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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  June 16, 2022 4:45pm-5:01pm CEST

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today be put on that list of full gas embargo, and this is coming against the backdrop of russia, reducing how much gas is being sent through that vital north stream one pipeline towards germany and europe. and clearly he feels that more needs to be done. and most of all that weapons deliveries need to be speeded up because every day counts both sides share the assessment. in fact, in germany has assessed ukraine as being essentially held hostage. that's also the assessment of the former german chance, the anger mackerel, because polluted is against the european unity is against the concept of a democratic state. and that is what's at stake. and ukraine is on that front line . the conclusions of what action is needed and how fast is not the same. and these are countries here, germany and fudge, the french president and german cancer,
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all the 2 european leaders who still speak on the phone with flooding of putin. they've been criticized from poland for that. but at the same time, this is something that is also being welcomed and is also in ukraine's interest. because ukraine to says it once the negotiating table, it wants to stop the fighting, wants to stop the war. and it's the russian side is fighting a putin who does not want to sit down for talks while some ukraine and officials express concern that during this meeting, lensky would be pressured to agree to some concessions, to give up some territory to russia. if it meant a cease fire and the fear that additional weapon support will be perceived as a way of prolonging the war floor prolonging also this global food crisis, which is a very serious concern, damaging economies around the world. so we're ukrainian, if the officials reassured today that they will get the weapons they need and that
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there isn't this sort of trying to dance of 2 weddings as one would say. well certainly if we heard from you zalinski that he wants more and that he is grateful for the support that he's guessing will help. would he be able to say, of course we do not know what was discussed behind those doors. but and so the amount of my call has taken quite a lot of criticism, both for saying that an exception process could take decades, which is not what you crane for. and that one will have to talk to a futon soon. at the german charge of his part has stresses wherever he goes, it's a was an identical sentence that nothing will be done over the head of letting me zalinski and ukraine, and that it will be up to ukraine to say what they might be willing to put on the table, if anything, visit lensky has clamped down in recent days the saying that they would give an
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inch of the territory that also they want. previously, it sees territory on crimea, they want all of that back. so it would be a big surprise if behind the scenes that were seen, there was a completely different game going on, suggesting it to zalinski that he has to hand over something. what is though, the declared policy of germany, which the trust said in the background, but he also said it publicly to support ukraine to hold ground until russia is ready to talk. and this is explicitly not to win the will. you will not hear from the german chancellor, that he says, you crane must win. but he says that russia must lose me. china do stand by with us . we will be hearing more of the press conference shortly and we will be speaking to you about that. but now we would just like to go straight to kia and get an
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update for from our correspondent manual shares, standing by the iconic my done square in the center here. hello to you at. tell us just how significant this visit from the european leaders is and how it's been perceived by people in here. well, of course, marianna, on a diplomatic perspective do so vivid. this is historic. this is the 1st time since the beginning of the war, doctor visit from the leaders of france, italy and germany takes place here in p. if it is something that followed me as the last key has, well, county has already a seen met here and here many leaders world leaders, but not those of the 3 biggest european country added to that the president of romania was also here. romania which is that welcoming hundreds of thousands of ukrainian refugees since the beginning of the war height is significant because
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ukraine is, are trying to access the european union. and the fact that the 4 leaders present are actually backing this candidacy. well, this is a very strong stick about that to support to ukraine is really here also the fact that they are here in a country at war. well, this is highly significant because it's quite easy to stand to words of support, to send thoughts and prayers from the safety of paris, from the city of rome or berlin. but it's quite another strong signal to come here in a country out 4 to express this support. and i think this is a seen as a gesture of goodwill here. but also you have to know that there have been a few mishaps of communication here. received our search here, but if you're quite in population, for example, when i am on your own, my call the french president was saying that the west should be careful not to
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humiliate, flooded me, put in the russian president. well here, you know, families all have relatives that are affected by the war, then not affected themselves. ukrainians are paying the highest price of this war with their own lives. there witness destruction constantly. so obviously they wouldn't really care about humiliating vladimir, put in right now. and of course, the fact that all of shows to german chancellor was the biggest in this size, they have not really communicated very well. the decisions made in germany, germany, you know, has operated to you turn in terms of its foreign policy defense policy by deciding to send weapons, including heavy weapons to ukraine. but it hasn't been communicated very well and no. so there have been considerable delays in delivering them here. your finance would like to see completely on the ground where are those weapons and i know how far do you think this visit by the german chancellor will go towards repairing the
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perception of shoulder by ukrainians as being lukewarm in his support. will he be able to repair this view of him? i think marian are on a diplomatic level. this is a huge win for both sides of anatomy zalinski, i can see that he can count on the support and unwavering support of the west l. so a law shells to the german chancellor, say it again, that germany would not just have in a one off operation that germany was here on the long haul to help you crane up. but the thing is that, like i said, people underground want to see results. they need heavy weapons as a list of where phones that are ukranian. officials are so published to say, well, concrete, okay, we need those weapons to be able to to defeat a russian army on all territory. and because this hasn't happened well, the reputation of both all assholes dare german chancellor, an imaginary mark for all the french president ethan. i think the best here. we
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certainly are not going to see people waiting to see demons shake their heads. ah, the kind of help that ukraine has been asking for. we heard yesterday from the former president, peter parrish. anchor, who said ukrainians, weapons, weapons, weapons. but what that means is sort of the hardware, but another weapon is of course, the wide ranging sanctions that have been imposed on russia by many countries, both inside europe and also outside of europe. and yet, the reality is that even with all of the sanctions that have been implemented, europe still relies on russian gas. and is that going to still be a hindrance to ukraine, being able to succeed against russia while europe essentially continues to finance russia's army? well, this is exactly how it is perceived here. dr. europe continues to finance this
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whole by buying russian energy while you're creating people are paying this war with their lives and their livelihoods, and their territory and their culture. so of course, ukraine would like to see and your cranium would like to see a full embargo on russian energy, something that they haven't seen so far. of course we're not immune soleski, welcome some measures already take him. there have been extensive packages of sanctions against russia including against russian energy, but those 2 billions of fuels that are big while you have to rush out every month and dose, dose, dose euros, actually still finals the war. so you're quite now, would like to see the top as well as a manual shares reporting for us from emanuel. thank you so much. we'd like to bring you a story now from ukraine's la han screeching where the governor has again underscored the urgent need for more military support. he says russian forces are
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advancing in their assault on the key city of savannah. don't ask. and he said that a russian air strike hit a building sheltering civilians and killing at least 3 people in neighboring this you chance, which is a city in don't boston, it is also taking a heavy toll in the distance, the sound of russian shelling for the people in missy chance, the twin city of seattle, john, yet the chance to escape is getting smaller and smaller ukrainian police officers drive from house to house to find those who want to leave. but for many here it feels like they're giving up that town to go to show them that they're working. we weren't sure until it became unbearable. then i got sick with she has an endless list of illnesses and i'm also sick, particularly profitable room middlebrook. there was a hospital here where i would have stayed here until the very last moment. she due
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only a few kilometers away in seattle, done yet so, leaving has become nearly impossible. with all the main bridges destroyed, the city is now cut off. ukraine says more than $500.00 civilians, a hiding inside the assault chemical factory, alongside ukrainian soldiers. moscow announced the humanitarian corridor for the civilians, but then claimed ukrainian shelling disrupted the plan with moscow having more man, power, and weapons. it's becoming increasingly difficult for the ukrainians to hold the few remaining positions in the city. a ration deadline for the forces in the chemical plan to surrender has passed, form a ukrainian president polish anchor told the w ukraine will not given. situation is extremely difficult and the concentration of troops there is enormous. but our heroic soldiers is keeping servitor burnouts qui,
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keeping their asoft not as old what the result chemical plan and we never surrender ah, away from the dumbass. russian forces have been aiming for other high value targets . this footage shared by the russian military claims to show high precision low range missiles, targeting a depot in the western living region, where ammunition for nature supplied weapons. stuart. if true, it could be russia's latest effort to disrupt the international supply of weapons. have we been reporting the leaders of germany, france and italy are in t of meeting with the creating president wanted to marry the landscape. they've been holding a joint news conference. and here's when the landscape had to say just moments ago, russian aggression is aggression against europe, entire europe, entire united europe. it's aggression against us, against our shared values. and therefore,
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we should be united in our response to de ukrainians or in the front line fighting against the russian strikes. but we are not alone. and to today's meeting the to day, sir, former to prove that we understand each other fully, we know, and we understand that we need to, to reinforce your korean ukrainian defense belief boards. so that was the ukrainian president vladimir, as the landscape speaking at a press conference in kiva just a little while ago. and with me in the studio to unpack some of that as d, w as chief little editor, michelle christner. hello miss halem. so the landscape really underscoring how important this visit was to show unity. what does that mean concretely? well, it means that he was hurt by the 3 d, just that the for actually including romania who came to visit him. because what they did bring is the packing for you accessing kansas station for ukraine.
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you cry and cannot join nato. it doesn't have a prospect to join nato any time soon whatsoever. but those shared values. that's exactly the european union once you take it beyond trade. and now he has your most powerful countries. basically standing in for ukraine when you decide on friday, possibly to make or even the path a for ukraine, which would amount to a fast track. this new to weighs about it despite and cools by. it doesn't tell us that what our shoals of the west balkans must be 1st essentially that ukraine cannot jump the q and at the same time, warnings from the front president doesn't exist. exception could take decades even yet. he stands there in key f and makes that commitment. so politically, this is quite a step forward for ukraine. and yet,
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even with all these promises of support and encouragement for ukraine and it's path to membership, the reality is that europe continues to depend on russia for its natural gas. i mean, despite all the sanctions, they're still continuing to pay millions and millions of euros to the russian treasury every day, which goes to support their military. so how, how does ukraine reconcile this? well, it can't, it, that's why is it for me, is a lensky already is calling for a 7th, a package of sanctions. 6 of already been implemented by the you and that would include a full and bako, a full sanctions on euclid and on russian energy, including those vital gas supplies. but germany, europe is simply still too dependent, which is one in the station is that the levels of gas sent through that no stream one pipeline direct.


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