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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 18, 2022 9:00am-9:16am CEST

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works germinated $6000000.00 jews like microbes to be annihilated even 77 years after the holocaust hatred towards jews is still pervasive. history that he semitism starts july 2nd on d. w. a tooth . ah. this is dw news live from berlin, war of attrition. the battle for you cranes don boss, drags on the region is left in room says russian forces pound cities and kill civilians and ukraine. struggles to hold off the onslaught. also coming up you pay
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government says julian assange can be sent to the u. s. to face buying charges, the wiki meets founder has been resisting extradition for over a decade. supporter say his fight is not over yet. and taiwan same sex marriage will. the 1st in asia doesn't cover all couples. we take a closer look at it, who's being left behind ah, on pablo police, welcome to the program. there is no let up in the fierce fighting raging in ukraine's eastern industrial heartland. the don boss, region, ukrainian forces are battling to prevent russian russia taking full control of the city of savannah dunn yeske. the regional governor says constance shelling is making it impossible to evacuate. hundreds of civilians trapped in a chemical plant there. russian troops are also targeting neighboring lizzie chanst
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where the civilian death toll is mountain. but the russian military offensive is not limited to the da boss region. ukraine has reported strikes on several cities elsewhere in the country. a crater and the ground where a russian missile strike hit. it's been 114 days since the invasion began, and civilians and pisa, she near the north eastern city of ha, keith, still have to live with shelling was lose good. significant damage was caused a multi story buildings private vehicles, and also factory workshops. moreover, one administrative building owned by pisec jean village council was damaged when it was for social workers at the factory that was damaged. don't know why they were targeted. well that you are more reasonable. we tested equipment for construction company somebody. there was no military object in here. new york i was corby with
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number one more than 500 kilometers to the south residential buildings. and michel, i have hit by mistletoe. local authorities say 2 people were killed and 20 wounded . but besides attacks in the north, east and south, the heaviest fighting is currently happening in the east and don bus region. in the embattled city of sierra donetta, ukraine says hundreds of civilians including dozens of children. i currently trapped in the zak chemical plant, which has been almost completely destroyed. the regional governor flew hands says only a complete ceasefire would allow them to be evacuated. the last city in this battle ground region that still under ukrainian control is neighboring lucy chance, but shelling has also increased here in recent days. smoke still rising from this culture center after 30 days, bombing sparked to fire. here for people who are sheltering in the building died
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for the people of lucy chance. it's becoming harder and harder to find a safe haven from russian shelling on our correspondent rebecca ritter's is in cave. and earlier i asked her about the situation in missy chanst. well, it's sir, pretty di pablo and getting worse. i mean, lucy chance can the sister sit, he is severed and yet has been at the center of the fighting for some time. now. russian forces really focusing on trying to capture both of those cities. if they do, they would have the entire, the hands gradient, which makes up the east and on bass. definitely a key point, a key area that the russians are aiming to take control of as if its 100, an ascii is almost entirely controlled by the russians. now there's just that small, a stronghold where the ukrainian forces still are in that as on the chemical plant . as it is mentioned in that report out, there's been some figures we know there is
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a route about more than 500 people. now civilians hiding in that chemical plant including $38.00 children, as, as he said in that report those, that those people can not get out now unless as a complete sci fi or agreement to humanitarian corridor that has failed. an attempt at that last week had fail as failed, as so the people still trapped there on the heavy bombardment. as i mentioned, russian troops trying to encircle that city completely entirely and cut it off, which it has almost successfully done. now moving towards lucy, chance that this is a slow moving war of attrition. so these battle lines are moving very, very slowly, but little chance being pounded quite heavily with st. high def, told they're the numbers not entirely clear at this stage, but definitely huge death hole on both sides in this region. and as you mentioned in that report, also seeing heavier fighting or heavy bombardment in other parts of the country, namely and how to keep to the north and mc alive in the south. a ukrainian paramedic has been released from russian cuff tibbetts,
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he ukrainian president to lansky said on saturday, what more can you tell us, rebecca? where you live pie i'm going on here just as a tyra, by her nickname is a 53 year old doctor and volunteer. paramedics should be working in mary paul. she was working to save lives there and also trying to evacuate civilians. mostly women and children from the area she was captured, doing that with her driver in the region have done it. and she's been held captive since march 16th. now obviously she's become a kind of an angel hero for the ukranian. so this has been an absolute, huge boost morale. it was announced yesterday by president lensky, very little details about her release. we don't know whether it was part of a prison of prisoners swap, although one could assume that it may have been no details about who was released on the other side. and we don't know what condition she is, but she's in, but we do know that she's at home with her family so that it's been a huge morale booster for the ukrainian side when they're saying such huge losses
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on the battlefield. rebecca, it's been a historical week for ukraine and referring of course of the european commissions recommendation to grant ukraine candidate status and additional arms pledges from the e. u as well as the u. k. briefly, if you could, how much of a boost has this been to morale on the ground there? a massive boost morale, obviously, as it is mentioned, you know, the huge losses on the battlefield and taking a toll on morale here. and of course these, these events that we've saved this way can a huge support coming from the european union, his as really had boasted of morale here along with the release of that paramedic. as i just mentioned, president zalinski calling the, the, the, you're paying commission's decision to advise for in favor of the candidate status as a huge boost, as well as the, the leaders of france, italy and germany coming on thursday. and of course we saw the surprise visit from president, sorry, a prime minister barak johnson of the u. k. coming yesterday,
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that this has been a huge so show of support and one that ukraine has welcomed with open arms. tito, news rebecca readers in keith. thank you. the u. k. has approved the extradition of wiki leaks, founder julian assange to the united states. he's wanted bear on 18 criminal charges including spine. washington says assange put lives at risk by publishing troves of classified military records and diplomatic correspondence. cassandra supporters, reviving to fight the decision 175, he is in prison. that's the maximum sentence wiki lakes founder julian assange could face in the us. the you case home secretary has now moved him a step closer ordering his extradition. but the assange team say they'll appeal using every legal avenue to keep him out of us hands. the fact is that if he's expedited to the united states,
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the conditions he will be under will be so oppressive the case he is facing is so oppressive that it will drive him to take his own life. the u. s. accuses assange of working with whistleblower chelsea manning to steal and publish classified material from military operations in iraq and afghanistan regal. so they say this put the lives of us agents in danger. his lawyers argue that no one was harmed, support his c assange as a courageous journalist who brought to light us war crimes. they say his case sets a dangerous precedent. this decision is a grave threat to freedom of speech. not just the julian, but for every jonathan editor and media worker in this country, he faces a 175 years in prison for publishing information,
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which he's one. jim was in the world over and had been nominated for the nobel peace prize. but the u. k courts, road extra dining assigned to the u. s. would not impinge on his rights, including his right to a fair trial and free speech. assange has been fighting extradition for more than a decade. in 2019, he was sentenced to less than a year for breaching bail conditions, but he is now being held without conviction for more than 2 years. for 2 people have been injured in an attack on a sick temple in afghanistan, capital cobble, a taliban spokesman said attackers had attempted to drive a car laden with explosives into the temple area, but if detonated before reaching its target. there are also reports the gunman stored at storm the temple and wounded those inside with a grenade. it's not yet clear who is behind the sold. let's take
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a look now at other news from around the world. at least one person has been killed in clashes between demonstrators and police in senegal. the violence came as police blocked off access to the home of an opposition leader. was man sancho called for protests after authorities, bard a number of candidates from standing in elections at the end of july the democratic republic of congo has restricted border crossings. with rwanda after a d r. c, soldier was shot dead. rwanda says the soldier crossed the border illegally and injured to border guards. tensions have been ha, intentions have been high since last month. when the d. r. c accused its neighbor of supporting rebels fighting under territory. 3 years ago, taiwan legalized same sex marriage becoming the 1st state in asia to do so. but the decision did not cover couples in which one partner is a foreigner. she w's joyce lee talk to one couple in taipei,
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louis strong and kimmy. chow hath lived together in taiwan for a decade. the lesbian couple have always wanted to have a family here. they were elated when taiwan allowed same sex marriage 3 years ago. then they found out they exclude her from the bill because kimmy, it's from hong kong. the government for bits foreigners to wet on the island unless they're from a country where gay marriage is recognized. in finance, elements of the government gave me the right to marry a same sex papa. but i am deprived of such a rile just because of my party's nationality. i feel betrayed i than i did when my friends keep asking us when the wedding will be. i wonder, it hurts every time when i have to explain that we can't because of the legal barriers in flood. kimmy is not legally the we spouse. she has and obtain residency status or the right to work. she's been living in taiwan on a true as visa, flying in i know it off the island every month when her permit expires. helpful,
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and it's been so unstable. now, people can plan for the future for the next 10 or 20 years. but we're living only month to month. my visa got extended because of covert out, but as soon as the borders reopen, i have to leave again. i don't know if i can come back. i feel restless and stressed was selfish, sat in 2019 taiwan, became the 1st asian jurisdiction to legalize gay marriage. so far, 8000 same sex couples have tied to nod, but more than 400 trans national capos are excluded. i was to the hurry propose, i refreshing a fellow last year by the cabinet, is reluctant to give that green light as it could cause controversy over national security. some officials how worried that chinese 5 can get taiwanese citizenship through faith gay marriage. 3 capos challenged the restrictions and got married after winning in court, but their rulings only applied to them. no other international couple was still who
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the part to her. i me, me father ha. queen vi ones, official attitude is ambiguous city and the one hand the government does not want to change the law because it might trigger opposition and could affect elections. but they also don't mind couples winning and coordinate and think that settling the case by case it would not harm them politically. louie and kimmy are considering legal action, but the proceedings would take 2 years and there's no guarantee of where they for now they still have to live together month by month. almost as a yeah, we're asking for something fundament that marriage is no longer defined by sexual orientation. no, but for same sex couples. marriage is now bound by nationality. it's another form of discrimination. we just went to live with our loved ones. when can we have a life of our own? simpson, the residential issue. both women say they're tired after living and uncertainty for a decade. but in the current political situation, there's no sign when
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a weather change will come. in football and news bar munich have agreed to sign. saudi monet from liverpool and a deal worth 41000000 euros. manet is considered one of the world's best forwards, having helped to liverpool to 2 major trophies last season. as well as leading senegal to glory at this year's african cup of nations. you're watching dw news live from berlin. they'll be more from the world, a sorts after the break when sports life catches up with a ukrainian wrestler who fled to germany after the russian invasion. for me, the team hair in berlin take care. i don't see again at the top of the next her her, i'm scared that i think that's hard and in the end the so me, you are not a lot us to you and more we will send you back.


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