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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 19, 2022 3:00am-3:16am CEST

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not to visit her, not a guess. you want to become a citizen. in full migrants, your platform for reliable information. ah, ah. ah . s d w a news live from berlin? the ukranian president visits troops on the front line in southern ukraine quality . mr. lensky tours make a lie of with soldiers are fighting to prevent a russian advance along the black sea coast. also coming out a close vote expected and frances parliamentary election president emanuel macro
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just voted to back. his centrist movement party faces a strong challenge. challenge from a left wing alliance, we follow one of its candidates on the campaign trail and more extreme weather flooding in north north, east india, and in bangladesh. heavy monsoon rains have devastated to the region, leaving dozens of people dead and millions. ah, i'm all azako a well welcome to the program. ukrainian president followed him is the lens he has paid revis. it's to troops on the southern front line, as well as defending a russian boss. the credit army is successfully fighting off attempts by russia to seize the entire black sea coast, including the city of odessa, ah, inspecting the the station with his own eyes. ukraine's president followed amid
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zalinski on his 1st tour of the southern front. in the strategic port of odessa and the embattled city of mickely, of the president, awarded metals to the soldiers and doctors defending the front lines. his visit comes only a day after a russian strike killed 2 people. an injured 20 in mickely, of despite constant russian shelling in ukraine south. the main conflict remains focused on the dawn. best in the east threw wide weary. the focus of the invaders is now on the cities of seattle. next combat moved to help to improve the tactical position. the enemy tried to conduct the salt operations outside the city, gone, but was unsuccessful. before them all, over the past few months, russia has taken control of almost all of the east, in lieu hans province largely due to an overwhelming artillery advantage. outnumbered and outgunned, ukraine has repeatedly urged the west to send heavy
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a weapons to the front lines. was blowing a diet as though have good weapons, but we need much better once we need artillery the shoes further, our technology dates back to the eighty's. we take care of it often, but it still gets broken out of give if in fact the work you western deliveries of heavy artillery have taken time. but some, including these u. s. made how it is already having an impact on the battlefield. you actually, somebody isn't, it's a mutual difference between the weapons we had before and the new ones seldom but so i'm with this. canon is much more precise which nisha it use faster and a simple to operate your some i because it's low to the ground. it's easier to camouflage, at least just lead to limited. actually you more squatted as the war increasingly becomes a battle of artillery. western military supplies are ever more critical but for the ukrainian troops holding on in the don bus,
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the weapons aren't coming fast enough. earlier we spoke to dw, is rebecca written about president zalinski strip to make alive well we do use of this trip. as with all of his trips outside of cave santa dropping during the middle of the day, actually there were highly secretive. these, these trips, as you can imagine, securities incredibly tight, we started learning that he had visited, visited mc alive. we do believe that it was today. obviously, these things do tend to drop on the same day. but of course, he didn't give any information as to when these types of happening. these are, of course, a very important trips to try and boost morale amongst the brave boys and girls as he calls them at not just with them though. also with the whole country to show that he really does stand behind the the fight is that are at the front lines. a and really standing at solidarity and still in solidarity with them at the season. his 1st trip out of care of it was quite surprising when he did make the 1st trips one to separation and to hockey,
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which really was at the front line at the time. and even more surprisingly, a couple of weeks ago he visited lucy chance, which is now at the epi center, all the fighting in lieu, hans. so it's really, these trips are very bright and not taken lightly as huge security involved as you can imagine. and of course, they kept really tightly on the raps, but incredibly important. he goes in, he goes out. but, but even though they're short trips, these are incredibly important. and everyone in ukraine really appreciate them. rebecca written reporting that now western support for ukraine is not only coming in the form of weapons. there's a vast humanitarian operation underway as well. governments are playing a large part, but private initiatives are doing what they can to make a difference with preparing for takeoff in a few moments, bernhardt randa iraq will take to the skies towards the polish ukrainian border. his 45 year old bonanza beach forest is packed with 350 kilos of medical supplies
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intended for a children's hospital in clark. it is the plains 1st flight to the polish ukrainian border and its 1st landing on a military base. you haven't got them on that. we just got our final destructions at the airfield and rez? no, it's all a bit cramped. a squadron, a fighter planes will be arriving at the same time on. but we've heard we're going to be sandwiched in between somehow. hm. oh, it's a little slow, so that's what it'll work out. isn't this long? some ha, the structural over 20 amateur pilots came to mention clock back in western germany . today. they are volunteering to use their private planes to transport aid into the war zone, as well as injured people out of it. here they're being trained up for the job for them for who doesn't know futile complications and expected or movies during, especially since i'm used to flying regularly is upholden. it's nothing special from its bizarre noise, but this is
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a special case. german pilots have been flying relief supplies to the polish ukrainian borders since the beginning of the war. here are shots from a flight in april, even if the pilots only fly as far as poland they are landing and awards and making blad back. the main priority today is to raise awareness of these trips. the longer the war goes on, the harder tis to keep people's attention. knock me out of state, i am one of the more than 3 months of war, attention, wayne's a bedroom. this is for us, it's important that the awareness is still there as well as the continued support with relief supplies, or student me been huge scooter of who dimension of that is finally barnhart, ronda can take off the trip will take him 3 hours and he'll be the 1st of many from now on the team wants to send to claims a week. i has a roundup of other stories making news at this hour. 2 people have been killed in
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an attack going to seek temple in afghanistan, capital kabul taliban spokesmen. that attack has tried to drive the car with explosives into the temple area, but the detonated before reaching its target. it's not yet clear who was behind the assault. allison ins have held the memorial mass for al jazeera journalists, sharina clare at ager islam church. she was killed and made during an israeli ministry operation in the west bank town of janine a death box international outrage. the palestinian authority accuses israel of deliberately killing the journalists. israel denies the us health officials have recommended cobra. 1900 vaccines made by, by and take pfizer and medina for children as young as 6 months. this was the last group without access to the shots. the government is gearing up for the rollouts early next week with millions of doses ordered for distribution. so this
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firefighters in spain are struggling to control wildfires in several parts of the country. fires have burned tens of thousands of pictures of land. this comes as an intense heat wave hits west in europe in recent days, bringing temperatures close to record hot french voters go to the polls later today in a 2nd and final round of parliamentary elections. polls suggest president minute macros allies will emerge as the biggest party in the national assembly. but possibly shorts of a majority off, fresh, strong challenge in the 1st round from a brand new left wing alliance, which scored as well as microns ensemble coalition. a new phase and a new political force grabbing the headlines in france. i mean that's an jak id is one of a number of flattering candidates who made it to the 2nd round of parliamentary elections here. the parisian lawyer is part of a new leftist alliance called nip,
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which has shaken up the political landscape. but if people like me are needed to put for it ecological issues, social justice and democracy. it's those issues the broad green socialists the far left and communist together, just ahead of the selections. g'night, the long divided left in france and to take on the business friendly policies of president emanuel. my call when he was re elected in the presidential pause as 2 months ago. my crow was and didn't know impressions about the reasons for his when . just so see, i know that many of our compatriots voted for me today or not because of my ideas. lucy, visible, but me so long. those of the far right and was bad in these parliamentary elections . macross main adversary is not the fair rides of marine le pen. it's the veteran fall if politician. surely milan shaw and the nip coalition,
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who could cause macro most problems. they garnered as many votes as macros. alliance. 26 percent. after winning a 2nd sermon april emanuel, my thomas, he would be president for all french people. but after the 1st round of voting for the national assembly, it's clear, not all friends people, one's him. he could lose his absolute majority here at the french parliament. but the left scaling is here, don't necessarily mean a shift to the left for french politics. quite the reverse replied, lego shall as the weight of the left in the national assembly and he could push my calling to negotiate with right wing m p was dizzy. this could even make him move his reforms to the right. and i run a co consequent clinic do the less stressful. i mean that's an yeah, got is confident. her lines will have another strong showing and sundays 2nd. and decisive frowned. and that they pick up more boats from some of the 50 percent of
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voters who didn't take part last time. bowers had, i'm expecting to when i expect young people to vote people from working class neighborhood. people who are worried about their retirement age only by serve as a movie. they were thing whether the pressure comes from the left or right in manuel. my car will have to be prepared to make more compromises to push through his policies in the coming parliamentary term. north, east india and neighboring bangladesh have been hit by heavier than usual monsoon. rain is causing widespread flooding. at least 9 people have been killed and 2000000 left homeless. in the indian state of a psalm expert say, floods following seas, no rains are increasing due to climate change. devastating floods unleashed by monson storms. millions of people in bangladesh and india saw
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their homes submerged under water. the floods have killed dozens in both countries . families are mourning the death of their loved ones. this man lost 2 of his grandchildren. hello, don't let them over. as wit, relentless dream is making it harder for people to reach shadow in does not eastern state of us. um is also particularly hit by flooding and landslides. rescue teams have been raising to evacuate stranded villages. i heard on what the situation had been a little rim because there had been heavy influences, abbas food is and the whole of us army in under and the quantum depends of it. it varies from place to place. but extreme weather has become increasingly frequent in recent years, and many areas have had little time to recover before being hit again. 51 will is
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it okay? this is the 3rd time that we're facing flux on we're at this time the flood is completely swamped. the street on the can elbow, whatever was repaired after the 2nd floor and it is now again in ruins. north you didn't obviously no worries at all if y low line areas and bangladesh and india are more prone to such disasters. many believe climate change is making the situation was paul mccartney has celebrated a milestone. thus they, their former beetle is 80 and he is showing no signs of slowing down is just finish it all off the u. s. and it's due to play next weekend at the glastonbury festival in the u. k. after the breakup of the beatles in 1970, he went on to a successful so the career performing on stage with his 1st wife, linda, people are on the well have joined in on social media to wish him a very happy 80th birthday. why i couldn't have done it without said,
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happy birthday to him. it was ain't nobody news live from berlin? they'll be yeah, more from the world of sports off of the break when sports life catches up with the ukranian wrestler who fled to germany after the russian invasion. i'm all, all psycho in berlin from me and the entire east. you see him here. thanks for watching thing every day countless for us and for our planet global ideas is on its way to bring you more conservation. how do we make cities greener.


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