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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 17, 2022 8:00am-8:16am CEST

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into new realms. ah, the rise of a global company. 175 years syce starts june 19th on d, w. ah, ah, ah, this is d w. news coming to you live from berlin. a clear signal of solidarity with ukraine. leaders of germany, france, italy, and romania say europe stands united with keith pledge to support ukraine's bid to join you as soon as possible. also coming up, an air strike kills poor civilians taking shelter at
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a cultural center and music chunks as the battle for control of your brains. industrial hard, bland rages, all plus western europe, braces for blistering, heat this week at spanish firefighters are already battling blazes parked by one of the earliest summer feet waves ever ah hello and terry martin, thanks for being with us. germany, france, italy, and romania say they back putting ukraine on the past track for you candidacy. their expression of solidarity came during an unprecedented meeting of the poor leaders with ukrainian president laudermill zalinski in key. if the european commission is due to make its recommendation on ukraine's status later today, the cities in the ruins of cave suburb, our pin,
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europe's leaders so for themselves, the devastation of the was impossible. the heads of france, germany and italy, met with romania as president to 2 of the suburb where heavy fighting and alleged war crimes. so many civilians killed their 1st visit to ukraine. since russia invaded was a chance to show europe support and counter criticism over the speed and scale of their responses. law bit of a good day in europe is by your side of football. it will remain so for as long as necessary, either until victory is achieved and label in the form of a return to peace in a free and independent ukraine. the opposite of the consequences of the barbarism that we have seen together this morning in air pin high in a joint press conference in keith, ukrainian president vladimir zalinski called for more heavy weaponry of positioning
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his country as europe's eastern flank said. the wanted shot a here near russia does not choose whom and when to threaten equally pu in europe, to ground safety. the russian aggression against ukraine through is aggression against all of europe, a very simple against the united, your aquatic she, against every one of us, each of them against our values. dollars last brought in last speak seamlessly. our response of you must be united inertia vp. now president, the european leaders pledged more military aid and backed immediate candidate status for ukraine, joining the european union. okay, now go on thought ukraine belongs within the european family. i my, and the milestone on his journey toward the you would be to receive candidate status samples i, despite what's coming up the e. u is set to discuss ukraine's candidacy on friday. but even if all member states gray, it could still take years 15 to gain actual membership the
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w as roman gun sharon co covered that meeting yesterday and joins us now from kia, from an how a show of solidarity. therefore, ukraine, by the leaders of the, for you countries. but was that as much as florida meal zalinski could hope for from their visitor? was he expecting more? well, i think her presence lensky is pretty realistic about what can be done and what cannot. so i'm, i think he was very happy about the support m. o for leaders because it is very important that all 4 came. i think he was extremely happy about the support for the korean you bit. and for the that candidate status that, that is going to be decided and during the summit or you summit and next week, i think you might be disappointed about the weapons, the new weapons that could be delivered or will be delivered because there were very few, i am new new assignments or new promises that he heard,
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especially from germany, nothing new. but in general, i think he's quite, quite satisfied with the results. yes. now there were fears that those leaders, those for leaders would put pressure on kia to accept a piece deal favourable to russia. were those fears dispelled ah, mostly yes, i'm, i heard those are fears from, from i am ordinary ukrainians. i talked of hearing here from the capital of ukraine . ah, we heard nothing of the kind of the press conference. ah, quite on the contrary, we heard a leader saying that if a piece deal should be struck, then only when ukraine is happy about it. so no pressure there. i think it is also clear to the ukraine and said it now is not the moment to try to somehow move ukraine or all of which ukraine under pressure to,
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to negotiate with russia. because russia is not changing its position. russia is very hard and russia is, ah, sending rockets and her forces to ukraine killing ukrainians every day, every hour. so it is, it is not possible at the moment to demand any and any negotiations for the router or i for the moment. if you crane does formerly become an e candidate country roman, would that change any thing in the effort to end the russian invasion? well, of course it will not change anything on the battlefield. but on the other hand, it's a moral booster for ukraine. ah, let's remember, ukraine has been knocking on the european door for, for nearly 20 years, and it is a true historic event that will probably happen in the coming days when the decision is made. which here in ukraine, everybody hopes will be positive for ukraine. but then afterwards, this will give you credit new opportunities, especially it will give ukraine the opportunities to use the european money for
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reforms and more opportunities to get a european expertise and build in democratic institutions. and this is, this is crucial to join the you later. rahman, thank you very much, shar dw is rollin gunter rancor reporting frontier russian airstrike has killed at least 4 civilians. sheltering at a cultural center in the eastern ukrainian city of lucy chanced, original governor there says 7 others were wounded in the attack. long with neighboring severe jeanette sc. this city has become a focal point in the battle to gain control of ukraine's industrial don bus region . it's a gruesome task rescue workers look for survivors under the rubble at this cultural center enlisted chance they come across some of the victims. the building sheltering dozens of people was destroyed in what diligence, criminal governor says was the russian airstrike. a witnesses describe what
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happened after the attack through cricket, i heard some one cry clicking. terrible cries yet, but i ran here and saw only ruins and bodies. little ye they were carried away on stretches. landowner in the field, some were alive, some were dead. the will relief lifted chance is just the cross the river from several de nancy, the key battle ground in rushes, latest offensive in the dumbass region. and like his northern neighbor, the city is still under ukrainian control. but constant russians shelling and rocket attacks. mean the civilians here are in grave danger. authorities are trying to convince them to leave. but some refuse we study kin. i'm jak. when we are old people, we do not have a place to go. where will i go? i'm 72, they will dump me in some village somewhere with her. you guys are fight for peace
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is let the police come. many though decided to leave is believe less than a fif of the pre war population of nearly 100000 people still remains in lisa chance. for many of them. destroyed houses mean they can only seek shelter in basements like this one. i don't know how to put it into words. people are afraid. this is wall. it's scary. there's no communication. he can't go out any way. it does no place to go with know where to go and no and to the fighting inside. these people are praying, their lives shattered by the brutal conflict will be spared. sailors, mother stories making headlines, round the world. today. the un has said that 15000000 people in sudan are facing acute food insecurity. the world food program blames political instability. after an october, coo climate change and rising global food prices for the crisis,
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the agency, it urges immediate action to prevent a growing risks of starvation in the east african nation. a shooting at a church in the us state of alabama has left 2 people dead and one other injured. the suspect is in police custody incident comes as u. s. lawmakers negotiate new gun safety laws in the wake of recent mass shootings . a panel investigating the u. s. capital in serrano and insurrection has found the former president donald trump tried to force former vice president mike pence to reverse trumps 2020 election defeat. the congressional probe said, risers on capitol hill came within just a few meters of the fleeing pants, who later returned to certify election result. the central ohio energy today marks 50 years since a scandal broke that did lead to the resignation of a u. s. president. the watergate scandal made headlines. the world over when it was
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revealed that richard nixon had ordered, wiretapping and other illegal actions against his political opponents. 2 journalists famously broke that story, the case that some historian se offer is timely lessons today. the building complex that gave the watergate scandal its name still stands to day. 50 years ago, during the night of june 17th, 5 men broke into the headquarters of the democratic national committee. apparently to install bugs and take photos of files. the men were caught, but others were involved in the scandal. all the way up to the u. s. president. journalists revealed that richard nixon, eustace power against political opponents, wife. but he, for a year earlier, nixon had told his chief of staff that he wanted the use to use wire tapping, and a tailing and other shady to illegal forms of a intelligence gathering against the democrats. so while nixon didn't know about
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the watergate break in advance, he had he was morally responsible for it. the i'll be getting these hearing. did nixon commit a crime? that was an investigative committee, tried to clarify that, but he refused to testify or resign than they stumbled upon oval office recordings of conversations. after resisting the probe, the nixon administration agreed to turn in the tapes on my attorney. later it became clear that a crucial passage of the recordings was missing to watch the one in which he ordered a cover up of watergate. but at this point, impeachment proceedings against nixon were already underway. under the pressure became to march committee, the leave office before my term is completed as abhorrent that every instinct in my body but as president, i must put the interests of america 1st. therefore, i shall resign the presidency effective at noon tomorrow. that nixon was later
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pardoned by his successor, gerald ford, and watergate became the epitome of political scandal. it's important to remember watergate, because it reveals the vulnerabilities of our constitutional government. and also the strengths are you there. it's very hard for a country to protect itself from a bad leader. a lesson that still stands true to day. parts of western europe are bracing for crippling heat this weekend with temperatures and some areas expected to rise above 40 degrees celsius firefighters in spain are already battling a series of forest fires brought on bud soaring temperatures, smoke rises over the spanish countryside as multiple forest fires. erupt across catalonia, spain has been sweltering under severe temperatures for almost a week. the earliest, some hate wave in over 40 years. the country is already battling severe droughts
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brought on by an unusually dry winter and spring. now, surging temperatures have sparked a series of blazes that firefighters of struggling to contain and experts, one that the heat wave is spreading. neighboring france is bracing for weekend temperatures as high as 38 degrees, 10 to 15 degrees higher than the seasonal average. on the spot upon yeah, it's not the 1st drought, nor the 1st heat wave in southwestern france, but we've never seen such an early and intense heat wave in june before. can you saw outdoor public events have been banned in france's south west while a jump in the use of air conditioners has forced the government to import electricity from neighboring countries. all across europe, the summer heat waves are happening more frequently and lasting longer. chevy city,
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it's a sign of global warming. this is obviously triggered by human activity and we now see that this new climate we're experiencing is becoming more intense and bringing us to the stifling heat as the rest of europe. braces for soaring temperatures, fire crews in catalonia, worked through the night, hoping for a break from the brutal heat. you're watching dw news from berlin, we've got some business for you coming up next for me terry martin and all of us here at the w. thanks for watching every day for us and for our planet global ideas is on its way to bring you more conservation.


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