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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 19, 2022 6:00pm-6:15pm CEST

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o is truly unique and we know that that uniqueness is what allows us to live and survive. google ideas. the environmental su in global 3000 on d, w, and online ah ah, this is d, w. news live from berlin, ukrainian president visits troops on the front line and southern ukraine. below them is a lensky tourist. nikolai of where soldiers are fighting to prevent a russian advance along the black sea coast. also coming up, a sizzling summer, arrives early in europe. as cities across the continent experienced record,
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high temperatures, forest from spain, to germany, to come to the destructive force of climate change. and sudan could face the double hit of a local and global food crisis. farmers are left sitting on their harvest and fields are going until after the government breaks is priced promised to wheat farmers. ah, i'm nick spicer, welcome to the program. ukrainian, pressing off attempts by russia to seize more territory near the southern cities of mc alive and odessa, with little changed frontline positions in recent days, the head of nato. yet stoughton burks as the war could go on for years with inspecting the devastation with his own eyes. ukraine's
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president followed amid zalinski on his 1st tour of the southern front. in the strategic port of odessa and the embattled city of mc alive, the president awarded metals to the soldiers and doctors defending the front lines . his visit comes only a day after a russian strike killed 2 people. an injured 20 in mc alive. despite constant russian shelling in ukraine south, the main conflict remains focused on the don best in the east. through i'd weary the focus of the invaders is now on the cities of seattle dynamics combat moody shop to improve the tactical position. the enemy tried to conduct assault operations outside the city, gone, but was unsuccessful. because no molly, over the past few months, russia has taken control of almost all of the east, in lieu hans province largely due to an overwhelming artillery advantage. outnumbered and outgunned, ukraine has repeatedly urged the west to send heavy
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a weapons to the front lines. was blowing a dial low, half good weapons, but we need much better ones. we needs artillery the shoots farther. our technology dates back to the eighty's. we take care of it often, but it still gets broken off of gear, which in fact the, who the look you. western deliveries of heavy artillery have taken time. but some, including these u. s. made how it is already having an impact on the battlefield. you uh huh. isn't it? a mutual difference between the weapons we had before and the new one. so remember, so this canon is much more precise which nisha it shoots faster. alice off, raise your soma because it's low to the ground. it's easier to camouflage it on this just lead to somebody will actually, you must go out there as the war increasingly becomes a battle of artillery west and military supplies are ever more critical. but for the ukrainian troops holding on in the don bus, the weapons aren't coming fast enough. there are reports,
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the russian troops are gearing up to move on car car, keep rather the r ukraine 2nd biggest city or correspond rebecca readers told us more. well, that's right, ukrainian officials say that russian forces trying to get close enough to start shelling that city. once again. they have been making some progress on that says i'll be at slow. but you kind of an official saying that they want to open up a new frontline there. now, as you mentioned, hockey's county is the 2nd largest city in ukraine and the region that it's in harkey region about the russian border. it's the 2nd time we know that this is a key target city of president putin on the russian forces. and it was heavily sheldon, heavily bombarded in the early parts of the war from round about the 1st 2 months. amnesty international says there's even evidence a cluster bombs were used in that and neither is found to indeed be true that would constitute a war crime. we know that a residential areas. we indiscriminately sheldon, it has
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a really high death hole in that region. now this, it would be the 2nd push ukrainian forces managed to get russian forces pretty much all the way out of the region in early parts of may. but we've seen renewed shelling in that area. and as i say, ukrainian force is now saying that russian russian forces are trying to open up a new front there. and i'd like just to go to the southern front again and then visit by president zalinski and his 1st to the southern front. what message do you think he is sending by going there? do you think while it's or is he a very big message of allah derossi's as he has, he says the brave men and women fighting down there. he wants to go and support them. he was handing out metals, going to see medical, professional visiting hospitals. i mean, these are very symbolic, but very important visits. it's not his 1st, he's also been to other key frontline areas. he's been to visit his upper region. he's been to how to keep he's even been to lucy chance, where he's really just trying to show not just the people there on the front line,
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but the entire country that he stands by the forces. these are incredibly high security visits. there are no details announced before not until he returns to they announce that he's been there. but despite the security in the high, ah, yet the high security basically of the trip. so these are still very important. and they show that he's willing to take that risk, they're very risky, very dangerous. but, you know, by doing so, he's really standing in solidarity with the troops and just to get back, if you don't mind to the comment we heard from the leader of nato general secretary jen stolberg, that the war and ukraine could last for years to people that feel the same and do really matter to them much. what foreign leaders say about the unfolding of the war . ah, well, i mean, people here i think have come to terms with that reality that this war is going to drag on for years a long time ago. i mean, as we know, there already has been a war in the east southeast of this country for 8 years. so it is
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a reality that ukrainians are very aware of and they may ever want to speak to. he does, you know, they're hopeful they're hoping, obviously that it won't last years and that they will be successful weed. there is still a real sense of hope that people, people believe that you will be victorious in the end. but that they are really aware of the reality that it, it may drag on for years. something else that you don't burg said in those statements, of course, was that nato very well may announce at an upcoming summit that russia is no longer an ally of the alliance. and that would, of course, be very, very significant. that was given correspondent rebecca readers in keith and here's a round up of the stores making use at this hour. the greek coast guard has rescued $108.00 migrants from the sale boat that was found rudderless, and leaking water, and the gnc. in go near garrett, gale force, winds. rescued, migrants told authorities for people were still missing. voting is underway and
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colors has been compared to donald trump. the 2 men are neck and neck in the pools . ne indian neighboring bangladesh have been hit by heavier than usual monsoon rains, causing widespread flooding. at least 18 people have been killed in more than 2000000 left homeless experts, a flood after the rainy season or more frequent because of climate change. french voters are casting their ballads in parliamentary elections that could decide president emanuel mack hall's ability to push forward his reform agenda. holding stations opened for the 2nd and final round of voting opinion. paul suggest mcelroy allies will emerge as the biggest party in the new national assembly. but it is not clear that his party will win enough seats for an absolute majority. president centrist party is facing a challenge from a new left wing alliance. our correspondent lisa lewis told us earlier that if
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michael gets the majority, it still won't be all smooth sailing for him. well, absolutely. you know, there are a lot of international crisis. a, as you said, there's the ukraine war on going and obviously there's also climate change that he will have to face. and also domestically speaking, in my, my call, he knows that many people want him to actually shift his policies away from what they perceive as writing policies. many french people, many vote as i have been talking to today. he had told me, you know, we don't necessarily want the left wing lines to win the majority of seats, but we want to show the government. we want to show actually the president that he needs to change cora's and he needs to take into account that some people are suffering seeing his at past 5 years in power. we saw that with the yellow west protest, and he knows that he needs to do more lecturing policies if he wants to,
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you know, prevent another round of practice from happening to w. lisa lewis reporting from paris. europe is sweltering under an unusually early summer heat wave record breaking temperatures have sparked forest fires in spain and even here in germany and the hot dry weather is putting pressure on regions already suffering from drought. the roar and crackle of wild fire burning its way through northern spain. fire fighters are struggling to contain flames that have already claimed over 200 square kilometers of woodlands. spain is sizzling under a heat wave that has swept across much of europe with temperatures far higher than usual for this time of year. forest fires also near the german capital berlin here, unexploded munitions from world war 2, a complicating efforts to put out the flames. experts fear that was to come he
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bounced at side him yas, put the hottest time of year is usually between mid july and august or decides in the interim, if we already dealing with these temperatures now, they would likely be more days like this, or even hotter ones or not later this year, hog at once more intelligent in man in nixon on franz to is feeling the heat like in spain, temperatures have exceeded 40 degrees celsius in some places, material. just say it is the earliest heat wave to heat the country and 75 years. as people look for ways to cool off, as you in paris is providing icey treats for its occupants la loan who busting courses. so here we have a frozen watermelon mix for the giraffes, where we have tops of blood for the carnivores. and then here we have blocks of ice mixed with meat for the lions, let these unusual refreshments. a welcome relief from the baking heat.
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in italy, the early onset of summer is drawing out waterways. the pool river, the country's longest has disappeared completely in some sections of por, port our ankles. her glance at the situation can get even worse. i can kill animals affect agriculture. hum, everything i like the river has already run out of water. i use go fishing by now i can only fish for stones of buffalo, a apple, and that way up under the saucy, signed to sworn and extreme temperatures. this early are caused by climate change. and ether to become a regular feature in years to come. sudan is currently facing a food crisis that has been aggravated by russia's invasion of ukraine. the 2 countries together account for 70 percent of students annual wheat requirement. and now it's domestic production is taking a hit as well. after the government went back on a promise to farmers to pay
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a fair price for their harvest. all this week, good soon rocked. further was an incidence food crisis. the u. n says nearly half of the country's population could face extreme hunger by september . these farmers cultivated the green after the government promised to pay them a fair price voted. but officials have since refused to buy that entire hobbies due to a lack of funds. and no one wants to buy the wheat love had they've all refused any study. this issue has so many consequences. lamar, leah went up, one of them, the farmers and now stuck with sacks of lead. and no way to store them properly if stored in silos like these. we'd can be kept up to a yard and a half. if not, it could rot within 3 months. that's made farmers reluctant to prepare for the new
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growing season, leaving the lands until well. what has it doctor that given all these complications a, if the sudanese government doesn't understand the ramifications, there will be huge problems for the economy and the agricultural sector. that if that's because farmers may refuse to grow, wait, and the next season, which will complicate the situation even more up at the le locals, we'd production colors only a quarter of sedans and will needs. but with the looming food crisis, aggravated by the war in ukraine, domestic production has become ever more important time for sports news, tao, and inform you the one red bull driver vax rash, top and mastered wet conditions and montreal to take pull position at the canadian grand prix, the world champion leaves the standings by 21 points and has won 4 of the last 5 races is joined on the front row by the oldest driver on the grid. fernando alonzo alpine rushed athens rival sharing the claire child. the plan starts 15th after
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being penalized for using too many power unit components. up next is reporter with a look at how the american town of who valley is dealing after the masked shooting there. i'm the spicer likes to watch the up to date. don't miss our highlights, the d w program on line d w dot com highlights closely listen carefully. don't know how do you live to do go.


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