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the former beatle is showing no signs of slowing down. he's just finished a tour of the us and is due to play next weekend at the glastonbury festival in the u. k. after the break up of the beatles in 1970, he embarked on a successful solo career performing on stage with his 1st wife, linda, people around the world of joined in on social media to wish him a very happy 80th for a while. i couldn't have done it without. right when you're watching detail, you news life from berlin. don't forget you can keep up to date on our website, d, w dot com and you can follow up on our social media account. i'm pablo funniest. thanks for watching. take care and i'll see you very soon with ah, what secrets my behind these was discover new adventures in 360 degrees. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. d w world heritage 360.
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get the out now. it happened 175 years ago of young start up entrepreneur at a specific goal to build the best optical instruments in lieu cod size lin devices bearing his name with one d. b feature in landing and lead science into new realms. one and 75 years of ice starts june 19 o w may i introduce my black lab bus it at home? dogs are my passion, but at work a patch. now robots, what if i combined the 2? could a robot replace my dog? let's see. all that and more on shift, ah,
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shoot. would you like a dog but perhaps your landlord doesn't allow pads or you're allergic? why not get a robo dog? sounds weird. not in japan. ready i by looks pretty cute, but it's much more than just a ty behind his big eyes, a multiple cameras voice, make ignition software, touch senses i've always showed for artificial intelligence for i bought and in japanese it means partner artificial intelligence let's i by may vote honestly and make spontaneous decisions. the robotic dog was designed to be a serious alternative to a living breathing pat. gimme the, obviously they're not living creatures, their robots. but many of our clients who keep i boat home, it treat it like a real patently when you to our customers, ruba patch can feel very, really,
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and even evoke feelings of attachment. you know, just like real animals. the design seems to be whacking each year at the she, chico, sans children's festival. some owners bring ivers, not children to the shrine, to pray for their health and good fortune. that rober dogs can even receive as though to funeral. these ceremonies a health to say good bye to i both the to be on repair. but the good news is i bows a practically immortal than memories live on in the cloud. they do look adorable, but could you imagine loving a piece of plastic? i went to japan to put able to the test bossa versus i bow. who is the better dog? i'm going to pick eyeball against my dog foster in 5 categories. godliness out affect the cleanliness, character and expenses. oh,
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codley miss. i have just one question was not to like about dogs and a lot of them love hawks. i've, on the other hand, is very delicate and is more sensitive than i would have imagined. countless senses making respond to touch immediately. if they're really cute, i have to admit them. i was impressed. let's call it a draw. oh, next the outdoor factor. bossa loves the beach. i bo probably wouldn't survive the sand. dasa love swimming eyeball wouldn't survive that either. wow. in fact, i will as design strictly for indoor use. so if you're not a fan of exercise, eyeball might be quite appealing. i have to walk my dog for about 2 hours every day to me, that's a clear win for bossa. oh,
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the 3rd category is personality. my dog has a great personality, which i'm a bit proud of. my friends you make fun of me for that. i boast don't really ever personality, right? they're just machines all exactly the same point that i belong. any i bought that you buy will develop in a different way depending on its surroundings and the users lifestyle. like if they all i, booz will go their own way is i know they will act differently, like, and feel differently ethically. well, a light that is made possible by a i, and deep learning. eyeball also features, facial and voice recognition software that, that's it. recognize the person it's interacting with. it's more willing to respond to commands. if that person has already spent time with it. impressive, i will can learn new tricks with software updates. i can teach boston new tricks to . it might take an and longer, but it's still a lot of fun. i'd say one point each. oh,
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next up cleanliness, my am i showing you this? because if i didn't show a bossa once a week, my apartment would be a mess. and don't get me started on all that here on the floor. i bow scores. oh, finally, expenses. while i bill comes with a half the price take of around $2700.00 euros. a labrador pup cost about $1700.00 yours. and what about the monthly cost? sony charges about $20.00 euros a month for access to the cloud, where you can download all of eyeballs, features hungry, hungry bossy eats up about 40 years of my monthly budget. and veterinary bills can add up to more than $500.00 euros a year. and the grand score is 4234, eyeball. congratulations, i will. but i'm still not sure if i could bond with the machine. these robotic dogs
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are a different story. they've got a bad reputation that could be thanks to dystopian sy fi works like these. and then there's the so called defense industry that fits dog like rovers with a tillery ranging a well worn kilometer support us believe these robot dogs will improve security in the future. if you say so, one thing is for sure they can do dangerous jobs. salt is exploring a drug lab, harmful chemicals could be in the air, and armed criminals could be hiding in the shadows. this replica of a lab demonstrates how does police put their very bow dogs to work a mounted camera. let's officers observe what is happening at the crime scene from a safe distance. spot is remote controlled. it is not meant to be autonomous. it's job is to protect police officers from dangerous situations. it's not, i understand the pupils often scare people in my volunteer,
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but the way we see it on the stand, all these reports do is bring sensors to location that would be dangerous for us cancer. and then come back with data where alika variable take dogs can be equipped with a number of different senses that let them measure things such as radioactivity. for example, companies have already tested models and a decommissioned nuclear plant in british sellafield. this kid enable inspections that don't expose humans to the risk of nuclear contamination. robotic dogs are being put to the test around the globe in italy, spots, and it's $360.00 degree camera patrol, the antique ruins of pompei each night. in spain, it serves drinks in singapore, it gods, construction sites. it's no coincidence that similar experiments are being conducted a mr. pandemic as many sectors struggle to stop their teams,
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actually replacing the need for manpower on site with autonomous solutions is grainy, a gaining real traction in the industry. these robles can take over doll dirty or dangerous jobs, but they also have caring tasks like this. this is of a dog is owned by a leading chinese ai and robotics firm. walks and play time included the design to entertain support and even got us. but do we want robots doing that? the honolulu police on hawaii tick spots for a practice run when they deployed the keynote robot to check the temperatures of unhappy people during the height of the corona virus pandemic. critics warned this was dehumanizing visitors to this park and sing, a cor responded with mixed emotions. when a ruble dog was sent out to ensure that people maintain safe distance and it's cameras and artificial intelligence record the number of people. i think it's
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quite light, like the black mirror, kind of like that always under surveillance l times. i think it's pretty cool. it keeps a sense that you know, somebody's in his looking around just to make sure that the people around us, hey, this might look more like a giraffe than a dog, but spots mucus iteration has been equipped with a gripping arm. right now, the robots just sensing the world, but the moment that a consent to well and interact with it based on wednesday that starts opening up wide variety new applications for, for spot, with so many uses. we have lots to look forward to, by the way spot has proven that is god moves like jagger. ah, ah,
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a force promo videos like this unmade to go viral. but live dogs can also gain social media pain. like this pomeranian def palm from the u. s. he has 10000000 followers on instagram and another 20000000 on take talk. personally, i'm not a fan of dressing up dogs like humans. i prefer and the dogs such as these 2 former street dogs in rio de janeiro. both i'll have for ever homes and good jobs. carmella joined the fire department and corporal olvera is with the police. there is the fame helps raise awareness, for example, for other st. dogs of war works in asian campaigns. i wonder if dogs would use social media on their own ill? yana hearst, you douglas believes they certainly need more self determination. so she developed a dock form. i was
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a go fly at the scottish university of glasgow. you'll, you know, her ski douglas investigates her animals interact with computers. in 2021. she developed a doggy food for her lab. zack, to lot of products coming to market that allow you to video, call your animal or track your animal am, but you are a, your dog or, you know, doesn't really have many choices over this technology. and so i thought it would be wonderful if we sort of flip the narrative of this. and instead of dog could make a video call rather than a human calling them and also choose whether or not it wants to answer the calls. but how do you teach a dog to make a phone call. ready is una husky. douglas took advantage of the fact that zach would often bring her a ball if he wanted attention. what i did was on the inside am, how's inside his tennis ball inside the tennis ball is just an exhaust rita, and also a chip and is the battery and some, some other technology that basically connects with ball and to my computer or his
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computer at home her lap doesn't like picking up the phone, but he does let me can calls himself his favorite, her video calls where her ski douglas can show him where she is. the experiment will continue for 2 weeks and then it's back to the drawing board. i guess i have legacy of a big dreams in an animal technology. i would really like it if we started developing technology that give animals more control over their life. and so my sort of end goal of this is to really make technology that really improves in animal life and really improves welfare. i'm all for technology, improving the lives of our paths. why should humans have all the benefits? but for the start of our show, robert, like abel, i'm more than just a toy. they are useful companions that can help combat loneliness. for example, that's scientifically proven. is that a series solution, euclid profit form, or is it just fun and games? let us know. that's all from us. see you next time. ah!
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[000:00:00;00] ah, nothing can stop her. the record breaking mountaineer sophie level. despite the most adverse conditions, she dares to crime one of the wheel highest peaks. himalayan expedition sophie level and the 8000 metre high adventure. next on d, w a, they are stuck, whole thousands of migrants are waiting and libya's detention camps in, in humane conditions,
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all torture and arbitrariness are routine here. they want to move on, but are stuck in libya. no escape from hell. in 2 hours on d. w if you ever have to cover up a murder, the best way is to make it look like an accident. raring to you've never read a book like this. don't you literature list 100 german last reads. ah ah


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