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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 17, 2022 12:00pm-12:16pm CEST

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one day, the feature and lead science into new realms. when 75 years of ice starts june 19th, w ah ah, this is dw live from berlin. the u. k. government says julian sash can now be sent to the us to face spying charges. wikileaks founder has been fighting extradition for more than a decade, but his supporters say his battle is not over yet. also coming up,
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fighting in the eastern ukraine, takes a growing tall and those who want to leave carbs and listen, chance emergency crews recover the bodies of 4 civilians killed in an ass. right. and keep says, evacuation from a nearby chemical plant are impossible. without a complete c spot. ah, i've got ovals welcome to the program. we begin with breaking news from the u. k. britain has approved the extradition of wikileaks, found the julian a sorry to the united states. that's where he's want it on 18 criminal charges including spying. washington says a 1000 danger lives by releasing troves of classified military records and diplomatic correspondence. a soft cold friday's decision, a dark day for press freedom and this democracy, he will appeal the decision of
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a london height and tenacity in journalism and of him on his breaking news story. let's go to london. why correspond a big moss is standing by on the phone bigger? what more can you tell us? again, i can tell you what the british i'm secretary fricky patel has actually said in high sites. and so she argues that julian assange must be extradited because the court has basically investigated his case and the court house investigate the nice human rights consideration. for example, then they have ruled your songs has to be extra and c as the home secretary can only sex tradition. it's that condition. for example, if we could potentially say the death penalty and she has ruled that these conditions are not in place and such that she must selling this expedition to the us. now, it was likely to happen next. apparently,
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assumption has already said he's going to appeal exactly, so he has 14 days to appeal to the u. k. hi, hold on this is for the wiki league. has said that the statement is going to happen . they must be quite devastated because it probably guessing the air is guessing for julian assange, i mean he's already faith alone vessel inside the u. k. codes and has already appealed. now the whole secretary has signed this latest expedition older and it doesn't look very likely. and that could be self, however, they are going ahead and they will try and they will slide them to the very end in order to defend who they say is somebody who's fighting for press re, doesn't was done nothing wrong and, and their eyes big mouth correspondent in london, thank you very much. bigger,
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settle on their civilian population in ukraine's eastern industrial heartland is increasing. the ukrainian official says attempts to evacuate civilians hold up in the as ot, chemical plant, and 0. the next would be impossible without a complete cease fire in neighboring this it chanced, he says, at least 4 civilians were killed in an air strike. as they sheltered in a cultural center, the russian campaign is intensifying. alyssa, chance the only city in the region still under ukrainian control and people there face a difficult choice whether to leave or stay. it's a gruesome task rescue workers look for survivors under the rubble at this cultural center enlisted chance they come across some of the victims. the building sheltering dozens of people was destroyed in what dileo hans criminal governor says
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was a russian airstrike. a witnesses describe what happened after the attack. to click it, i heard some one cry clicking terrible cries. yup. when i ran here and saw only ruins and bodies, lee, they were carried away on stretches. i don't know in the film, some were alive. some were dead, the will relief lifted chance is just the cross the river from several denounced the key battle ground in rushes, latest offensive in the dumbass region. and like his northern neighbor, the city is still under ukrainian control. but constant russians shelling and rocket attacks. mean, the civilians here are in grave danger. authorities are trying to convince them to leave. but some refuse we study kenya, cuz we are old people. we do not have a place to go do it. where will i go? i'm 72. they will dump me in some village somewhere. when are you guys are fight
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for pieces? let the police come. many though decided to leave is believe less than a 5th of the pre war. population of nearly 100000 people still remains enlisted chance for many of them. destroyed houses. mean they can only seek shelter in basements like this one. i don't know how to put it into words. people are afraid. this is war. it's scary. there's no communication. he can't go out any where there's no place to go with know where to go and no and to the fighting inside. these people are praying, their lives shattered by the brutal conflict will be spared. now let's get an update from on the ground from our correspondent roman. a gone to rancor joins as a from keith robin. the un on friday said that the that they say the humanitarian situation in easton,
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ukraine is extremely alarming. yes, i can confirm that the situation is deteriorating. so we've heard some weeks ago from the ukranian authorities that coal for the population there, please get out. it will be dangerous. there will be fighting, some of people left, but some are not willing to leave. and this is what i hear here in keith as well. there are certain people, elderly people, but not only some families with children who refused to go. and this is a problem for the crane and authorities because when people are staying and then they have to be rescued, so ukrainian authorities have to send troops to rescue them. and these troops are being shell. so ukraine, it is losing medics. ukraine is moving soldiers who are being sent to save those people. so there must be a solution found in the coming days. now roman, yesterday we saw some high profile diplomacy and gave the leaders of germany, france, italy, and romania travelled. therefore, face to face talks with ukrainian president vladimir zalinski. the visiting leaders
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said they back ukraine's bid to become a n a u membership candidate and expressed outrage at the devastation wrought by russian forces. let's have a look. the cities in the ruins of cave suburb, our pin, europe's leaders. so for themselves, the devastation of the was impossible. the heads of france, germany and italy, met with romania as president to 2 of the suburb where heavy fighting and alleged war crimes. so many civilians killed their 1st visit to ukraine since russia invaded was a chance to show europe support and counter criticism over the speed and scale of their responses. law bit of a good day in europe is by your side of football. it will remain so for as long as necessary either until victory is achieved and label in the form of a return to peace in a free and independent ukraine. the opposite of the consequences of the barbarism
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that we have seen together this morning in airplane. in a joint press conference in keith, ukrainian president vladimir zalinski called for more heavy weaponry of positioning his country as europe's eastern flank in the wadded shore. a here near russia does not schulman when to threaten equally. who in europe to ground safety own russian aggression against ukraine through is aggression against all of europe. very simple against the united euro. currently she against every one of us, of them, against our values, laws, laws brought in that spin seamlessly our respond view of you must be united inertia vp. now president the european leaders pledged more military aid and backed immediate candidate status for ukraine. joining the european union. okay, megawatts all ukraine belongs within the european family. i my,
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and the milestone on his journey toward the you would be to receive candidate status samples on despite what's coming up. the e. u is set to discuss ukraine's candidacy on friday. but even if all member states gray, it could still take years 15 to gain actual membership, romana, that was a show of solidarity for ukraine by the leaders of for e. u countries. was that as much as long as lens can could hope for? was he expecting more it was probably even more than he expected because not just one or 2 leaders came, but 4 of them. they were eastern and western europe were represented. i think m lensky, when he said that he was satisfied. and that was, that was really the case of the ukrainian foreign minister. metro could ever also told me after the press conference that ukraine was very happy with the results of that meeting, especially with the support ukraine received from germany, france,
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italy, and romania concerning the ukrainian beat for the you. membership to be decided in the coming days at the you summit. so that's important. what was less satisfying for keith or the announcement about the new weapons to be supplied of france made some remarks. germany less so, but just confirmed what, what's been said before. and maybe you kind was also a little bit disappointed that there was no strong language on sanctions against russia. new 7th, a package of sanctions is now being prepared. but there were, there was a little m, a, the, the, the guess from the west. the western leaders in say that the are, they are ready for example, to impose a gas embargo on, on rush and guess, and that would be a great help for ukraine. roman continental, their reporting from keith. thank you. roman european commission is announcing whether to recommend ukraine as a candidate for you. membership is the live pictures here,
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the news conference sharing the results of the commissions meeting earlier today, the mission president also funded line announced the decision to back ukraine's application, sending it to you. member state leaders, not for a final vote. thank you. at this summit complex, next week. just explain to you. now let's bring into w brussels beautiful summer for now and she has more. from outside you headquarters? alexandra. we now have the commission's recommendation that ukraine be granted. candidate status for you. membership. tell us more about the significance of this moment and where your credit application goes from here. well, it's definitely a very, a symbolic moment or this decision that was expected today, that the european commission recommended ukraine to be rendered big rendered. you candidate status or the press conference with or the last on the lion,
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the european commission chief is still under way in the building riots behind me were the commission is seated and was it a funder lion stressed already at that or the assessment of the merits? of ukraine's application has been concluded in a very careful way that they came to the closest to the conclusion that ukraine is already on its way to be a part of the european family. she said that ukraine has a very active civil society. so this is definitely a plus and that the election system an ukraine is free and fair. and she even went so far as saying that ukraine has already shown its determination to live up to european values and standards. but of course, this recommendation today is only the beginning of what can be a very long process with you leaders to decide about ukraine's candidate status
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next week when they come together he, in brussels. and of course, we need to, to remind our viewers that all the member states have to be on board to grant is status ukraine. alexandra, very briefly, if you can, do you expect any resistance to the membership id from some you states you can never excluded because of course, there are some member states who are very reluctant saying that listen, this is a country at war. we cannot begin. accession talks with, with a country at war, then they're also saying that there is still a long way for ukraine to meet all the obligations. and some of them are saying that granting ukraine candidate status would not be fair considered. that there are some a seats in europe that are officially being called candidate states,
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such as montenegro, for instance, or north macedonia. and they have been in the waiting room for years now. did have you brussels bureau chief alexandro phenomena there? thank you very much. what changes have been used before we go? here's a quick look at our top story. european commission officials are recommending that ukraine be put on a fast track for you candidacy. president of the fund alliance at the recommendation was on the understanding that the company would carry out a number of reforms that recommendation willie the approval of leaders of old mistakes. thanks. watch. i see w's crime fighters are back with africa's most successful radio drama series, continues them all episodes are available online and of course you can share. and this goes on d, w, africa's facebook page and other social media plans.


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