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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 18, 2022 3:00pm-3:16pm CEST

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it's all so crazy with with this is dw news lie from berlin, war of attrition. the battle for ukraine's dumb bostrad john, the region is left in ruins, as russian forces pound cities and kill civilians. and ukraine, struggles to hold off the onslaught. also coming up bombers target
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a chic temple in afghanistan. at least 2 people are dead and many more injured, following explosions and gunfire in the center of cobble. so who's behind the attack? and a musical legend marks a milestone, paul mccartney turns 18. will discuss his legacy with our resident. feels expert ah a michael ok welcome. there is no let up in the fears, fighting raging in ukraine's eastern industrial heartland. the dumbass region, ukrainian forces are battling to prevent russia taking for control of the city if she ever donates. the regional governor says constant shelling is making it impossible to evacuate. hundreds of civilians trapped in a chemical plant. their russian troops are also tar neighboring list. a chance
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where the civilian death toll is mounting. but the russian military offensive is not limited to the dom boss region. ukraine has reported strikes on several cities elsewhere in the country. a crater in the ground were a russian missile strike hit. it's been 114 days since the invasion began, and civilians and pisa, she near the north east and city of ha, keith still have to live with shelling was lose good. the significant damage was caused a multi story buildings private vehicles and also factory workshops. moreover, one administrative building owned by pisec jean village council was damaged when there was no workers at the factory that was damaged. don't know why they were targeted. hope mo repairable. we tested equipment for construction company, somebody. there was no military object in here. yeah. it's gonna be
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a good number one more than 500 kilometers to the south residential buildings and michel, i have hit by mistletoe, local authority, say 2 people were killed and 20 wounded. but besides attacks in the north, east and south, the heaviest fighting is currently happening in the east and don bus region. in the embattled city of cl donetta, ukraine says hundreds of civilians including dozens of children. i currently trapped in the as a chemical plant which has been almost completely destroyed. the regional governor of low hands says only a complete ceasefire would allow them to be evacuated. the last city in this battle, ground region that still under ukrainian control is neighboring. lucy chance, but shelling has also increased here in recent days. smoke still rising from this culture center after 30 days, bombing sparked to fire. here for people who are sheltering in the building died
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for the people of lucy chance. it's becoming harder and harder to find a safe haven from russian shelling our corresponded. manual shaws is in keith earlier. i asked her about the latest developments on the eastern front. well, michaela winchester heard about the shelling, the constant shelling on lizzie sounds. it has intensified over the past few days and these selling is actually indiscriminate eats effect civilians. there's a number of civilians who died of a to past few days and in neighboring city of senate ordones. well, there is no longer accessed to this city to last. a practical practicable highway has been completely destroyed by dish selling. they have been elsewhere, a gains from the ukrainian, the armed forces nears operations, yard near had a song, but the price for those fighting is really it is really heavy,
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really taking its tall this morning human key, if just behind me in the me had a scar a golden don golden dome and manase, there was a funeral of a 24 year old kid activist, turned sole dear rahman, that are too surely and his death is one among many affecting ukrainians. but his death, in particular, was really felt by an entire nation mourning for him. i was talking this morning to kiff and mayo vitale. clinical. maybe let's and he, what he had to say about these particular your mind about roman and i to she who died on the front line. he's was representative for generation and it was for her shockey. i was always brought back to family. interested. all it was was
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different grow rebate years. so wanted to personal, not a lot. no harm with his name's a street for a name to sleep. his name all hometown a history with democracy for our homeland keeps mer there. clearly moved by this activists who inspired fellow ukrainian, emma,
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despite the fighting that's raging at their doorsteps. ukrainians, it strikes me, might have reason to be inspired. this week the european commission took a step toward granting that country candidate status, and there have been additional arms pleasures from the e. u, as well as the u. k. from your vantage point, how much of a boost has this been to morale? well of course this week has come with its lots of comforting surprises. first visit of european leaders all showed salmonella macro, among others. den the visit of a you case, prime minister boris johnson. they all came with a promise and the insurance that's ukraine, cranes candidacy to the european union. would this supported this has been effectively done so by also laugh on the lion that president of the commission yesterday said that. com sized good news in particular for this younger generation of ukrainians who were born after the full de dismentos or the dismantle of the u.
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s. i saw it comes as a comfort, but still on a daily basis. ukrainians feel in their flesh in a blog diesel or even this morning doing different of all because he asked sirens aurora above key if and key of skies so diesel is everywhere. diesel is affected, affecting every one and people are really tired of thought. they need more support, they ask for more support and of course, joining the european union even if it's a long process or is a prospect that is more than welcome here and keith, to job user manual shows many things to people have been killed in an attack on his cheek temple in afghanistan's capital kabul a taliban spokesman, sad attackers, had attempted to drive her car laden with explosives into the temple area, but it detonated before reaching its target. there are also reports that gunman,
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storm the temple and wounded those inside with a grenade. it is not yet clear who is behind the assault journalists. ali latifah is in cobble and we asked him to give us more details about the assault. the attack took place early in the morning and that the sounds from the explosion echoed throughout the city. you know, it was hard in an area several kilometers away from the attack site. so it shows that the explosives weren't very i a potent and very heavy. um and you know, this isn't the 1st time that the seat belt has come under attack about a year ago. it also came under attack by state forces. and again, what this attack and other previous attacks over the last few months have shown is that unfortunately places of worship, enamel on some continue to remain under attack. just yesterday we saw that
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a mosque in the northern promised list came under attack. we have seen attacks on sophie meeting houses. we've seen attacks on, on she, on places of worship. we see tax on sunni places of worship. ah, so it's really for the people a question of how can this law mc emerett finally deliver on the promise of peace and security? i in the country, you know, after having taken over about 910 months ago in other news is really air strikes. have hid hamas military sites in the gaza strip following rocket fire from the palestinian territory. the israeli army shed the palestinian militant group. hamas had fired a rocket toward, asked her own after months of relative calm. there were no immediate reports of casualties. rescue teams have been bringing people to safety after severe floods in the north indian state of a psalm. the state disaster management agency says at least 9 people have been killed, and millions of homes have been flooded. heavier than normal. seasonal range caused
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a major river to burst its banks and inundate the surrounding region. lawyers for wiki leeds founder julianna's son, say they will appeal a decision by britain approving his extradition to the united states. he's wanted there on 18 criminal charges. washington says assange endangered lives by releasing troves of classified information for you. i. well, it was 80 years ago today, sir paul mccartney is celebrating a milestone birthday. the former beatle is showing no signs of slowing down who's just finish the tour of the u. s. and he's due to play next weekend at the glastonbury festival in the u. k. after the break up of the beatles in 1970, he embarked on a successful solo career performing on stage with his 1st wife, linda, people around the world have joined in on social media to wish in a very happy age. why couldn't gonna join now in the studio by
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d. w reporting mark aspirin, or who over the decade says written widely about mccartney interviewed him, seen him perform, and i suspect, snapped his fingers countless times to the man's music. mark it is it, it is not so often that we celebrate the 80th birthday of some individual live on the set. well, from the scream of beetle mania in the early sixties and the yells of she loves you . yeah. yeah. yeah. after the closing codes and the soul of the long and winding road, the beatles music book ended the most important decade of the 20th century in terms of culture and music. and the songs of lennon and mccartney entitled to that they wraps the world in music. and it's true to say that you could go to any country in the world. and if you didn't, if you found somebody who didn't know the beatles, you know, tell me about it because the music has penetrated everywhere. he's written with john lennon and on his and hundreds of songs, many of them,
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great big selling hits. so it's as you right and proper that we should celebrate while he's living his 80th birthday and thank him for the music and all that from a man. if my recollection is correct, couldn't actually read music as correct. yes. i mean, when i interviewed him, it was a surprise to me when he told me he decided early on with john lennon that they weren't gonna ever write down their music that get other people to do that. he said, john and i, we want it to be like the pharaohs will scribes to write all music down for us. but since the beatles is, what with wings with linda mccartney on stage with him? he's experimented in all sorts of genres. he's done techno dance music sort of folk music to and employing the use of those so called scribes scored a classical music piece with great critical acclaim. so the real, truly creative spirit in all areas of music. if there's any one we can forgive for describing himself to pharaoh, i suppose it's paul mccartney. how do you think that mccartney himself would be
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celebrating today? well, i imagine that he's home with his family, enjoying some time together after what was pretty successful us told us only just finished playing on stage for a couple of hours. some say with some good people standards in this that we can't buy me love and really enjoying rocking on stage. so i'm sure he'll need a little bit of time to relax with his family and also prepare for his parents. glastonbury, next week, along with the ties of affection for him on instagram social media, he'll be feeling a real justified wave of love. i mean, as he says in the closing words of abbey road, and in the end, the love you make is equal to the love you break. it is just, you know, it's just some, some not completely d, w reporting. mark estrin are many, many thanks mark you are watching d, w, news ly,
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from berlin. world stories is up next, looking at ukrainians, who are returning home despite the war. will leave you with one of paul mccartney his most famous song. so michael. ok. thanks for watching. ah. when i find myself in terms of just mother, mary comes to me. speaking with me and my daughters. she is danny. with someone else through the.


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