it's not in the will of our
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parliament to be so reluctant as a member of parliament for the opposition. have you asked the government? why these systems that you say were available much earlier were not delivered? and what was the answer? the answer was that they are already preparing the delivery of m l r s the delivery of gephardt. but they did not explain why they don't want to deliver leopards and martin things. i believe in the meantime, that might be a question of principal not to do that. but i hope that it is not a consequence of the phone calls with the russian prime minister with the russian president. and i seek for a clearer statement for a better explanation by the chancellor re we could support that if the chancery was able to explain it's reluctance. but without any explanation, it won't help. and it is also damaging the reputation of germany in our eastern
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neighborhood where the reputation, of course is pretty damaged already. it's been said many times that the bundeswehr is not ready to deliver the systems because it is in a sorry state. and it was, in fact, your party was in charge of the bonus there for many, many years in the previous a government. so who is now responsible for the sorry state that the bonus bear is in. and that also means that ukraine is not getting the weapons it wants from germany. we all are responsible, but it's also the truth that germany is the 4th strongest, deliverer of armaments. it has the 4 strongest armaments industry of the world. and this industry is ready to deliver, but they must not, they don't get the guarantee they don't, don't get the allowance the permission to deliver. so this is not part of the form of government. this is the responsibility of the chancellor and the same chancellor
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who is now working for the title vendor, has hampered, the 2 percent go, has hampered the arm to drones as finance minister. and he was also not willing to pursue the go to reform the nuclear sharing. and we really support that. he has changed the issue, which the former government couldn't do because it was blocked by our coalition partner. but it doesn't help to have a blame and shame game. it is very helpful that this government has changed the form of position and my party is responsible. yes, that's true. but we were not focused on the bonus where we were focused on social welfare. we will focus on other items and it's also a lesson learned that all parties who have responsibility for our country should define security and not only with the social welfare and cohesion, but also with economy, competitiveness, domestic and foreign security. so we need
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a culture of security and this was neglected since 1919 since the unification. and this is also a very tremendous, very important lesson learned that we have to in western, our security independent from the fret analysis. we have to leave it here, jim lawmaker hold on his keys, a bit of that with the opposition see to you party. thank you very much. thank you . instead of now president vladimir zalinski has well come the latest pledge by washington to provide $1000000000.00 in military aid to ukraine is the largest specific commitments to ship weapons since russia invasion began speaking and brussels nato chief against stoughton back. welcome. the announced with yesterday by the united states to further increase the support for you, frank. and he pledged that nato countries what remained united in this effort. and yesterday, after the defense minister meeting, it was a strong message from all naval allies and porter. we are prepared for the long
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haul and it was prepared to continue to provide substantial, unprecedented support to your great from all this. let's bring in our brussels correspond terry. sure, terry, that a message of unity there from store and back. but fresh president a manuel mark hall showed a desire yesterday for ukraine to negotiate with russia. is that a view widely shared by other nato countries? well, you're hard, it really depends on what you're talking about. i don't think there are any countries who don't believe that peace negotiations between ukraine and rush are, are a desirable end, but that, that ukraine should somehow give up territory or be willing to, to lay down its arms while russia continues its onslaught in the country. you won't find a lot of nato allies vocally supporting that view and there was a lot of outrage with these comments by mccoy, not the 1st time. he said something like this and by comments even by german chancellor, olive schultz in the past. you know, remarks that russia should not be humiliated that it must be treated as
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a great power. of course, they're the countries that are supporting ukraine so, so strongly don't believe that ukraine should have to do back down in the face of this. and so, yeah, there's a lot of anger and you know, some of the most a vehement opponents of these, you are the baltic states who are consistently saying that there shouldn't even be phone calls to vladimir putin reminding that you know, nobody was, was calling adolf hitler. during world war 2 and asking him what he thought should happen next, you mentioned the baltic states, they love the us defense minister said he wants more nato troops on. he's fed up paying for the launch of all those. so is night or beginning to show some cracks that i'm not surprised at all by those comments by the latvian defense minister. you know, not only are the baltic countries among those who spend more than 2 percent of their g d, p on their own militaries. but they're, of course, the countries with the most to lose should the kremlin,
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make another unexpected move and decided to cross the border into a nato territory. so what has come to light in the last few days is that with the german announcement, which was initially very welcomed, that it would be assigning another $1000.00 or so troops to lithuania, where it's the lead nation in the nato enhanced forward presence. that most of those troops would actually be staying in germany. that is something that the baltic states are not at all happy about. because that they, they want more boots on the ground right there on the border with russia. they feel that this is the only effective way to deter russia, and in the worst case, of course, to defend their territories against a russian incursion. so we're going to be hearing a lot more about these plans as we head into the nato summit. the end of the month, we may even be hearing more about it today, but certainly the baltic states and the other frontline eastern flank countries are going to want to hear that there will be boots on the ground in a persistent presence of persistent nato presence on their territories as her we've been discussing the germany's lack of speed or delivering heavy weapons
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a lot today. in from the viewpoint of the nato partners as germany, doing an orphaned is germany doing enough. foster well, there has been a lot of pressure by nato allies on germany and, and now they are stepping forward that us defense secretary lloyd austin yesterday mentioned germany. very positively and pointing out that the german government had now decided to send 3. i'll be at not for multiple runt of launch rocket systems to ukraine and that's something the u. s. is providing for the u. k is providing 3 and germany is providing 3 as well. so that's something that certainly is very welcomed . but as your previous guest explained, there are a lot of questions about why germany didn't do more and didn't do it sooner. and i think that the country, asking those questions a, with the most emotion is of course ukraine. but again, as you, as defense secretary austin pointed out yesterday, when you're in the middle of a war and nothing can come fast enough, it's never going to be enough. and so he said it's understandable that ukraine is,
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is not happy with the speed or quantity of weapons that are coming. and germany does have a lot of questions to answer about whether whether it could have done this better and faster did, responded terry schultz, the reporting fall nato headquarters in brussels. thank you. turn on knowledge of look at some of the other stories that i can headlines today. some $300.00 people were rescued from an over crowded boat off the coast of libya. a non profit groups see i found their fishing vessel a drift on wednesday morning. the united nations says 3000 people died trying to reach europe via the mediterranean on boats. last year australia's new government has announced a pledge to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 43 percent by 2030. it was one of prime minister antony albany, says he election issues. official says the country is turning the corner on climate
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change, which is blamed for extreme weather events that have battered australia in recent police in brazil says a man has confessed to killing british journalist dom phillips and the indigenous expert bruno palaver the suspect then led authorities to the burial side of the 2 men went missing. on june 5th, the pair had received threats for their research into illegal activities in the rain forest. the un refugee agency says the number of displaced people worldwide has risen to 100000000. that's the highest number recorded since world war 2. russia invasion of ukraine is one of several of crises that have pushed the number higher. the u. s. federal reserve has approved its largest single interest rate hike in almost 30 years. 3 quarters of a percent increase comes as consumer prices in the u. s. which the 40 year high
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cost of food, gasoline and housey. our rising faster than expected. the central bank hopes the adjustment will help time. a soaring and flex the actor kevin spacey was granted bail by a london judge officer appearing in court on sexual offense charges. a plea hearing has been said from the july, the alleged source took place between 2 and 2005 and 20. 13 allegations against the oscar winner emerged years ago during the me to move space. it denies any wrongdoing you're watching t w's before we go. here's a quick look at our top story. this are the leaders of germany, france and italy have been holding their 1st face to face talks with ukrainian president blood. them is a lensky and keith. the high profile talks will also attended by romania as president close to on. the much anticipated visit follows days of speculation over whether it actually would go ahead and as your friend intensive,
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it's please for more heavy weapons from it's west and allies will actually it's a call and marry a drug. it will take it on a tour of the keep suburb of open the sides of the alleged russian. that's it from me and the new steam stay with us. uh, next is conflict zone. tim sebastian talks to others of sikowski, the polish mit and former polish foreign minister on gabels. i have more headlines for you at the top of the art and speech with ah, with
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who into the conflict zone with sebastian has rushing forward his advance in the east of ukraine. here is warning alive, massively out gum mark. yes, this week component is robert gorski for, for amanda, comes with
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a member of the european column. ethan flows pressing for a quick response, a role with d. w. with to the dark side. where we diligence agencies are pulling the strings. there was a before 911 and and after 911, he says after 911, the clubs came off where organized, cry, rules, genuine use a global network of companies, banks, and operators. we will provide those services to any operation in the criminal economy. where conglomerates make their own laws? they invade our private lives through surveillance. hidden
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opaque, secretive. what's true, what's big? it doesn't matter. the only criteria is worked. we'll hook people up. we shed light on the opaque worlds whose behind hoof benefits. and why are they a threat to us all opaque worlds this week on d. w? as russian forces advanced in the east of ukraine, here is warning allies. it's massively out gum this week, a senior adviser to president the landscape that western support wasn't enough to combat russia's 5 power. my guess this week from poland who is rabbit sikowski, who served bears both for a man defense minister and is now a member.


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