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tv   The Future of Travel  Deutsche Welle  June 18, 2022 10:15am-11:01am CEST

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to play next week and at the glastonbury festival in the u. k. after the breakup of the beatles in 1970, he embarked on a successful solo career performing on stage with his for work 1st wife, linda, people around the world of join day on social media tuition, a very happy 80th birthday. all right, when you're watching detail, you news life from berlin of next art documentary series doc, film looks at the future of tourism and whether it can be made environmentally sustainable. and that's after a short break. i'm pablo filiette for me and the team hair and bread, and thanks for watching. see again at the top of the next act, it happened 175 years ago. you start up entrepreneur at a specific goal. 1 build the best article instruments in the world. good size.
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indeed, his wish has become a reality. 175 years of size starts june 19th on d w. we all dream of holidays to relax or explore other parts of the world. yet tourism takes a toll on nature, cities and the climate. is it time to re think out travel plans before we need structural change and a totally different approach? before corona's struck cities like dubrovnik, venice and barcelona, we inundated with tourists leaving visitors, frustrated and local, stressed. but change is afoot, cerebral, down that we want quality tourism, which makes people fall in love with venice. they fall in love under the gaze of big brother. many towns and now using c, c t, v on
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a wide scale and we ourselves provide a vast amount of data. if we try to turn big data into small plato and simply put in networking data algorithms identify our needs and agencies provide the appropriate office. yes, we're all ready. airborne again, but can we still travel without feeling guilty? last rumble us bounced alone is famous pedestrian boulevard. and before corona, a tourist hotspot, locals felt they were being drowned out by the tourist holds. antonia foot wera wants to give residents of voice through a new public radio station. yeah, because i live here and enjoy getting to know my name is myra. anyway,
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it's often said that li city trellis don't even know lives next door myself as well . but i know lots of people in my neighborhood, yoga mika, for so angel, melinda? i was hired. well, it's antonia. see then, what does the future hold for a city that attracted 21000000 visitors in 2019. that's 13 tourists for every one resident. it's hard to imagine there was any room on the rumbling for locals as rana that's not change and some people still live here and you're going to meet one of them. he's called at work is low. i got up when i shot him. oh hi edward. as things how cool is that high? is it the japanese greeting today? yes, japanese. edward eli as villa is a member of the s o s, ramblers association. he's fighting to prevent the complete sell out of the
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boulevard. during the pandemic, he took part in an unusual project. he rang each doorbell on the 1.2 kilometer avenue to find out who still lives there. the result was shocking. officially 700 people reside here, but the association found no more than 70 we again, i guess today is a resident of the ramblers. they say no one lives here anymore, but we have living proof that's not true. right. edward bella, and one of the last resistance fighters, you are. what was it like here? last year, when there were hardly any tourists on the rambler, i'm letting him, but i won't get ahead of you. then what came to light was something we've complained about for years. lamar with the massive visit, is gone, but it suddenly became clear how big the difference is between life with and without tourists. awesome. so now every one can see that i only have one. i look at
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it became dramatically obvious that in districts which leave solely from tourism, it's not just neighbors that are missing. you can't find a single bakery pharmacy or grocery store either. i think definitely the 50 k in my view, the tourist industry is extremely destructive. and tourism could move in a place and make it worthless. wonder and then a part of the industry just looks for the next place. and what's left when the tourists have gone renella a corpse. if you can tackle an on cops and another about many of the small shops that border last ramblers still haven't come back to life. with only a few tourists around it's not worth opening. and some businesses didn't survive the locked down. lots of apartments in the area are also empty. most served as
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holiday accommodation. now, relics of the past. years ago, barcelona ends launched protests at the growing number of vacation apartments. living space had grown scarce and many could no longer afford the rising rents in their neighborhoods. tourists go home was their response. the men took their concern seriously and thank god said me leave since identified at 7200 elemy gall tourist apartments bush. we've achieved what seemed impossible and but the air b and b and other platforms have removed a thousands of legal accommodations from their websites that or the adverts which had fueled property, speculation, and caused resentment amongst residents. in that last we've also regulated new hotel construction labrador hotel construction is actually banned in the city center because there's already enough again, mars with space in the city center limited. barcelona has been spreading out into
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surrounding areas like popular now a former industrial and working class neighborhood. it's transformation began 2 decades ago with the opening of a university and new housing project. the city is wooing companies to create more jobs here. and barcelona opened its design museum next to pablo, now's landmark, taught a glorious skyscraper in 2014, but what about tourists other novel and free after the school to else? but if we don't want to create a cultural scene, specifically for tourists fitzgerald a yaki that we want tourists to take an interest in what interests that the people of barcelona. and that's our goal goes. so we have to create a scene for residents, shows olga, and this will automatically make tourists interested and specie. aka will you film festivals, muslims?
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hobbler now is just 20 minutes from the city center. barcelona is applying the smart city concept to its development. the area around the design museum is now home to attractive living space, once known as the catalan manchester. pablo now is betting that innovative architecture and culture will please residents and visitors alike. a december dinner emilio, my, we have to broaden our tourist horizon and diversity and decentralize the streams of tourism center. the do we need to make funds available and develop new tourism field and give it like culture sort and ecology rows. then we can change tourism logics. couple them come yeah. oh, but ram elderly smuggler ah. inst. kenyatta is also curious about tourism influence on towns and cities, a 3rd generation pub in our residence. his grandmother worked as a seamstress in
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a factory here. though he likes culture, he feels that the change is a stripping problem. now of its charm. that even i gotta look at here and when i was small, this was an industrial area. they as well, not a magnet for tourists day. now a man, if you saw a stranger the briefcase, i knew he was last, that aretha the idea of decentralizing tourism with other simply means spreading the problems to the rest of the city. i'm asking and things i want to have with us with that are going journalist with athletic standard. valerie thought that you've been sugar knowledge or mental illness. i disagree. the decentralization means diverting streams of tourists so that there are fewer tourists per area. so what zoning? if barcelona people visit fashion workshops and probably new tourists will follow suit to, he says he, if they don't, then neither will tourists. and that's the issue about how can i as a resident influence decisions taken by visitors to my city field rep. that's the key,
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like global level tourists currently have focused on just 30 percent of barcelona is total area, and millions are always drawn to the same sites. hobbler now has its own rambler. locals are worried that soon their boulevard 2 will be full of tourists, elbowing them out. but wouldn't visitors bring money into the neighbourhood? algorithm intel to reason i can think of gross in tourism in recent years has not led to an improvement in living conditions. her anal up while tourist industry jobs are insecure with very low wages and poor working conditions. much worth a lot of outsourcing. and part time contracts are like that for the majority of local residents, our tourism only has negative aspects. terrific. i see a lot of that and only then up on that or much o n as that are on a real available as you like. barcelona many international tourist hotspots,
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face a dilemma. how can they fulfill the needs of residents while being economically dependent on tourism? and it would be great to see the rambling, again, become a boulevard for residents. naturally, visitors should also be welcome here, but not thousands of them. it will knock out, going in melissa for, for last fallen bunny miss as by, as just will disagree. maybe we all believe that the problem is the masses got, that's why we're against more tourists. it would help us if in the future there were no more or at least far fewer cheap flights. otherwise, the problem will persist, are a low cost. so now, lemme the total number of flights worldwide rose to 47000000 in 2019, or 1500000000 vacationers. nothing it seemed could stop them. but then came cove at 19 and locked downs, a time devoid of any good news. well,
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not quite. at the new climate instituting cologne, professor nicholas horner evaluates global studies on climate change orders to settle this will. since tourism has taken a break, even of air traffic emissions have dropped significantly once that's good for the climate hour, but also upon them x over your we expect force will start flying again from maybe even more than before. no frills carriers are already attracting passengers with bargain offers barcelona for 12 euros $99.00 paris to venice for a me a 14 euros $99.00 price dumping has taken out where it left off how kerosene remains, tax free mac windows. i can't imagine tax free drivers do. railroads to pay tax. i would put air traffic doesn't look good for to effectively subsidize on that is good. that is actually counterproductive and by rights should be stopped
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immediately. for years now, the european union's attempts to change kerosene laws have failed because the member states cannot agree. but the pace of climate change is making the issue more and more urgent does englishman. consequently, we have to come up with alternative statement and one possible solution to synthetic fuel. stoffer, osman and electricity is obtained from renewable energy ahmed, and used to produce a liquid fuel which can be burned quite normally. and turbines. inventory for chris, renewable fuels are technically feasible, but still too expensive. so compared to basil rail travel for instance, flying steel generates high emissions along whole flight produces around 3 tons of c o. 2 per passenger. the nose of you, carbon dioxide emissions from cruise ships are also extremely high. approximately 3 tons per week about the same as
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a carliette road through ingrafila. i'm guns. this young outer farm before corona, up to 10 cruise ships, sailed into venice each day and up to 20000 tourists went ashore. not only to these giant vessels admit vast quantities of pollutants, their wakes also damaged the foundations of local buildings. most of which are built on wooden piles. companies still use venice as the highlight of their cruises, sailing past st. mark's square at daybreak. it's like something out of a fairy tale. but venice itself doesn't profit much from this kind of tourism. the docking fees go to rome, and the passengers eat and sleep on board. and some tour operators report their earnings in tax havens like panama. but venice is head of tourism is still glad to see visitors returning. ah,
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the remington hatchet? i for mother at last. there is life in the city again after a difficult here. people here can again lead normal lives. and many of them have been hard head that was done before the pandemic venice was overrun with tourists 30000000 each year. many were day trippers, all with the same agenda. c st. mark's square ride in a gondola, crossed the re alto bridge by a souvenir, and then leave in the evening. ran to look down. i can wait a minute if during lockdown, venice set up an operation center linked to hundreds of cameras and sensors all over the city ah, changing miami to accommodate him to madison saudi. as a result, we now know how many people are coming and going every minute around. the sun will
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shine the slope at his in the ah, the data is evaluated in a smart control room. the city plans to use its observations to guide the masses of visitors and stagger the number of tourists at hot spots. on the day of our visit, $20000.00 tourists were in the city. 40 percent german information from phone companies is used to determine nationality. since nearly everyone has a cellphone, the phone number can be identified on arrival. crystal guarantee, shortly. this makes ben as one of the safest cities in the world. although somebody might be watching free hot spots, enable us to quickly find something on a smartphone when we are abroad. ah,
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bill in network activists mock was beckett our worries about the digital traces. we leave. he monitors the security of private data on the internet as be date of it, i guess my, the thir league data refers to the vast amount of data that can be sifted through classified and used to draw conclusions on of. and that is interesting for each individual sector. pause or a big data is changing, tourism in so far as totally new possibilities are emerging, are completely new scenarios and fife, but also totally new risk. so we talk very little about what he bits of in this kitchen. when we view a website, often we simply accept the long data protection declaration without reading it. this makes us easy to track for algorithms that are becoming better and better acquainted with our behavior. and our holiday wishes
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detritus decides to target these and via the tourist of today is transparent home. because as a rule, we do all and bookings via the internet 5 on this enables a large number of companies to gather information on us. and draw conclusions as to our preferences and our personality as really, usually with the aim of presenting us with even more personalized advertising to her robin. i'm saying, when from it in so can companies like facebook, google and instagram, analyze our data according to target groups. and sell the information to tourism marketing agencies like saint elmo's. the company devises advertising strategies for entire holiday regions. olaf knits creates targeted campaigns from big data.
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principally, basically, you can buy users to market to boil. you was, i could get a batch of a 1000 users say for $0.10 each to show them banners. yank of like a price rises depending on the target group and that there are also other billing models where you pay per click on. i might also pay $0.10 for that with thought, depending on who you want to address, incentive or the valley. the click generate was where he knocked you my page 2 or 3 euros. we can viet desert, click that are him him to called than can of yet the algorithm is even running while we google calculating what we're interested in and selling a tailor made advert on the page we're about to look at to the highest bidder. toyota closely user is to transaction the more expensive it gets optional, but if i know, for instance that a user is looking for a 4 star hotel in or not, a click is more expensive because the likelihood of the user completing the booking based on the advert is higher, the sub is that on the price he or she is prepared to pay is also higher its own
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internet julian cern a lot of money even before a holiday begins. but what about while we're on holiday, when we're looking for a restaurant with a good rating? this problem i didn't have that problem with these evaluation systems is that we can no longer trust dia because either rivals go and rate their competitors worse than they hung, or they buy positive ratings, or they get friends and acquaintances here, give good ratings go to provide that i know account of these evaluations conclusive um it was in the bahamas, osh lackey. im and how protected is the data gathered on us in a city like venice? well, i know that it's probably claimed that the data obtained in a pseudonym ised or anonymized hold back of your mean. they're not gonna one only,
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not the data or anonymous. they will delay. we know which country someone's telephone number comes from, but we don't know the name of the person. yeah. that would contravene data protection laws and ethical privacy as problems have of the problem is that in conjunction with other data that could be available if it is possible from a large suit analyzed or anonymized data set to d, anonymize certain items of information and center that can prompt her through ent arm underneath urine. we often help make ourselves more transparent, especially while on vacation. for example, by taking a photo and revealing its location. that's probably much standardized. it's a problem with location data and is that when a company or the state knows where i was in the past, and also where all other people with statistical conclusions can be drawn me as to where i might be to morrow i started, even though i might not even have thought of wanting that up. what
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a computer i can already pre calculate at at it with a high level of probability, and then make me corresponding offers, obligation or mid unheard, the path and anger border mom. the only alternative is to leave our cell phones at home, but most of us prefer to pay for the convenience with our data world wide. dubrovnik also installed surveillance cameras during lockdown in its old town. now current tourist numbers show up on this website ah, was uppermost over me and we've changed our tourism management completely tourism used to swamp us the world. now we manage it, a sad idea, centuries mom portillo bug up to 15000 people would sometimes thrown into the old town before the pandemic. not only did
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this cause over crowding, it was also dangerous, because in the event of a mass panic, the mediaeval said he wool has just for exits. and cruise ship tourists who brought in little revenue all used to arrive at the same time and stay for just a few hours. so the mayor introduced new rules, but i won't put up a lot a so 1st rule that no more than 2 crew ships in port. and once the crews that in this movie, the money or the 2nd rule, each ship must stay birthed, for at least 8 hours at noon is. the 3rd rule applies to day tourists, most of whom arrive by coach, without each coach. and we're talking about $150.00 a day now has to register on a website and has given a special slot for them. and coaches are limited to 7 every half hour. yet to swallow, paula thought that measurable kit of maxime ala sidenote or was this allows dubrovnik to stagger arrivals. and the crush at the city gates,
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ah, tourism here is only slowly picking up again. life in the old town is still more relaxed and dealing than it has been for a long time. ah, cynthia mcclain left him a waste and was was money like we really have been able to reduce the number of simultaneous visits to the historic center that they should have at mr. goodman sig, we're not gonna commit ship on. we now know all about the number of people arriving at the city gates at woodrow boys. yes, goody. this will be. but as i've always sal, it's not about numbers. it's about flow. yes, i wish i put that equal. ah, it's not about the number. it's about flow steering streams of visitors while meeting tourists needs, like many hot spots, dubrovnik faces a logistical challenge every day. and its inhabitants must cope with the
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consequences of tourism. the old town now has less than a 1000 residence 20 years ago. it had 5 times as many how can the remaining residence benefit from their own town? sociologist, petra much jenko is conducting research the one we have to know exactly what we learned from this 10th. do we want it to become an urban center again? or should it remain a kind of open air museum? because the moment a person is living space is treated as a resource, is you conflict some ice decoder seminar that should orchard or a song. so is it legitimate for a city to profit at the expense of its residence, to broaden it gained in popularity by serving as a backdrop for star wars and game of thrones. but kennedy escaped these fantasies. in august, there are many obstacles to revitalizing a historical. the 1st is,
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but there are no apartments available die, so there is no way for the people to come back to them. it's really hard for young people in particular to find property because prices have now sought beyond all buying power. i. yes, it's alice oversized, that there are any who have like this and what with visitors, absent during the pandemic, many young people also lost their jobs. yet another reason to move. only older residents are still holding out. now the city is bracing for more tourists, but are they really welcome? ah, bot net booster you every tourist is welcome here i'll you know, well, we want every visitor who comes to dubrovnik to respect our town. forced to a missed acquittal. sh. nutley respect the city up
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to boss alone as residents would also like to say, visitors, respect their city, tourists stance like this. have long sparked outrage. now such escapades, or to become a thing of the past and the monthly stage. perform the man. it makes me sad to see tourists coming here and doing things they would never do at home. see what i, what it really depresses me. a man, i would like to see people show a greater sense of responsibility on up some of them into dumb when someone travel somewhere they should behave as if they were visiting their parents and not misbehave. fallen off no matter whether residents and tourists will get on together in europe's hotspots, also depends on future urban planning. barcelona is working on a new mobility concept. the aim is to ban more and more cars from the city center. barcelona already has 250 kilometers of bike lanes, shared bicycles and e bikes are available on every street corner,
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the 1st 30 minutes of free, but they're only available to locals. green hubs and squares transforming once busy intersections into what's known as super blocks. 5 of these oases have been set up already and 10 times as many a plant the aim is for them to replace 60 percent of the road still used by motorists and create space for social interaction. ah, even in tourist districts like elburn citizens, initiatives are creating small gardens which promote a sense of community and neighbourhood. basil owner is carving out a new form of urbanity and focusing on its strengths that
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i am canceling that they own a normal, truly, nurse luna has a lot to offer that, anthony. and we've got great people. i'm outstanding museums and excellent artists that us a lot of us. i think if visitors are to come here all year round and not just in summer, we have to focus on culture because we want people to take an interest in culture and come into contact with us. local isn't cavity muslim unless you know that many european hotspots want to draw visitors attention to nearby attractions to in barcelona. that's monserrat abbey, amsterdam, pipes the beach at sanford, just 35 kilometers away. it's even been renamed amsterdam beach for now. and even copenhagen is placing its faith in decentralization, but barcelona is also pursuing another strategy, integrating visitors into every day life, so that at best they are indistinguishable from the locals.
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while working on a study at the future institute in vienna, sociologist christiana varga, identified one need. every visitor has resonance. tourism is the future in a physique bedard does. in physics, in resonance simply means being in harmony with something or reverberating with it is often applied to terrorism. this means a shift from the mass phenomenon of taking off a list of sites to a major need for the resonance. in other words, am for localization in a specific area. the tourist is being perceived and addressed differently. the aim is to link people with on another again to stop a distinction being made between tourist and local. ideally it's an encounter at a location between people who enjoy being together in a tight madana. 50 years ago,
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holidays played a different role. people wanted rest and relaxation, preferably to do nothing to be fit for work again afterwards. traveling was separate from everyday life. death has the sheets for and that has now changed her. we're now in a mobility phase. in an age when being on the move is becoming more and more the norm, especially where the younger generation is concerned, and the boundaries between holidays and work between leisure, time and work, are now fading more and more my vinegar from an m. a for tenants in the tourists no longer want to be recognized as such, they want to be part of this community. i go my as a result, new products and constellations are being developed with regard to pleasure at the combination of business and leisure. suddenly the visitor is no longer and mere today some way before traveling on. nowadays,
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he or she spends more time in one place 1st, the beach, then the laptop. the blizzard tourist combines work and pleasure. like here in better house. back in 2013. jodie. so beer us opened one of the 1st co working offices in barcelona desks and conference rooms can be rented on an hourly or a daily basis. it's a trend french hotel chain, a core, and a property investor. now hope to profit from on a large scale. they've opened flexible work rooms, not only in the popular suburb of popular now they want to become market leader and ain't soon to offer $1200.00 of these offices all over europe. yogurt. okay. cardenas eh nichol working? i think the whole working locations planned by hotel chilling was the gases in the case of the woodrow wilson and probably being open because hotels are seeking
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a strategy for acquiring and binding new customers. they buy their cap that ah, the amos for their guess not just to stay overnight once or twice at apple, but to stay longer than me. and i got a lot a little, but apple had a compromise catalyst and roscoe murphy, alice, it's also an attempt to counter it, b and b, a platform which for years has been luring customers away from hotels on a grand scale. this chart shows ebay in bays in barcelona since the company was founded in 2008 each don't represent a host. it's no different in amsterdam or new york or berlin. ebay and bay has revolutionized the global tourist industry . the company went public and celebrated its billionth customer in 2021. despite new
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laws, ebby and b, as still partly responsible for the housing shortage in major cities. yet it's basic concept meets many tourists need for genuine contact at a time in which travel is increasingly hectic difficult, it will become more a case of as well as, rather than either or depending on my needs or the phase of life. i mean, i might want to get from atp fast, but i might make a conscious decision to travel slowly. be slow, travel like slow food and slow fashion as a counterpoint to being rushed plus space. and when is also a new luxury, and exclusivity is reflected in price because space costs money on that and so
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attractive space we feel people also means higher prices, either a, it's not only more space than holiday makers want many. now also want to travel sustainably. a 25 years ago this gave chi pardon an idea and he founded the eisen mit zenning, or travelling with purpose. his team tests every trip, but what is sustainable travel? you fluke all flights are carbon dioxide compensated 100 percent, but also by people avoiding plastic as much as possible at their location or getting around by bike or on foot and not integrating any short whole flights into their holiday created. the highest is agency offers, encounters on equal terms on trips to vietnam, tourists cycle from place to place like the locals, or get to know the hill communities on foot. then the m at ones and guests when we
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are else and above with our guests, we try to establish actual contacts. so that true communication takes place in call . it's important for us, for as much added value as possible to remain in the country. and in our case, the figure is on average, 51 percent, but the figure for an all inclusive alto, for example, is only a fraction of the eyes. and the higher the added value, the more sustainable a product is from ohio to gar, this product. yet during the pandemic, it wasn't sustainable companies that received government support. it was the industry's giants. like to eat, the world's biggest travel company and lufthansa with no environmental conditions attached to merkel trailer money could have been diverse in the right direction in constraint charlie on things that are really good for society. work conditions could have been attached to the money that is flowing into the airline rush to make them commit long term to reducing their greenhouse gas emissions of good awesome the airlines fleeced from it's is in lancaster. she does. we're finished near her
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pupils cousins, ron soldier. ah, but lufthansa offers exactly the opposite, rewarding its customers with a bonus program, even for short, whole flights, and also for many take offs and landings. air france also received government support, but it had to commit to reducing its c o 2 emissions by 50 percent by 2024. and in the case of domestic flights, by offering rail travel as an alternative wherever possible. the tiny island state of palau also wants tourists to act more consciously. law a film shown to every visitor immediately upon arrival under lines. why? in the high season this diving paradise in the pacific ocean has 5 times more visitors than local inhabitants. ah,
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tourists, as shown, how much damage their behavior can cause to the sensitive coral reefs. but at the same time, plows economy needs visitors. on arrival, a pledge is stamped into every holiday makers, passport, signing. it is a written commitment to respect nature in palau. this might only be a symbolic act, but it is a step towards making people aware of the ecological damage tourism is causing world wide the citizens of venice know all about the damage caused by cruise ships. but even feel it personally remind, allowing before 12 in the 10 ships arrived every day. as
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a result by february we had already exceeded girl yearly air pollution limits set by the european union. i provide you with that. i'm able to clean the sale of yankee if you hang out laundry and the ship arrives in america, you've quickly got to bring it in again because of the dirt that's in the air. it's not because i guess in the suburb where i live, you can hardly breathe when a ship comes in that navi, up on it, is in the denali, agnes get out. but it looks as if cruise tourism here is going to pick up precisely where it left off before the pandemic. no giant cruise ships in venice. the years activists on and along the g, a decker can now have repeatedly demonstrated against the giant cruise line, has most of the ships burn heavy fuel oil, which releases 100 times more pollutants into the air than the ordinary diesel fuel
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used by trucks. but the number of bookings is soaring once again. over the next few years, the industry expects the number of cruise ship passengers to rise from 30 to 40000000 a year. 40 new cruise line as a to be added to the world's fleets by 2027. for the 1st time, advocates of cruise tourism are also protesting. many lost their jobs during the pandemic and the gland to see the things of finally picking up again. great opportunities to go and what is more warner? a cruise tourism is good tourism. good thing. little especially of venice is the home port. i said it because it means that ships stay longer. i'm gonna leave it guarantees income for the city. it was for hotels shuttle d taxi drivers,
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land through flights to venice again. in many ways i had a little door waste. a few weeks after the protest, the activists choked up a minor success. now only cruise ships weighing less than $25000.00 tons can sail past st. mark's square giant ships like this now have to more at the industrial port, though they can still cause damage to the venetian lagoon. nevertheless, travel remains one of the world's most lucrative industries. in 2019 inbound tourism brought in about $1.00 trillion dollars in revenue. what must change if cities and regions are to promote sustainable tourism? onasia aqaba and a large international companies that avoid democratic controls and promote harmful
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mass tourism lee ought to be ban tech came back that all that he thought he this global system has to change. i mean, like an angel, but of politicians must set the framework and create incentives for sustainable and climate neutral travel. when, if we want to fly from the industry needs to develop new technology so that we can keep flying through that c o 2 neutral him through the final tar ah, ah. and what can we do? instead of getting off to exotic locations, we can explore regions closer to home and linger awhile rather than just taking off items on our bucket lists. we can travel less often, but for longer we could carefully way up every trip and make more conscious decisions about how we travel. perhaps avoiding environmentally damaging trips until innovative solutions emerge. or we could opt to discover everything
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possible irrespective of the cost. how we want to travel in the future depends on how we want to live in the future. ah, ah ah, ah, ah ah, in good shape and be kind to your son with what it's doing well, it's a true super oregon. when it's feeling bad,
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they can get really angry about all about the stomach can have a take good care of it. in good shape. in 30 minutes on d, w. o. christian of whether the next crisis will come. but only when and how the media will deal with it. how can we stay focused on what is important? shaping tomorrow now, exploring opportunities for media professionals in times of crisis. the global media for june 2020 to your ticket. now global ideas is on its way to bring you more conservation. how do we make cities
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greener? how can we protect habitats? we can make a difference. global ideas, environmental series in global 3000 on d, w, and online ah ah, ah, this is deed of you, news live from berlin, war of attrition. the battle for ukraine's done boss drags on the region is left in ruins. as russian forces pound cities and kill civilians to ukraine, struggles to hold off the onslaught. also.


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