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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 18, 2022 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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calling and dining office, enjoy our services to be our guest at frankfurt airport city, managed by from board. ah ah ah, this is the w news. live from berlin, baffle for ukraine's. don bass drags on the region is left in ruins, as russian forces pound cities and kill civilians and ukraine struggles to hold off the onslaught. class western europe is sweltering in the summer heat, but spain is bearing the brunt of the heat. wave. fire fighters are battling to
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contain the flames found by winds, drought, and global warming, and more extreme weather. this time. flooding in north east india and bangladesh. heavy monsoon rains have devastated the region, leaving dozens of people dead and millions homeless. ah, i'm really mohammed walked to the program. fierce fighting continues in ukraine's eastern industrial hot land, the don bass region. ukraine forces are battling to prevent russia taking full control of the city of several don. yet. the original governor says constant shoveling is making it impossible to evacuate hundreds of civilians trapped in a chemical plot. their ukraine has also reported strikes on several cities beyond the don bass and president vladimir zalinski went to see the damage in 1000 city.
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a rare excursion at sight of key for vladimir zalinski to meek, alive in southern ukraine, where the ukrainian leader, normally running operations from the capital. keith could witness at 1st hand the devastation wrought by russian artillery. his visit comes a day after a russian strike kill 2 people and injure 20 in the city. it's been under constant barrage by russian forces since the invasion began on february 24th mich alive lies on the way to the key strategic black sea port of odessa. the fiercest fighting is in the dumbass region to the east, which moscow's forces have been trying to seize for weeks. the russians have pounded the region with air raids, artillery and rockets of thrill of our children shouting continues periodically every 10 minutes and as opposed for 20 to 30 minutes. and then again for 6 hours, during which official sal better equipped russian forces have
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made significant gains in both the lou hans and donnette screens that make up the don bus 3rd through either way in dumbass, the focus of the invaders is now on see if it i don't that's come back multiple ordering to improve the tactical position of the enemy. tried to conduct assaults outside the city, but was unsuccessful spoon them all it ukrainian troops have pleaded for additional heavy weaponry to turn the tide in the east. oh yes. robert. the, in the city of the rule of lovely, you need serious equipment and we need more tanks. right now, we're getting equipment for infants from soldier because they're both suitable. as a result, we have to fight a guerrilla war, thought of the goose, the subject as, as we move a ballroom. semanski brought his country one step closer to european union membership on the block recommended ukraine as a candidate on friday. but the bigger challenge for the ukraine
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president now remains securing heavy weapons needed to defend the don bus. i only spoke to each of these rebecca riches about president salons. he's trip to make a life. well, we'd use of this trip. as with all of his trips outside of cave, started dropping during the middle of the day, actually there were highly secretive these, these trips. as you can imagine, security is incredibly tight. we started learning that he had visited, visited, make alive. we're just starting to learn now at the moment that he's also visited odessa. we do believe that it was today. obviously, these things do tend to drop on the same day, but of course he didn't give any information as to when these trips are happening. these are, of course, a very important trips to try and boost morale amongst the brave boys and girls as he calls them at not just with them though, also with the whole country to show that he really does stand behind the fighters
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that are at the front lines and really standing at solidarity installed in solidarity with them. this isn't his 1st trip out out of care. it was quite surprising when he did make the 1st trips one does apparition and a hockey, which really was at the front line at the time. and even more surprisingly, a couple of weeks ago he visited lucy chance, which is now at the epi center of the fighting in lieu, hans, so it's really, these trips are very bright and not taken lightly. there's huge security involved as you can imagine. and of course, they kept really tightly under wraps, but incredibly important. he goes in, he goes out but, but even though they're short trips, these are incredibly important. and every one in you crying really appreciate them . i mean, while the fighting in ukraine's east continues just bring us up to speed on the situation there. yeah, well, as i just mentioned, lucy chance that city, it's a twin city of severed and ets, which has been at the epicenter of the fighting for some weeks now. and it's sort of slowly moving towards further towards lucy chang. chance that city has been
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under, in pretty much constant indiscriminate shelling for some days on friday particular there was a high def told or the we're not quite sure exactly how many that just continues on a dire situation for civilians in that area. in sever the net that says to city that i'm talking about on, on the other side of the river, we know that russia pretty much controls most of the city. there is some street to sit straight fighting, still going on. and we know that there are more than $500.00 civilians holding out in that adult chemical plant, including $38.00 children under really constant shillings really dire situation. they're running out of food and water medicines that kind of thing. evacuations, pretty much entirely impossible over it's out of the city. have been cut off. so without some kind of cease file humanitarian corridor, it looks like no one will be able to escape out of that city. and we're also getting reports that ukraine plans to resume peace talks with russia. what more do you know? yeah, one of their chief negotiate is on the ukranian side,
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said that today said that a they would be looking to resume talks by the end of august out i've also heard of the mer of key of could go say that that they wouldn't be willing to go into peace talks until there's no russians on the soil any more on the territory. so, you know, all, this is a very long way away. rahile is, remains to be seen whether or not these talks would actually be resumed. but i suppose ukrainian sighed, feeling bolstered after having the recent a you laid as visit rebecca read his reporting from give. thank you, rebecca. and in other news, 2 people have been killed in an attack on a sick temple in afghanistan. capital kabul, solomon spokesman, said, attackers try to drive a call with explosives into it, into the temple area. but a designated before reaching its target is not yet clear who was behind the assault
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palestinians have held a memorial mass for al jazeera journalist, serene of acclaim at jerusalem touch. she was killed in may jury and israeli military operation in the west bank town of gin in her dest sparked international outrage. the palestinian authority accuses israel of deliberately killing the journalist. israel denies this. o. u. s. health officials have recommended coven 19 vaccines made by, by on tech pfizer and madonna for children as young as 6 months. this was loss group without access to the shots. the government is gearing up for the start of the shots early next week with millions of doses ordered for distribution for this quarter. so firefighters in spain are struggling to bring raging wildfires under control in several parts of the country. areas close to the border with portugal and in the center of the worst head. in one region alone at least 20000 hector's have already burned. numerous villages have been evacuated,
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an intense heat wave and a lack of rain has fueled the wildfires. experts warm that the extreme heat is being caused by climate change t w's nicole races in madrid and has more on those wildfires in spain's north west. all the situation in that region in the north west of spain is really dia we're looking at this year later. $20000.00 hector's at the moment are burning and are probably going to be gone in the future . and it's going to be more because this strong winds and also the heat. of course i'm making it very difficult to get hold of these flames. to put out that fire 5 for further villages have been evacuated at this afternoon. their emergency service is from portugal going there now to help tackle the fire, the military, the spanish military has also its forces there. it has increased the task force. really looking at 200 to 300 people trying their best. but it's, it's very
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a difficult situation on the ground and looking at the images. i mean, we're looking at a natural reserve and we're watching ecological disaster. they are just by the sheer size of it, because a 3rd of this natural reserve is effected. this is not only home to people, it's also a stronghold for by a diversity in particular. for the wolf, it's one of the la strongholds in the west of europe is so we don't know what will happen to these creatures living in this patch as well. but i've visited this area just a few months ago and it's, it's really heartbreaking to watch this and actually engineers on the ground. also saying that they haven't seen as much as severe situation in 30 to 40 years. yeah, i mean, how unusual is it to see such a hit way this early in the summer in europe? usually in june, you have temperatures that are 7 to 12 degrees a lower than now. now we're looking at $44.00 to $45.00, depending on the region where you are. this is unusual. obviously we are in time of
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climate change and climate crises. so heat waves have gotten more usual in these past years, but not in june. and this is also the perfect feeding ground of course for wildfires, this a dry and hot atmosphere. actually the one in sierra local libra is said to have been caused by dry thunderstorms, meaning that there's no rain coming down, but actually the fun, the end, the lightening and well then you have to ask yourself, of course, what measures what preventions you can take when you know that there's a heat wave coming and actually on the left is unit, you know, union in this region of the sierra that clara is now claiming that the regional government has known about the weight. but they haven't taken sufficient action just to prepare for itself and that they don't operate on protocols that happen updated in the last years. it's protocols from the late ninety's and that this should be something to be fixed because actually maybe that could have been less of a surface being burned right now. and as i just mentioned,
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it's at least $20000.00 hector's in that particular patch that are gone. ok, nicole reese in madrid. frost, thank you so much. and ne, india and neighboring bung. the dash have been hit by heavier than usual monsoon rains, causing widespread flooding. at least 9 people have been killed and 2000000 have been left homeless in the indian state of a some experts say floods following seasonal rains are increasing due to climate change. devastating floods unleashed by monsoon storms, millions of people in bung lavish and india saw their homes submerged under water. the floods have killed dozens in both countries. families are mourning the death of their loved ones. this man lost 2 of his grandchildren. let them over. as wit,
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relentless dream is making it harder for people to reach shadow in does not eastern state of us. um is also particularly hit by flooding and landslides. rescue teams have been raising to evacuate stranded villages. i heard on what the situation had been a little rim because there had been heavy, involves in the past few days. and the whole of us army, in under, under the quantum depends of it varies from place to place. but extreme weather has become increasingly frequent in recent years, and many areas have had little time to recover before being hit again. 51 will, is it the car? this is the 3rd time that we're facing. floods offer on we're at this time. the flood is completely swamped the street on the can elbow whatever was repaired after . the 2nd flood is now again in ruins. north of you didn't obviously, not even alice. why low line areas in bangladesh and india are more prone to such
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disasters. many believe climate change is making, the situation was it was 80 years ago today, sir paul mccartney is celebrating a milestone birthday. the full a beetle is showing no signs of slowing down who's i just finished a tour of the us and is due to play next weekend at the glastonbury festival in the u. k. after the break up of the beatles in 1970, he went on to a successful solo career performing on stage with his 1st wife, linda, people around the world have joined in on social media to wish him a very happy 80th. while i couldn't have done it without so looks like mexico city has set a new world record for hosting the largest boxing class. just shy of 14300, that's how many people took part in the massive lesson in the city central. plaza organizes was surprised by the turnout several professional books as lead the
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session. the record smashes the previous one said by moscow in 2017 where around 3000 bucks in enthusiastic showed up. oh, you watching the w news live from berlin? stick around shift is coming up next. that's our magazine. that's on a magazine on the dislodge, can find much more news analysis and video on a website that is d w dot com, including live streaming, that's on youtube. available hubbard, as watching, take care of i. i welcome to the dark side where intelligence agencies are pulling the strings. there was a before 911 and an aftermath, 11 pieces after 911. the clubs came off were organized.


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