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crane and yet even with all these promises of support and encouragement for ukraine on its path to you membership, the reality is that europe continues to depend on russia for its natural gas. i mean, despite all these sanctions, they're still continuing to pay millions and millions of euro's to the russian treasury every day, which goes to support their military. so how, how does ukraine reconcile this? well, it can't, it, that's why is and lensky already is calling for a 7th, a package of sanctions. 6 of already been implemented by the you and that would include a full and bako, a full sanctions on euclid and on russian energy, including those vital gas supplies. but germany, europe is simply still too dependent, which is one in the station is that the levels of gas sent through that no stream one pipeline directly between russia and germany have gone significant. the down is
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still know which germany perceives to be for purely political reasons, although there's a maintenance issue also. and we see the vice chancellor who's also the g minute hold on germans to reduce their uses. the use of it, of energy in germany, a hold on to save energy. now that is quite a remarkable cool by the german vice chance and just highlights the kind of dependency. and the argument on the german, on the european side is look, if we implement sanctions. and that means that in gas prices could go up even further, meaning that the gas that your russian is selling could be delivering even more earnings for russia. so is there a sanctions they really have to be hit russia and not europe fast? so that's where the 2 sides are pretty far apart. still, at the same time, there's more commitments for the delivery of weapons. the french president was very concrete. he said he would send more, 6 more caesar how woodson,
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germany chance that would have sold? it said that he would continue to supply weapons to support ukraine with, of course, that criticism hanging over him, that he does play a lot. but that very little tricky when it comes to heavy weapons. nothing has really arrived on the ground yet. and this is a key concern, loading is identity, who needs it and he needs it fast. also has also been criticized for taking this long to actually this is tia, i mean, he famously said that he wouldn't go for a photo op. he wants to go once he can actually offer something concrete. and i found it also very interesting that he didn't go alone is, is there more to his decision to travel with other european leader? is there more to it than just a show of european unity or was there a kind of concerned that there could have b, a kind of a negative atmosphere or confrontation as a result of the tensions that, that there have been in ukrainian officials,
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perception that will of sholtes is not supportive enough, but germany, all sorts of the scene is way too hesitant, both by the ukrainian population, but also by other allies, particularly the eastern europeans, are very critical of germany feeling that it's not that we're not to size enough that he's drawing his heels when it comes to supplies, when it comes to that visit, we do have to actually just get a bit of background. germany's president was unwelcome when he declared that he wanted to visit key if and that is because frank vita stein my i also a social democrat like the german chancellor, is the joint, former dumb and foreign minister, one of the key architects of germany's foreign policy towards me that we understand that all of schoultz is about to speak, so we will listen and ukraine is waging a heroic or defense war against russia. and it's mara, how ukrainians handoff russians,
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and didn't present. we pay the greatest respect to you for this. together with my french, a colleague, other italian and romanian peasant i came here to give in order to express this to you personally. it's very clear and fight this. aggression on ukraine marks the change over time of an age will next. and what russia is doing here is in except 2 of you and therefore germany, together with many other countries in the world has stood very closely together with many other countries of the world by the side of ukraine. we support your finance in defense of the territorial integrity with major financial, a donations and humanitarian aid, or by accepting more than 28000 refugees in germany. 135
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of 5000 children now go to german school. it started through and germany, waker. good bye to long state tradition. we support ukraine with a delivery of weapons will be continued to do so. as long as ukraine winnie del support. got it. and yeah, right now we train ukrainian military are on a tray on the cheater. oh and the how with sir dan under, in addition to this, does i like i it's promised to earn and delivered surface to air or miss miss iceland and which can defend an entire city. and with the united states of america we are and the u. k. and we, we signed an agreement, we will provide ukraine with rocket launchers, as you can say, see germany is lending massive support to ukraine. you ladies and gentlemen,
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my colleagues and myself came to give with the clear message ukraine forms part of the european family in full and piercing. vague still startles one might turn on your road or ease or the accession status to the european union. and this is what the member says of the european will discuss it over the next day. it days . we know we need unanimity amongst 27 members say to in on the european council. i will um, support a unanimous decision germany is in favor of positive decision in favor of the ukraine and that also in our clients to live public of multiple. and this is a matter of european credibility that towards the states of the western wilkins, which have embarked upon those road for many years. we finally live up to our promised to actually buy specifically cotillion. um, have you gotten
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a vouch in favor? and we have clear criteria which need to become lied with for exception to let you . this applies especially to the a key community when it comes to democracy and dealt constitutionality of democracy and constitutionality are. what we is on a unite, what, what unites us and sets us apart in the european union, please. and last but not least, allow me to state the obvious you the evil. you need to prepare itself for this development and needs to modernize its structures and procedures. ladies and gentlemen, ukraine lava, you shall live slavin, your cane legal issues with weiss is latanya laska. i am asking for my son. okay, so the issue is the numbers for the for, for us to see and the my
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you're just joining us. we've been hearing from a press conference and my daughter because the german chancellor of charles was just speaking. and prior to that we heard remarks from mario druggie and my mom conn, and also blood mares lindsey, the president of ukraine. let's now go to our correspondent rebecca readers who is standing by for us in key of hello to you, rebecca. so very historic visits by the leaders of the 3 largest european countries did the ukrainian president get the promises that he was looking for from those leaders? for marianna, more or less i, i would say yes to that answer. i don't know exactly what his laundry list was or his list of hopes and wishes were. but i did speak to detroit caliber,
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the foreign minister, just before that press conference and asked him whether or not they were happy on the ukrainian side. he said, you may not be surprised. there's not gonna be any huge announcements, but i think there's a reason for everyone to have a smile on their face. so i think that's representative of course zelinski has since tweet tweeted or rather put out on telegram that he this visit shows that ukrainians are not alone in their fight against russia. so i think in a large pot, yes, i mean the big thing, what they, what they received, what i got with european unity and solidarity, that they would not alone that was repeated over and over again by all the, all the visiting leaders. they, they were, they, they all said that we are here with you, ukraine. and of course, most significantly, they really put their weight and back in support behind ukraine's bid for a, a session to become a member of the you. they said they would back the candidacy and i said that's probably the biggest thing to come out of this. another thing that was
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a perhaps not surprising but was hoped for certainly on the ukrainian side. and i know that they were worried. they publicly said that they were worried that they were actually going to get demands from the do it delegation in terms of territory to go for peace deal. that didn't happen. the latest work pains to say that ukraine is a sovereign nation, it is up to them to decide when they will go into peace negotiations and what they will, what they will negotiate over. so there were no demands on that side. so all in all, i think that the credit did get what they wanted today. will rebecca? we just heard the german chancellor left shoulder say that he came with a clear message that ukraine is part of the european family. how do you think this may help us improve the perception of sholtes in ukraine where he has been criticized for being rather sluggish in his support for the country in its battle against russia? it's true, there's been a lot of criticism against
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a chance to show from, with in ukraine also within germany and elsewhere in europe for the lack and speed with which his promise weapons have. com. and also just know that they haven't promised enough that this visit will not, i would assume help that image slightly. it may not go all the way that she would be hoping for that it, it may not, it may not paint him in a completely a wonderful life, but i, i think it is going to go some way to improving. he's standing here in ukraine. he did, he was at pains to say that they would continue supporting you crying with weapons as long as he's needed. unfortunately, none of the heavy weapons that they promised have arrived in new cray yet. so you know everyone here hoping that not only the promise of continuation, but the promise of delivery is rebecca ritter's reporting for us from kim rebecca. we appreciate it. with me still in the studio
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is the w. c. political editor and michelle. a quickness and michelle, we just heard from the german cancer, all of schultz saying that ukraine is part of the european family. but i, i found it interesting that he made a point of also mentioning the states of the western balkans who have also been on the path to e membership. what did you make of those remarks? yes. and also moldova was a single doubt that germany and this that would but picky germany would also be in favor of moldova candidate status. which of course is also crucial in relation to russia. the, the, the west organs and mold of a are areas that where there is a large part of the population that really looks more towards the east than the west. and these are countries that are still to decide which way they are going to go. so it very much is a do strategic issue what the decision that will be and that perspective is
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becoming all the more important assaults and leaders are worried that there could be disappointment in the western vulcans if and now suddenly ukraine gets to jump the queue. but when we're talking about candace the status, that means that ukraine also, despite being in a will, it will have to face up to some very concrete demands that there will be no easier passage into the particular also against the backdrop of a certain enlargement fatigue. within the european union, and here there are issues like corruption that i thought it was very telling. it was, and the special envoy for the european union, alex, a chan is of who from who is, was there for you, chris present lensky. explaining what happened in your pin to those european leaders to amount of my call to the german chance. and they were talking briefly about corruption. we here at the kind of on the b roll and he said, look,
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that was really change that. but we all remember, and it feels like a very long time ago now that there were private jets and not only galks were leaving the country that ukraine has a huge issue with corruption. and here the argument is, look, that this is something that the war has changed overnight. and the big question mark is, do those issues really go away? and this is a very complex and potentially very long process. but the political commitment is now there from these european leaders at least, which is still a far cry from unity within the u. s. or no. of course, the timing of this visit is very significant because it is a day before the you is going to announce is decision on whether they're going to accept ukraine and it's a half to 2 membership. do you still think that they could possibly be rejected at this point?
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he doesn't work with rejection necessarily, but it could be delayed and the course and the question like that becoming delayed is already a point scored for writing the putin. so will be very interesting to see what kind of changes that i just want to remind a so when in nato, this also if you countries within nato and when it was done deal that, that everybody believed it would be a done deal. that sweden could join, then suddenly you get problems with turkey. so unity behind the closed door doesn't mean that you actually holds when you, when you really face the music. so that also counts for the european. you know, we'll find out more tomorrow. we had a curve now chief political editor. thank you so much. always great to hear your thoughts. o, speaking of nato, nato is vowing to bolster his forces along the lines is eastern borders in the face to face of russia's aggression. nato. defense ministers have been meeting in
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brussels as the alliance aims to reset its strategic vision. the meeting comes ahead of a summit later this month that we'll seek to set a new course for the coming years. speaking after the meeting, secretary general, you installed berg said rushes invasion of ukraine would change nato security strategy long term for more years to create a ticket. so maybe schools for the longer term. so you take positions to make sure you are, you are all this morning or a short time ago, i spoke with our brussels correspondent, terry schultz and i asked her what nato's response might be. given the new challenges that the n stolberg says are now facing the alliance. that's right. the
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nato secretary general calls russia's invasion of ukraine, the war on ukraine, a game changer for the alliance. and he has said in the past that nato is going to have to live with a degree of uncertainty. now that, that this is the new normal. and so the alliance is having to reallocate it's resources. that is, this is not how it expected to go into the future. but just in the last few weeks, in fact, they're talking about a new model for nato, for nato's resources. and that includes putting more troops, more ammunition, pre positioning equipment along the eastern flank, in what was initially thought, just to be a short term reinforcement. now those reinforcements are likely to be permanent, or at least long term. since of course, no one can predict either the length of the war in ukraine, nor what russia will do after that. so this is certainly a new way of thinking in nato. and are there right now drafting what they call the strategic concept, the next 10 year plan for nato. and that is going to be presented at the summit. and it is likely to look a very different than one would have thought. even
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a year ago, when they to also has said it wants to increase its support for ukraine. what could that look like? well, what, what nato does is, is coordinate support among allies for ukraine. it doesn't have its own weapons, but what was talked about at this defense ministers meeting was in particular moving ukraine from the donations the contributions of allies from soviet era equipment. the type of thing that was rushed there just when the war started to nato great equipment, really upgrading what is given to ukraine, to what is who what nato countries are using. and one of the reasons for that is quite practical. they're running out of ammunition for the old equipment, it's not made anymore. and so the ukrainians are pleading for more ammunition and it's simply not available. so as they are able to train ukrainian soldiers on the new equipment, nato allies are going to be giving this, this more modern, these more modern weapons. and of course we did here just at this native defense
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ministers meeting that they're going to be getting multiple rocket launch system, something the ukrainians have been asked asking for and which they are now able to use as well. well, just yesterday, the french president amount of la cron again, talked about the need for ukraine to negotiate with russia. i'll be at once. the war was won by ukraine as he put it. but the idea of ukraine negotiating with russia do other nato countries agree that this is key. i think the context is really important. nobody would, would argue that they should keep fighting. and instead of coming to some sort of a peace deal. but there has been a lot of outrage among some of the countries that feel that mccoy is, is giving too much to put and getting too much credit to putin. of course, we've seen comments from chancellor shows also that have been met with, with some displeasure by some nato allies. comments like russia should not be humiliated. we should treat russia as a great power. this of course,
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is very disconcerting to countries, especially along the eastern, the eastern border there, you've heard the baltic states asked for phone calls to president putin to stop. they think that no one should be negotiating with him over the phone that nobody would have called hitler back in world war 2. and that's a comparison that they often use. so i think there is a lot of a lot of rumbling about them. a con statements and, and ones that he's made in the past because it depends a lot on what the situation is on the ground, and that you pre not be asked to give up territory that russia illegally took from it. we mentioned lafayette and a la fiesta defense minister asked that he wants more nato troops and he's fed up of paying for lunch for the others. is this possibly a sign that nato has some cracks? there are certainly differences between the way some of the eastern flank countries, particularly the baltics view. this situation there has been some displeasure with the fact that the germans announced a large contingent of,
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of troop reinforcements for their enhanced forward presence. the one that they lead in lithuania and then it was, it was sort of discovered a bit later that these troops wouldn't actually be on the ground in lithuania, that they would be trained in they, they would exercise with lithuanian troops, but they would actually stay home in germany, unless they were needed, that is not what the baltic countries want to hear. they've long been asking for more boots on the ground, more troops stationed permanently on their territory. that's something that poland is also interested in. and so i think that as the negotiations on this new model stretch over the next 2 weeks heading into the nato summit, you're going to see a lot of back and forth on just how many troops should be forward stationed there on the eastern flank and how many can be trained and resting at home, but there's going to be definitely be ammunition, preposition, some heavy equipment so that the movements of these, these reinforcements, these preassigned troops could at least be more quickly done than it would be to day dw correspondent, terry shelf. and brussels, terry,
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we appreciate it. thank you. let's turn our attention now to some of the other stories making news around the world. the sour, australia's new government has announced a pledge to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 43 percent. by the year 2030. it was one of prime minister anthony albany, says key election issues. officials say the country is turning the corner on climate change, lamed for extreme weather events that have battered australian recent years. will searing heat has caused frances national railway company to limit the speed of its trains in the country southwest. the measure aims to prevent the dangerous overheating of infrastructure. southern france has been hit by heat wave expected to reach up to 40 degrees celsius. the actor kevin spacey was granted bail by a london judge after appearing in court on sexual offense charges. a plea hearing has
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been said for mid july, the alleged assault to place between 20052013 allegations against the oscar winner emerge. years ago during the me to movement. spacy denies any wrong doing. nigerian authorities are searching for 17 people who were kidnapped in the capital of boucher a user on twitter posted a message saying she had been taken by men disguised as police officers. pregnant women are allegedly, among those taken kidnappings in the capital, are uncommon. some $300.00 people were rescued from an overcrowded boat off the coast of libya, non profit group. see i found the fishing vessel adrift on wednesday morning. the united nation says 3000 people died trying to reach your of the or the mediterranean. and both last year alone, the you and refugee agencies says the number of displays people worldwide has risen
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to 100000000. that's the highest number recorded since world war 2 rushes invasion of ukraine is one of several crises that have pushed that number higher to brazil. now, where police say a man has confessed to fatally shooting and indigenous expert, and a british journalist who went missing earlier this month, the suspect led officers to a remote area where he said the bodies were buried. the search for don phillips and bruno herrera has shut lined on tensions between local indigenous communities and illegal poachers. fishermen and mining companies in the amazon a tragic and do an 11 day search. brazilian police said the bodies of missing british journalists don't. phillips and brazilian indigenous expert bruno bad yetta may have been found. authorities see a suspect confessed to fatal shooting the 2 men. oh,
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let me know the more, the 1st suspect arrested in this case confessed to the crime. he described it in detail and pinpoint and where he had buried the bodies, clues, emerged throughout the week. a spot of blood on the suspects boat. the belongings all the missing men, but authorities joke criticism for dragging their feet on the investigation. members of brazil's indigenous agency for nie, which better yet had booked for held a vigil for the 2 men. they are protesting what they see as the government's complicity room. you know? no, some of him today. lunar and don't we're not adventurers. if they were exceptional role models at the forefront of their work, they were violently murdered by criminals in the jewelry riley valley who the
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brazilian stayed under the bulls. narrow government did not combat. still the 2 men had received chance for their work in the jawad. each renowned for illegal fishing, logging, mining and drug trafficking, their killings out a grim reminder to indigenous rights workers in the region of the dangers, the faith. and before we go, here's a reminder of our top story. the sour ukrainian president vladimir zalinski says the leaders of germany, france, italy, and romania have shown what he called full understanding for keith position. the lens, he said rushes invasion and aggression is against all of europe. requiring a united response. leaders mentioned here in the 1st face to face visit the star to brush invasion with the european leaders are pledging their support for ukraine to
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receive full status as a potential european union candidate. country german chancellor. all of shows says more military support is also on the way to both or ukraine's defense against russia. he said that military support will continue for as long as it's needed. shows also said of russia's aggression marks and new era for europe and the world that the latest unbeatable news. this our up next focus on europe, marion evans team for me and the team, thanks for watching with
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ah ah, they have to get out out of the hotels on the bowl game in black sea coast. ukrainian refugees of la keating, there rooms for the tourists. but where can they do from gary is considered
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a tourist. you countries there is still a lot of similarity for how much longer i focus on europe next on d w. ah, and we're all the good to go beyond the obvious where as we take on the world 8 our i do all this is we're all about the stories that matter to you. whatever it takes, 5 police, my follow being a pain deal we are, your is actually on fire made for mines
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