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[000:00:00;00] ah, this is you never use life from rural in face to face and keep the leaders of france, germany, or romania and at least sit down with president for a lot of years. zalinski. they say europe stands united with are pledging support for you, great to receive your candidate status. a s a p brush of war against ukraine pulses, the biggest threat to our security. in decades, nato lays out plasters strength and security in the face of ongoing russian
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aggression. as the transit landtech alliance aims to reset it. strategic vision and a confession brings the search for 2 missing men in the amazon to a bruce conclusion, brazilian police, a suspect, and the disappearance of a british journalist and an indigenous expert as admitted to killing them. and that authorities therapy, i mean ah, hello everyone, i'm landmark, it's good to be with you. the leaders of for e u. member states joined together in key, bringing with them a message of solidarity for ukrainians. the german french romanian and italian leaders told president vladimir zalinski, europe stands united in support of his country. the voice support for you create
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again candidacy status with the you. but will that be enough to help ukraine fight back? the russian invaders. the cities in the ruins of keith's suburb, our pin, europe's leaders so for themselves, the devastation of the war, impossible. the heads of france, germany and italy, met with romania as president to 2 of the suburb where heavy fighting and alleged war crimes. so many civilians killed their 1st visit to ukraine since russia invaded was a chance to show europe support and counter criticism over the speed and scale of their responses. law bit of a good day in europe is by your side of football. it will remain so for as long as necessary until victory is achieved and label in the form of a return to peace in a free and independent ukraine. the opposite of the consequences of the barbarism
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that we have seen together this morning in airplane. in a joint press conference in keith, ukrainian president vladimir zalinski called for more heavy weaponry of positioning his country as europe's eastern flank. that's in the water shot a here near russia does not schulman when to threaten equally. who in europe to ground safety, you russian aggression against ukraine through is aggression against all of your recovery, simple against the united. you're a granted she against every one of us, of them, against our values dollars love brought in luscious, below seamless hours. one view of you must be united inertia vba. now president, the european leaders pledged more military aid and back immediate candidate status for ukraine, joining the european union. okay, now go over thought ukraine belongs within the european family. i my, and the milestone on his journey toward the
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e. u would be to receive candidate status samples i, despite what's coming up, the e. u is set to discuss ukraine's candidacy on friday. but even if all member states gray, it could still take years for cave to gain actual membership did abuse around when they're gone to ranko were covered vis visits. and he is joining us now from keith. good to have you with us on how was this visit by the leaders of germany, france, italy and romania received very positively. it was very important that they came, that the 4 of them came. so the western european countries, the biggest countries of the you were represented eastern europe, was presented by romanian president. so it was very important for them to come and not just a key of, but also to appealing to a neighboring city where which was occupied for several weeks by the russian army. and to see what has happened there to talk to the people there. well, as to the,
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to the outcome of the negotiations, we'll talk to the ukraine in person's landscape. i would say mostly they fulfilled what ukraine expected for key if it is very important to have that signal from germany in france, especially from germany, that ukraine should get that candidate status and, and, and can finally start this long way. long journey to become some day and e, remember, maybe you can, must have been disappointed or by they own what, what has been said about weapons deliveries, because ukraine needs to urgently more weapons. and we've heard very little about new weapons. only the president of france said something about a decision to be to, to be em, to deliver some more, some more on howitzers to ukraine in the coming days and weeks, maybe germany made no new announcement, but just to reinstated that it's going to deliver what was discussed before when a very high profile visit to a country that is in the middle of
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a very critical phase of a war. please remind us how important this is for the people of ukraine. it is very important because this war is getting worse day by day, especially in the east of ukraine. weather is heavy fighting and i've talked her to some ukrainian sir, who are close to the army some soldiers. and they said, we are very thankful in germany. france, u, k, u. s. all the western countries that are delivering weapons to ukraine, but we need much more because russia has so much more weapons than ukraine. and the weapons that you can has are being destroyed, partially and partially. they are not so precise after so much you, so the western weapons, the russian canons, or, or tanks or, or now a tillery, this is, this is what is basically ukraine needs so desperately, middle range and,
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and long range into artillery. they are more precise and they could help crying an army to stop that russian offensive in the east of the country did of years around when a gun shrink of reporting for you from the ukrainian capital t. thank you very much on and thank you. and i'd like to welcome now, or pavlo, or clunk in the foreign minister of ukraine from 2014 to 20. 19. and before that, ukraine's ambassador to germany are good to have you with us, sir. i want to 1st to ask you what were your overall impressions of this visit with the european leaders? rise to the occasion. good evening, incense for us and his ukraine overall latoya and who's shaw? silla derrickson, very important to floss ukrainian searches, see full need us. i hear you,
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of course it's about the green light for our candidates. there it is. it's like you osteen in france all for a traffic light and it's all yellow and not always green. and remember i was in my don, started to in trend is sertina, our food in britian, uniform. each in knob site news is creation agreement, sol, z green light for your green and is this answer or future? it's not just a sense of freaked or is this and so future and thumbs that don't believe that it's all say more kind of special emotions. the latest gorka from european understand in. well not just understand and bad shield in the ceiling. all of the christ committed, but it's also it beat off mix feelin. i have to be honest here because many people
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expected mall in this answer reaper empty. it's also kind of communication problem. it's important to explain why here we can get this refund for sold to say for yesterday and today, and where and under what conditions it gonna be delivered. it's a instant discussion in ukrainian media. and here we need a sort of top op cleared it. does that make you question the use strategy when it comes to ukraine, especially when a while looking at how a france and germany are walking a very fine line, they're very cautious. they agree and a very gorge her and i, i understand the reasons for lizette rather you can talk to,
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to me, clearly you can talk to booting, but on the, from a position or false, it's basically all my, all my experience in ols is yes. so fundamentally, of water, 0 being union and g european countries, i can use a clear and consistent strategy dollars. russia, what do you wanna do with this kind or frere one? she's to russia. re share. one are simply destroy, not just ukraine as a gantry. bad ukraine as a nation, has destroy ukrainian language, destroy ukrainian mentality, destroy ukrainian history of the russian president clearly believes harrison ukrainian is outdo cheryl and it's it kind of justification for he's in viet bureau raylyn. she's and so we need to clearly understand to what kind
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dos, consistent strategy key, or it being can trace and 0 being union as a whole. going to come up to what's russia it stein and it's a point for leadership. it's a point. whereas of 0 being union, evil and reelin should be camp. and jeff will need to go blair and fits time because it's rented for century now. now, as you know, the arguments that the french a president is making and potentially also the german chance or more quietly, is that there will have to come a stage when ukraine will have to negotiate with russia to bring this brutal war to and, and of course, recognizing that ukraine is fighting an existential battle. well, every why should and die in negotiations clear. it's a want to actually, history teaches us. but if you ask your green,
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yan songs is street, if you see it being and falls in yet being bulky, a grade 80 plus percent are off. ukrainians are fundamentally against concessions or was brought him off costs negotiations or will be there. and that will be quite difficult negotiations. i personally don't believe in sustainable bees agreement that way, that was a rational regime. it could be sci fi, it could be something else. but we need to understand to that zip gradients, and it's not there by the government. it's not about just the country, it's about ukrainians who are ready to fight on it. zoom moved. it's gone, but spirit exists and says that what is going on is existential. and zip boy and
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where are we have our you green our right to be free. yeah, our right to you speak. ukrainian. our right. you understand this is ukrainian, our right. you understand us as a nation is differently at stake. pavlov. clem can, former ukrainian foreign minister and ambassador to germany. sir, thank you so much for joining us. thank you. well, nato is vowing to bolster his forces along the lines as eastern borders in the face of russia's aggression, nato, a strategic vision, the meeting comes ahead of a summit later this month that we'll seek to set a new course for the coming years. speaking after the meeting secretary generally in stoughton berg said, rushes invasion of ukraine would change nato security strategy long term 1st war. yes, you credit poll says that big is to our security in decades. so we muster took out
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naples response for the longer term. at the summit, we will take decisions to make made thought, even stronger, and more outside. in a world that is more dangerous, are more competitive. and there was nato secretary general speaking a short while ago were a sticker to brussels, so tara schultz is standing by for you. she has been covering this all important meeting. terry. so mr. stoughton berg outlining new challenges for nato. how does the alliance intend to respond? that's right, layla yen stoughton berg has repeatedly described the situation, living with russia's aggression as the new normal for nato. and says that the alliance has to adjust to this in ways that it didn't envision before. and that's why they're talking about a new model for allocating nato resources, and that's going to include putting more troops in those eastern flank countries, also pre positioning equipment,
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pre positioning ammunition. now we've heard that perhaps all of the troops assigned to these countries won't be permanently on the ground there as the baltic states would like. but they will be training with local forces. they will be ready to integrate, should a territorial threat arise. and so this is what we're going to be hearing at this madrid, some at the end of the month, what other allies are willing to contribute to bolstering the eastern flank. interestingly, of course, the question is, are they able to, you know, a bolstering permanent presence at the, in their eastern flag. i mean, do they have enough troops to, to actually realised that objective us defense secretary lloyd austin said that he was absolutely confident that the allies would come up with these forces to a scale them up in case of emergency to what he called a combat. credible force, and that's a change layla because at the moment what has been in the eastern flank, countries are what's called a trip wire force. and that is that you have enough troops there to, to slow down
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a potential invasion. and again, we're, we're not saying that this is a very likely possibility, but you never know any more. and so these tripwire forces would then provoke the sending of more troops. but, you know, nato really didn't have those ready. and so what the biggest change is going to be is that there are going to be thousands more troops assigned to the baltic states to romania, to hungary, to bulgaria. so that at, i mean a moment's notice may be a bit optimistic, but very quickly they would be able to move in and back up. those forces that are going to be staying there on the ground permanently. and terry, of the french president, in my home, has gone on the record, suggesting mister zalinski might have to negotiate with russia is their backing for this among the transatlantic allies. give us away the land statements like that. and ones that are similar ones that we've also heard from from the germans. chancellor. previously, i don't have,
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i would say universal support at nato headquarters because you have these countries like the baltic states who have the most to lose if, if you were to give ground to vladimir putin. if you were to say to vladimir zalinski, ok, now you need to give up these territories that have been taken by force. of course the eastern country say where we could be next and they're not going to be supportive of that. there's a lot of outrage when there are statements like that at the same time. there are other countries that may be more, more amenable to, to talking about peace negotiations at this state a lot. depends on the context. layla a lot depends on what would be expected of ukrainian president vladimir zalinski. of course, everyone knows that this war will need to end in peace negotiations. but i would think that many countries are, are not presuming that ukraine should be looking that way. at this point, because vladimir putin hasn't been willing to give up anything. now i want to get
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your take on a sweden and finland session been, where are we with that? we're stuck. absolutely stuck. there are negotiations going on with turkey, which is at this point, blocking the formal invitations to finland and sweden to join. but you know, it's not clear whether turkish president, but of type air to one intends to hold that over through the madrid summit. there had been hopes and expectations that nato would be able to formally open those an exception negotiations by the end of this month. and that has been just thrown into disarray now with this unexpected walking by turkey. i'm told, and i was told that this defense ministers, meaning that talks are very intensive, and that it's possible that air to one will allow them to issue the invitation at the last minute there at madrid. because there, there has been some movement, particularly by sweden, in changing some of the language in its asylum law in changing some of the language in its terrorism regulations. and so there may be just
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a bit of an enough action to make or to wanna change his mind once we actually get to the table in madrid. but it's definitely not clear yet. and nobody would put that on that happening down to the wire. just 2 weeks ago, terry schultz reporting from brussels. thank you. no, i want to tell you about the other stories in the headlines right now. the dutch intelligence services is stopped, a russian spy from infiltrating the international criminal court. the 36 year old man posed as a brazilian intern, and of data access to sensitive intelligence on i. c, c's pro, into war crimes, in ukraine. he was unmasked as a member of russia's military intelligence for testers in the east indian state of be har. set fire to civil trains during rallies against a new military recruitment scheme. the policy means new recruits will start on short term contracts and could miss out on some entitlement. be har has some of
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india's highest unemployment and poverty. 2 australia's new government is wedging a 43 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, one by 2030 and it was one of prime minister, anton antony albanese. he election issues official say cut, say the country is turning a corner on climate change. blame for extreme weather events that have battered australia in recent years. and the actor kevin spacey was granted bail violent a judge after appearing court on sexual offense charges. a plea hearing has been set for mid july. the elijah salt took place between 252013. the oscar winter was questioned by british police in 2019 about claims by civil men. it had happened that he had assaulted them. mister spacy denies any wrong doing the lease of brazil say
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a fisherman has confessed to fatally shooting and indigenous expert. and a british journalist who went missing earlier this month. the suspect led officers to a remote area where human remains were found. for search for dom phillips and bruno where perrera has shut light on friction between indigenous communities, illegal poachers, fishermen and mining companies operating in the amazon. a tragic end to an 11 day search, brazilian police said the bodies of missing british john list. don't phillips and brazilian indigenous expert drone or better. yet out history may have been found to the taught at d. c. a suspect confessed to fatal shooting. the 2 men with all the noise, the 1st suspect, arrested in this case, confessed to the crime. he described it in detail and pinpoint where he had buried
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the bodies. clues, emerged throughout the leak. a spot of blood on the suspects bought the belongings all the missing men, but authorities joke criticism for dragging their feet on the investigation. members of brazil's indigenous agency for nie which better yet had looked for held a vigil for the 2 men. they are protesting what they see as the government's complicity, ruining it. no, no, some of it today burn owen, don't. we're not adventurers. if they were exceptional role models at the forefront of their work, they were violently murdered by criminals in the jewelry riley valley who the brazilians stayed under the bulls. narrow government did not combat. still the 2 men had received tents for their work in the jawad. each renowned for illegal
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fishing, logging, mining and drug trafficking, their killings out a grim reminder to indigenous rights workers in the region of the dangers, the faith. to war. let sir reach out to a journalist as you all pedro's wires who has covered the story extensively. he choices from rio de janeiro, m o. this is a rather a grim discovery um to men that it still have to be formally identified if i understand correctly. oh, okay. tell us about the investigation. so late yesterday nights, defender police released the information that one of the suspects are you do when you read. and he confessed, having participated in the grant, keeley bruno and he took the police agents to the place where the bags been butchered, a burnt,
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and afterwards burned. and there did federal police found the smart remains of both of them bruno and known. and now the police, he still investigated, investigating a 2nd suspect, who is being captain crest that he is the brother of a minute. and they are still investigating that participates the participation a 3rd person. and the more to remains where it took to because the dea today earlier. so the forensic work can be done in order to go for even those. but those body remains, there's more to remains really actually belong to bruno in dall so they can be delivered to the families. now i understand, i actually do we know what the motive is. i understand the investigation is still ongoing. we are still not sure about the
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motive. i mean, the lease has not stated beat officially, but boone up either. he was a public servant in each institution off the brazilian government. and since the beginning of the most santa barbara meant, he decided not to work any more to their license. and he was working directly with thing details inviting the job i'm so bruno was being was being threatened for a long time and do them in my view, dueli vader, who confessed their crying he was seen following bruno and all on the following. the other previously off of that tragedy and no has, has conducted a operations against the eagle mining in the region. he was a very before defendant, isolated the regionals, the, posing the region. so, bruno was, he was
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a problem for the criminal groups who acting the region and more precisely for those a minute or the leader is a fisherman. so there is a needle fishing in the region related with drug trafficking. so it's a very complex context, and it was there around bruno and gone were killed, very intricate in d. thank you so much for outlining it, explaining a journalist to show our pedro suassa, talking to us from re edition error. so thank you so much, ma'am. thank you, lela and before i let you go, we're reminder of our top story. this our, the leaders of germany, france, italy and mania are in t pledging their support for ukraine to receive for status as a potential european union candidate. germany has a hold of shalt says more military support is also on the way to bolster ukraine's
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defense against russia and will continue for as long as needed is to show some rushes said rushes, aggression marks a new era up next is to the point and we'll be back with the world headlines at the top of the ok. ah ah,
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with who to the point a strong opinion positions international perspective. the human cost is huge as russian forces advanced in eastern ukraine. turkeys president says he could mediate is a negotiated solution even possible. and current turkey be an honest broker. find out i to the point to the point next, d, w,
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free. oh, we'll get to the dark side where intelligence agencies are pulling the strings. there was a before 911 and an after 911. he says after $911.00, the clubs came off. where organized crime rules. genuine use a global network of companies bank. so in operators, we will provide those services to anyone operation, the criminal economy. where conglomerates make their own laws? they invade our private lives through surveillance, hidden, opaque, secretive working through what's vague. it doesn't matter. the
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only criteria is worked. we'll hook people up. we shed light on the opaque worlds. who's behind the benefits, and why are they a threat to us all opaque worlds this week on d, w rushes, grinding on slots in eastern ukraine, is taking a bloody toll. ukraine's president says, this will go down in history as one of the most brutal battles. europe has seen with russian forces bearing down on the case city of seattle done at here was


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