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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 17, 2022 2:00pm-2:31pm CEST

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ah mm ah ah, this is the w news live from berlin and other hurdle cleared on ukraine's pastor you membership. the commission recommends to the council 1st that ukraine is given european perspective. and 2nd, that ukraine is given candy, that status further steps toward membership and now need the backing of all 27
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government lead. also on the program, the u. k. government says julian, a source can be sent to the us to face spying charges there. wikileaks founder has been fighting extradition for more than a decade, but his support to say his battle is not over yet. and an indonesian arch collective takes the reins that one of europe's biggest cultural events. bob, the opening of the document or content or contemporary art exhibition might be overshadowed by anti semitism allegation. ah, i'm glad of as well come to the program. the european commission is recommending that ukraine be granted formal you membership candidate status. this will allow you to stop negotiations with russell's commission president,
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also the funder line added that ukraine must carry out a number of political and economic reforms. if you use recommendation will be discussed by all of the blocks $27.00 nations at a summit in brussels. next, next week, it follows an endorsement for fast tracking ukraine's candidacy for european leaders visiting keith noddy w brussels bureau chief of some phenomena has a more on that decision of the summer. we now have the commission's recommendation that ukraine be granted candidate status for you. membership, tell us more about the significance of this moment and where ukraine's application goes from here. well, i think we can say that her, the commission sent a strong message of solidarity with ukraine to day by backing the country with bid for you, candidate status. and although a funder lion seemed to be aware of the significance of the moment,
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she said in the press conference that we know that the ukrainians are ready to die for the european prospective and we want them to live. there you appear in dream with us. she stressed that or the whole process was done by the book that it was some merit base. and that, that ukraine, that ukraine has already introduced important reforms. she mentioned at the election system that it's fair and her free, as she meant, mentioned day the civil society in ukraine. that is very active. but she also said that more has to be done that the ukrainian government has to strengthen the rule of law. and to fight against corruption. and we also have a to mention that of course, this is just the beginning of the process is quite long. and the next step is up to the you leaders to decide a word they're going to come together. he in brussels next week, that whether they would like to follow the commission's recommendation and we need
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all the member states there on board to dubuque, responded i have some phenomena there. thank you, alex, i'm a and for the 1st reaction from the ukranian government hours earlier spoke to august definition of she's ukraine's deputy prime minister for european and euro atlantic integration asked her if she anti government was satisfied with the commission's recommendations. ah hello greeting thought you're wally and are older . all those who are watching a we were nearly have a have a feeling of celebration here goes. it's far not the end of the story at the decision to be taken on $24.00. but for us, it's really important that the come closer and the position now is by european commission was approved unanimously by the members of the european commission and there. and then they are very clear now to bring an understanding. and it's also
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a tribute to the reforms and a positive transformations we've been going through for the last years. and of course, clear math touch on graph thing candidates that use and the european perspective for ukraine favors the way towards mobilizing the unity for the 24th. so of course we are. so having the commission on your side is one thing, but it's no secret that beyond the commission, some you member states opposed grant to ukraine. candidate status as portugal is denmark, the netherlands, for example. so the youth summit is coming next week. do you think you can persuade them to change their stars? well, 1st and foremost, we have to understand the general landscape, all 4 or 4 of the decision which is to be taken. whereas, like 90 percent of all member states are not only like a positive about making
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a decision on granting your credit canada stitches. they are proactively insisting on that. and i'm talking here not only about the eastern european countries yesterday to re leaders of the old europe, so called like italy, france and germany war in kia. and made a clear message that they thought for immediate decision on granting you're creating a candidate such as well as the iron irish prime minister and the group of the most powerful democracy over european union. while european commission in this decision has precisely address concerns of such countries as netherlands and denmark on the rule of law and not to corrupt the steps to be done further. so either like any other arguments which will be revealed by the skeptical countries, they would be a bit of weak unclear to us. so we hope for unity and we have been comp complete. underlining that giving the candidates such as to grade is only the
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beginning of the way the beginning of those conditions we should meet to become a member say. now you mentioned yesterday's meeting in here with my consoles and drug. do you consider these states now? real ukrainian allies because the past has been criticized for legislate, trying to accommodate vladimir putin a while in that sense. it is very important that the physical meeting and such for much of taking place in keel. i'm sure that this 3 leaders are not meeting together in such for regularly, by themselves, with or without president lansky. so it gave us a lot of ponder, sounding on many issues related to military system functions, but also paving the way. so if you're a b, and that's a gratian of ukraine, these leaders have been in place when major or crime has been taking place. and i think if this a theme with your own eyes,
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if the proved are provided to the leaders by their own services who has been working in this field, there is a decision to be taken whether you undertake this commitment insured by you, by your position or not, i'm sure that it this and it will be already clear by the messaging following the formal presentation. now let me basically ask about shoals relations between ukraine and germany with strained and frosty. recently. are you not completely happy with the support you receive from the german government and all of shawls? well, it's too early to make any estimation because the very long and i'm friend discussion has been taken place yesterday and it's not a secret that we've been we've been captured in the major like devastation related to the scope and the timing of the delivery of military assistance from germany,
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given the fact that germany has all the arsenal of the most needed types of military needed to ukraine. so the arrangements and the delivery and the timing corps, not in line with the needs to defend ukraine. and this discussion has been taken place yesterday. some announcements were done, but it is still premature to assess that we will see by actions not by promises. august, stephanie, she now the deputy prime minister for european and hero, atlantic integration of you crying. thank you very much. for taking the time to speak to us. thank you. that's all on the civilian population and ukraine's eastern industrial hard land is increasing. ukrainian official says it tends to evacuate civilians that a hold up of the as a chemical plant in severe ordinates would be impossible without a complete ceasefire in neighboring lizzie chance the he says that at least 4
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civilians were killed and as strike as they sheltered in a cultural center, the russian campaign is intensifying eliza jones, the only city in the region that is still under ukrainian control. and people face a difficult choice there. whether to leave or stay. it's a gruesome task rescue workers look for survivors under the rebel at this cultural center, in least the chance they come across some of the victims. the building sheltering dozens of people was destroyed in what de la hans criminal governor says, was the russian air strike. a witnesses describe what happened after the attack. to click it, i heard some one cry. clicking terrible cries yet, but i ran here and saw only ruins and bodies really were carried away on stretches . ladonna in the fields, some were alive, some were dead. the woozy weeks. lisa chance is just the cross the river from
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several denounced the key battleground in russia's latest offensive in the dumbass region. unlike his northern neighbor, the cities still under ukrainian control, but constant russians shelling and rocket attacks. min, the civilians here are in grave danger. authorities are trying to convince them to leave, but some refuse. with that again, i mean, we are old people. we don't have a place to go. where will i go? i'm 72. they will dump me in some village somewhere. you guys fight for peace. let the peace come to us and we'll shovel us to feel, nor too many though decided to leave it believe less than a fif of the pre war population of nearly 100000 people still remains in lucy chance for many of them. destroyed houses. mean they can only seek shelter in basements like this one. i don't know how to
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put it into words. people are afraid. this is war. it's scary. there's no communication. he can't go out anywhere. there's no place to go with no where to go and no and to the fighting inside. these people are praying, their lives shattered by the brutal conflict will be spared. britain has approved the extradition of wiki leagues found a julian assault to the united states. that's why he's wanted on 18 criminal charges, including spying. washington says sampson danger lives by releasing troves of classified military records and diplomatic correspondence. we can make scold friday's decision a dark day for press. freedom and british democracy. it's about to appeal the decision at britain's high court, tight, and leadership. and earlier i spoke to rebecca vincent from the reporters without borders who has campaigned against a sas extradition. and i asked her for
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a reaction indeed i agree with where he likes. it's a dark day for press freedom here in the u. k. and this will have implications more broadly than just this country. julian assigns has been targeted by the u. s. government for his contributions to journalism and if he is indeed extradited if, if an appeal does not work on this, that's a precedent that can be applied to any publisher, any journalist, any source around the world. so it's a dark day for the u. k. but the u. k also failed to take a stand internationally to protect press freedom in journalism in signing this shameful expedition order. do you see any legal problems with this decision? i will, there's a number of issues with the case. we monitor the entire extradition of proceedings here in the u. k. court. so it's very frustrating that after 2 years of proceedings, a came full circle is once again a political decision of the home office, which again failed to act in the interest of journalism and press freedom. the we could see
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a situation where this will be in the u. k. court for possibly some months. at least a heads are big concerns or about the legal case in the us of course, because if juliana sanchez extradited, their he faces 18 counts related to his publication of information that was in the public interest. 17 of these are under the espionage act. the espionage act itself lacks a public interest defense, so he will be unable to defend himself because of course, the reason that that he published these documents. these are hundreds of thousands of leaked diplomatic and a military classified documents that expose war crimes, human rights violations. these were in the public interest, but he cannot and any other publisher, journalist, or source in this position cannot adequately defend themselves without a public interest defense. so our legal concerns only grow if the extradition indeed moves forward. well, if it does forward, what do you worry might happen to him if that happens what you just outlined?
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well, of course, there's the political precedent that this kid sat, but also his own well being. he is not well, he has extensive mental health issues. he has some physical health issues, are already concerned about his state of well being and his conditions in bell marsh prison here in the u. k. but if he's extradited, we have heard ample medical evidence throughout these proceedings that he is very likely to act on suicidal impulse that he has. this is a possible matter of life or death. and i want to emphasize that that is despite the assurances that the u. s. government has given about his possible treatment if he is extradited, even if they respect these assurances which we have no guarantee that they will. he is very likely to be held in conditions of isolation. he will be cut off from his family, from the support that he has here in the u. k. where he also shouldn't be in prison . we're very worried indeed about about his life. in fact, if he is actually added to the u. s. rebecca of his badge ok, bureau director for reporters with our borders. thank you very much.
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time now to have a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world today. in nigeria, mass general has been held for the victims of a church mass. 40 people were killed and government targeted the catholic church and southwest on those states nearly 2 weeks ago. children were among the dead. such attacks in that state. our f 3 palestinians were killed in the occupied west bank after a raid base railey forces. 8 people were wounded in the action. israel, his army says it was conducting an operation to search for weapons rates in the west bank. well ramped up after a series of deadly attacks in israel. china has launched its largest and most modern aircraft carrier market, a military milestone for the country. it comes during high tech tensions over territorial disputes with the u. s. lang and taiwan badge in virginia aims to
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modernize its military to rival washington by 2027. it is one of the biggest art events in the world and one of the most groundbreaking, but this year it's, it's opening is marked by controversy. document up is an exhibition that takes place only every 5 years in the german city of casa, and this one has been hit by allegations of racism and anti semitism. we'll hear more on the controversy in a few minutes, but 1st to look at how this year's curators a collective from indonesia are never the less hoping to offer a very different different autistic perspective than usual. ah, your usual art show, this documentary is about community and fun tie, artists combined traditional shadow puppets. with skateboarding for the 1st time, the curators behind documented are a collective bron group are from indonesia. they invited other collectives who
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invited even more collectives for mostly developing countries. they call their communal philosophy loom boom. originally it means a shared rice barn. oh, no more out of these? no, ma'am. it's a fun to let them in, in a nikiya. it's not our invention and we use it though, to refer to, ah, mckennie, sim, how to co guthmiller resources. the way in which we worked was everyone would contribute ideas and resources and a skill so that i don't not from 54 artists and collectives. the invitations kept snowballing, hundreds of artists if not more, are now exhibiting here in catholic germany, including the indonesian collective who brought these cardboard figures usually used at social justice rallies. a percentage of document as budget is also being set aside to support grassroots artists initiatives around the world. like this canyon collective, which pays tribute to life in
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a nairobi slung. it's about dignity amid the hardships. this is this 30 want of great. yeah. our fans, i hope, and our beauty is what we want to tell, not all of the negative that you hear. the news document is one of the world's leading art events. but this time the art market is barely playing a role. although there are a few big names like aboriginal australian painter, richard bell, my message is probably that we should all be involved in more collective behavior. will be kinder to each other as well. no, because to herself we've all got a long way to go to make the world a kinder place. the problems are clear, documentary big experiment is to see how much more we can achieve if we work
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together. ah, on the controversy around a documentary this year during the studio by melinda chronology, political correspond melinda, at fostering corporation, maybe the am, but in fact, this document instead of controversy before they even opened. absolutely, it has quite divisive controversy at that amongst the many, collectives that the indonesian curators invited is a palestinian group called the question of funding which explores how palestinian artists, finance. they are work in january, a blog post by a by critics calling themselves the allied alliance against anti semitism. casso accused this palestinian group of sympathizing with the bike, boycott divestment and sanctions movement against israel, known as
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b s. nobody else is very controversial here in germany. where essentially anything that appears to cross the fine line between criticizing israel and anti semitism is, is questioned. so there was a great deal of controversy following this blog post. and in fact, b, d. s is even been officially labeled antisemitic by the german parliament and attendant upon that controversy. the palestinian group actually saw their premises in castle broken into by intruders who spray painted the walls. now, you mentioned it's a sensitive topic here in germany, a half authorities. well, we've heard a number of authorities speaking out, for example, the state minister for culture, claudia haute said that germany has a very special responsibility when it comes to anti semitism. and she also warned that the document and needs to be very, very sensitive about the topics germany is special. ombudsman for anti semitism
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said that he's concerned about the fact that there are no israeli artists represented at this year's documentary. and the countries federal president has also weighed in recently saying that he does believe that art has an, has essentially a purpose to provoke debate. but that he feels that he does need to hold a speech at the opening of the document to let's hear what he had to say. lemons. it is the if you look at the discussions, think debates in the run up to the ceremony. mama, it's not a completely normal jo ann also not completely normal opening and see which is why i decided to give a speech at the opening on the debate which has happened so far. but it is absolutely clear that art is not available without dispute and cannot come and must be offensive. it must give impetus to society. exert 79 october president, fun for the steamer speaking. there are melinda,
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the doctor matter is widely considered. the was leading of the national contemporary art exhibition. will this controversy damages already? has it already damaged? i don't think it will. you know, i think the president is right when he says that this is an extraordinary year. there's a lot of hunger to talk about important social topics with a war raging in ukraine and with a hunger crisis looming around the world. so i think in fact, people will be very curious to see the socially active groups that are co contributing to dark mentor. and you know, as the old saying has it, or the main point is that they are talking about a document. and i think if anything that is likely to generate more interest, rather than less certainly that's what i'm hearing from my artist, reads it obvious to flip glucose. one melinda crane. thank you, melinda to basketball. now the golden state warriors have won the n b a
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championship. after beating the boston celtics in game 6 of the finals, it's the warriors 4th championship and 8 years. and it comes off the many had written them oft following 2 years of disappoint. after the death squibs the fireworks, golden state warriors followed their worst ever season in 2020 by failing to reach last year's playoffs. some fans had called for a clear out, but they were nowhere to be found at san francisco's chase center, where all the action from boston had been beamed back on the stadiums. big screen nominated, they be her good, crazy. i'm and i read on they even though that we out here in this year, we wanted with away very big, very good play. thompson epitomized, the warriors rebirth. the shooting guard had missed 2 full seasons through injury. many wondered if he would be the same player when he returned, but he delivered in the finals,
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knitting some crucial 3 pointers and standing tall in defense. alongside thompson warriors, talisman steph curry crowned a masterly performance by being named the finals most valuable player for the 1st time. you get guzman, just thinking about you, all those snapshot and episode that we went through to get back here individually collectively. and that's why i say, i think distribution has different. that's why i asked me so many emotions and still will just because of where to try to get back here. no wonder he was the toast of bars all across california. mary played out of his mind a b b bay coach steve kerr said the 4th championship of his reign had been the most unexpected, and that reaction was mirrored in the fan's unbridled joy. thousands of them stayed on to celebrate long after darkness had fallen on a famous night in san francisco. he
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wasn't he w news before we go. he has a quick look at our top stories. art this ah, european commission officials are recommending that ukraine be put on a fast track for you candidacy. commission president owes law fund alive said the recommendation was on the understanding that the countries with carry out a number of reforms. recommendation will need the approval of all 27 leaders of you members state and the u. k. government has approved an extradition or to send a julian massage to the us to face spying charges that the wiki league farmer has been fighting is extradition for more than a decade. and he has 2 weeks to lodge an appeal.
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and how to take good care of it in good shape. next on d w. oh, we'll go to the dark side where intelligence agencies are pulling the strings. there was a before 911 and an after 911. he says, after $911.00, the clubs came off where organized cry rules. every genuine use a global network of companies, banks, and operators. we will provide those services to anyone operation, the criminal economy. where conglomerates make their own laws. they invade our private lives, through surveillance. hidden,
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opaque, secretive working through what's vague, it doesn't matter. the only criteria is what will hook people up. we shed light on the opaque worlds who's behind the benefits. and why are they a threat to us all opaque worlds this week on d, w? and yet, i guess just skipping many people find having a chill put down a thread really unpleasant. is it an absolute most? maybe you should watch the w's health show before deciding. today we'll be looking at the stomach virus exams. try spring on stomach cramps. how can you come back.


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